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Someone slipped me something

My boyfriend and I were out last night and by the time we got home I had realized I was feeling...Let's say...Uber h****, Like way more than usual. I had to get some NOW so I drug him into the bedroom and ripped mine and his clothes off, we were going at it, I knew someone at the club had slipped me... [more]

Drug users and alcoholics hate my guts

I try to distance myself from these people and they resent it. They think that I think I'm too good to associate with them.
Guess what? They're right. Drug users and drunks contribute nothing but misery to society. Anyone unfortunate to have to live with or around one of these worthless people is in for screaming, assaults, stealing and... [more]

Mixed feelings

A couple months ago my wife and I were sitting around the fire with a friend of mine Jody, My wife has always been flirty but never gone past flirting or whatever, A few playful "teasing" kisses with her girlfriends and so on but we had decided to try some "Edibles" if you know what I mean.
At just over 40 for all of us it was a first and my wife... [more]


I can't

My daughter is stripping

Found the dumbest person alive on

It’s ok to let your child smoke at a young age

I can't stand being a mom

Drug testing clinic

My past

I Can't Stand People Who Smoke

I often think of killing myself

My brother

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