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No one is good enough for my friend

My best friend is bi and single and she's starting to see other guys. I'm a closeted bi woman but she's the only one who knows. She's on a few dating apps and everytime she comes back from a date she asks me what I think of him. I always look for a flaw in them or tell her I don't trust them so she will let them go. In truth I just really wish she... [more]

S** at my friend's house

One day I was at my friend's house and it got late. they asked me to spend the night sense it was so late. I don't want to drive home so I did. After dinner we went went to the living room to watch tv. My friend and his wife sat on one seat and me and his 13y daughter sat on the other. After a few minutes Without saying his wife started sucking... [more]

Should I come out? And how?

I am a 15-year-old boy, and I like blokes a lot, but I’m still on the fence and reluctant to come out. I worry what my friends and family are going to say when they realise that I’m gay. Or at least I think I am. Gay.
When I think about it, I have been attracted to guys since sixth grade. I remember going to Bondi Beach in Sydney for the very... [more]

Donald dump , jr

This is truth teller, well that stupid idiot donald jr has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus 🦠! If you’re reading this b****, this is called Karma! You deserve this and so much worse, you’re a p*** poor excuse for a human being! Any woman that... [more]

Black mail by a little girl

I was at a friend's house working on his car. He had went to get parts. I went behind the shed to take a p***. As I'm p****** I hear a little girl voice. She had said if u don't kiss me I will tell everyone u showed me your [more]

Don't go backstage alone

I went to a concert when I was 18 (Two years ago) and after the concert I was invited backstage by a very nice looking girl, Well dreesed had a pass and invited only me out me and my three friends, They were all like "Go, Go, Go, We will be just a block away at ****".
I go back stage and it was the worst experience of my life, The first guy... [more]

All my girlfriends and first wife

All my girlfriends and first wife f***** other guys behind my back, but eventually flaunted it.
I thought it was cool they were so sexual. It turned me on. Guys pursued each of them. I acted big, all the guys wanted what I had. Funny thing is all of them eventually left me for guys with huge... [more]

Nervous about my relationship

I've had insecurities about my looks for most of my life. But my boyfriend is just the sexiest thing alive. He can do so much better than me so I'm scared that he will leave me. All of my eggs are in one basket with him. I would be scared if he broke up with me.
When you look at a picture of our friend group at the beach, I'm the short chunky... [more]

I am being used

I am being used by my friends, I do and always have hung around with mostly boys, I don't know why it just seems to happen, I know full well I am as tomboy as it gets, I like to do boy things and work on cars, Ride dirtbikes and quads and go 4x4ing, I drink with mostly guys and hang out with mostly guys and I recently started getting used for my... [more]

How I met my wife

This was back in the 80's. I was leaving my favorite bar win this younger girl walk up to me and told me that her ride had left her her and ask if I could give her a ride home. So we got in my van. I asked her whare she lived. She started telling me what to go. Out on the edge of town is a old oil well rode she asked me to turn on it as soon as... [more]


I'm a female and I'm so confused of my sexuality. I find men attractive but I realized that my "crushes" on men are once a week but my crushes on girls last for months and are once in a few months. I'd never date a guy or be sexually intimate with one.

Stop watching p*** hub

I posted a story about some of the dates I had been on a long time ago and thought I would update with the more recent ones.
So, 42, Single and took a break but started dating again, What a mistake, I have tried this a few times and have come to realize guys are disgusting pigs, I just want a guy who want's regualr things and a regular life and... [more]

Cousin And Me

Both my cousin and I are in the same high school, he a boy also with me being older and in a higher grade. I'm gay and not out but talk around school is that others' believe I'm gay. I even dated girls' as cover to stop the talk. My younger cousin is really cute and has always had girlfriend's. Both our parents went on a weekend trip leaving... [more]

Cousin And Me

Both my cousin and I are in the same high school, he a boy also with me being older and in a higher grade. I'm gay and not out but talk around school is that others' believe I'm gay. I even dated girls' as cover to stop the talk. My younger cousin is really cute and has always had girlfriend's. Both our parents went on a weekend trip leaving... [more]

I think I like that my bf has a foot fetish??

I'm a gay dude, I've been dating my boyfriend for 15 months, and I've known he has a foot fetish for around 5. I was shocked at first because I've always thought feet were gross, but I love him so I wasn't mean about it. We were cuddling on my bed a few days ago and my feet were in his lap, I naturally just didn't think about it because we've... [more]

Follow up on I'm in love with my best friend

Update on my last confession: I met up with my friend last weekend. Every time I see him I just want to kiss him more and more. I never get bored when he's talking and I could stare at him all day long. Things have been getting more physical but I still haven't told him how I feel. We were cuddling on my bed and I felt his [more]

The man who f***** my wife is dead - poem.

The man who f***** my wife is dead.
At last the slime has changed to dung.
I happily know the burial date -
last week and where the t*** was flung.
So one day I can find the grave
And spit and p***... [more]

So weird

Well...After 5 years of divorce my best friend came to me and said she wanted to have a 3 way with her husband on his 45th birthday and wanted me to be the other 1/3...WOW, There is something you don't hear every day. Yeah so that s*** got real way fast, My husband and I split the sheets about 5... [more]

I want to kill my step father

My mother divorced my father when I was around 7; I'm very close to both my mom and my dad and his new family. Very soon after the divorce, maybe when I was 9 or so, my mom began dating again while still very emotionally vulnerable and she met a man, let's call him T, who was also recently divorced. He seemed alright at first, albeit a bit strange... [more]

The band photographer Jeremy Saffer is a pedophile

He had s** with multiple under-aged groupies at warped tour in 2004, 2005, and 2006. Now he's dating another girl who he met at concerts and is 12 years younger than him. When he was 18 she was 3 or 4 years old. Hes a f****** creep and he got away with... [more]

Slept with boyfriend, twin brother

I was mad that my boyfriend was having more fun than me without including me. so his twin added me on social media not knowing it was a prank to see if i would sleep with him and honestly I never did anything like this i just feel like i purposely want to push people away based on I still feel hurt based on the past and now this is my biggest... [more]

Ugly girls are superior to beautiful girls.

I'm sure you all agree with me. Ugly girls let you do things to them that a 10/10 super model will never allow you to.
I've dated 3 beautiful girls and 8 ugly girls. And all 3 of beautiful ones used to just lay like a death body and that's it. They never did anything, they hardly went down down on me.
These good looking girls are way too... [more]

Life altering.

My Gf and I are both Blonde, Female, Early 20's and attractive, We have been together for just about 2 years and live together. One evening after a marathon session on the living room floor in front of the fireplace she said to me "What got into you?", I laughed and said "Why", I had used the strap on and she said I was way rougher than normal, I... [more]

You think you have problems

I am 13 and I have this weird thing for men who are older than me. My stepdad has a hot friend who is at least 13 years older than me and all I can think about is him whenever he leaves our house. I also have a crush on a couple boys at my school and one of them I'll call them fabio was in my dream and we were doing the nasty and we started dating... [more]

My first sort of ex girlfriend

This story is gonna be all over the place, just a warning. at the beginning of high school i met this girl. we had lots of fun times and talked all the time for over 2 years. but during the last 6 months of us talking, she became very distant and very standoffish. she wouldn't reply how she used to reply and wouldn't answer any of my phone calls... [more]

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