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Married, but . . .

I'm a 43mwm. About six months ago I got picked up in a bar by a young gay guy. We went back to his place for more drinks. I think he put something in my drink. I felt weird and out of control. Within less than 15 minutes after we got there I was sucking his c***. I have never done that before... [more]


I lie about purging. I do have body image issues and I am constantly thinking about how I look. I have restricted my eating and binged but I never actually purged. I don't know how the lie started but it got out of control. I really want to purge but my mother is constantly watching me. Am I a bad person?

Screwed and stuck

I just got home from dropping off my 3 kids at school . Realized how much I hate my life .I love my kids but ,they are selfish and annoying .All they do is fight with each other ,and everyday they are out of my control , because I only see them 50% of the time .Some stupid doctor tried to tell me it's quality time not quantity...,bullshit! Life... [more]

Harry is a scamming cheat no moral druggy

I really think he is not a nice person I seen him from my place and his a heap of druggies and hookers and he is not a decent person. he has one personality for work and another for play. when I worked with him he was just so cheap and easy and rude. he goes around shaming his family in the office all the time and no one can control him. he even... [more]

My first sorta lesbian experience

Okay so here goes. I am a white American woman married to an Indian man. We live in California. So, as many of you might know, Indian women wear a traditional outfit called the saree at special occasions. I, being a white girl, obviously didn't have much idea about how to wear one. So, on one such occasion I had invited one of my husband's... [more]

Wife and friend drank too much

At my wifes company Christmas party my wifes friend had a bit too much too drink, We went to the bar after and then to our place, Everyone was laughing and joking and flirting, She sat on my lap grinding against me as my wife stood in front of her with her hands on her friends hips guiding her motions.
Her friend is pretty with a bit of a chubby... [more]

He enjoyed it.

New years eve my husband and I went back to his home town, It's where we met and I lived there for 10 years as well so I have lots of friends there as well, We got a hotel room and had a bunch of people over.
After the big celebration in the lobby at midnight the party started to wind down, some of us went back to the room and continued drinking... [more]

Abusive relationship

When I was 15 I started dating this guy named Jeff, we we're really close before dating so it just seemed so right. At first our relationship was amazing and i loved every second of it. But sometime around a year of dating all his insecurities must've hit him because he changed. He would interrogate me and go through all my personal stuff. He used... [more]

It bothers me sometimes

My husband and my best friend are close, They have been close since before I met either of them and she is the one who introduced us, I met her in college, She was a second year and I was a first year, Me and her hit it off the first night and stayed up talking (and maybe drinking a bit lol) until the sun came up, We were instant friends and have... [more]

Can't stop........

I been banging one of my wife's girlfriends she's known since middle school. The woman was a bridesmaid in our wedding 8 years ago. We have been lovers since mid2015 and the last 6mos we been hitting it harder than ever. We also been taking more chances. It's all getting out of control. I know we need to stop because it's likely to destroy... [more]


Dusan will be held responsible in his ex mirder. Game over This is wat he wanted complete control now he gets it

I cheated on the man I love

I'm a s** addict, there's no other way to phrase that. Recently my hormones have been going berserk, even though I have important exams this semester I cannot concentrate due to my excessive horniness. If I do not m********* at least 4 times a... [more]

Hopeful Coast Guardsman

I've been a successful student my entire school career, granted I'm only 18 and have never been studied at a university. I'm a senior and am in the top 10% of my class. My parents have been saving for my college education even before I was born. I've had mild social anxiety my entire life but chose to fight it on my own rather than get counseling... [more]

I confess

You are my journey,my happiest destination as well.
Traveling without you is tough.Your absence tries me.
I feel your necessity to complete somethings that lack in my life
It’s my passion ,my unending obstinacy that drives me toward you..
My soul does not belong to me as much as it does to you.
Even when I receive only pain I don't panic... [more]

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