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I Hate My Stepdad

I hate my stepdad so much. He is the worst person I have ever met. My name is Kierstin, I'm 14 years old and about to turn 15. When I was 2, my mom and dad seperated and me and my two sisters lived with my mom for 8 years. When I was 11, my mom started... [more]

Incest Planner

I'm a 36 years old single man from a European country. Only a therapist could help me find out why I'm so deeply into incest. Maybe I was abused, maybe I’m just a perv, maybe I’m just diabolical. In August 2016, I was drinking heavily and one night I started chatting on IRC---, Undernet, chatrooms like Dad&DaughterSex, OlderforYounger etc. I'm not... [more]

Going all the way

So I have been with my wife for 3 years now. Some of you may know there are different p**** smells. I truly love my wife's p****. I enjoy being submissive and just going to town licking her l****... [more]

No I was NOT Racist, Just Fed The F*** Up With Your Brat!!

The mother of my wife is black woman and has never approved of my fiancee's decision to date and marry a white man in the entire 10 years we've been together.....yet her youngest child has a white father. My wife had her son at 16, met me at 17, and moved to be with the minute she graduate high school. This left her single mama without a... [more]

Grown Stepson Hoarder with ZERO motivation

My wife and I have been married 17 years now. We met on the internet via webcam, and enjoyed each others company. I am from Michigan. She is from Northern California. She was a single mom out of an abusive relationship with an 8 year old girl, and 9 year old boy. I had no children. We all associated on webcam.
Long story short I gave up my life... [more]

No relationship with step daughter

I just don't feel close to my 22 yr old step daughter. I have been her step mom for 10 years. She can't even acknowledge me when she leaves the house or comes in. It's a rare occasion when it happens. She has told me that she doesn't want to be fake. She will not hug me either. It probably repulses her to think about touching me in any way. She... [more]

I HATE my stepdad!!!!!!!!!

I truly hate my stepdad and I am now 29 years old and haven't lived with my parents for 11 years. All through growing up my stepfather had depression, anger issues and a tendency to hit the bottle. Even though he was never physically abusive, he tried to hit you emotionally or mentally. I grew use to my childhood-teenage years with him in it... [more]

He got to live out a fantasy

Let me start by saying I DON'T CHEAT, this is the first time and it was a one time thing that will never happen again but two years ago my husbands brother got remarried to a woman with a 15 year old son. May long weekend i let him f*** me.
For the last two years i have watched him as he tried to... [more]

My daughter

There are so many posts by people that "hate" their kids or step kids. I want to make a different post. My daughter is twelve. She's cute, sweet, helpful, funny, smart, and loving. She also has bouts of tween attitude, laziness, and and stubbornness.
I am every bit as enthralled with her at 12 as I was when she was born. I feel so lucky to be... [more]

Step daughter

I love my step daughters dirty undies I steal them every day she showers

I might just give up

As an older daughter I'm expected to work like a single mother. Even though I've never been married, and still a virgin. However, I work like a single mother and it's still not enough for my family. I do everything for them, for myself, and they still drain all of my positive energy because it will never be enough for them. I'm actually planning... [more]

My teenage daughter is ruining my life...

I'm so sick of her and I really wish that I could afford to send her to boarding school. I would not reccommend having children to anyone because it becomes a joyless pile of s*** peppered with the odd moment of happiness as they get older. My daughter does her best to ruin my happiness and is... [more]

What's your story?

I've met dozens of people on chat apps and sites like omegle. While i didn't keep talking to every single one of them, several of them I currently consider close friends, two of them are my best friends. I've met a wide range of people
An exotic dancer from Turkey, a ballet dancer from Virginia, a few active duty and retired military personnel... [more]

Letting my kids smoke

From the outset, I wanted my kids to smoke at a young age. I have 3 daughters, and when they were babies, I would blow smoke in their faces to get them used to the smoke. Later, when they were toddlers, I would give them small amounts of smoke in gentle kisses. Then later I would let them have puffs off my cigarettes. They eventually got to the... [more]

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