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His family

I'm only with my boyfriend for his family. Don't get me wrong, I have love for him, but it's becoming more that of a best friend and an attachment. I enjoy his company. However, he isn't really a good partner, at least in my standards. He's gluttonous, insecure, and immature at an age where he shouldn't be, which I was happy with until I grew up... [more]

My C***, My Step Sister and Her Friends

Every guy with a sister needs to take note of a experience of mine that occurred to us when we were young hundreds of moons ago. I was 16 when my step-sister had two of her 12 year old friends spending the nights at my house one summer during the weekend. I had a few sexual experience but none included going all the way with the girl. Most was... [more]

I ended up making out with my friend

I am in a serious relationship from past 2.5 years and now my bf had moved to different country.. we will not get to wet each other for next 2 years.
Everything was going fine between and we were handling well this long distance relationship but I have a friend in my office whom I know very well and we are very close.
We live nearby so we got to... [more]

I,ve secretly watched my wife seduce others.

My wife and I have always been very adventurous sexually, We,ve had 3-somes with many friends and even more strangers. Swapped wives with other couples and had group s**. My wife is an avid exhibitionist and i'm more of a vouyer though I do enjoy being watched at times too.
But something I've really... [more]

Fiverr is this the norm

I made a Fiverr account, not expecting much. It was just a way to put myself out there and see what happens. The service I offered was to listen and give relationship advice, as I have always been good at providing counsel for people in need. So far, I've only attracted horndogs. Is this normal? They come off so innocent and then when it comes... [more]

Wear ladies tights

I was tied up yesterday to my bed in tan leopard print ladies tights and shinny leotard and long gloves for 4 hours by my lady friends

I want to kill my step father but don't know how

For the longest time ive wanted to kill my step father, ive looked on multiple websites and asked a few friends and they all said i was just upset or i was just saying things, but i actually wanna harm him in everyway i can. recently i notice my step father acting strange around the house and then he started leaving and not coming back until late... [more]

Mom buys Sister and I sexy panties

I am 13 years old and my little sister is 11. Our mom has been buying the both us bikini panties since we were about 8 and 10. As we are getting older they have become more skimpy, racy and risqué. We both got into training bras and sports bras when we were both 10. We are born in the same month and mom gave both of us a party at the same time... [more]

The repair guy

I work for an ISP and have been in the field for 6 years basically since graduation, I had an offer to move to the office and turned it down since i prefer what i do over sitting in front of a computer screen all day, All of my friends have always asked if i have ever hooked up with a customer while working and sadly i never have up until two... [more]

My best friend died twentytwo years ago.

He was a genius. He graduated Magna C** Laud from a great University in Actuary Science. He married a whiz kid of a woman from Lima Peru but sadly they never had children. My friend developed renal problems and died of complications when he was only 44.
He was a gun enthusiast and he could repair... [more]

Girls Dance class- girls being girls

I started dancing kinda late, 10 years old, some of the girls my age and the older girls are way older than me. I have made a lot of friends since I don't go to school with many of these. There is this girl who is a couple of years older than me and is very nice to me all the time, before and after class. A year or so went by and we were changing... [more]

Random Thoughts

“I don’t believe in love until I met you”
When I was in high school, I wanted to find “a perfect guy”. A perfect guy that has money and handsome looks. That’s the only thing that I care about. Suddenly, reality hits me. I will never find that perfect guy.
I’m not beautiful like the other girls. I don’t know how to use make up. I’m jealous... [more]

Feeling Trapped

I feel trapped in my relationship. I've been having doubts about it since December, and each week passing by has given me more to question. Now, he's claimed depression, and I'd feel like a crap person for leaving him in his time of need. The thing is, it's making me miserable too. We're in a relationship, but at this point, we don't act like it... [more]

I liked it

Last summer my boyfriend and i went camping with friends and we shared a tent with his best friend, I ended up hooking up with both of them which was kind of weird but fun too.
We were in our sleeping bag and i had my underwear around my knees while my boyfriend was doing me from behind and i opened my eyes and looked at his friend who had been... [more]

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