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Why I'm Gay And Hate (Most) Females

So, back to my lovely teen years, I was trying to get with girls. I realized i was gay after breaking up with my last girlfriend, about 8 years ago. I've had 5 girlfriends before her. They were different in personality, likes, dislikes, all that. Yet they shared qualities that made me gay, and basically hate women. Let's begin?
In my... [more]

Coming out

I’m pansexual amd aromantic, and the reason I don’t want to come out isn’t because I’m afraid or lack the confidence, but because i don’t want people to think of me as that pansexual girl, and just that. I don’t want people to treat me like I’m made of glass because I’m LGBT+, and worship me because I “had the guts to come out”. This is what... [more]

Came out

So my wife and I were watching some after hours skinimax type stuff. She ups and asks me, "Would you ever have s** with another man?" I said, "Nope. That would be cheating." She said, "What if we had never met?" I said, "Then that depends." She said, "On what?" I said, "Circumstance." She said, "Have you... [more]

My weird fetish

Hey I’m a teen girl who is gay and I have a confession, I am very turned on by farts and burps and even stomach growls. I have kept in inside for a long time because honestly I’m not proud of it. I get turned on when it’s females, if anyone relates to me in anyway shape or form that would be great. I feel so alone and weird because I’m a gay... [more]

5 years age difference

I was always the odd guy at school. I had joined the school when I was 9 on 4th grade but was unable to make any friends. I was extremely thin wearing eye glasses, shy, timid and unsocial, and became a victim of bullying by my peers, mostly other boys but some mean girls too. The nicer girls hinted they found me cute but i was just too lame for... [more]

Time for a change

About 24 years ago when I was 38 I found out that my then husband was having an affair with a younger woman. I had 2 young children by him. One day after a day out with my children I came home only to find my husband with his girlfriend in our bed. I told both of them to get out and for my husband to take his things with him. After about 4 weeks I... [more]

We are using each other

I'm at college and I share a room with another girl. Neither of us have a boyfriend but I'm not gay or bi and neither is she ... or so I thought. When I'm at home I'm in the habit of often wearing just a rugby shirt, and I don't think much of it, however a few weeks ago we were both watching TV and drinking wine, and I noticed her glancing across... [more]

First time & loved it

I'm a married man 32yrs old and went out last weekend with friends we all got split up after a few drinks, I ended up in a gay bar (didn't realise) and met a few girls and guys, met a guy called Jason and as we were talking ended up him telling me that it was a gay bar I didn't believe him there were no signs saying but never been to a gay bar... [more]

Feeling scared about coming out of the "closet"

I'm 14 and every since I was 8 years old I knew I was homosexual I have a boyfriend in school, but nobody knows about it, in school he doesn't even look at me, but when I go to his house he's all nice and loving. But lately I've been thinking of telling everyone I'm gay, I'm horrified of what people would say not about me, but my boyfriend because... [more]

When I became a complete sissy

I started crossdressing at a young age. My older sister started me and my mother encouraged it. In fact my mother dressed me up quite often and would send me out to play and all the other boys called me a sissy. But I still played as a boy. This went on through high school (Yes I still dressed privately) and into adulthood. I managed in my 20's to... [more]

I hate little boys

I hate my 11 year old nephew there I said it! He is sooo needy. he talks/lies a mile a minute. he is obsessed with zombies (they arent even real!!!) at my daughters 3rd bday party he spelled out this is f****** gay on her letter learning machine. He gets giddy and must attent all female diaper... [more]

Am Unable To Impregnate Non-Black Women

I have f***** a huge number of women of diverse races/ethnicities/marital statuses in my long life. I have been lucky to impregnate many black women without even trying to.I could have a bus load of kids, but some women had abortions.
Shockingly, I have found it impossible to impregnate non-black... [more]

I don’t hate my 17 year old step daughter, but I don’t like her.

SD is 17. I call her “K”. Her bio Mom is out the picture since she was nearly 4 years old. Me and my husband have had K full time since then.
My husband was one of three boys to a co-dependent mother. The oldest brother did not move out of the nest till he was in his 40’s and knocked up a woman who now supports him.
My husband is the... [more]

Uhm, What?

I'm a straight girl. I currently have a crush on a guy and have only had crush on guys. I don't find girls attractive in the sense that I want to date them. I don't really care about LGBT stuff, meaning I don't really have an opinion.
I won't deny that I've wanted p*** before (both straight and... [more]

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