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My other life

I wanted to confess at 8 years old while exploring as all kids do, I found myself in my Step Mothers bedroom staring in her top draw seeing the most amazing soft beautiful underwear for the first time remembering the feel of a slip night dress and petticoat & smell of perfume. From that moment from a tender age I loved underwear that has stayed... [more]

Should I come out? And how?

I am a 15-year-old boy, and I like blokes a lot, but I’m still on the fence and reluctant to come out. I worry what my friends and family are going to say when they realise that I’m gay. Or at least I think I am. Gay.
When I think about it, I have been attracted to guys since sixth grade. I remember going to Bondi Beach in Sydney for the very... [more]

Not sure how I feel about this.

My GF (22) and I (24) attended a party last night with a bunch of friends and...My GF became the main attraction, My best friends cousin was there, She is a smoke show and gay, Everyone is well aware that she is gay and she is a total party girl, Not even a little shy about being gay and flaunts it in front of guys as a F you. We were partying and... [more]

First gay experience 22m

Hey everyone so I’m a 22m I’m straight but very curious, watching gay p***, gay thoughts just wanted to try something. We have a adult video gallery In town that has viewing rooms and a theater that plays p*** on a big screen. I built up the courage and... [more]

I might be gay

Im in my teens and was at a gym . The place was empty because of Covid im sure . There was just me and a guy ill say in his 30's . I went into the locker room then hit the showers . He was right in there and showered right next to me . Odd since there are like 6 more . He starts talking about Thanksgiving coming up and other useless chatter , and... [more]

Gay or D.I.D?

So I came out to my mom as gay 5 years ago. Before that happened of course I was being rained on by these questions. At first I didn’t know who I was. I will like girls for one month and then turn to boys the next. The thing is when liked girls, I was disgusted of boys, and when I liked boys, I was so fond of them and hated girls. I really didn’t... [more]


Well I am 44 years old i have been married twice and divorced both f my wives betrayed me with other men and my last wife had an affair the lasted for several months before I found out.
I no longer trust women but I an not Gay either and i miss the s** so at first when I got the urge I would go out t... [more]

Sleeping bodies do not consent.

TW: Rape
My friend was raped two years ago, around this time. She is q****. He spiked her drink and did it while she was passed out blank. Thrice. He was her boyfriend at the time. She reported it, the law told her to eat s***. He satisfied his... [more]

I am being used

I am being used by my friends, I do and always have hung around with mostly boys, I don't know why it just seems to happen, I know full well I am as tomboy as it gets, I like to do boy things and work on cars, Ride dirtbikes and quads and go 4x4ing, I drink with mostly guys and hang out with mostly guys and I recently started getting used for my... [more]

Highschool gay ecstasy fun

Mostly straight male here. In high school my male friend and I decided to try ecstasy for the first time. We didn’t know about raves or anything yet so we decided to just spend the night at another mutual friends house and take it there. Our other friend didn’t want to take it but he was okay with us doing it. We crushed the pills in the bathroom... [more]

Cousin And Me

Both my cousin and I are in the same high school, he a boy also with me being older and in a higher grade. I'm gay and not out but talk around school is that others' believe I'm gay. I even dated girls' as cover to stop the talk. My younger cousin is really cute and has always had girlfriend's. Both our parents went on a weekend trip leaving... [more]

Cousin And Me

Both my cousin and I are in the same high school, he a boy also with me being older and in a higher grade. I'm gay and not out but talk around school is that others' believe I'm gay. I even dated girls' as cover to stop the talk. My younger cousin is really cute and has always had girlfriend's. Both our parents went on a weekend trip leaving... [more]


I'm a 22 year old lesbian, and I will vote for Trump. Do I like him as a person? F*** no. But from a political standpoint, Trump is exactly what we need.
Biden will raise taxes, cut jobs by the millions, and he supports the public option. He will "listen to professionals" - in other words, he... [more]

Want it bad

Theres a guy i met several months ago that i cant get off my mind.Im a male myself with a girlfriend.
I met him through another friend and we had a few beers and talked fir several hours.He admitted he was gay and asked if he could suck me off.I was taken by complete surprise,and said no.
A few days later he sent me a pic of his [more]

I think I like that my bf has a foot fetish??

I'm a gay dude, I've been dating my boyfriend for 15 months, and I've known he has a foot fetish for around 5. I was shocked at first because I've always thought feet were gross, but I love him so I wasn't mean about it. We were cuddling on my bed a few days ago and my feet were in his lap, I naturally just didn't think about it because we've... [more]

Amy coney liar liar pants on 🔥

Amy coney barrett is a out right f****** lying b****! When she was under oath and was asked about lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 rights , she stated UNDER OATH that she was not associated with any anti gay organizations and that is a bold face lie ! She is associated... [more]

Faith isn't my strong suit.

As a priest of a different religion, I've found that I am of waning faith in my relationship, but my faith in the gods is even stronger. Even as I delve deeper into my relationship, I still look at very beautiful women and almost lose control and think upon what it might be like to whist myself away from my boyfriend. My religion doesn't have... [more]




I feel that I married to soon. I grew up not being able to be myself I am quite sure I’m a lesbian. I married a man 5 years ago young and we have kids together... I don’t feel completely satisfied. I think it’s too late for me to come out and be myself.

Women turn me on but I'm straight

I'm straight I would never want to have s** with a chic. But they turn me on, it's certain things too. Like stretch marks inbetween thighs and on hips it makes me so excited. Tall girls are more exciting than short ones, I think that's because I'm super short(4'11"). One of my fantasies are having a... [more]

I don't like my husband anymore

He's treating me like s*** even though I'm loyal, faithful and do so much for our children, home and even him.
I'm tired of him working from home. I'm tired of his mantrums. I'm tired of his contempt, scorn and disrespect.
If I had somewhere to go I would leave and take our children with me... [more]


This isn’t a confession but I haven’t told this to anyone so... I’m 13 and really big big f****** raging gay lesbian ok thank you bye ❤️🧡🤍

I think fascism is an ideal political system.

The only mistake Hitler made during the 30s and 40s was not just deporting the Jews, it was largely unnecessary to kill them, just let them infect another country. Germany was aat its peak in the early 40s, this was due to a cutoff of lowest common denominators that briught society down as a whole. While some aspects are outdated (such as... [more]

What Am I?

I'm biologically female, I'm 31 I should've figured out the whole sexuality gender thing by now, but I'm so confused it hurts
I thought i was straight, I thought all those crushes i had on girls were a phase, I love the male body , but I don't like the idea of being "the woman" in this scenario. I love more like a man than a woman. I think I'm... [more]

Bigot Kim davis

This is truth teller, that stupid c*** Kim davis is the biggest hypocrite since trump ! She refused to preform gay couples weddings but the stupid b**** has been married two or three times. B**** if you... [more]

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