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I blame myself

My bird f*****' died. i feel terrible, ive been getting into terrible habits such as not eating, not talking, being anti-social. I wanna f***** crumple up in a ball and die. Its all my fault. I hate myself for this kind of [more]

Should I break up with my boyfriend?

I have a boyfriend of 12 months, I've been happy most of the time and I used to be able to say I was really in love with him, were sexually compatible too, and he's my best friend. However, in the past month or so I've seen a side of him that's been hard for me to deal with. I learned he has severe anxiety and attachment issues, which of course I... [more]

I had part of my p**** amputated

I'm about to turn 18. When I was an infant I was circumcised like most other males in the United States. But the doctors accidentally cut me really bad and had serious bleeding. It got infected and I had to have the gland of my p**** amputated when I was just a week old.
I've had severe... [more]

My boyfriend said he doesn't love me.

I'm tearing up as I write this. Recently money has been super tight so my boyfriend let me move in with him rent-free.
Yesterday I said "I love you" for the first time and he looked up from his book with just his eyes and did a half grin. I then asked if he loved me. He replied "I enjoy you. Love isn't a word I use for anyone besides my... [more]

Self destructive

I live in a toxic home. I was raised with my grandmother as my mom and my step grandfather as my dad. My dad recently got cancer a few years ago and afterwards, a bunch of family tragedies happened. My "dad" is so cruel and mean. He yells constantly, gets offended over anything, threatens to be physical, gets physical, and flaunts his high... [more]

He's left his wife but I'm married

I am a married woman with a family. I admit i have had my own issues with depression and self esteem. Even though i have a loving and supportive family I've done things to push them away. About 5 yrs ago I met a guy at the gym who I began training with. We became friends. He was married and has a family. I found out he was in a loveless marriage... [more]

Sadness n confusion

So over the past couple months ive been pretty depressed. everything is just so stressful and i can't take it anymore. i've contemplated running away and that seems way better than where i am right now. i have terrible grades, everybody is toxic, and all i can do to distract myself is either eat or go on the internet. please, i need some sort of... [more]

Im still in love and miss Neelam Ahmad

I met this woman on Omegle in 2011. I was trying to get my nerve up to be able to play music in front of real life people again by using Omegle. One night this gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, long black hair, dark eyed woman ends up on my screen. She requested a few Pearl Jam songs which I played to the best of my ability. And over the next few hours I... [more]

I could use some advice.

I started dating my boyfriend 6 months ago, I was a heavy drinker & a heavy cigarette smoker. He didn’t do anything, he wouldn’t drink, smoke, he had a good head on his shoulders. Over the course of these 6 months I quit smoking, I slowed down on my drinking & now he’s the one slipping into these habits. I know he’s depressed & looking for an... [more]


I’m going to be so successful in the music industry that you depressed h**** weird ashamed people will have my music on in the background as you type. I am greatness. I am this generations national treasure. I am this generations Whitney Houston. I am this generations most loved and most respected... [more]


This is going to be a long post, so thank you in advance to those of you that take the time to read and respond. I'm not sure where to post this... but I have been holding onto this for a long time and I sure could use some emotional support.
For the past 2 years, I have been living with my boyfriend and his family, which is comprised of his... [more]

A birthday celebration that messed me up

Four years ago I was 21, home during a college break. I was really depressed that time, I just broke with my bf and was keeping myself occupied with my studies and didn't want anyone to bother me. Mom and dad were ok with it but my 18 year old sister would just rant about how my grumpy mood was making the whole house depressing, not that I ever... [more]

Forced to be pervert

I am a weak , ordinary person with a simple desire of having a wife, home and children but I have no one to talk or walk with. Though, I use to be religious and use to ask them why I don't have these fruits of life and it was the same thing told to me "its your Karma"...I mean ok but to what extent shall I keep believing that one day destiny... [more]

Streaking leads to more...

I’m a guy and when I was 15, one night I convinced my friend (also 15) to go out streaking in my neighborhood late at night. My true motivation was to see his naked body and maybe lure him into some s**. It worked! I was very attracted to him cuz he was small, thin, athletic and cute - he had very... [more]

I think there's something wrong with me

Idk if it's something like depression but I don't want to tell anyone that I'm actually really sad a lot of the time. I'll joke about it with my friends but I'm really scared I'm going to hurt myself again. I just had a little breakdown bc I think everyone's out to get me. I banged my head against my bed and cried and cried. It's not normal for... [more]

[TRIGGER WARNING] i don't want to live anymore

[If you didn't take the warning seriously, then let me emphasize, this is a vent, a really triggering one that mentions suicidal descriptions, depression, dysfunctional family and just, really triggering stuff, that and I'll be expressing my religion, please don't read if you're easily triggered by this because I really don't want to create any... [more]

Dump of a house

I've known for a long time my parents never married, my mom is American from Arizona and my dad is Mexican. We lived in a nice apartment near Cancun but when I was 12 in 1994 my dad got arrested and sent to prison for drug sales in Texas leaving us marooned in Mexico. My mom ran out of money so we moved into a rural area miles away with my moms... [more]

Tired of living

I am so f****** tired, physically and mentally. I don’t have any talents and I im at the point where I don’t think I’ll be able to graduate high school. The only reason I haven’t killed myself is because of my friends and parents. I have insomnia, depression, anxiety and adhd. My mental illnesses... [more]

Depression and Stress

I am suicidal at only the age of 11. I'm stupid, fat, ugly, and overall worthless. My parents hate me and they love my brother WAY more than me. I tried to kill myself just last night by eating 5 pills at a time. That didn't work (obviously) so then I tried 10 pills, and now I'm just miserable. I go to a school where the people there, including... [more]

My wife is destroying our family...

That recently, my wife said she wanted a trial seperation. In the span of a few days, she went from trial and staying at friend's place, to getting an apartment and contacting a divorce attorney, all without explaining why. We finally talked and she gave me hope that she is just going through stuff, she stopped talking to an attorney, she needs... [more]

My mother told me I should kill myself.

First, some context. I'm 13, I'm having family issues with my grandmother, which is causing everyone to freak out. My mother was already depressed and drunk alcohol, but now it's even worse. On top of all that, school is stressing everyone out, and Covid is making it even worse. I'm really sensitive both physically and emotionally. Recently, the... [more]

Depression and Stress

I'm 11 and have suicidal thoughts everyday and constantly feel like there is someone talking to me in my head. I also struggle with the feeling of loneliness and worthlessness. Last year, I tried killing myself. What should I do? If you know what I should do, please comment.

Why do I keep denying the possibility of having depression smh

Life stops mattering a lot, I can find things that make it seem worth while but at the end of the day when those things are gone it's just back to being void of anything. I can't even talk to people about it because no matter the results I regret it and feel like some guy making everyone uncomfortable. My friends can tell me that'd they'd let me... [more]

My first sort of ex girlfriend

This story is gonna be all over the place, just a warning. at the beginning of high school i met this girl. we had lots of fun times and talked all the time for over 2 years. but during the last 6 months of us talking, she became very distant and very standoffish. she wouldn't reply how she used to reply and wouldn't answer any of my phone calls... [more]

Warning: Long Story Loosing V-card & Inappropriate Relationship

Warning: This is long but it is a confession and I tried to make it as short as possible. It's also the first time I've posted anything like this too.
I lost my V-card & and had an inappropriate relationship at the same time. I can’t believe I’m posting this confession after all these years. I’ve told no one. My husband doesn’t even know. I’m... [more]

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