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I give up on love..

I started falling for a man who always flirted with me, sang to me, seemed like the perfect guy with good morals, etc. He swept me off of my feet and always said he'd do anything for me. His actions seemed so genuine and true. He never mentioned having a spouse or anything at all. Since my feelings deepened, I thought it would be good to just do a... [more]

Wife and friend drank too much

At my wifes company Christmas party my wifes friend had a bit too much too drink, We went to the bar after and then to our place, Everyone was laughing and joking and flirting, She sat on my lap grinding against me as my wife stood in front of her with her hands on her friends hips guiding her motions.
Her friend is pretty with a bit of a chubby... [more]

Hi Celina.......It's 2017........

.....and my New Year's Resolutions are (1) to ruin your husband so bad that he won't want to f*** you anymore and (2) to ruin your marriage and then take him from you. I know we're friends but were not THAT close so I'm going to take him from you. Those are my resolutions and he already knows I'm... [more]

When You Jump Ship

I left a really geeky jerkwad for his best friend 4 years ago. We now have 3 snakes and a gecko together and pretty great jobs. This coming May, we're going to Yosemite for a week because I've never been, and he's so excited for us.
However, we went through a rough patch a few months ago where his family stopped liking me and started treating... [more]

People die

When someone dies in a accident or swimming. I really don't care. Like it's sad for them and their friends and family but it's not a national tradgedy or anything. On the news they make a big deal about these sorts of deaths and I figure they made the decision to go swimming or rock climbing or whatever. So they got eaten or drowned or fell... [more]

I'm an Abuser

I was sexually, verbally, mentally and physically abused my dad for years. And he impregnanted me after 4 years of raping me. Then forced me to give him up for adoption. I have so much anger. My mom would be in the next room , she even would ask periodically about him doing it so I know she knew something. He kept me from EVERYONE! I had no... [more]

Vicious cycle of disability discrimination poverty

I need help with my shopping addictions but I need shoes and is I could stop putting on weight it would help a great deal. I want to afford better foods and weight loss support and make people understand I am not taking this abuse any more, I am just as good as other people with all their abilities sure I have some disabilities but that does not... [more]

I need some advice.

So first off I'm 17 and I'm a bit of a hoe. So about 7 months ago I met this really great guy we will call him billy. Billy is amazing. But billy has a gf. So about 2 months after we met I told him how I felt just so it wasn't bottled, I knew that he had a gf and I was okay with that because I'm not into relationships a whole lot. Well I guess he... [more]

I had a mental breakdown

Not long ago, I had a mental breakdown. I completely broke down in a heap, and was close to suicide.
I've had to be strong for so long, I just couldn't anymore. All the stress of being a single parent: the money worries, worrying about safety, stress, anxiety, tiredness. All of it. It all just caught up to me. Afterwards, the littlest things... [more]

I hate my husband's son

Just a little warning, I don't appreciate any comments that hissing and dissing me or any other kind of offensive and cruel remarks. The basic is simple, if you have nothing nice to say don't need to say it at all..
I know I'm a tough girl. I have brave everything under the sun and challenges all my life. But I can't, In fact I think after... [more]

What I saw in an Arkansas jail

I was visiting my father who was the sheriff of a town in a small Arkansas town. I liked the people there but a particular incident made me wonder if they were civilized.
It seems a man working on a pig farm had gotten another workers mentally retarded daughter pregnant. The other worker was a lifelong friend of the pig farms owner.
The... [more]

Friends wife

Last night I texted my friend and asked if he was up for having a beer, He texted me back and said "Sure, Stop by in half an hour", I walked over thinking it would take about 15 minutes and that would be close enough, I walked past the side of the house to knock on the back door since we always sit in the garage and drink beer.
As I walked around... [more]


My husband is and always has been "Handsy" when we sleep, I always wake up to his hand up, in, or under my shirt, A few weeks ago we traveled to Vegas with another couple, Great trip, Separate rooms until on the way home my husband hit a deer with our car.
He took the car to the garage and it had broken something we couldn't continue on with as... [more]

Dear Karen

I'm sorry that I made fun of you in middle school. Even when I said things about your glasses and that you were fat, I only did it because I wanted to look cool in front of my friends. I always liked you. I was immature. I apologize for not wanting to be your bf back then too, when you asked. I still can't believe all of the hurtful things that I... [more]

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