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I don't belong here

I don't belong in this world. I have -always- found it difficult with women. While I have had relationships - and I have had one seriously long term (living together for years, prospect of marriage) - I have never quite been able to shake the feeling of not fitting in on this area. All of the (three) relationships I have been in have been... [more]

Better person when high

That I am a chronic pot head and I am a better person for it. I have a great family (3 kids and great wife), but I have suffered from chronic depression since I was 10 years old. I've been on many different types of anti-depressants, went through therapy, etc. but nothing worked. Suicidal ideation was an everyday thing. Then I met my wife and... [more]


I love it thatg my wife has several men she sleeps with, married but horney, so it has worked out fantastic for us as they get their needs or wants satisfied and I and my wife get ours, so cucking has been so grand for us, wife is happy and knowing other men are pumping her full of s**** is what I... [more]

Caught in panties and spanked

I was 16 at camp and me and my girlfriend went skinny dipping in the local lake when everyone was asleep. turns out my best friend stole my clothes but left my boxers. my girlfriend accidentally put on my boxers and her clothes. it was dark. when I got out my girlfriend was gone and I soon found out I had no clothes. the only thing there was my... [more]

Happy wedding indeed

I'm okay knowing the man I'm in love with has found his dream lady. Or that's what I try to tell myself now that I'm one of the main planners in their wedding. Worst is that her ideas are pretty near what I've secretly dreamed of during 7 years I've been his best friend so here I am doing practically my own wedding without being the one on the... [more]

No love

I don't love my wife. I am ambivalent to her and her well being. She gets sick I feign empathy. If she gets happy I feign excitement.
The only reason I married her is because people would hound me in life to do so. Now I just see her as a second income. A convenience really. I haven't had s** with her... [more]

I love pee!

I often drink my own pee. Not the first morning pee because it is bitter but after some coffee with splenda and a couple of glasses of water it is not bad. My son lost his job so he and his family moved in with me. I am very careful to keep the toilet seat clean and have noticed that after my sexy little daughter-in-law goes to the bathroom there... [more]


I wasn't sure I wanted to submit this confession. I posted a long time ago that my wife"Sara" started stripping, she did it at first because we needed the money. After our money situation worked out, she had quit. She become restless after awhile, and I knew she wanted to start stripping again, so I relented.
Things went really well for... [more]


During my pre-teen years I used to have suicidal thoughts and always had the urge to cut myself. However, I never got the chance to do so. Life took a huge turn in my life and I moved out of that country. I've moved on from that phase and have become stronger. I don't consider suicide is the solution nor do I back away from my problems like I used... [more]

Inappropriate Crush

I have feelings for one of my close friends and that wouldn't be so bad, but he has a girlfriend that he's insanely crazy about. I can't help but feeling guilty every time I have a small thought about them breaking up. I truly want him to be happy with her, but I also can't help but feel jealous when he talks about how amazing she is...

I wish I never got pregnant

My boyfriend (who I live with, states away from my family and friends) is a musician. Two days before finding out I was pregnant, I came to the heart breaking realization that the things we want from life are incompatible. I never got to say anything to him, and now I'm stuck on the opposite side of the country from every one I care about, with a... [more]

Final flings (1)

I read a post on here a while back asking about final flings and if they were a real thing and if they were a good idea so i just thought i would add my 2 cents.
Sorry if the OP has already made their decision but i just decided to do this and wasn't sure if i actually wanted to put this out there but i think it will be good information if you... [more]

I remember

I remember when I told him "I don't think it's going to work. I'm okay if you don't want to be with me." My heart was breaking, but I wanted him to be happy even if it was without me. He got angry and said he wants to work this out. I was relieved and continued with the relationship. Plenty of problems occurred because of others' interference in... [more]

Crush and Future Feeling

I have a crush on someone that doesn't love me back. i can also feel the future sometimes and the worst part is, i get a happy ending but it isn't with my crush. oh and the only thing worse than that is that the person i have a crush on also has a high chance of getting murdered in a way i can't prevent a few years in the future. so it really... [more]

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