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My parents have been growing weed for years

Ever since I was little my parents always kept thier room a secrecy and when I did go in there theres always an small extra room in the corner with a flourescent light. After years of curiosity I finally looked in and saw plants (I was about 6 at this point) and he always gave differebt answers. He would rather say hes growing tomatoes or he... [more]

I hate my step dad

I f****** hate him he keeps saying he’s my dad ever though my real dad is almost across the country he still has the inisative to say he’s my dad I whant to f****** beet the s*** out of the mother... [more]

I can't stand being a mom

I am 21 years old with two kids neither of them planed. I was on the depo with the first and the implant with the 2nd. They are 2 and 1. I suffer from depression anxiety PTSD and borderline personality disorder. Yah I get it I'm a f***** up person... I had my life planed out. I was gonna go into the navy. I was studying and working my a$$ off... [more]

Father-in-law fantasy!

My confession about my fantasy with my father in law.
I do fantasize about my father-in-law f****** me and, I c** very hard every time.
I have trouble accepting it and, my personal values make me feel it’s wrong. I am really on the fence about realizing my fantasy because I am afraid to be disappointed from his performance. I wonder if it’s... [more]

Embarrassing prank by my step dad

I had some bad stuff happen to me but not like this. I wet the bed my whole life. I was 13 it was on a Sunday I woke up in wet clothes and my step dad ask me did I wet the bed again. I answered yes and with realise what he was going to do next I never thought would happen to me in a mIllion Years. I undress waiting for my step dad to go and get me... [more]

I wished for him to die, and he did.

When I was 6, my parents divorced and my mom hooked up with a new guy. She had us move in with him after knowing him for a few months. Turns out he was an abusive piece of s***, but she didn't care because it meant she wasn't alone. He would scream at me, pull my hair, bend my fingers back, basically... [more]

C**** crap holiday

Wish i knew paradise my freakin spooky weekend vacation.
the beach view was heaven and I paid through the nose for it. just about broke my ass for it as usual living like a begger to give to others. so I paid for the holiday for me and my parents. we went on a wine tasting day outing that was [more]

My dad

The only obstacle in my life. Most of the times it makes me want to loath the existence of opposite s**.

I broke up by not calling her on the phone

My affection less relationship with a girl ended after she said she didn't want to go out that week with me because what I suggested we do was boring. She was uninterested in a movie or a trip to the park or a ride in the country and when asked if she wanted to suggest something she said no.
We had been dating three years but after this I... [more]

Absolutely hate my boyfriend's kids

So my boyfriend and i have been together for 1.5 years. He's the first healthy happy relationship I've ever had. The only one that hasn't been toxic and abusive in some way. Our personal relationship is great. But what sucks is i hate his kids. When we were getting together i asked him if his kids Were good, well mannered, decent kids, not bad ass... [more]

Over full over furnished house

I have a hobby of painting up or varnishing up old furniture to put places and the worst part is that I put them in the garage for the time being and my dad took them all as using for his junk and then he won't give them up he just want them to sit there for his s*** when I bought them for me and to... [more]

My step dad can f****** die

Wow this actually all relatable my stepdad came in to my life when I was 8 years old, I am 17 bout to be 18 for the 10 years my mom had been with him , he'll scream and punish me for stupid s*** , my mom will just watch and let him dad me around. NOT EVEN MY DAD TREATED ME LIKE THAT. My brother was... [more]

Reclaim my true self

I stole from stores when I was in my early 20's I got caught, did volunteer service and stayed true to my word I would not steal again. Well if that were true I wouldn't be here typing this. This summer in July I stole money from my father in law from his wallet behind a closed bedroom door. I am not even sure what drew me into the room, about... [more]

Sexist Dad

I remember one time when my mom got a haircut she warned my dad beforehand that it would be shorter than usual and when we got back he was mad. My mom has very pretty orange hair and I thought it looked great short. What I got really mad at was that night when I asked him why he didn't like it he told me that women look better with long hair... [more]

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