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Submissive by nature

I grew up with mostly girls, which I guess adds to the fact that I’m totally submissive, like I just enjoy being controlled, I feel so wrong about it


Around ten yrs ago I was engaged to marry a girl about my age; both very early 20s; just finishing college. We'd dated thru high school and then college. On the night before the announcement party, her aunt (her mom's sister) from California flew in. Olivia is her name. Long story short, we hit it off in a big way. Wound up spending two... [more]

It's so complicated

I've been dating this guy for almost six months and I'm afraid I'm creating a mess for myself. The relationship itself is wonderful, he treats me like a princess and buys me all kinds of things (we started dating just before Christmas and gifts to me were amazing). The s** is the best ever and he wants... [more]

The time my boyfriends homegirl joined our relationship.

This is the time I fingered myself and my boyfriends homegirl came in and did the job for me omg it felt so good her four fingers up my p**** and it was just omg and then she gave me head and I creamed all over her and she licked it and that was just a turn on but them my boyfriend came in and then... [more]

I've given up parenting

I can't take this anymore. And now Los Angeles will be closed longer. My 2 kids are driving me crazy, not that they were angels before. I've pretty much just started letting them do whatever the f*** they want. I'm just too tired. I've put on over 10 pounds, I'm practically chain smoking, my husband... [more]

Stomach sitting real event

I'm a young girl from India, I'm not into this stomach sitting fetish, just came across this forum randomly. So I decided to relate a real life event that took place when I was in 9th grade, since i have ample time during lockdown. I've never shared this event with any one before. Once again let me remind that I am not into this stomach sitting... [more]

Mom Dad and me.

Let me start by saying I always felt something my parents and how they lived a life style under the radar. I'm a 18 year old woman. My parents had me young. Dad was 20 and Mom was just 14 when I was born and both said they have no family.
During the this lock down I was bored and was in the attic and found an old trunk buried behind boxes. I... [more]

Thoughts on taking over the Milkyway

I have a mind of a supervillain. I have this eternal urge to be an invisible dark force in everyone's life. I don't want fame or wealth. I want to be the obscure devil that no one sees but he sees everyone. I want the ultimate control over the universe... I want people to fear my invisible hand before they make a decision.
I have felt this way... [more]

Cheating on Lover

I was with my boyfriends for years and he lack a couple things. That was ok at first, for years it was oka and I was content but the older I got I started wanting more from him and every time I asked him to do things this way or that way, he would Reject me. I still stuck around and gave him whatever he wanted. I sucked his [more]

Lonely Dark thoughts

I am 20 (male) and I am a broken expoilted bullyed .. addicted to s** ... filled with dark thoughts can't control my feelings ..I have throw myself in the isolation .. Where no one can found ..but why do I hope ..for a recovery..why do I hope for someone ...who can help me...why do I care about... [more]

Why do black people cant teach their children about anything

Im going to be straight with you and I don't care about the black agenda. black people are lazy when it comes to children education. they complain how white people don't teach them and they don't even do that. I met a lot of black people talk trash behind white peoples back and they smile in there faces. I know white teachers don't understand a... [more]

Night with little sister

Last night my little sister sent me a text message asking if I thought she was pretty. She is a skinny young girl with a cup b**** and tight little ass and the most beautiful face I have ever seen. Blue eyes and blonde hair. So I replied with yes . A moment later I got a message from her asking if... [more]

Abstain for nothing

Got married young. My wife and I had met in the church. Not masturbating was a huge thing. She was very controlling and looking back used s** to control. I was a true believer though. Natural family planning meant abstaining from s**.
We started by... [more]

Open your boarders America

I want dumbass Trump to open the American boarders and to seriously limit State ability to control the Covid19 outbreak. I wish to see your country be ravaged by this virus and wipe out a huge number of idiots (unfortunately, nice smart people may be victims too). My biggest hope is for all of those moronic redneck protesters to be the first... [more]

I'm no longer 'the man' in my relationship. Comment.

My girlfriend and my sister have grown close. One time when my girlfriend had come over for the night for some drinks and more, they got talking about our childhood.
As stories unfolded, my sister shared the stories where my mom used to put her incharge of me when our parents weren't home. She explained how my mom was proud that she was always... [more]

Kinky Adictive personality

I think I was born weird.
Pre puberty I was weird. I used to wear baby's plastic pants as undies. Right against my skin. I used to wear girls tights under my jeans. i'm a guy in case you didn't realise it. Some time around 12 I bought a girls leotard and I would wear that also under my clothes. I also liked really tight underclothes. I... [more]

I want to f*** a copper

I've always wanted to f*** a female police officer.
I'm a security officer in a town centre.
I used to work with a PCSO named Carly.
Carly was blonde with massive t***.
I seriously wanted to f*** ... [more]


This is a story about me and my bestfriend.anyone who read this,please dont do this. i have this one friend,a very good friend.she was really nice to me,wherever we go,we'll go together.we eat together,study together and yea everything we did together.she was really kind,she was like my BEST friend that i had and i really can rely on her if i had... [more]

I’ve had it

I’m at a point in my life where I am facing a major choice, either go on as best as I can or face institutions and death.
How many people understand the tearing nature of paranoia? How many people understand the nature of betrayal? How many understand the nature of bad blood?
There’s a sickness that boils me on the inside. It’s like a... [more]

For all you incest pro f******

Incest is just a symptom of a deeper problem. This argument that it's all about love is just a cover-up of a deeper issue here. Somewhere down the family line no proper boundaries were given. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the family line had some severe sexual abuse. So, this isn't about love in the family, but disrespect, power and control... [more]

I decline your invitation to your pity party.

If you blame everyone else but yourself, I'm honestly going to call you out on it.
I'm sure we can all see a clear difference, respect to people reaching out. Sending my love and support your way <3
Knowing somewhere in your heart that the problem you're venting about is solvable, yet... [more]

Why now?

I'm an 18mwf, married for a second time. I have one child by My first husband and a slightly older child by another man. My new husband and I have started talking about starting a family of our own. Almost at the same time I started having these really incredibly dirty and intensefantasies about getting knocked up by a black man. I've... [more]

Wife Can't Stop

I have been married for 15 years to a good wife . She has gained a few lbs over the years but was attractive to me even for a woman in her 40s.
When she was younger she was very athletic, I used to call her Wonder Woman she clearly was the strongest and fastest women I had ever met. It was a great turn on to be with her and she gave me a good... [more]

I have to stop

I have been sleeping with my BIL off and on for 18 years and am engaged so it has to end, I have to put a stop to it but I don't know how. I met him when I was 14, The first time he walked into the house I think I got wet, At least thats how I remember it as I sat on the couch and they showed up at mom's unannounced. My sister was living 6 hours... [more]

Im a knickers and tights theif

I'm obsessed with women's knickers and tights and women wearing tights. I cannot stop stealing women's and teenage girls knickers and tights. I will take them wherever and whenever possible. I know it is wrong but as soon as I make eye contact with them I am determined to get them. I have no idea of how many i have but it is getting seriously... [more]

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