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I'm scared

I think I'm just gonna fail everything in life. For years I thought I wanted to be an engineer on a site like my dad, but only now have I realised I have a massive passion for film. I have 5 days to decide what in doing for college, and my parents think I'm gonna pick engineering but I don't know. They said to pick engineering maths and film for... [more]

Mom is abused by step-dad

Before my mom met my step father, she was raising me, my sister, and my brother, without any help from family. She was constantly working, but she always made time for us. She would cook, clean, and help us with school. It wasn’t until I was 12 that she got into dating.
Now she is married to someone who degrades her. She is constantly being told... [more]

I hate my life

Really embarrassing!!! my 'stepdad' thinks that he is the best. h*** he is only 22. im too laazy to capitalize letters sorry. he said me to read a book. how? there are no books for my age in this freakin house all books are bout s** and family makin. i... [more]

Bar Mitzva gift

I'm friends with a Jewish chiropractor who has set up a practice in a small southern town. He treats my aches and pains in a very professional way and we often have a beer or two at the neighbourhood pub.
I met his son while visiting this doctor at a small farm he owns. His sons Bar Mitzvah was coming up and I didn't know what to buy... [more]

I hate my wife, I hate my family, I hate my life

I don't feel one single ounce of love for my wife. Not one bit. I can't even look at her, I can't stand being around her. Instead of love my heart feels like a burning pit of fire. I despise this woman with a deep burning passion.
Why? You ask.
Before I met her, I was excited at the prospect of settling down, and having a family. I met her... [more]

I want my stepdad to be dead

I just want my step dad to die i've lived with him for nine f****** years and he is an obnoxious c*** who calls mum a "fat troll" and a "w****" and he calls my sister a "little [more]


Im Ava.. im 14 and really...really into ddlg. if you look up ddlg and go to images you'll find all these cute little dialogues. I really want a daddy that's not just interested in s**..(some is totally cool w me). pls have some experience. yeah? email me :

Spotting signs of dementia

On dementia. I have noticed in my father he is doing strange things like he spends hours a day at the table writing letters that are like bibles to long lost friends he looks up on electrol rolls and then he photocopies letters and thinks everyone wants to know him as if he is a celebrity everywhere we go. he waves at the bus driver who was waving... [more]

Getting Too Exited Part 2

***This is the second of a two part confession because of character limit, the first part has the same title***
The Event:
The day was January 25th. It’d been more than a year since Debby and I had started dating. That day I went to her house for the first make out session since the previous one. I still had every intention to listen to what... [more]

My and my sister

I am a 13 yr old boy with greens eyes and black hair and I have a belly fetish. My sister Ashley also has one she is the same age as me but has long skinny but semi plump legs, nice ass, blonde hair because our mom had blonde hair and our dad had black, and average b****. On our parents anniversary... [more]

I wanna kill my stepdad (he thinks so that he is)

He isn't so bad person but h***, he is 22!!! He is just embarrasing, he speaks EMBARRASING! He smiles like mother$#@ker, he laughs like total a$$hole! I live in Russia and when someone sees him with my mom in the street, they just laugh or cross themselves. I am ashamed, when my friends and... [more]

Hate being a father

I hate my life.
Ever since my child was born.
Little s*** will ONLY sleep while laying on rather me or my wife.
Think about that for a minute...
Put the baby down and she cries. Try to discuss letting baby cry always ends up in huge arguement.
Try having [more]

MY neighbors wife gave birth to my baby

Without going into detail I had s** with my neighbor's wife one day after he went on a business trip. She told me that since she had s** with her husband before he left that if I got her pregnant he would think the baby was his.
To make a long story short... [more]


My mom abuses me.
She drinks and she smokes in my face.
She says my opinion doesn't matter because I am just a f****** child.
She yells at me on Saturday nights after she has been drinking and spending time with dad. When I come in the room they are in on Saturday nights she screams like she's... [more]

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