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I’m a lesbian - I have a strapon that I wear around the house and occasionally I have worn it out to the shops - which is a huge turn on . It’s 2 way so half of it is in me while the other half sticks out like an erect c***. If I pull on it it rubs against my [more]

Emasculated the black man

Why are women emasculating men into a woman?. I see that in white women doing that. And the white culture cut off the black man p**** so he can be a woman for the white man. Buck breaking is nasty. The white slave owner started this gay thing and then they tried to throw the bible in it to hide what... [more]

Daughter and Dad Oral

I'm a 31 woman and since I was 18, my Dad and I have shared a bed and 69, at least 2 times a day. His c*** is also big, 8 inches.
I came on to him, and wanted Dad sexually since I was 14, he resisted but slowly I wore him down. I was 18 when Mom came out as a lesbian and divorced him, I went... [more]

I don't support the gay propaganda

Its wrong. Abomination You are destroying the traditional family... Man and Woman, Adam and Eve You can repent all you want. But you will not do it. God can save you, but you will not enter the Gates of Heaven I will not pray for you.

Muslim women are the best women on earth. Praise Allah

American women are not modest, they are loud, they don't go to church, they change men like they change underwear everyday, they cant keep a man, they don't respect men. they want to have power, they don't cook for their children or man, they like to go to jail, they smell bad, they are lazy, they are racist to the Muslim communities. I hate... [more]

I went to my online chrushes house.

I have an online crush that is friends with my old online friend. They live around 20 minuets away. I went to her house.
Finding her address when I gave into my curiosity was too easy. Her last name, town she lives in, my state. It was the first thing to come up. Her house is around the corner from my good friend. Good for her parents, they... [more]

The add

I answered and sexual add through the internet. It was going through bad break up since I broke up with my cheating boy friend. It was hard going through s** every day to no s** at all. I remember answering a lesbian add thinking it would be safer with a... [more]

Sick to my stomach

A month ago my mom, Step dad and siblings were gone to the city to do some back to school shopping as we have no place to get anyhting good in our crap little town. I had stayed home because I did my shopping online so I was hanging around the house, I went to shower and was doing what a girl sometimes does alone in the shower when a thought... [more]

Caught in the act

Wifey got off work early and didn't tell me, so when she walked in the door there I was on the living room floor riding a big black suction cup d****, watching a gay p****. Now she thinks I'm gay!

To the s*****who posted about the lgbtq

You stupid piece of s@@t you try to kill me. I’m gay and proud of it , so if you think you can get me try it! I will rip you apart ! You piece of snake sh&t !

You need to know

Everyone out there needs to know just what kind of state Tennessee is. This is one of the most bigoted and racist states that there is. Especially the county of dekalb , smithville Tennessee! These are the most hateful racist men and women I have ever seen. Sadly I was born here and don’t have the money to move to a more open minded state . That... [more]

Although everyone knows me as a straight, I'm a gay

I'm 19, and I seem like a normal man. But I started to notice I'm a gay for about 8 years ago. My friends, my parents, everyone know me as a normal man. I've been hiding that as a secret for years, and I'm tired now. I want to say this to someone because I can't live with this secret anymore. I'm in pain, and I'm suffering. But I scare from... [more]

Actor Jensen ackles

I’m truth teller, I was at a supernatural fan convention last year ( 2019 ) one of the girls in the audience asked me bigot about his character being bi - sexual. Needless to say he got very defensive and angry about this . He refused to answer the question! After the convention was over the cast was signing autographs, mr bigot was over heard... [more]

Think my BF's BFF is gay.

The other night I had a weird experience, My BF and I were drinking at a club and his best friend for since ever was with us, They have been best friends since almost pre school and he has been with a couple of my friends but we all shared a cab back to my BF's place and as soon as we got there my BF was all over me, I'm not shy and I enjoy new... [more]

Raven symone married a white women

That Cosby Show actress married a white women. What an abomination. She should married a man. What is wrong with that black woman, is she crazy? A black woman should not deal with white women period. I am racist and proud. With this George Floyd propaganda, she needs to rethink her actions. I hope she don't have children. She will be serving them... [more]

F****** black and latino men's a****

It simple, I'm a 35 year old white man, model looks, tall and built. I always had a thing for f****** dark skinned men in the ass. I always been gay and my first lover was a black man I was 16 he was 30. He saw my c*** in the locker room at the... [more]

No respect for the LGBTQ, never from me or my Conservatives Kin

I confess that the LGBTQ have lost my total respect for them, they are liars, thief’s,Rapists,Child molesters and murderers towards making adolescents commit suicide for confusing them on their Sexual identity. And believe me that before my life ends, I’m gonna murder not one member of the LGBTQ community, I’m gonna murder several of them, I will... [more]

Need Gay Advice

I'm a gay 21M. One of the things I've been struggling with lately is the idea that I may be single forever. I really want a committed monogamous relationship with a good man, but I don't know how I'll ever get there. I'm divided because I don't want to be the guy who frequents gay bars and uses Grindr just to meet men, especially since I'm not... [more]

Gay people are tearing society apart

Gay pride parades every week. Forced into all forms of media. Pushing their agenda in the face of everyone, even children. It’s disgusting. They’ve achieved their goal. They’re more than accepted in modern society. Quit pretending like you’re oppressed. If you were oppressed I would be able to turn my TV on without some flamboyant homosexual... [more]

Bi querious

I'm a 56 yo woman widow ,got to admit wasnt a good marriage. Never really gone out with a guy seriously ,got a feeling I may be gay. I swim a lot at local pool and sometimes go with a neighbour and her teen daughter she's 13 , Ive found my self looking more at this girl and feeling h****. One day I... [more]

I feel bad

I am married for the second time, I feel bad but cant stop f--k--g my wife's son, I had lots of gay s** in my college years you don't talk about it but it but it never leaves you, when my wife was out on a girls night, I went out with her son we got very drunk, I had a feeling hey gay so I talked about... [more]

My Granny's Offer

I will make the question short, i am 19 and never had intercourse its just that its never happened, i was talking to gran on the phone and one subject always come up do have a girl friend she always tell me i should a girlfriend and be doing what young men do with girls and its not good for you if you don't, she
even asked me if i was gay... [more]

Better than best friends

My best friend was 10 years older than me.. after around 2 years of being comfortable around each other.. I'll call him tim but Tim USTA always have a gay retort to things.. after knowing him over 5 years I hit rock bottom and his dad let me move in... "My buddies dad was in a horrible wreck and he took care of the house till his dad can home"... [more]

I should have known

I should have known my (18f) boyfriend (19m) was gay, because the music he wanted to f*** to was always either The National or Bon Iver...

I am a crossdresser and a soon to be a Male to female transgender

At 8 years old I put on my first pair of panties and bra on for the first time. I can still remember how comfortable they were and how I felt so happy wearing them. At 12 I bought my first navy blue flowers covered dress and garterbelt and stockings and a curly haired Alburn wig and my first high heels and makeup case full of makeup and nail... [more]

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