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I wish I knew how this marriage turned out

Several years ago there was a program about mismatched marriages. The one that interested me most was an unattractive woman college Biology Professor with a genius IQ married an IQ challenged dishwasher at a diner. The dishwasher, unlike most men, doted on her and one day she suggested to him that they marry. She said with her degree in... [more]

I hate my dads wife more than anyone else on the planet

***This is quite long so if you don’t wanna read something that’s like an article then I don’t suggest reading this whole thing, but if you want to, that’s cool too***
Mostly just writing this because in a way I need to get all this stuff out, I know it sounds dumb but yeah😂
My stepmother is probably the most evil and wicked [more]

I don’t like my second child

Daughters friend

My biggest disappointment.

Worried About Mom's Health

Im 12 and have depression but no one knows

I hate my step-daughter

Brother's remarriage to ex & pregnancy problem

I stole

I hate being a stepdad

Feeling secure.

My best friend is also my girl friend and lover

Stepchild is slow and violent.

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