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Always will be..

As The Years will Pass Us by i know I will be growing Old with you only though thousand miles away .
I Want You To Know that you will always occupy a special place in my Heart.
I will never forget how you helped Me Keep smiling When I felt sad,You nurtured my heart as We listened and Sent Each Other Songs.
Though I know nothing about you other... [more]

I feel numb

I feel numb. I almost feel like I am experiencing nothing. Nothing seems real. I can't seem to pick up my school habits. I am never practicing my music yet somehow I am still first chair. I do not get pleasure from anything. Medication, therapy, being surrounded by friends, nothing. Nothing makes me happy. I wish I had the guts and the privacy to... [more]

I look fatter than I weigh

A little bit of background.. I was 150 lbs about a year ago. I didn't even try losing weight and somehow lost about 15 lbs. 2 months ago I was 135 lbs, did some dieting and went down to 130 lbs then eventually down to 125. I kind of gave up on my dieting and thought that I would gain weight over the course of these last few weeks but every scale I... [more]

How pantyhose and heels feel

I love to look at women in pantyhose or stocking and heels. So much so that I sneak behind my wife's back and wear hers. I travel alot so while out of town I will put a pair of pantyhose on under my jeans and go to shoe stores just to try on heels and walk around in them in the store as long as nobody is around to see me do it. I've mentioned to... [more]

Caught red handed

This weekend after a busy Saturday pottering around the house and garden while I went to get a shower my wife popped out to the shops to get a few things for tea and a bottle of wine etc at the local supermarket so as I was getting ready for a shower I noticed her knickers from earlier today were left in the bathroom so feeling a bit naughty I... [more]

My Elder Brother's Naughty Wife

My uncle's elder Son my elder brother live with his wife just beside my house.
They both have complicated life and my brother has many girlfriends after their marriage also. And for this reason they both used to fight everyday. Every time I used to go their house to stop the fight, and they are living this type of unhappy life for last 3 years... [more]

Cousin touching me

Ever since i was maybe 10 my younger cousin would touch my ass and b****** whenever we would have sleepovers and i mean i didn't hate it but i felt gross every single time after it happened. now i am older and that cousins older brother has been doing it too and i mean when it comes to getting... [more]

Wait it out, or leave my married boyfriend.

I have been seeing a married man for 15 months. When we met it was supposed to be just a fun relationship, but we've fallen deeply in love. He told me from day one that he was married, but that he and his wife live seperate lives romantically, but are still together for the sake of their young children, and have an understanding that they will... [more]

Diary Entry 3-9-17, 6:28 PM, Thrusday

Another bad day. Just like the others. My eyes felt heavy all day, and I just wanted to go numb and not feel anything. School just felt like a blur. The lessons seemed like background music to my raging thoughts in my brain. I had to visit my guidance counselor because it got so bad. I stayed in her office for all of 7th period. And now I'm just... [more]

It bothers me that some women don't understand their place

So you get a girl and date her and make her love you and go through all that effort and you put a collar on her and she sometimes doesn't want that, sometimes she refuse to walk outside wearing nothing but the collar and a tail plug, all the things that I would expect an obedient slave to do.
I for years had to teach so many Vanillas who think... [more]

Just wanna say..

I love you because I do.I know many times I have tried to take myself away yet I cant deny how several times the universe showed me the way to you, yes it might be a firework of my brains but tell me how can I deny, how can I ignore the familiarities.
In my heart I can feel the beat that says your name , my mind remains absorb in your thoughts... [more]

I have no friends here

Thanks to work I've ended up far from home, family, and friends. I have no friends where I am now. I have had no social contact for the last six weekends. The company I work for has a box suite at the local professional sports arena, and this week I was told that the tickets for this saturday evening's game were available if I wanted them at no... [more]

March 8th: Diary Entry. 7:31 PM, Wednesday

Wow I really didn't have a great day today. I didn't finish my rough draft for my research paper. I had an emotional breakdown that period because of it, and my teacher had to talk to me outside. She was assuring me that I'm not a failure, but I really am. I could've completed it. But I have to do it now so I can get credit......
(They)... [more]

I used my wife's d****

When my wife is at work I use her d**** in my ass I love the way it feels I also wear her panties I would love for her to use the d**** on me but I don't know how to go about asking her how would she feel about a sticking her [more]

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