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I think my life has been sabotaged

I don't know exactly how else to put this, but I think my parents sabotaged my life and I don't know how to fix it. I'm nineteen, now, and will be turning twenty in three months, but I feel like I'm waaay behind where I'm supposed to be. It all started the summer before I entered third grade, when my parents became religious anti-vaxxer nuts... [more]

Scum sucking leach

I met my gf years back when her daughter was still in elementary school, little did I know this cute little girl would turn into a lazy manipulating, lying b****.
I have tried to be a role model over the years and help guide her but she is a strong willed birth that is going to lie, steal, cheat... [more]

Wife confesses while intoxicated

My wife when to Sue her best friends daughter hen party this weekend and they all went away Friday to Sunday eve, they all had a great time been cheeky an d naughty as they do Sues daughter Holly is only 25 and Sue and my wife are 42yrs young, she doesn’t go out much we stay in on weekend and have a bottle of wine to share.
But she got very... [more]

My Strange Love Story (SHE's Almost 25 years Older than me)

My Strange Love Story
(SHE's Almost 25 years Older than me)
Hello Friends I'm Saamu, while I'm sharing my Story with You all. SHE [my Gf] is sitting beside me and disturbing me.
Now I'm 30+ years old and SHE's 53+ years OLD. And HER NAME is DULAA. SHE'S ALMOST 5:7 tall , Her WEIGHT at that time might be 55+ kgs and now SHE's ALMOST 76+... [more]


Having an affair

Adult Stepdaughter with learning disability ruining my marriage

My Bruises Make Me Feel Worthless

I love the smell of my 18 year old step daughters knickers

I hate my dads wife more than anyone else on the planet

My older sister try to seduce me

Daughters friend

Im in love with my Step daughter

Brother's remarriage to ex & pregnancy problem

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