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I’m not too happy that this happened.

My boyfriend had a break down and was talking about killing himself. A bunch of crazy stuff happened along the way of trying to get him to just come home and talk to me. I was trying to do the best that I could with all of it on my shoulders, he said if I got his family or cops involved “it would get ugly” so I was on my own. I even tried calling... [more]

Wife cheating with coworker who is a widower

Wife coworker recently lost his wife due to Covid 19. After two weeks my wife who is too close to him visited him at his home just to comfort him and which she says led to s** due to over emotion with him unintentionally. She came back that day and was feeling awkward and disturbed. After much cajoling... [more]

M new next door neighbor

My new next door neighbor is quite the looker, but I always have to be careful my wife doesn't notice when I look. I came to realize that she looks quite a bit like my mother. One Saturday she was laying out back tanning in a bikini and her body looked like my mom's when she had been tanning. As I watched her I noticed I was becoming very aroused... [more]

I hate my stepdad

I hate my stepdad so much, whenever my mum and my stepdad breaks up im happy and theres no drama, and then 5 days later she takes him back and then more suicidal thoughts, mental breakdowns, hating myself, stops eating and wanting to die all comes back
to make myself feel better i dream about him not ever being here and i start to have a smile... [more]

Young Children Love Smoking

There are multiple confessions on this webpage about parents, especially mothers, who love to smoke and have helped their kids to become smokers when they are just little. There's also a great website called Mister Poll with an active form called (Woman only) Did you teach your daughter to smoke... [more]

Crush on my Friends Dad

I've had a crush on my friend's dad ever since I started to have a sexuality. He is just the best. The problem is that he's a married 43 year old with 3 kids and a wife, and I'm 14 going on 15. My family has known ours since I was a baby.
He is tall, muscular, funny, warm, playful, compassionate, smart, everyhting I want in a man. He came to... [more]

Abused and PROUD

I have been abused and neglected by my parents since I was little (Although these two words aren't enough to explain my situation, I won't drag it). I'm still emotionally being tormented but I don't protest or resist. I have never resisted. Kind of feels like it was meant to happen. I don't know why and how I started thinking like this but it... [more]

I was cheating for over a year AND i got the last laugh!

Lollll ok so basically I started dating this Dom when I was 18 and he was 26. He was in an open relationship at the time, but right around my 19th birthday, they decided to be monogamous. But we still hung out. At first, I was just teasing him, but the 3rd time we hung out, he couldn't resist and [more]

I'm so happy I wanna cry

I have a secret online bf now :3 I wanna cry and scream im so happy I can't tell me parents thought bc they will be mad and it's so frustrating I want him to move here so I can hug him irl so badly <333

The Smoking Holiday

We smoked, and explained to our GD that she was the type of little girl that felt a little bit fragile and insecure, but that, she would all of a sudden feel so much more confident and calm, if she were to start smoking. Even though I don't really think that Indie had ever thought kids could smoke, we reassured her that she was safe with us, and... [more]

Didn't go over well

My wife's sister stayed with us for 3 years (17,18,19) One night I came home late, Heard noises downstairs and went to investigate, I heard them coming from her room and the door was open just a crack. I peeked in and she was face down, Head buried in pillows furiously rubbing one out.
I opened the door and stepped into the room, Pulled out my... [more]

Box of things I need someone to see.

I really need to get all of this off my chest. I think something is wrong with me, I think I'm going crazy. Like, for real. I just, I've been seeing things and hearing things since I was little. I just don't think I'm right in the head.
I've been hearing sounds and things that aren't real. Like I'll hear a faint conversation from time to time... [more]

I need help

The pursuit of happiness and to meet our potential is a God given gift that makes us human beings, but how much free will do you really have?. Some people might tell you that there are times that you can't do something, which is fairly true, but when the right of opportunities exist then it is our freedom to protect how we wish to devote... [more]

Why was she so surprised?

I had been dating her for three years. The relationship was going nowhere. The last time I asked her out she didn't want to go to a movie, visit the park or drive around with me nor did she have any suggestions of her own. She suggested we date other people.
I dated someone else and never called her again. I heard on the grapevine she was... [more]

I was spanked until I was 16

My mom and step dad spanked me bare ass. with giant glue sticks, broke wooden spoons on me. when i got older they would let me keep my undies on. one time, my father beat me with a belt so many times I lost consciousness. i lost count at 14 and the rest I blacked out. they love jesus. i tried to kill myself. there was much more abuse, mental... [more]

I'm happy.

It's a weird thing to say, especially because most people tend to fall on one side or the other - either they associate with their emotions a load and are always happy or sad (usually sad, for what's online), or don't read into them a lot (don't think or feel). But I think I'm happy, which is great. I think ;)

Wife's black dress

Had a strange conversation with the wife one day. My wife bet me she could turn any head she wanted to by wearing anything she wanted. I like a fool took the bet and we decided to do this at the local mall.
She decided to wear a short tight black dress and no stockings , high heals and no undies .
My wife is in her mid 20's, 5' 5", 115 lbs... [more]

Suicidal Ideations

Throughout my teens I had serious suicidal ideations, and now at 20, even though s*** is not ideal, every day I'm happy to be alive. Even at your lowest points, always remember, if Jim from Confessionpost could make it out, you will too.

I feel lost

I am finally where I need to be. I graduated High school, I'm on college. I have a job, and I'm even back in therapy. I'm doing everything I need to do yet I feel lonelier than ever. I want someone to talk to yet I'm scared my friends will leave if I talk to them. I feel guilty for not being happy and proud of my accomplishments, Im sorry.

My wifes fantasy

My wife is a very attractive woman with red hair and green eyes. she is 5 feet 5 inches tall and 120 pounds. she has a very fit 34c 22 32 figure and is what most would think of as a conservative woman next door.
she recently confessed that she had a long time fantasy about being spanked. she told me that in her fantasy she was rude to me my... [more]


So for about 3 months, my boyfriend has been talking about how he wants to marry me soon and that he is so sure about marrying. I thought at first that he was light-weight joking because we are only 19, but he brought it up so many times that it made me start thinking he wasn't joking. It honestly made me happy to know that he was already sure... [more]

My mental battle

I'm male and 20
For a couple of months now, I've been scared at the thought that I might be a pedophile. It's mainly because of past experience that make my brain think it but I would always tell myself for it to be false.
I was lost and destroyed and didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be a pedo. Its a disgusting feeling. I thought... [more]

Damaged Childhood

I have a hatred for human kind beyond comprehension..
But I don't let people know about my hatred in humanity or the human race.
(Earliest memories)
I was 3 or 4, molested & raped by my real dad with my mom helping and watching as my dad raped me. This went on till I was 11 when my parents divorced and my dad moved to Texas with some other... [more]

I'm addicting to selling my panties, photos and videos

I have had my fair share in secrets this year. I created and own a website that sells my used panties, explicit photos and videos. Not only that, I have been building friendships with my clients, and I really enjoy it. They say I bring more to the table than just the "average ones" who do the same thing I do. It's become an addiction, when I get... [more]

In love

I am so in love with him just he makes my heart go brrr and I get butterflies when I talk to him and he's also gay and I think he likes me back but idk and I don't wanna ruin our friendship but I wanna also start dating him so idk if I should take the risk we are both 14 and I root root like him he has rlly soft lips and fluffy curly hair and I... [more]

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