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I think my life has been sabotaged

I don't know exactly how else to put this, but I think my parents sabotaged my life and I don't know how to fix it. I'm nineteen, now, and will be turning twenty in three months, but I feel like I'm waaay behind where I'm supposed to be. It all started the summer before I entered third grade, when my parents became religious anti-vaxxer nuts... [more]

Crushin Hard

I am a strong believer in Christ and all of my church friends say “you date to get married” but I just want to have a couple of boyfriends before I get married. I just want to have a little fun before marriage. Also I have this strong crush on a guy from my church and I’m in love with him but he would never date me.

Going to jail to pay off a fine

I acquired a HUGE traffic fine awhile back. How huge you may ask? A thousand dollars, that's how huge. I'd prefer not to say what it's for. Just know I wasn't driving drunk or anything like that.
As a twenty-something woman with a s*** job and next to no savings, I've got no way to pay this off... [more]

Drug users and alcoholics hate my guts

I try to distance myself from these people and they resent it. They think that I think I'm too good to associate with them.
Guess what? They're right. Drug users and drunks contribute nothing but misery to society. Anyone unfortunate to have to live with or around one of these worthless people is in for screaming, assaults, stealing and... [more]

Should have stayed home with netflix

I have been divorced for a couple years and have been back in the dating scene for about a year now, I have been on a few dates and have a couple of prospective men in my life but after last night the front runner has been removed from the list.
We had made plans to go out which would be date number 4 and I had decided that maybe it was time to... [more]

Debbie Uses People


The guy downstairs

Having an affair

So F'ed up.

Married woman with boyfriend is seeing me

Wowie kinky stuff

Changing room

Laps like a Dog

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