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Used my younger cousin

My cousin Beth is only 14 and she's a bit of a s*** sleeping around, she's happy to tell me all about her having s** which i have wanked off over and last week was the first time in 3 months that ive seen her,that day my aunt said it's nice that i came... [more]

Trapped and sad

I want to get out of my relationship but I know there is a 99% I won't find anything better. To leave now would be idiotic, our lives are so wrapped up at this point. He loves me so much and would do anything for me. It breaks my heart. But I don't love him. I don't even know if I can love anyone? I feel so passive all the time and I wish I didnt... [more]

Closet Sissy

I confess I’ve dressed as sissy b**** ever since I was a young teenager. I wore whatever pair of panties I could find and bras I could steal because I stretched them out. I gathered a small stash to keep so I could pretend whenever I got the chance. I always had or thought I’d be caught and made to... [more]

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Closet Sissy

I confess I’ve dressed as sissy b**** ever since I was a young teenager. I wore whatever pair of panties I could find and bras I could steal because I stretched them out. I gathered a small stash to keep so I could pretend whenever I got the chance. I always had or thought I’d be caught and made to... [more]


Not good enough to be with him. He's now so small, ripped, and happy. I'm happy for him. I exercise and my body makes me wind up in the hospital, even if done right. My body's system flares up with exercise, and now I can barely eat any foods. I eat few foods only through a tube now. Despite this, my body won't lose the weight. I don't know what... [more]

I've given up

I've had no success in my love life whatsoever. I met my first crush literally on the bus to my second day of kindergarten, but as I was quickly teased, bullied, and ostracized by everyone (including my crush) which lasted from then until I finally had to be taken out of school and home schooled beginning in 8th grade (this was back when very few... [more]

I am having an affair.

I am having an affair with my neibours, Yup both of them, Not your typical affair but a window affair. I used to just walk around naked in my room and leave my lights on and they would do the same, I fully enjoyed watching both of them and think I may be Bi.
My neighbors are an early 30's couple who are both very attractive and I would totally... [more]

Broke in Life and Torn in Heart

I have an anxiety disorder from the last 3+ months since I lost an internship. Also, I'm broke I have no money, my parents are paying for my college tuition who themselves are broke. I am living in a faraway country with no work. But hitting Rock bottom was not the issue that has caused my anxiety, it was my best friend whom I had a secret crush... [more]

So close yet so far.

I posted on here a year or so ago about trying to nail my mother in law after she moved in with me to help with kids due to my wife's sudden and untimely passing. I had been trying to get some sort of indication as to what her interest level would be and just simply being nice to her but also once in a while dropping an awkward comment about how... [more]

Amerikkan women

Why are you so ugly???? American men, go get a foreigner. Leave American women alone. I love to say this. You idiots don't have nothing. The beauty is gone and dead. I married a foreigner. And I'm happy.

I've lost control

I have felt absolutely empty for the past couple years and have had constant struggles with finding ambition/motivation. My whole life I've been so focused on other people, that I have lost any desire to keep myself going independently. I honestly can't tell whether I want anything, or if it's just what I've convinced myself would make the people... [more]

I am so embarrassed to talk to anyone I know about this...

I have been in a relationship for 5 years with a guy and thought for a long time that we would get married one day. He is otherwise amazing, loving, makes me really happy and we share a lot of the same interests. My problem since almost the start of our relationship has always been with him and other women. At first I noticed he was flirting... [more]

The Dreaded Question: Do I give Happy Endings

I’ve had time to browse the internet during this quarantine, and now I figure I’ll tell my story. I’m a massage therapist for 20 years now. I had no idea that I’d be asked by so many men about receiving a “Happy Ending“. There was no mention of this in School. When I met my husband and we started dating and I revealed my occupation he asked if... [more]

I found out my teacher is a THOT!

All these teacher confessions and now I want to share mine! I met some guy on this app whisper last year who i found out knew one of my teachers. I dont know how it came up, but he named 2 teachers at my school that he knew and she was one of them. She's an 8th grade teacher and shes really pretty and shes married but this guys said he's best... [more]

Wife's naked pictures

I recently started showing semi nude and now completely naked pictures of my wife to a friend of mine she has worked with for years. Needless to say the first time he was nearly speechless and apologized thinking I didn't mean to let him see. After I assured him it was intentional it didn't take long before he would hint about seeing more of... [more]

I'm the confused one

I don't see why it's such a big problem to talk about LGBT stuff on here while a lot of others talk about different s** stuff and how attracted they are to their family members. I am not judging them or posting any hate on their posts either because that is disrespectful and it doesn't matter to me what... [more]


I’m 25yrs old guy fit , good looking, heterosexual I care for my skin and other hygienic traits most men would say that’s gay. I’ve been into fitness for years and have worked out my entire life , did a few npc men competitions and won. I have a masters degree that I recently just finished & after highschool I got a scholarship to A1 university... [more]

Mom Dad and me.

Let me start by saying I always felt something my parents and how they lived a life style under the radar. I'm a 18 year old woman. My parents had me young. Dad was 20 and Mom was just 14 when I was born and both said they have no family.
During the this lock down I was bored and was in the attic and found an old trunk buried behind boxes. I... [more]

Best dating advice

Even though this is embarrassing for me, I want to share my experience in finally finding a woman who totally loves me.
I ended up splitting with my last girlfriend, who I was really in love with and may have married. It took me a while to get to the heart of the reason we split but I’m very happy now that I did.
Our relationship was awesome but... [more]

Lovemaking Preference

I'm a normal woman, employed, happy, sexually active, looking for love, etc. My s** life is probably about four times a month. There is one thing I feel embarrassed to tell a partner though. When all the regular actions of love lead to the moment when he enters me, I love to be pushed on my back and have... [more]

Am I okay?

Ever since I was young I was different (which is fair, everyone is different). I would play with monster trucks and watch superhero movies while in my heels and dresses. Everything was fine. I was happy. But as I got older my parents would tell me "you can't play with that," or "you can't wear that," and I never really got it. Getting older I... [more]

Cant stand privileged people

I constantly run into people who vent about there life problems, im a really great friend and listener but its starting to get to me how perfect these peoples lives are and how one thing goes bad and they act like its the end of the world, i know there use to perfect but it really destroys me mentally
As an example my girlfriends dad “went off at... [more]

My hot sister likes me

I am a 17 year old boy and my sister is a hot, big butt 14 year old. We are really close and we sometime sleep together. But I have had a crush on her since she hit puberty. She has the nicest ass and all the older guys and creeps stare at her, which I actually don’t like. She’s very flirty and likes to just wear a tshirt that goes to her thighs... [more]



Smoking fetish

I’m a 37 year old woman with a smoking fetish. I think this must’ve started for me at around 7 or 8. I remember watching a young couple as he put his arms around her and lit her cigarette. The sight of that turned me on and still does to this day. No one in my family smokes and it is looked on as shameful, so I didn’t even start smoking until I... [more]

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