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Mother in law

Been having s** with my wife's mother she is pushing 70 I'm 48 looks and f**** like a 50 year old better than her daughter in bed. I love f****** her

I can't stand being a mom

I am 21 years old with two kids neither of them planed. I was on the depo with the first and the implant with the 2nd. They are 2 and 1. I suffer from depression anxiety PTSD and borderline personality disorder. Yah I get it I'm a f***** up person... I had my life planed out. I was gonna go into the navy. I was studying and working my a$$ off... [more]

Mother Inlaw and I

I been married to my beautiful wife for 4 years now. We started dating at 16. I remember when I would visit her at that age her mom would jokingly say I'd have to spend the night with her(my MiL) if I was planning on staying . I know it sounds somewhat perverse when you read it but some how it didn't sound that bad in Spanish. Her mom always made... [more]

I told my brother he was no good and to stay away from me

My brother was married and he had a baby with the lady. The marriage didn't work out because my brother fooled around with another woman and she divorced him.
My brother married the other woman and the other woman demanded that the little girl from his previous marriage be banned from their lives.
My father dotes on the little girl and... [more]

Step daughter drama queen

It doesn't get any better but worse. Only fathers are the one to defend you, if they don't move on and get out! I truly feel is time to swatch the turns and they couldn't should not control your home or your life. You shouldn't tolerate nothing, I mean nothing, is not your baggage after ball. If they can't play your ball game then they should not... [more]


These f*****'s who live downstairs and have a beautiful bengal cat they don't f****** look after , because it kills everything small and f****** eats it out of hunger, not just leaves it on the... [more]

I'm a college graduate who made good grades and is very athletic

I earned a degree in Chemical Engineering and while I was working on my Master's degree I was propositioned by a lonely woman living in my neighborhood. I had often talked to her outside when I was doing yard work.
She wanted me to get her pregnant. She told me that she wouldn't tell anyone who the father was and that the child would have... [more]


I've been married for almost 4 years in October, high school sweat hearts with my wife since freshman year. We each started from zero type of love you see in the movies! Her parents never liked me because I came from nothing. "I stole her". We dated behind parents backs wrote letters anything you name it. Sneaked her out. We both struggled... [more]

Got a lap dance now worried

I went out with some guys from work to a strip club. My wife would not like it if she knew it, but sometimes, maybe once or twice a year, I go to a strip club with the guys and have a good time with some young ladies.
We went to the club and I had my eyes on a really cute young woman, she was slim with nice big ones and long legs. She came over... [more]

My nightmare

Almost a year ago my boyfriends 15 year old daughter moved in with us and our nightmare began. At first I felt bad about the horrible things she told me about her moms treatment of her. That mom tried to kill herself because of daughter and now wants nothing to do with her. But now I feel moms pain. This kid lies nonstop and manipulates!!! She's a... [more]

I Hate My Husband's Ex-wife

My husband's ex wife is the most infuriating woman on this planet. They've been divorced for 2 years now and so have my ex husband and I. My current husband and I have been married for 9 months, but dating for a year and a half. We now have a son together. My husband has a 19 year old with his ex wife and she is out of the home away at college... [more]

Husband to got circumcised

After we had our daughter we decided we didn’t want any more children and he agreed to get a vasectomy. Having my preferences I got up the courage and asked him while there if he would be prepared to get the full package worked on and get circumcised for me at the same time as his vasectomy.
He took it seriously and after I explained why and... [more]


I'm 18 and still live with my dad. He recently married his girlfriend and she moved in with us, along with her 19 year old daughter. I get along with my stepmom and her daughter just fine, but really didn't think about boundaries until last week when I realized to other women are now living with us. It was late and I was laying in my room... [more]

Girlfriends mom

I was with my girlfriend for 2 years from the get go I was close with her mom and dad got on with them really well he worked away a lot and she and her mom were very close talked about everything the thing was we very rarely did anything and I very rarely saw her naked so when her mom was around and she was walking around in a small towel and... [more]

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