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BFF or GF?

I'm bisexual and dating my best friend.

Wife's knickers

I like to sabotage my wife's panties so that they break when she is out or at work.
Several times we have been out with friends and her knickers have ended up round her ankles because I work on the elastic and seams with a razor blade.
She normally wears a skirt without tights most of the time. It's great to see the reaction of our friends... [more]

I Hate My Stepdad

I hate my stepdad so much. He is the worst person I have ever met. My name is Kierstin, I'm 14 years old and about to turn 15. When I was 2, my mom and dad seperated and me and my two sisters lived with my mom for 8 years. When I was 11, my mom started... [more]

Neighbour youngster f***** my wife

One afternoon I unexpectedly come home. As I enter I quickly stop from the sounds from our bedroom. My wife was asking to be f***** harder and beg the guy not to come. He did as he was asked and gave his all calling her a w**** and hungry [more]

Good for her

The other night i stayed over at my best friends house, We were out pretty late and had been partying. I woke up to go pee mid morning and wandered past their room to the bathroom, On my way back i glanced in as i walked past and her husband was sleeping on his back with the covers pulled back.
They both sleep naked which is no big deal but with... [more]

Caught in panties and spanked

I was 16 at camp and me and my girlfriend went skinny dipping in the local lake when everyone was asleep. turns out my best friend stole my clothes but left my boxers. my girlfriend accidentally put on my boxers and her clothes. it was dark. when I got out my girlfriend was gone and I soon found out I had no clothes. the only thing there was my... [more]

My best friends brother

So, my best friend and I have known each other since we were like 7 (we're 18 now) and we are practically sisters. But I've always had a major crush on her older brother. Her brother and I were also pretty close and at one point we were flirting. I didn't want things to get awkward between any of us so I never actually started an intimate... [more]

10 years ago this weekend (2)

I sat down with my wife's best friend on the couch and we had agreed that she didn't want to have s** but that she was more than willing to do pretty much everything except actual intercourse, We were just sitting and she snuggled into me, We started with a bit of touching and then she looked up and we... [more]

10 years ago this weekend (1)

Every year around this time i am flooded with memories of one of if not the best weekend of my life. My wife and i had tried for a few years after marriage to have children and after depleting our savings and selling off all of my toys including my small but beloved collection of vintage motorcycles to pay for fertility treatments we still had... [more]


F you b**** - you're a home wrecker, terrible wife, co-worker, and you're nobody's friend

Found p***

For three years i have searched, One night three years ago as i sat at home alone I scrolled through a p*** site and found a video about "Wife sharing", I clicked on it not really thinking much about it and it came up as a very low quality video of a slim built girl standing with her back to the... [more]

A nudist family moved in next door to me

Me and my wife lives out in the country. there is one house beside use and not another one for about 10 mins. we were excited to get new neighbors. the people who use to live there was this mean old couple. last summer. we saw a nice looking family moving in a husband wife and there 3 kids 2 boys one is 15 and the other is 11 and 1 girl who is 8... [more]

Share pictures of my wife with my friend

I had taken nudes and explicit pics of my wife. My friend had just married. I asked if he had taken nudes of his wife. He said yes some lingerie pics and some more. I sent him a lingerie pic of my wife and he sent one of his. It went to topless and then full nude. We then exchanged spread leggs pics of out wives and even with their [more]

I hate myself.

I can't even see anything good about myself anymore. I hate the way I look. I'm fat and ugly. People say I'm smart, but I feel like an idiot. I seem to be unable to make and keep friends, and I attract people who couldn't care less about me. I hate the way I talk. I hate my name. I hate my personality. I hate how sensitive I am. I hate where I... [more]

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