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I'm a nympho

I'm a nymphomaniac patient. i'm 23 completing my masters in mental health counselling. I broke up with my boyfriend because i was embarrassed to tell my problem. i feel sexual desires everytime & its sometimes weird when the person is single. i m********* a lot to control my desires. i'm... [more]

I love my sister in law

I have always likes my sister in law a lot and have flirted with her contstanly when we are together. My flerting with her is always met with her flirting back. Recently she split with her boyfriend who treated her really badly during their relationship. On the suggestion from my wife that B needed cheering up I had popped round to see how she was... [more]

Wife Jen finally did it.

I never thought my wife Jen would have s** with another guy let alone be there to watch but it finally happened Thursday night. The 3 of us were pretty drunk, and once we got back to our place I convinced her to let me fool around with her a little while Brian watched. She argued but not for long. After... [more]

I secretly get aroused when people drive my car fast rev it hard

When I was in High school I ended up getting a really awesome brand new Camaro. It was a powerful car with a strong V8 engine and would peel out with little effort on the gas pedal. I regret that I never let any of my classmates, friends or anyone drive it. I wish I would have let them test drive it rev it up and do a couple burnouts. It would... [more]


I want to be hit and controlled is tht wrong or is something wrong with me I like to provoke my boyfriend and I do stuff that I know he won't like so that he can punish me I love it sooo much when he gets soo mad and looks at me I feel alive and I want more and when we have s** omg it's soo soo soo good... [more]

I guess i knew it would end at some point.

I am not proud of this and am not denying that i am the one who went too far but i don't think i am 100% to blame for our marriage being where it is. My husband and i were high school sweethearts but decided not to get married until after we both finished university and have been married now for 7 years but for 4 months i have been sleeping with a... [more]

I am In l*** with my brother in law

I was an "Oops baby", 10 years behind my next older sister but mom and dad always tell me it means I was meant to be and nothing would keep me from being. Mom was told she would not have any more kids after my sister, Her third but somehow a "Miracle" happened and here I am but that's a whole different story.
I met my BIL when I was only 16 and... [more]

My girlfriend wanted us to swing and I broke up with her

We used to study at the same college and one day she sat next to me in the bus, I got her number and we started to see each other every day. She is 21, pale, chubby, has big b****** and a wonderful huge behind (big butts are extremely fancied in Brazil). I was deeply in love with her and we used... [more]

I'm a b****

Choosing a single word to describe what I confess to being was not difficult. I am sure that most people would call me a b**** and I guess that this is a fair and covering characteristic.
But there are many other words that are needed to detail the picture and it also should be said that I am not... [more]

Dav makes no sense, cupcake.

No impulse control would make such a sick and demented user would say that my writings and my stories forced someone to rape and murdered d, is just insane. a story is just a story. once a author has written it it can't make someone do bad things. no author can be accountable for what others do. yes I want revenge of honesty. I don't get you. I... [more]

My students...

I am a teacher at a middle school with a student body that is about 60% white, 30% Hispanic, and 10% black.
Those 10% of students that are black account for over 80% of the discipline problems at our school. Even as young as 10 (the youngest students we have at our school), the black students are confrontational with teachers and... [more]

He's too controlling

I can't twitch without him knowing what i'm doing, or who i talk to. He looks through my e-mails, and doesn't know that i made a new one two weeks ago. He holds onto my credit cards, and says that i'll loose them if he doesn't. When we have s**, he doesn't want me to do anything but spread my legs. He's... [more]

First wife

My first wife when frustrated would order me to lay on my back and tuck my knees into my chest, then she kneeled over me and spanked me, then it turned to an order to get undressed and assume your position. The spankings got longer and harder at times. Then came the hair brush or anything she wanted to try. It hurt bad or good. The submission and... [more]

Just wanted to share

A cold December morning it was, just eleven days to the new years. The metro station was foggy even till the first floor and the rickshaw pullers downstairs were all wrapped up in woolen sheets. The usual routine was followed and I was heading towards your place, shivering in cold, rubbing my hands against each other, wrapping under my own self... [more]

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