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Self Harming

I used to self harm a little. When my BFF found out who did so and was suicidal I lied about the reason. I told her it was over a boy and had to dramatise everything. The real reason was my body issues and the pressure to be skinny from my mother. I don't know why I lied but she must have thought I was pathetic. But whenever I did tell her a... [more]

I'm a toy....

I'm a male, so many f***** up things have happened to me, but it feels so right now. I'm 28, when I was 12 I realized masochism, it felt so sweet to be that way, it tied in well with my kindness. I began to obsess, I didn't know it but I was already submissive in nature and taught well, I was always... [more]

I hate being a mom

I f****** hate being a mom. I love my child with all my heart but I wasn't ready for this. The person I had the baby with said he'd be there every step of the way and now I'm stuck doing this alone. I can't pee alone, eat, sleep, bathe f******... [more]

Screwed and stuck

I just got home from dropping off my 3 kids at school . Realized how much I hate my life .I love my kids but ,they are selfish and annoying .All they do is fight with each other ,and everyday they are out of my control , because I only see them 50% of the time .Some stupid doctor tried to tell me it's quality time not quantity...,bullshit! Life... [more]


I would rather be exhausted than lonely and depressed

Disability should be allowed s**, marriage and babies too

I seen a lady I met who has a slight mental disability and all she talks about is being an aunty and she gives speeches all the time but she has a kind heart and honest. her parents died and they were very wealthy and I can't get over how she can fuss over a stranger's kid in the bus and not question why she has no husband and baby herself. its a... [more]

I had a mental breakdown

Not long ago, I had a mental breakdown. I completely broke down in a heap, and was close to suicide.
I've had to be strong for so long, I just couldn't anymore. All the stress of being a single parent: the money worries, worrying about safety, stress, anxiety, tiredness. All of it. It all just caught up to me. Afterwards, the littlest things... [more]

One and Done!

I'm so happy I only had one kid. I stuck to my guns, much to the pressure of friends and family, and knew I would never take on this much responsibility ever again. No f****** way! No support, no help, depressed, close to suicide so many times. I look back and know the only reason I survived was... [more]

I just want to talk

I'm 30, married with a beautiful wife and daughter that I love. My wife takes too much care of me, i take care of her. I love it, its annoying sometimes but she's so great t, probably the best thing that happened to me. Reminding myself of the good things, where I am
I have a bad relationship withy father. He's a... [more]

I watched an execution

I posted about a man in a park who raped and murdered a fifty-something-year-old woman in a park under aggravating circumstances.
Because of my job I had to watch him die by lethal injection.
He was led into the room and like the psychopathic murderer that he was, he came in unafraid and calm. The needles were inserted without incident and... [more]

I hate myself

I want to die, I hate myself. I am a worthless piece of s***. I am a terrible house wife constantly behind on the house work. I am a mother of one beautiful, smart girl if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here to write this. I do not have the energy to do it all, Hubby works long and hard and what do... [more]

Getting help

I realized Im delusional and paranoid and depressed and anxious and everything. But if I'm not off my rocker, FU C KKK everyone that has invaded my privacy and humiliated me. F uuuu CCC kkkkk you hard. I saw all of you.
But then again I should even out, and let go of some insecurities. For the record, NOT including my [more]


I am so sick of this daily routine. No matter what I do in life it never feels exciting or new. Life is so stale sometimes. Everyone I know says thats just the way life is everyones life is boring and routinized. And i look around and that seems true but god why does it have to be that way? Why is that normal? I watch all these exciting movies... [more]

This is my story

When I was a kid, I was at an all-day kindergarten every day until the age of 4. I didn't really connect with anyone on an integral and personal level that most kids have with their parents, simply because I was never spending one entire day with a single group of people.
I was always the last one to be picked up by my mother usually, my father... [more]

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