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Baby sitting forgotten bathing suit

This is back last summer when I was 17. I applied for a job online to be a babysitter. This family of five emailed me and said there were going on a short work trip and ended some to which there you youngest kids (girl 8) & (boy 4). I got back to them and told I would be perfect for the job. The following week it came the day. It was a Saturday... [more]

Walked in on daddy

Back win I was 13 I was home with my daddy . I had gotten up early and won't to see if daddy was up. So I went in to his room. He was setting at his computer beeting off there was a pick of me in a bikini on haf of his screen and a woman that looked a lot like me getting f*** on the Uther haf . He... [more]

So offer's to step in for his dad

Had my son when i was 14 and he is 19 now,we are very close do most things together,I happened to mention that his dad can't get it up anymore and i missed having s**, He came up behind me and hugged me said it's ok im here if you need me and felt his d***... [more]

I hate my step father

I hate my step father. He is such a d***. His always watching his phone and watching stupid ass s*** no ones cares about. He doesn't even pay attention to my half-sisters (Who are 8 and 5). And still expect them to be good at school. Mostly my middle... [more]

My young lover Graeme

We have just celebrated Graeme's birthday and it was something of a milestone for us, as we went out for dinner and drinks and Graeme was fully dressed as a teenage girl and he looked gorgeous!!!!
We had talked about him going out as a girl for some days and I treated him to a session at a hair dressing salon and they styled it perfectly and ... [more]

My mother

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom quickly became a black out then pass out cold drunk. I hated Mom drunk like that because she was not the mother that I knew. She would hang on me telling me that I was just like my dad in everyway looks and personality. Late at night she would be in the kitchen drunk with the radio playing loud... [more]

I'm into DDLG [What's wrong with that?]

For those who don't know, DDLG stands for "daddy dom little girl". The term is used as a fetish, more than a preference. I am what's called a Little in the DDLG world, or a person who is into ageplay. I've only recently gotten into this fetish (within the past 5 months) and discovered that my headspace is about 7 years old.
Unfortunately, most... [more]

Pretty Indian with nice a*** in Tesco

Today while shopping in Tesco Slough a pretty British Indian girl about 20 yrs old asked me for advice on which lager to buy her dad.
She had jet black hair.and a nice tight little bum showed off by her tight grey joggers.
I instantly got a b**** , wanted to [more]

Peeping little girl flashed

On a visit to the relative cousin family while taking bath I aged 20 while bathing was masturbating . As turned to the other side to approach the corner where the drain pit is, I noticed the horizontal crack at waist level on the bathroom door and two little shinning eyes peeping through. I knew it was the 10 year old daughter of my cousin. ... [more]

Dad forced gay incest

Im a 22 year old guy. My father f***** my ass almost every night from 15 until 18. He would tied me to the head and foot boards and then take me twice a night leaving me tied up between sessions. After the 3rd night he did it I came at 15 for the first time. When I came he went crazy and he [more]

I have to stop

I have been sleeping with my BIL off and on for 18 years and am engaged so it has to end, I have to put a stop to it but I don't know how. I met him when I was 14, The first time he walked into the house I think I got wet, At least thats how I remember it as I sat on the couch and they showed up at mom's unannounced. My sister was living 6 hours... [more]

She needs guidance

I work at a private highschool as a counsellor. Every week I have a particularly dysfunctional girl (12yrs) who has to report to me to have a behavior sheet signed. She only can get it signed if no incidents of truancy or disrespect have occurred.
She is a superbly attractive little girl but her manner is rough and rude.
About 3 weeks ago she... [more]

Yes she did.

This is from 30years ago.
But my step mom was a b****. She use to fight with dad all the time.
When it was my week end to visit she was mean
To me.
She never let me do anything when dad was at work . She would make me have a time out in corner and pulled my pants down to knees the entire... [more]

Going after my stepmother

In 2018 my dad left for prison. He left me in thecustody of my step mom. She started dating this guy david. I hated the fact that he was f****** her but I couldn't hardly tell her I didn't like it, Not cause i was jealous not that she was cheating on dad but cause I wanted her for me. I was 13... [more]

Mom son's c** in my panties

I caught my son Anthony doing that at 15. He jerked off in to a pair of lacy white panties and was putting them back. But my reaction was amazing. It was the summer, and I was going to work and had a dress on but no pantyhoses. I took the pair he came in sniffed them then slipped off the pair I was wearing and slip on the ones with his [more]

My first lesbian experience

I was maybe 11 or 12 years old, so was my best friend at school, and she invited me over after school on a Friday, so I went, but after a few hours she asked if I wanted to call my mom and see if I could sleep over and come to the fair with them the next day. I called and it was ok, but I had nothing to wear, she took me to the washing machine and... [more]

I lied about my sisters abuse

I watched my dad sexually abuse my older sister my entire childhood and when people came asking about it, I told them I knew nothing about it and I thought she was lying because she was mean to me. I liked watching/hearing her get abused whenever my mom was out. She was a cruel b**** and I hated her... [more]

Being daddy's birthday gift

Win I was 14 . It was the morning of my daddy's birthday . about 3 am and I couldn't sleep . I could hear my parents door open . I looked out to see my dad going to the restroom . So I followed him . He didn't lock the door so I went in right after him . He asked me what I wanted . I told him I wonted to be his birthday gift . He got a big... [more]

I ruined the most healthy and positive relationship I ever had

I f***** up by proclaiming my love for my oldest and closest friend. And it gets worse.
Sharon has always been an amazing friend to me. We have known each other for over 20 years had we mesh really well. We never judge each other or the relationships the other had. Until recently. Sharon had been... [more]

What she said

I didn't think I really loved her. I thought it was just illicit s**. I didn't think the affair we were having was going to continue. In fact, I took her to dinner that night to break up with her. As I walked her out of the restaurant to her car, she reached over and unzipped my pants, slid her hand... [more]

My wife made me and our two sons fat. And I was in on it

It all started about 3 years ago. At the time I regurarly visited a gym. I was nowhere near as jacked as some guys you see, but I was in really good shape. And our teen boys were also into sports. One played soccer and the other water polo, and they were just generally very active.
Now one night me and the wife were having this deep... [more]

My parents are complete hypocrites

So I am renting a room from my parents (they are living in a completely different province... Provinces are basically like states for Americans so imagine them living in a different state).
My room I am renting is in the basement. They have someone else renting a room upstairs.
Now they came back and started accusing me of being the cause... [more]

I don't know if I was raped

I am 15 and not a virgin but I think either my dad or my brother raped me. I live with them and I got home the other night and my dad knew I had been drinking at my friend's place and when I got in my brother was making hot chocolate. My dad told my brother to make one for me as well.
My brother had to go to the toilet so my dad finished the hot... [more]

Shared s**

Me and my x was dating at the time we agreed to have s** with Uther people at the same time in the same bed . One night my wife got home and said she had found how we was going to switch with. Thin she introduced this big black man . So I asked her who I was [more]

Parents found a video of me jerking off

I was 15 at the time.
One day i got it into my mind to film myself in the bathroom masturbating so I set up my phone on the counter and pressed the record button.
I started fully dressed and slowly removed my clothing. Once I removed my underwear, I was fully nude, my p**** was not errected yet. I... [more]

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