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Needed job in lockdown - 1

I was laid off suddenly in this lockdown situation. I attended several job interviews – no result not to be hopeful!! This morning I am waiting for a job interview at a posh office in Detroit. I needed the money and will take any job at any cost! One lady left hurried out of his office clutching her bag tight. Then a middle aged well built man... [more]

First time

I was on my period and we were both high throughout the whole thing. I just wanted to get it over with and when he pulled out his d*** was just covered in blood and it was all over my bed. Didn’t use protection except birth control which I always thought I’d use a condom. Neither of us came and now... [more]

Wireless bluetooth s** toys for public use

I recently purchased a wireless bullet my husband can control from anywhere in thr world with his phone. Im not sure how comfortable it would be for long time (all “work day hours” use) but to get started I want to wear it all day. We work at separate places and I want him to give me a buzz when he thinks of me.
Does anyone have one of these?... [more]

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What happen to the 50s

You women in this country are lazy. What is wrong with this world. Men don't take control of their wives. Parents don't beat their children. Women acting like children. Trump can't control his American people. Women need to be wives and husbands need to discipline their wives the same way they do their children. Men need to stop being weak and... [more]

Very Interesting

I have been single for the last 2 years and at the age of 44 I didn't think I was going to ever meet "The one" but....The other night I met a guy for a drink that a friend had set me up with.
Ok, Right from the start. He walks into the restaurant and I was like....Hmmmm...Ok, yeah, Nice to look at.
He introduced himself and I was... [more]

I had s** with my nephew

I am in my mid 30,s and single.
I have never even considered getting married and starting a family because I have two sisters that have made that mistake and are now single raising children by themselves.
I like s** and have had many lovers to date but I shy away from guys that get to familiar... [more]

I need to be honest with my history of suicidal thoughts

I need to be more honest with myself with my history of having thoughts of killing myself. From 7-11th grade I went to a piece of s*** therapist that mocked me and violated my right to confidentiality. I felt worthless and a small part of me didn't want to be alive anymore. In the 7th grade I went to... [more]

Daughter asked me the Secret to a Happy Marriage.

I (F47) have been happily married for 26 years. My 21 year old daughter asked me the secret to why her father and I are so happy. I told her the first thing she needed to do is find a man who would treat her with love and respect in all things. He should be her best friend, biggest fan and constant loving support of her goals and dreams. I told... [more]


I have several friends that work in different hospitals and each one has told the same story but all at different times. Seems that this so called virus is nothing more than a political stunt. As people reschedule their surgeries that were postponed when this all kicked off are being added to the inpatient list for the virus and the capacity in... [more]

In one night, I was breed and finally able to master deep throat

I confess that I am addicted to c**. I love it and want it constantly. But......
No matter how bad I want it - He always withdrawals his c** and will not blow his load on me or in me. Tonight we were cuddling on the couch and he was stroking my hair. He... [more]

Please help me

I still feel the need to strangle myself to day the feeling is so strong I just have to give in and do it right now but I'm so scared of going to far with it plus I'm feeling a strong need to regress and the feeling is so strong that I may regress so far that I may never make it back to my adult self ever agen
Because I am alone and have no... [more]

At a crossroads .

Looking at what's been happening in U.S.A . over the last 8 or 9 days , if white people give in to blacks , things will get very bad indeed . To say it bluntly , America will never be the same again . It won't be long before tumbleweeds roll along the length of Wall Street . If blacks get any control away from white people then America will... [more]


Not good enough to be with him. He's now so small, ripped, and happy. I'm happy for him. I exercise and my body makes me wind up in the hospital, even if done right. My body's system flares up with exercise, and now I can barely eat any foods. I eat few foods only through a tube now. Despite this, my body won't lose the weight. I don't know what... [more]

Am i not good enough for you?

Im 23Yrs young in a serious relationship for about 7 years now, considering the simple fact that my gf's family doesn't seem to acknowledge me or ever speak to me you can already imagine what most of our relationship was like! I love this woman so much we were high school sweethearts and evolved together & learned life together. We've been... [more]

I've lost control

I have felt absolutely empty for the past couple years and have had constant struggles with finding ambition/motivation. My whole life I've been so focused on other people, that I have lost any desire to keep myself going independently. I honestly can't tell whether I want anything, or if it's just what I've convinced myself would make the people... [more]

The Dreaded Question: Do I give Happy Endings

I’ve had time to browse the internet during this quarantine, and now I figure I’ll tell my story. I’m a massage therapist for 20 years now. I had no idea that I’d be asked by so many men about receiving a “Happy Ending“. There was no mention of this in School. When I met my husband and we started dating and I revealed my occupation he asked if... [more]

Internet and allPornography should be banned entirely in the west

I confess that the whole west in the most screwed up, f***** up, full of a******* Who tolerate and legalize p**********, P********** is... [more]

Not sure what to call this. Let's go with "weird fantasy" I guess

I'm an adult man, and I want to have a little girl as kind of a living doll/robot. Not to have actual s** with, but to BE sort of sexual with, I guess? I would hand pick what I want her to wear from her closet, tell her how to do her hair for me. I would manipulate and play with her like a doll-- for... [more]

F*** the small hats!

Those sons of b****** control our media and the courts, and use 'em to s**** us hard working white folk by calling us racist, bigots for "discriminating" against those chinks, n******, gooks and... [more]

Sleeping with ex’s twin sister

So to start things off, they are fraternal twins. To make things easier, we’ll call my ex Haley and her twin sister Paige.
After me and Haley split, Paige and I still remained friends. As time after the break up went by, me and paige became very very close. We would hang out pretty often and just [more]

Used and tossed aside.

She played me like a f****** fiddle. Told me exactly what she does to others and I somehow convinced myself she wouldn't do it to me. She f***** me about for months, led me on, used me for attention. I even let her in my [more]

Submissive by nature

I grew up with mostly girls, which I guess adds to the fact that I’m totally submissive, like I just enjoy being controlled, I feel so wrong about it


Around ten yrs ago I was engaged to marry a girl about my age; both very early 20s; just finishing college. We'd dated thru high school and then college. On the night before the announcement party, her aunt (her mom's sister) from California flew in. Olivia is her name. Long story short, we hit it off in a big way. Wound up spending two... [more]

It's so complicated

I've been dating this guy for almost six months and I'm afraid I'm creating a mess for myself. The relationship itself is wonderful, he treats me like a princess and buys me all kinds of things (we started dating just before Christmas and gifts to me were amazing). The s** is the best ever and he wants... [more]

The time my boyfriends homegirl joined our relationship.

This is the time I fingered myself and my boyfriends homegirl came in and did the job for me omg it felt so good her four fingers up my p**** and it was just omg and then she gave me head and I creamed all over her and she licked it and that was just a turn on but them my boyfriend came in and then... [more]

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