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I'm a 38 year old woman who is very bitter when it comes to men. Two relationships were abusive for me with beatings and unwanted s**. I know I am not very attractive and for that reason think I put up with the abuse because of it. Since August of 2017 I have been taking out my rage and past indignities... [more]

Wife’s boyfriend before me

I love knowing my now wife was sneaking out to f*** her ex boyfriend.When I finally caught on to it she had no excuse and fessed up. We had been spending Friday and Sat together but as soon as she left back for her place she would secretly meet with him for [more]

I hate my step kids

I have two step kids. A boy 15 and girl 13. I have been with there father for 9 years so I have known there’s kids for quite some time. It’s never been easy with these 2. They only come down 2 times a year the summer and winter break. I have done everything for these 2 kids and they are so disrespectful when they are in my house. This is not a new... [more]

How can I talk to my husband about trying to make me "squirt?"

How can I talk to my husband about trying to make me "squirt" without coming across as "slutty" to him? Before meeting my husband, I dated a man for about a year that really enjoyed giving me oral s**. I had never really received oral s** before dating this... [more]

Hair stylr

I'm dating a girl in a Dom sub relationship. I'm enjoying pushing her. I enjoy spanking her and also controlling her clothes. Atm that control and domination is only while we are together on a date.
Now I've started thinking about extending that. I sometimes command her to wear a certain outfit to work but I understand a girls hair is very... [more]

Came in pants

I've c** in my pants a few times but usually as the result of frantic heavy petting and humping which has resulted in me getting so aroused that I've spunked up because I just lost control in the moment.
I've only e********* once without touching... [more]

Life after Dearh

To be short and brief I have done terrible things in my life...and then suddenly a death took place of my close friend's late rites were performed and on this account, the lectures from Garud Puran are delivered which revile the concept of life after says the sinful soul we'll taken to [more]

Caught naked

My sister in law had asked my wife to watch her house and feed the cat while she was away for a couple of days. I had volunteered to go round and take care of it so my wife could go shopping. I had fed the cat and then let it out of the house and was going round the house opening the curtains in each room, when I got to my sister in laws room I... [more]

I got my wife and mother in law pregnant

Ok So I am a little older than my wife. She is 21 and I am 34. We got married on her 19th birthday. We have been together now for 5 years. She grew up in a single parent home. I meet her mother before I meet her. Her mother and I had a little work fling. She always told me that she was to old for me and that i should be dating her daughter... [more]

I'm abusive

I am a toxic person. I've always been questioning it, but now I am sure of it. It wasn't until I was put into a position where I had to look back to see how I was treated growing up and how messed up it was, that I realized it was the same way I was treating others. I'm emotionally abusive to my "boyfriend" (I'm using the term loosely because we... [more]


I feel like the biggest loser. I'm 21, jobless because of health issues (both mental and physical), I live with my parents and younger brothers who I don't get along with (mom and oldest younger brother), I've gained 10 or 15 lbs from this new birth control pill I'm on even though I'm working out and staying away from junk food, and I barely know... [more]

My lifes love story

I wish I had married one of my previous girl friends.
My wife is emotionally distant.
I think back to other girls I went out with.
One tasted terrible when we kissed. Just not for me I guess.
One was too clingy and a bit fat. She was really nice but I have never thought I would have liked to marry her. Although we did have good... [more]

I hope masseur seduces my wife

I confess that I have a strong fantasy about my wife being thoroughly satisfied. She has lost her desire for intimacy so she is very seldom willing in bed and when we do it she avoids foreplay and urges me to finish quick. She used to like it so much and enjoyed it in so many ways that I miss watching her moaning and shaking. My fantasy is to see... [more]

Health and Income help

I'm feeling hopeless and confused to the point where I've actually been questioning whether or not it is worth going on. I'm 21. I need a job. I need to make money so I can get out of my parents home. I'm not delusional and I'm willing to do the work. However, physically, I am not doing well and it has only been getting worse over the years. We... [more]

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