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My friends house

When ever i go to my friends house i master bate in his shot milf mom or one of his hot sisters thong or bra thats in the bathroom an i put them back and now my friends sister is pregnant an she said her an her bf never had s** so i think it might be my babie meaning im a 13 year old father

Dad regret.

I have kids.. my newest is a month old. I could just f***ing run away and start a life in Cuba or off the cost of some tropical island. I want to party and meet different people. I want to have s**, get drunk and go off the f****** rails!! I want to... [more]

I'm sick of my younger sister

My sister treats me like I was a monster or a bad guy and she tells me I'm the worst thing and I ruined her life.But if you were to know me in real life I'm a very awkward and I like personal space.She says that I don't love her because she is always bothering me and I tell her to please stop. Then later I accidentally I do something wrong and she... [more]

Had a baby with my son's friend

When I was 39, I felt strong urges coming on to have another child before it was too late. I had 3 children already at that time, and my husband was not very keen to add to the family. Plus, his drive had diminished.
My eldest had a good friend, who had basically grown up half in our house. A tall, very attractive teenager, he was popular with... [more]

I'm a satanist

I'm a satanist and I don't care what any of you Christian ass holes have to say. I love my father Satan Lucifer and always will so f*** you all and have a nice day.


I was THE whole day in My room bewuz My step dad came And i dont Like HIM.
So When i My mother Saïd u NEED to sleep i was Like okay :-:
I couln't sleep😞
I wanted te keep My mom save...
When i heard strange things i hot uncomfortable.. So i went slowly downstairs... I listened quit...
I opened THE door And i saw them lying on eachother
I... [more]


My gfs bro is almost 30 his dad got him a job where he works in petrochemical plants he started in the field and his dad gave him a good scholarship from the same company used it to go to school and moved up to a office setting. He's always been a arrogant spoiled Mexican brat. He lives with his parents still and drives a corvrtte. He's always... [more]

I hate my step father

I hate my step father he always picks on me, and he always farts on me like I'm meg from family guy and cures me out all the time, he curses my mother out everyday and he's always lazy and always says crap about me when I don't do anything, he complained to my mom about me watching tv in my room when I woke up on the weekend and he always... [more]


To wanting my 21 year old daughter. Cute sexy and a massive 34dd t***. What dad wouldn't get thoughts passing through his head. Xx

Cross dressing dad

To being a cross dresser I did this as a teen then stopped as life turns you a different direction. I am now seperated and have started cross dressing again and it's better than I remember.
I'm realising how much I want to be a real woman do all they do and have what they have.
My steps are small but on a road to a dream.
I'm happier and... [more]

I hate my step dad

My step days a peace of s*** all he does is sit on his ass drinking beer and hits my f****** mother and me I'm going to f****** kill his fat ass !!

I wore my friend's shoes today

I put on a pair of shoes left to me by my friend a few months ago today. We were the exact same size.
They aren't really extraordinary - just black leather wedge boots. She never wore them. She bought them two days before her car skidded on an icy road and rolled over. I gave the shoes, thinking that her mom and dad could take them to the... [more]

This Cell Phone of Mine

I live with a girlfriend but flirt and chat with other women,especially women in a far away country that I visit. I even have an infant son with one of the women there, and plan some more with her and some other women.
In my phone are many pics of the women I chat with. Some of the pics are nude.When I chat with some of these women,they end up... [more]

My parents spanked me until I was 21

My mother and father were very strict and spanked me until I got married when I was 21. There were quite a few incidents I could discuss but I will talk about one. I moved away from home briefly when I was 19. This was mostly to escape the rules and punishments, I also wasn't getting along with my sister who was 15 at the time. The morning I left... [more]

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