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Older guy now thinking about femming up and sucking c***

Things were very different when I grew up. Being homosexual was taboo. I had some gay thoughts growing up, but mostly I thought about girls. I only dated girls and had s** with girls, with one exception, and that didn't turn out well.
I have always been seen as different. I have a high IQ and that... [more]

In love with a lesbian

It's a sad existence and it's not made any better by her mixed signals and the way she acts around me. I like her a great deal and I haven't told her once but she seems to get some sorta amusement or sexual kick out of tormenting me, which is strange considering she's usually all cutesy and innocent. We were wrestling and she put her leg between... [more]

Can't stop masturbating to sissy p***

I love dressing up in lingerie and masturbating to sissy p***. I think it may be making me gay. But is it gay if you want to be the woman?!?

That makes things a bit awkward

I am 38, Happily married with 3 kids, One of my very close friends is a lesbian, Has been for over 5 years off and on but the last 3 years just with girls and for over a year has been with the same girl, We have been friends since we were 3 and 10 years ago she had a bad divorce, I mean real bad, She caught him cheating and using drugs, She kicked... [more]


I enjoy watching lesbian p***. It's an intense turn on, to watch women "tribbing each other" I love it!

P**** stepson

I am so sick of this little f***** and his mommy always protecting his ass, the "kid" is in his early 20s but she is constantly pandering and babying him like he's f****** 12.
His transformation into a weak pathetic [more]

Im gay and im christian and oH GOD WHY

Need I say more? I am a religious person. Always have been. Still am. But I'm GEI AND WHAT THE H*** DO I DO.

The day my friend beat the s*** out of a lesbian

I used to be the equipment manager for a local band and one day when they were playing in a honky Tonk bar on the shadier side of town a gay woman walked into the bar. There was nothing unusual about this as several gay men and women used to have a drink there and no one cared. I personally have nothing against gay men and women.
One day... [more]

Been doing a*** since the 6th grade

I had gay s** with my best friend and for a while i thought i was gay until i just realized that i like a***. I always have i have been putting my fingers in my ass since the 6th grade. I just was oblivious as to what i was really doing.

This shouldn't bother me so much...

I play Words w/Friends a lot and lately I have been challenged by a lot of women due to my picture. It's just a headshot of mine but I have been told that my eyes are sexy. Sure. Whatever.
When I fist got a couple of new players they wanted to play more than that game. They asked me to get Kik and I did. That was the first 2 and they lasted a... [more]

Soccer socks.

I think especially white ones look good on guy if he has well muscled legs. For some reason tho they are considered as totally gay for men unless you play soccer. So I do not wear them outside too often with shorts.

Not sure what to think . . .

I was with my wife and her office friends at a bar last night. We were seated at two high-top tables and it was busy and our waitress couldn't make it around often, so I walked up to the bar to order our drinks from the bartender directly. While I was waiting to order, this very very young gay guy who works with them came up and stood next to... [more]

I don't want things to get weird

I have a guy friend who I have been very close friends with for about 10 years, He was friends with my ex and when we split up 8 years ago me and him actually ended up staying friends and he doesn't hang out with my ex anymore, He is someone I consider one of my closest friends, he is definitely not gay but we have one of those relationships where... [more]

Men hate Women

An interesting dynamic happens on this site. Men confess, and are met with support and 'F*** her, bro. You're too good for her', 'I hear ya, bro' and a wave of outwardly love, caressing and ego stroking.
Women confess, and are met with 'you're a [more]

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