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Daughters panties

Just love my daughters underwear, I love going through her drawer and handling her panties and bras, also finding the worn ones!!

I hate little boys

I hate my 11 year old nephew there I said it! He is sooo needy. he talks/lies a mile a minute. he is obsessed with zombies (they arent even real!!!) at my daughters 3rd bday party he spelled out this is f****** gay on her letter learning machine. He gets giddy and must attent all female diaper... [more]

A Mom Thing on Buying Daughter Sexy Panties

I have read on here about moms buying their daughters sexy, racy or risqué type bikini panties at a young age. My mom did it for me when I was about 12 years old. I have two girls who are 11 and 9 and I already get both real cute almost daring skimpy bikini panties. I don't think panties make you a [more]

I don’t hate my 17 year old step daughter, but I don’t like her.

SD is 17. I call her “K”. Her bio Mom is out the picture since she was nearly 4 years old. Me and my husband have had K full time since then.
My husband was one of three boys to a co-dependent mother. The oldest brother did not move out of the nest till he was in his 40’s and knocked up a woman who now supports him.
My husband is the... [more]

Has anyone here ever just given up on somebody?

My ex-wife had bad temper spells. Would she say things like she thinks your grandmother should hurry up and die or she was ashamed of your parents?
My ex-wife said those things. She also told me that I had taken her away form so man she really loved.
Ok, she said these things because she had weird periods which made her bipolar. She... [more]

Sitting On Her Stomach

Before I start my story I want to say that , Sitting on Stomach with Full Weight gives a wonderful feeling and we cannot express it with words.
After having friendship with her for just 1 week I finally came to my point and I asked her for it.
Her age was 38 years, height 5:3" and weight 69 kg may be. She got 1 daughter who used to live in... [more]

Alone With the Night Winds

I decided to go camping in the North Georgia woods near Rabun Gap. This is a largely uninhabited part of Georgia near the Tennessee border. I went by myself.
I followed a trail for about five miles and set up camp. During the night while I was reading by firelight, the wind started to blow. It cooled down and in that environment, your... [more]

Parents are abusive

My mother and father are complete c****. I buy things for them, to wear, their house things, holidays and other stuff and the more I give the more they abuse me. My mother is the worst at times but my dad is just as bad.ast few days mother doing things to attack me
yesterday I am supposed to read... [more]

Wife and daughter and power

My wife gets certain ideas and becomes absolutely extreme about them.
She's become a rabid feminist. When our daughter was a Baby my wife would breast feed in public and give anyone who commented a lecture.
She wants our daughter to be feminine and tough at the same time. So she enrolles her in sports like soccer and kick boxing. In... [more]


One day I was at my friends house. I was dressed in a short set. Mine was yellow shirts with a matching shirt. The shirt had elastic at the bottom of it which if I moved, it made the shirt ride up exposing my round belly.
My fiends dad came into the living room where we were playing. After a few minutes I stood up to go to the restroom and my... [more]

I hate my step daughter

I’ve never liked her. Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way from the very beginning. I tend to be very intuitive and great at reading people, and she just gives me a bad feeling all over.
The big problem? She’s 7. She’s just 7 years old. She has been caught in lies that a grown adult shouldn’t even be lying about. She was almost... [more]


Been j********** to my 8,yr old daughter panties

I hate my wife's daughter 18yo

My wife has a daughter who is 18yo she is disrespectful and annoying she is very rude and sneaky she doesn't help around the house and blast her f###ing music so loud when her mother is not home . I f there is 4 pieces of chicken she eats all 4. She stays in the bathroom for 2hours you can see she dances and what ever else she does her dad is a... [more]


So this is for all those guys out there who ever wanted to bang their in laws but it never happened, I did.
It's a long, drawn out story as to how i got here but the short version is: I met a girl, Got married, Had two wonderful kids and 4 great years of marriage before my wife went off the deep end and left me for some loser she met online.
For... [more]

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