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Several years ago when my man was out of town I. on a whim, decided to go to a upscale hotel lounge to relax and see if I had still had it. I wore a short skirt, high heels and low cut top. Oh I am blonde, 5
3" with natural 38D's. A few men did check me out but did not stop at my table. Then this well dressed good looking black stopped and... [more]

I've given up

I've had no success in my love life whatsoever. I met my first crush literally on the bus to my second day of kindergarten, but as I was quickly teased, bullied, and ostracized by everyone (including my crush) which lasted from then until I finally had to be taken out of school and home schooled beginning in 8th grade (this was back when very few... [more]

Still awkward 1

When I was 19 I had a one time...Ok, One day affair with my wife's older sister, I had gone over to her appartment to get my watch which I had left there the weekend before, She was 18 and her sister was 32, Her sister and I had never met before but my wife had told me she had recently had her baby like maybe 4 or 5 months before. Both my wife... [more]

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It's really weird to see my mom dating new guy every month.

I don't know how other people deal with it but I personally find it very disturbing to see my mom with new guy, still trying to find the right one.
It's worst when she brings them home and I have to see the look on their face which says, "I'm banging your mom".
Don't get me wrong I don't mind my mom having a new husband or long term... [more]

Knowing my wife's secret

I met my wife following my divorce from my first wife. I knew her from school as she was a year older than me. When I was single she messaged me Facebook I guess I was feeling down and posting sad posts.
I knew she was due to get married the following year but she messaged saying she was unhappy. I said we could talk if it helped, this led to us... [more]

The Dreaded Question: Do I give Happy Endings

I’ve had time to browse the internet during this quarantine, and now I figure I’ll tell my story. I’m a massage therapist for 20 years now. I had no idea that I’d be asked by so many men about receiving a “Happy Ending“. There was no mention of this in School. When I met my husband and we started dating and I revealed my occupation he asked if... [more]

Internet and allPornography should be banned entirely in the west

I confess that the whole west in the most screwed up, f***** up, full of a******* Who tolerate and legalize p**********, P********** is... [more]

The perfect soccer mom housewife

My idea of an ultra feminine soccer Mom housewife. Her long acrylic french nails will be immaculate and she will always be in open heels showing off her perfect french pedicure. She will be a makeup expert and spend a lot of time in the morning putting her face on, before I even get out of bed. She will also spend time during each day at the gym... [more]

I want my girlfriend to become so fat she is immobile

After a few years of dating she is definitely well on her way. She has put on over 100 lbs since we started dating and on her 5’2” frame it’s definitely affecting her. One flight of stairs are enough to get her winded now. She probably has at least 150 more lbs to go though until she truly struggles with her mobility. I plan to be there with pizza... [more]

Sleeping with ex’s twin sister

So to start things off, they are fraternal twins. To make things easier, we’ll call my ex Haley and her twin sister Paige.
After me and Haley split, Paige and I still remained friends. As time after the break up went by, me and paige became very very close. We would hang out pretty often and just [more]


I'm 20 now but when I was growing up my mom was a stripper and I think she she was a part-time escort too. I ook a lot like her (but without the implants) and men stop me on the street all the time to ask me if i am her or if I"m her daughter. I don"t know who my dad is (and apparently she dont know who he is either), and so I wonder sometimes... [more]

Purposely saw my PE teacher naked in the gym shower

To start, this was less about revenge and more about just having fun I guess. My freshman year phys ed teacher was a 30 year old woman named Mrs. C. We all liked her but a couple boys in my class had issues because they were lazy.
I got a long with her great though. By October I had started going to the gym before school started with my... [more]

I've always been happiest when I date a mean girl

I've dated 7 girls as of now out of which 4 girls were mean as f*** and for some reason I always used to like it.
First time I ever experience this was when I broke up with my first gf and she started treating me like s***, even used to call me dumb... [more]

I need advise with this complicated situation.

The summer before senior year (five years ago) a group of us decided to go camping on property along the river Jason had access to. It required 4-wheel drive and no one would bother us. We’d fish during the day then drink and smoke weed at night. Tony is related to Jason and when he found out, he invited himself AND his girlfriend Sandy insisted... [more]

Realtor Guy hitting on Wife and She's flirting with the guy!

Definitely a weird episode a while back. My wife and I were looking for a House in Virginia. She was in Dental School, and I worked for the Highway Dept. in planning. So we met this Agent, he was around early 40's, a big VCU College football fan and a graduate. He was pretty successful divorced had one kid. Anyway my wife is my hot lil babe. ... [more]

I’m super excited! My dad’s marrying my BFF.

We’ve been friends since middle school and she’s the only person that knows how many guys & girls I’ve been with.
The summer before our freshman year, my parents went out of town and we went to a pool party her cheating ex-bf would be at. For fun, we went as a couple, held hands and kissed the entire time. It was hot having people watch. We were... [more]

Bad hair

I'm a divorced female and in my 40s and I can't believe the amount of dudes with bad hair. If you are going bald, deal with it. I'm not saying buy s*** that will help you grow it, but don't fake it. If you only grow it on the sides, keep it really trim and shaved down. Better yet, shave your head and... [more]


I’m 25yrs old guy fit , good looking, heterosexual I care for my skin and other hygienic traits most men would say that’s gay. I’ve been into fitness for years and have worked out my entire life , did a few npc men competitions and won. I have a masters degree that I recently just finished & after highschool I got a scholarship to A1 university... [more]

I buy women clothing

I wanna confess something, I've known my gf for 3 years two of those years we were just friends and for one of those years we have been dating, since the second year of knowing her we ive brought clothing for her like crop tops short skirts short shorts and high heels, i basically have half a closet for her and the weirder part she doesn't even... [more]

I'm in love with my best friend

My best friend is also an ex-girlfriend, though we didn't date for very long. We had a brief, passionate fling after a prolonged mutual crush, then decided to be friends. At the time, we both felt it was better that way. Our feelings for one another got very intense very quickly and I think it frightened both of us, and I don't think either of us... [more]

Don't Want to Marry

I'm 15 and engaged to a 27 year old man. I was told that I would be marrying him this December, like my sister did when she was 15. My parents refuse to give me options out of this. I want to finish school and continue dating my boyfriend but my dad told me that I have to do what they say and that it's for the better. How can I convince my parents... [more]

Wife's Annoying Sis

When my wife and I were still dating, she and her older sister still lived with their parents. Her sis lived in the basement and had her own bathroom, but others could use it.
When I used it, sometimes I rubbed my c*** on her special towel that had her initial on it. She was usually annoying, and you could never trust her not to tell their... [more]

It started a long time ago

It all started when I was about 8 years old I would get some of my moms stockings and a pantie girdle and put them on, that was the first time I every wore womens clothes. As this progressed I would try on her dresses and makeup when my parents were at work I use to love being all girly one day I was in the bathroom dressed up when my parents came... [more]

It's so complicated

I've been dating this guy for almost six months and I'm afraid I'm creating a mess for myself. The relationship itself is wonderful, he treats me like a princess and buys me all kinds of things (we started dating just before Christmas and gifts to me were amazing). The s** is the best ever and he wants... [more]

Tastes and smells . . . and more

My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years and cohabiting for almost two of those. I thought things were great, but about a month ago I noticed some lipstick on his shirt, an unusual shade -- virtually black -- that my Best friend Jill wears. I asked him about it. He just laughed and said it was grease that came from under the hood of... [more]

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