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Girl's stomach growling fetish

So I'm in my early 20's and ever since I was a kid I had a fascination with girl's tummies. I wasn't sure what it was about them or how to engage in it until Youtube arrived when I was 11/12 years old. Ever since then, I've looked up Youtube videos of girl's tummies growling, gurgling, and making noises from hunger, digestion, upset, whatever... [more]

Hate being a parent

Hate being a f****** parent sometimes. It is emotionally and mentally draining. I have a very hyperactive excessive energetic 3 yr old son who just seems to spend most the day trying to wind the s*** out of me by making a mess. From.the second he wakes up he is literally like a flea jumping about and is extra noisey all the time. Nothing holds... [more]

Finding it hard to cope with special needs stepson

I am happy to have came across this thread as I have been so stressed out with my special needs stepson. To be honest I am starting to dislike him, I can't stand to hear him sometimes. He doesn't talk, he isn't potty trained and is a very picky eater and he acts completely helpless, he won't even feed himself. Before you judge me let me explain. I... [more]

I fattened my wife

When I was 20 I met a blonde and she was so hot perfect breast thin body. We started dating and I have a belly fetish so I tried to fatten her anyway possible. It's now 3 years later we are married and she went from a slim 180 to a fat 367 and isn't sad or embarrassed at all. All she does is eat a few days ago she was diagnosed with diabetes... [more]

I made myself throw up for the first time today

I've been struggling with my weight a little but lately, I'm not super weight or anything I just don't like the way I like. And I feel like it's so selfish because people look at me and tell me how skinny they think I am but I just don't believe it. I tore my ACL so I haven't been working out as much but I'm getting back into the swing of it but... [more]

We all know not to text while drinking

We have a neighbor girl at our nudist resort for the past 5 years that the wife and I are very close friends with. I have never has "thoughts" about her in all this time. She is single, fun loving and quite attractive. I see her naked all the time and still I have never been tempted.
We have been working on a joint resort project and out of... [more]

I'm a nympho

I'm a nymphomaniac patient. i'm 23 completing my masters in mental health counselling. I broke up with my boyfriend because i was embarrassed to tell my problem. i feel sexual desires everytime & its sometimes weird when the person is single. i m********* a lot to control my desires. i'm... [more]

So weak after love making

Climaxing during love making drains me completely. I always feel so weak and delicate afterwards. Sometimes I pass out and sometimes it can take me days to regain my strength. I enjoy s** but I wish it did not weaken me so much.

I hate chinese

I hate chinese. I'm not hating on every chinese in that country, but just many of those who are acting bitchy and cocky. Actually they are ignorant and stupid, but they just acting like they experienced a lot, they knew a lot, acting like they are higher class people. They steal others knowledge, technique, skills without feeling guilty (well... [more]

I wonder...

I wonder if you miss me, if it ever keeps you up at night. I wonder if you can ever feel me shining, the warm embrace of my light.

Stomach sitting fetish with olders.

I am 19 years old str8 male with stomach sitting fetish, i like older males 53+ or females 30+ sitting on my soft stomach , i dont know why i feel so good when some one older sit on my stomach:)),if there is anyone older males or femals that wants to sit on my stomach than plzzzzz email me on,

I'm Uncomfortable around other women

It all made sense today. I've always found other women difficult to relate to, to be around and to be myself around. I have 3 brothers. I'm a middle child. I'm also a single parent (my son is 16). Being around so much 'maleness' growing up, from what we watched on TV to how we ate to where we used to hang out, and the activities we used to do... [more]

I don't belong here

I don't belong in this world. I have -always- found it difficult with women. While I have had relationships - and I have had one seriously long term (living together for years, prospect of marriage) - I have never quite been able to shake the feeling of not fitting in on this area. All of the (three) relationships I have been in have been... [more]

Never know what we've got till we loose it

My wife is dead to me. She has zero libido. She is always off doing stuff with her girlfriends. She puts energy into charity and into the home in terms of cooking and ironing the kids clothes but she is always too busy to have s** or even to go out for coffee. If I want a date night I have to book in... [more]

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