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How pantyhose and heels feel

I love to look at women in pantyhose or stocking and heels. So much so that I sneak behind my wife's back and wear hers. I travel alot so while out of town I will put a pair of pantyhose on under my jeans and go to shoe stores just to try on heels and walk around in them in the store as long as nobody is around to see me do it. I've mentioned to... [more]

I touch my best friend

My best friend and I have been best friends since we were three, We have lived together for 3 years and go out all the time, If neither of us brings a guy home we often end up passing out together while we lay in bed and talk, She is quite vocal about the fact that she is straight and will never be with another girl so I pretend I would never... [more]

But am not gay

I'm straight having a girlfriend. But these days i gotta desire to give a b****** and swallow hot c**. Am not gay.and i dont get any feelings whenever a man is around me .. but am confused about this thought of BJ. :( :|

Why do I need a title

Okay, this is gonna be kind of strange. This is my first time using the site so it feels awkward as I sit here eating Cheez-Its and typing this. One thing you should know (to whoever cares to read this) I am a straight female. I don't even know another way to put this, but I sometimes watch p***... [more]

Concerned about girlfriend's comment

Last weekend my gf and I went to a dinner party at the home of my boss. My boss (Nick) is gay, and his partner (Ray) also works at our company. There were a few others invited, mostly women in our department.
One of the women there was Tina. She is a bit chubby, but looks quite young and pretty. There have been rumors around the office that... [more]

Married but curious about gay s**

I got a b****** by my friend when i was 14. It was my only gay experience I am happily married now to a woman but part of me is curious what full gay s** would be like I want to try c*** in my mouth and... [more]

Panty wearer since 14

I first started wearing panties when I was 14 I am now 32. It started when my brothers gf started living with us when he got her pregnant. I was going through my drawer to grab some boxers getting ready for school. I ended up grabbing out a pair of my bros gf's panties. I looked at them and wondered how on earth do girls wear these all the time... [more]


I am a gay boy

Gender is frustrating

I have had long hair for most of my life, since I was 6 in fact. At the start of December last year I cut it all off because I wanted a change and I donated to a company that makes wigs for chemotherapy patients. I thought nothing of it up until a week ago. Before I cut my hair off, I had been questioning my gender identity but was pretty... [more]

Married, but . . .

I'm a 43mwm. About six months ago I got picked up in a bar by a young gay guy. We went back to his place for more drinks. I think he put something in my drink. I felt weird and out of control. Within less than 15 minutes after we got there I was sucking his c***. I have never done that before... [more]

I hate f***

All faggots should be gathered on an island and nuked down.

Gay but having an affair with a woman

I have been in a homosexual relationship for 7 years with a guy I met at university. I love him and we moved into a place together after graduation. I have always liked men and all my previous relationships since my early teens have been same s** ones. However I have been having an affair with a female... [more]

He CLEARLY showed interest then blatantly denied it!!!

We met each other a few months ago, we work for the same company but in different fields altogether. He flirted with me A LOT. We spoke on the phone and texted everyday after knowing each other for a couple of months. He's not married, no children, not in a relationship, not gay. He admitted that he is very shy though and a bit self-conscious and... [more]

I'm a lesbian who loves kicking boys in their b**** lol

I'm a lesbian girl in middle school. I don't like boys. I don't have them as friends. They're bad, disruptive and stupid. (Science has shown girls are smarter than boys) But I sure love kicking them in their nuts lol. They go from being so bold and tough to curling up on the floor crying and clutching their sack lol One little kick in their gross... [more]

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