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My lifes love story

I wish I had married one of my previous girl friends.
My wife is emotionally distant.
I think back to other girls I went out with.
One tasted terrible when we kissed. Just not for me I guess.
One was too clingy and a bit fat. She was really nice but I have never thought I would have liked to marry her. Although we did have good... [more]

When I was in the army I met a woman with an interesting story

This woman was born after a failed relationship. Her father abandoned her mother without marrying her and getting child support from that deadbeat was not easy. In the meantime, her mother met another man whom she eventually married. The man was selfish and he did not want to support another man's child. Throughout her childhood, the girl was... [more]

I wear panties

I started when I was younger 8 or 9 started with mom's panties .then sisters panties and tights . At 59 I still love dressing up . Now I dress complete top to bottom wig makup down to heels . Love it all. We are ho we are ! :-) wear on and be happy!!

Getting a bit fat

My lovely wife is a gourmet cook, and since we got married 2 years ago, I have gained 37 pounds, as of yesterday. She seems to like my growing belly. Fortunately, she is also packing on the pounds--mainly in her hips and ass. She is looking better and better. She won't tell me how much she has gained, but I am guessing about 30 pounds. I'm so... [more]

I want to marry her

We've been together for two (almost three) years now, and our love has only gotten stronger for each other. I want to spend as much of the rest of my life as possible with her, I want to make her happy for as long as I have breath in my body, I love her.
I've secretly made a necklace from bones that I've cleaned, polished and carved, I hope... [more]

Happy birthday

My wife and I have been married for 17 years this year and every Feb. 23rd I get to have things my way, Yes that's my birthday and once a year on my birthday she gets her chubby little butt f*****. My wife actually has a great ass, Just nicely sized, Round and firm, She has always and still does HATE... [more]

I got punched in the belly in front of my girlfriend.

Maybe this doesn't sound embarrassing to you, but for me it was, and still is; every time I think about it. It was a hot summer day and I was enjoying a walk with my hot girlfriend in a park. I was wearing shorts, and no shirt. She was wearing short shorts and a belly shirt.
This guy was approaching us with his girlfriend. They were dressed... [more]

His family

I'm only with my boyfriend for his family. Don't get me wrong, I have love for him, but it's becoming more that of a best friend and an attachment. I enjoy his company. However, he isn't really a good partner, at least in my standards. He's gluttonous, insecure, and immature at an age where he shouldn't be, which I was happy with until I grew up... [more]

Mending family relationships

I am caring and sensitive, yet stubborn... I've never had the best relationships with my parents. My mom has a lot of narcissistic traits, which is understandable after everything she has been through. My step-dad can be very manipulative when he wants to be and it's hard to trust him... but at the end of the day, they are my parents. I fell out... [more]

Should I be bothered

Let me start of by saying I’m 23 yrs young, male I work as a project manager in the construction field recently graduated from University. I have a little brother who is in middle school (same one I attended) I have fully grown and developed a physique like my dad muscular slim and I go to the gym a lot. A few weeks ago I attended my little... [more]

Random Thoughts

“I don’t believe in love until I met you”
When I was in high school, I wanted to find “a perfect guy”. A perfect guy that has money and handsome looks. That’s the only thing that I care about. Suddenly, reality hits me. I will never find that perfect guy.
I’m not beautiful like the other girls. I don’t know how to use make up. I’m jealous... [more]


I confess I have been sleeping with my boyfriend's childhood friend/cuz for 3 years. Long story short. Been with boyfriend a decade a few years ago he started cheating, doing drugs, and abusing me. I found friendship in his childhood friend which turned physical. I'm don't think I love my boyfriend anymore but I'm not in love with his friend... [more]

Hey, Rose

Nice job! You told so many lies, about Weinstein and others, and made such an embarrassingly angry and bitter martyr of yourself -- all for your own benefit and aggrandizement -- that you caused (CAUSED) your manager to kill herself. Yes, she had dealt with depression, and depressives occasionally kill themselves, but her suicide wasn't because... [more]

How do i do this?

Im a 22 year old guy who considers himself bisexual. However ive never done anything with a guy before. Not even a kiss. Im closeted about my sexuality and the main thing holding me back is the fear of my families reaction. Ive heard some family members say some bad things about homosexuality and im afraid of opening up to them. Ive met a guy at... [more]

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