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I want to be with a man. People think I'm gay, but who cares what world thinks anyway. Lol
I haven't dated in five years and people think that's because I'm gay. But the only reason I don't want to be with someone anymore is because I've already given up on love. Any man who asks me out makes me angry because they're making me feel something I... [more]

That special someone

I want somebody to f*** me or I want to be a lesbian I just want someone to hump me often times when I am home alone I will hump a blanket or watch p*** take off all my clothes and walk around naked even let the dog lick my nipples but I am so [more]

Why can't my life....

(If you know who pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye then you will under stand) I'm a female and is not girly girl! I hate it that boys won't hang out with me, treat me like one of them! I love my friends that are girls but they aren't fun and as awesome as they used to be. I'm in middle school and I want to be around the boys. I'm not lesbian but I'm not... [more]


I'm 21 yrs young am gay meaning girl with girl, I dislike the word "Les" it's seems to harsh and filled with hate. Recently I went to get my physical done my physician said something is wrong with my heart I don't fully understand I've worked out all my life, since 14! Ate healthy lifestyle but now i have to be cautious and take tests constant... [more]

We got caught

For the last two years i have been hooking up with my best friend and room mate. We moved in together straight out of college and two months after moving in together we had our first "experience". We are both super busy and work crazy schedules but usually are on different shifts as we are both emerg nurses but at different hospitals and one... [more]

Beta male

I am married to a beautiful woman and we have s** often but every spare second a sneak off to peep shows how r gay areas where I get used At the peep show I let them come in my booth and do anything to me. The patrons call me she and her and take me how they want Sometimes a few at a time. While... [more]

Still closeted

It doesn't hit me all that often, but sometimes I get h**** for something I know my wife can't provide: d***. So I go out to a divey little gay bar in the next town over from us and allow myself to get picked up by a young gay man. If he has a place... [more]

Degeneracy via Media/Failing Family Values

How many of you met a "stable" non promiscuous h***? I've had a few male gay friends.. all whores or alcoholic/drug addicts.. and 2/3 were abusive in their relationships..
Also you always see the older gay male with a younger male.. like 40+ with 18-25's..
Pushing the... [more]

Trying to turn son straight again

My wife and I are divorced, we live in different states, and our nineteen year old son lives with her. I was talking to her on the phone recently and she said that our son says he's gay. I told her to put him on the phone, and he confirmed it. I'm not sure how to handle this disturbing news. I think he's likely acting out because I've been away... [more]


I am a man 33 and live in America when I was 12 and in school my sister speed rumors I was gay so in response i punched her in the face and kicked her as she was on the ground. I went to juvenile hall till I was 26. I had a plan to kill my sister but I decided to ruin her life, I found her Facebook account she was slim with blonde hair and green... [more]

On Becoming a Sperm Donor

I already have sons and daughters. I have been married and divorced 3 times and have 5 kids with 3 different women,I was never married to two of those women. I have already raised the first pair of kids to adulthood as a single parent,but I share custody of the other two sets.
I have finally realized that there is a need to do more to spread my... [more]

I'm going to regret this so much.

My friend who is straight is asking me if he should go with this girl and I'm making him do it so I can move one from him because I'm starting developing feelings and I do not want that. I'm gay he's straight its not going to work. But now I feel pain within me but it is good for us. Even though I thought he was bi but I was wrong because he... [more]

C** drinking

I'm 62 and lost my wife a couple of years ago, she never orgasmed from f****** but I always licked her count till she c** filling my mouth with her c*** juice and my [more]

S**, alcohol, double-standards

Why the f*** is it that when a woman is drunk and gets it on with a drunk guy it's the guy who wronged the woman presumably because she can't provide proper consent. Isn't the guy also not in his right mind to provide his proper consent? Is it just the [more]

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