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Proper southern woman

I am a proper Christian raised southern woman. My momma used to rent me in beauty contests. I married young and divorced after 25 years of marriage.
I have always kept myself in good shape. I add m blonde with blue eyes. I have what I think a woman’s body should look like. I’m a 36d 26 34.
I had to go back to work which was hard because I... [more]

I can’t get over him, no matter what, I feel truly pathetic

So I met this guy back in august and tbh I fell for him pretty fast. I mean the way we met is really adorable. He used to live in my apartment complex and he freely offered to help my Dad move all the heavy stuff in. Maybe I’m just easily impressed but I was just really appreciative of his kindness. A few days later he knocked on my door and asked... [more]

Help me please

I need help my friends been suicidle for ages and last night he was starting to write messages to ppl before he offed himself but he messaged his toxic ass ex boyfriend who he stopped all contact with like last week and he responded and they started talking again and at least he didn't khs but at the same time now he's gonna get manipulated and be... [more]

How to convince my wife to wear hot outfits in public

My wife is hot, sexy having good figure and great b****. 36D
She normally dress bit conservative way when we go out. When she my friends wife are dressed low cut tank top and hot shorts I wish
my wife to wear those. I want my wife to were those. At least she can wear in front of our friends and... [more]

Tor Drug Deal Gone Bad (and more)

So I tried to buy 200 tabs of LSD on a site called Agartha: Underground Marketplace. This was before I was aware of scammers on Tor. Someone by the screenname Trustig666 I believe uses a fake profile. He had many reviews saying positive things but they were all lies. After hearing out someone (who I actually believe now to be someone totally... [more]

Can’t Get Her Out of My Head

I started dating a girl in October that was just coming out of her shell and getting over her social anxiety.
My sister called her ugly, my classmates (I’m a senior in hs and she’s a college freshman) made fun of her too, but I really liked her. Never told her about the teasing.
One day she said,
“James, I think you’re a good dude, and... [more]

My uncle David is controlling my life

My uncle is making our full family life a living h*** he banned me from using the Internet deleting my YouTube channel with over 50,000 subs,
Now he's forcing our whole family to take the vaccine even after my 93 year old grandmother died after taking the first dose
He's making us all wear two... [more]

His idea, I just went with it.

My husband and I have always had a great marriage. We still have s** often enough, just not as exciting as it once was. We had been together for 15 years so that might sound normal for most.
We went out to dinner one night and I had a few drinks so I was relaxed and enjoying the night, I brought up the... [more]

A student dilemma

Well, I'm an undergraduate computer science student, who got into the field being partially oblivious to the fact that that this would fairly effect a few of my years ahead. I indeed liked the things a computer science student could do, but the feeling of a falling part became slowly visible in my sophomore years. I couldn't just dropout to find... [more]

Are we living in women dominated society?

My wife is boss. She knows how to control me mentally, physically and Se*ually.
Last few years she started dominating me on bed and have complete control.
When I am angry on her she makes me cool wearing hot outfits, make me arouse and gain the control of my di*k.
When she grab it, I completely surrender.
When I see my friends around , I... [more]

Same old, same old

Why do you people have no imagination? It's always the same old s*** on this website. "I'm a guy who likes to dress in women's clothing. Don't I look dainty? Don't call me a homosexual though even though I tuck my p**** in. Look at me I'm... [more]

Three Themes That Need to Disappear

Why do you people have no imagination? It's always the same old s*** on this website. "I'm a guy who likes to dress in women's clothing. Don't I look dainty? Don't call me a homosexual though even though I tuck my p**** in. Look at me I'm... [more]

I don't even know what I'm feeling.

I don't know if I'm sad mad annoyed or jealous. My best friend who I'm secretly in love with just got a bf. He's way more attractive than me as well and I don't blame him for liking him. We talk like we are married and send each other paragraphs about how much we love each other too, idk what's gonna happen to our friendship. He helps keep me from... [more]

I don't wanna be monster

Hello I'm Sam I'm a 17 yr old and I get angry lot of times and I yell at my family member at small arguments my mom my dad my grandma and my sister I have bunch of friends but no one talk serious about I loved a girl but I messed all the things up cause I did lot of s***** things I'm shame of and now... [more]

Wifes entertainment

I came home from work late one night to find my wife and 2 of her girl friends drinking wine. They were all pretty buzzed and they told me to join them. They started saying how they were feeling h**** but I didn't think much of it.
I was getting buzzed and I told my wife I was going to get changed... [more]

Wife controls me by my di*k

My wife is very attractive F 30. Having good figure. She loves wearing reveling clothes when we go out. She doesn’t feel shy to show off her Cleavage and confidently wear low cut tops, shorts when we hangout with other couples.
One day we were having a family meet with my closed friends. We booked AirBnb spend a night.
Our wife’s are good... [more]

Wife shared and threesome s**

Yesterday in my dream my friend came visiting and we end up cajoling my wife to have threesome s**. He had a nine inch c*** when erect compared to my 5 inch size. I saw we getting naked and myself guiding my wife to sit over my friend's erect [more]

I want to be a Kpop Idol But my mom doesnt support my dream

I am 15 and wanna be a Kpop Idol (p.s I'm Indian) But my mom was like " I would rather die than have her choose that career." " You need to understand, you can only live in this world by studying" " You shouldn't make your passion your job" I am so confused and torn apart, I really wanna be a Kpop Idol, My friends, my dad (a lil bit) are... [more]

Why didn't I know.

I waited until I was 40 to ever try anything remotely wild in the s3xual realm, I got divorced 8 months ago and was with one guy, A guy I knew so it was just kind of my break out...Whatever and then...A friend of mine, A close friend of mine who is married with 3 kids...Same as me...Invited me into their bedroom,
WTF is going on, One of my close... [more]

Advice about a Boy

I started talking to a guy from school (on snapchat) just before national lockdown in February 2020 and he was so sweet and everything I wanted in a guy. In April/May we had a couple tiffs where he said he only wanted friends with benefits and then changed his mind and said he wanted a relationship and and we this went back and forth all the way... [more]

Getting felt up at a Valentine’s Banquet

My youngest son (17) and girlfriend planned a Valentine’s Day Banquet for their friends. It was a formal event, guys wore a suit & tie and the girls wore prom dresses. Masks were required for everyone except when eating or drinking. The parents paid for the event center, DJ and food. Originally, I’d planned to leave once the DJ and caterer got... [more]


I am addicted to p*** and I am trying very hard not to view it or think about it, but I am having difficulty trying to kick this habit. While I am able to not look at it for a while, I always seem to come back to it. As a boy I was inappropriately touched and had experimental touching with a friend... [more]

I’m a pathological lier

I hate myself, my life is boring and not fun at all, I can’t make friends just being myself, so I lie to cover it, so far I have 3 friends, all of them are based on a web of lies, they think I’m a good artist when in reality I just steal art from the internet, show them it, and then say it’s mine, they think I’m a abuse victim, I lie about my... [more]


Let's get one thing straight. I cope with dark humor. Tell me you're uncomfortable with it, I'll stop. But DO NOT keep pushing me, "Oh so you think murder is ok?" "Well I need to make sure you're not going to end up becoming a psychopath." Yeah ok I get the point. But when I am balling my eyes out and you keep GOING, you will become a trigger for... [more]

Too much showing

I was out with my 3 male cousins and 2 of thier frinds at the lake, I had on just a bikini and at 16 was already a bit top heavy, We were just s******* around and they had all jumped a fence...yeah, Whatever just kid stuff and I went to follow but when I went ass over tea kettle leaving me... [more]

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