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I want to be in love with you

I want to be in love with you. You were my first love. I remember our first date and how crazy i was about you, i remember the first time you f***** me (first time i ever came by a man) i remember the little things, singing in the shower, making cookies at 1 am and [more]

I love her..

I am 19 and have been in a relationship with my 15 year old girlfriend for over a month now and we have been close for over a year or so and at first it wasn’t my intention to fall for this girl. We were just good friends because someone I knew she was dating at the time was abusive and would threaten her almost all the time if she wouldn’t do as... [more]

A big change.

15 years ago my wife and her best friend went to Vegas for a weekend, Long story short my wife and her friend got carried away and my wife came home and admitted that she had been involved in an F-ed up situation that could have been the end of our relationship but instead created a situation where we were able to sit down and evaluate what had... [more]

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My girlfriend is making me immobile

I've been with my girlfriend for three years now. She is a trim and very attractive blonde woman. When we first started dating I was fit and active I even had a six pack, but she made the best food. I ate every bite of her food every time she cooked and she is always feeding me. She keeps me inside all day everyday and feeds me fatty food. I've... [more]

Incest, abortion. AM I doing the right thing?

I'm pregnant with my son's baby - and yet I'm happy. Please, don't ridicule me or say anything harsh. I know I've made mistakes. I did things that I thought were smart but weren't. I can't un-ring the bell. I'm writing here for advice, and maybe to explain myself.
I was foolish and got married at age 18 and had my son, Drew (not his real name)... [more]

My wife dates a black coworker of her mother

My 35 yo curvy indian wife has been dating a black coworker of my mother in law. Wife enjoys the s** and I am really turned on by it. My mom in law knows about it and is ok with it since I am.

My future is a few days away

Im 21 years old . Hard worker alats worked in the oil field love it the rig money is big and enough when Yu travel a lot. I don want to be stuck everyone I work with is stuck in the field because they've got families houses and bills. I live with my mother who's my #1 supporter. I help arpund the house and work hard to spoil her. A few months... [more]


My life is empty , i feel myself internally empty, i don't have energy to do something even to something i like .
For example i like watching cartoons but i easily get bored .
When i hear music it does not affect me , if it ever did it would be for a liitle.
I can't stop the ''voices'' in my head tells me i am not good enough , i don't mean... [more]

About my "stepdad"...

When my mom devorced my biological father, we starting going to karate and my mom fell in love with the head master of the dojo. I thought it was just some crush and I didn't pay much mind to it, until he started spending the night in OUR house.
I was kinda cautious cuz, dude, I was what? Like 10 at the time and I just got in school suspension... [more]


My wife and I have been married for 25 years and we have 6 kids. Five adopted and one "homemade". Its a busy life as a family, as I'm sure you can imagine, and one result has been just an overall sense of tiredness and a lack of desire for s** with my wife. That doesn't mean I don't still have a [more]

My ex is cheating on my friend

I'm 15 and female. The other girl in this is K and boy is C... I'm A... So I was dating C for 8 months then we broke up... During the time I got him to come to my church and he met everyone there... My friend K and him talked and I thought nothing of it cause I knew they were friends but about a month after C and I broke up K asked me for approval... [more]

Odd accident

I'm dating a girl that was involved in a car wreck. She struck her head violently on the dashboard and she was in a coma for seven weeks. She came too but seemed retarded. She had a bit above average intelligence before the accident.
Ok, something happened and her IQ is at the genius level. Apparently, her brain not only healed it became... [more]

Mom is abused by step-dad

Before my mom met my step father, she was raising me, my sister, and my brother, without any help from family. She was constantly working, but she always made time for us. She would cook, clean, and help us with school. It wasn’t until I was 12 that she got into dating.
Now she is married to someone who degrades her. She is constantly being told... [more]

Beat up by a girl

Girls are always getting physical with me and it's humiliating. I can't get them to stop. I just got beat up for the 5th time by a different girl. And not only do I get beat up but they get too physical and not in a good way, and I just want to know of its something I'm doing to get beat up? The first time it happened it was by this girl named... [more]

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