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Very sad

Very depressed. Not finding ways to come out of it. Plz help?


I watch all these cases on television based on real events and I sometimes cry because I can't stand how cruel this world is. How evil people have become. So much negativity. I just watched a sad story of a brother and sister. Both were harassed by their cousin brother because he was rich and they weren't. After so much humiliation, the brother... [more]


I wish I could die already. I'm failing algebra class, and even though I go to tutoring, I'm still failing. My mother hates me, and says I'm the reason why everyone's summer will be miserable if I have to go to summer school. I'm the reason why everyone is miserable you see. Even when i go out of the house to get my hair dyed it makes everyone... [more]

Herve B-Rectification of previous share done on Thu 9th June 2009

Hi. This is Herve. B . Today 25/04/2017. I deleted the last post And thought It was better to share in more concise and simple form. I wanted to take the courage to tell the truth about this post shared on the net on Thursday 4th June 2009 and this confession site that I thought was private and safe at that time 8 years back. In fact, I want to... [more]

I'm a chalemelon

I am 14 years old and female.
Does that make me more emotional.... probably.
So the fact is, I've never understood myself, who I am, my feelings, the things I do, none of it.
And to avoid showing the true self I am alone and inside I have created a fake me. The me everyone thinks I am.
A cheery happy girl, who yells a lot and smiles... [more]

Just born to die

Apart from the huge mental, emotional and physical responsibility having a child puts on you, and the financial drain of trying to raise a somewhat functioning human in this torrid world, the worry is the kicker.
Always with the worry. It never stops. What if some f***** hurts him? Police... [more]


Recently, I've been getting a feeling that everyone seems to be distancing themselves away from me. Sometimes I think I know why, but other times I have no clue. All my friends seem way happier when they're not with me, and sometimes kind of just...ignore me. They're not bad people, they're fantastic, but it seems like I just don't fit... [more]

My liver might be dying , I don't even drink alcohol

My liver might be dying , I never even been with a woman before in my life and yet my liver is making me weaker every month, I don't know maybe I should go check my self into a mental hospital and make sure that my Brain is not badly damaged from all the concussions I suffered in hockey and my real bad bike accident. after all I did go through... [more]

I feel numb

I feel numb. I almost feel like I am experiencing nothing. Nothing seems real. I can't seem to pick up my school habits. I am never practicing my music yet somehow I am still first chair. I do not get pleasure from anything. Medication, therapy, being surrounded by friends, nothing. Nothing makes me happy. I wish I had the guts and the privacy to... [more]

I Need To Help Her......

Yesterday, my day wasn't really great. My depression was really bad that day and I even purposely gave myself a black and blue eye. I just had have enough and I was bawling my eyes out. All I wanted was the love and comfort from my oldest sister Samantha, who I adore more than anything on this Earth. I wanted to tell her all of my... [more]

March 8th: Diary Entry. 7:31 PM, Wednesday

Wow I really didn't have a great day today. I didn't finish my rough draft for my research paper. I had an emotional breakdown that period because of it, and my teacher had to talk to me outside. She was assuring me that I'm not a failure, but I really am. I could've completed it. But I have to do it now so I can get credit......
(They)... [more]

My Urge To Self Harm

I have been struggling with depression ever since I was 12 (I'm 14 now), but it has gotten increasingly worse. I find myself itching to harm myself, but since I'm a wimp and I have a low pain tolerance I haven't really done anything major. But I have always felt that I need to be punished and I should hurt myself. Usually what I do is slap my face... [more]

Should I tell?

There is a kid at my school who is always bullied and depressed and is just super sketchy. He always shows off his guns and s*** on social media but I saw on a social media outlet he had a secret account that says "4/20/2017" might be his birthday or some [more]

I hate myself and feel ashamed for what I am

Alright, here goes nothing...
I'm 23 (will be turning 24 in a month) and I feel heavily attracted to teenage girls.
It all started when I was very young, like 16yo or something like that. I would get involved with girls way younger than me. Girls who were older than me never caught my attention that much and that was when I realized there... [more]

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