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I blame myself

My bird f*****' died. i feel terrible, ive been getting into terrible habits such as not eating, not talking, being anti-social. I wanna f***** crumple up in a ball and die. Its all my fault. I hate myself for this kind of [more]

Tor Drug Deal Gone Bad (and more)

So I tried to buy 200 tabs of LSD on a site called Agartha: Underground Marketplace. This was before I was aware of scammers on Tor. Someone by the screenname Trustig666 I believe uses a fake profile. He had many reviews saying positive things but they were all lies. After hearing out someone (who I actually believe now to be someone totally... [more]

My father the idiot

Got into an argument with my father who insists doctors aren't perfect. He's correct to a certain point. While I do understand there's a moral and pseudoscientific portion of the health community. The layman is not a highly educated person and I personally entrust an average joe to assume he or she would know better than a physician. Yes, the... [more]

Im just used to it...

I kind of forgotten my own self, the young fun memory's i have are the pictures of me in the shoe box in my closet i haven't looked at them for awhile i hate looking at them. It makes me think i just want to go home except the true fact was that i never had a true home all i wanted as a child was to grow up in a household that held love and... [more]

Make myself ugly

I hate how people treat me differently just because I'm conventionally attractive. How do I make myself ugly without hurting my body.

Kill all men

I hate it when dudes tell women to go back to the kitchen but they can’t go to work ? Like dude get your ass up go to work and support me and my kids if that’s how you wanna be women have to do everything just to get a man and it’s unfair when we have standards you guys bash us and bring us down for wanting the bar minimum [more]

I’m a pathological lier

I hate myself, my life is boring and not fun at all, I can’t make friends just being myself, so I lie to cover it, so far I have 3 friends, all of them are based on a web of lies, they think I’m a good artist when in reality I just steal art from the internet, show them it, and then say it’s mine, they think I’m a abuse victim, I lie about my... [more]

I need to starve myself

I’m 12 and i’m almost 300 pounds. i need to starve myself. i’ve been bullied for my weight my whole life . i’m failing school and to top it off i f****** cut myself. i hate me. so much. i’m a disappointment and i feel like my mom doesn’t love me anymore. it’s so hard to focus and it’s so hard to... [more]

I want to murder my step-father...i think i might be going crazy

I'm 14. my bio dad went to prison when i was four so it's not like a "omg i hate you, you're never going to replace my dad'' type thing. It's just the simple fact that I hate him and it's my moms fault. she's been with him for the past 4 years or was fine when they started dating because to be fair, my mom used to be a hoe. I thought he... [more]

I wanna get rid of my step dad

I f****** hate my step dad, he manipulates my mom and makes my life a living h***, whenever i get a single bad grade (i usually bring it back up in a week) he makes me sit and sleep in a small straw chair, i have a laptop and im supposed to be doing... [more]

Too much!

I bet you can’t beat my health issues. Had Gastroenteritis multiple times as a kid and my breath stank. We used to play communal Recorders at school and I was told by the teacher that I was the only kid who was not allowed to use any of the Recorders and had to have my own Recorder with my name on it because the mouthpieces were too smelly after I... [more]

My sister

I'm lesbian for my sister she's so sexy but she has a bf I hate him but he's sexy too and to be honest I think my sister fantasises about us all having a threesome ;)

My girlfriend is racist and I'm afraid to confront her about it.

We started dating a year ago, and at the time, nothing seemed to be wrong. We had a very loving friendship that blossomed into a relationship. More and more she revealed her true colors though. She's aggressive, and get's frustrated often. She puts up walls and won't let herself be the blame for any situation. I've often found myself putting up... [more]

Blind Judges

I suspect the people I work with are liars. After slandering me viciously for god knows what reason, possibly because i criticized this city we live in, saying it has no culture (I'm from elsewhere) and generally expressing my own opinions on things which might quite differ from their own, they started a rumor mill the likes of which i've never... [more]


My mother used to verbally and emotionally abuse me when I was like 15/16. I remember swallowing rat poison after she told me to go and kill myself. I was already partially suicidal at 15 but that was the nudge in the right direction that I needed. She used to come home and scream for hours and hours at me and my brother. She would Just break us... [more]

Sore bottom

I made the mistake of texting in a smart a.. way to my husband yesterday. I don’t know why I did it and I was instantly sorry afterwards—but I didn’t say so. When I got home from work last night, he was already there....sitting on the bed and holding the paddle. I tried to apologize but he put his hands up to stop me and told me to
take my... [more]


What the h*** came over me, My friend and I are in college, We went out for the night and got way trashed, We came home and slept in the same bed.
I don't know why I did it but I got up and went to the bathroom and when I came back she was sprawled out on the bed and I don't know...I just...Went for... [more]

I’m just so weird

I hate pooping. I don’t know what it is but the act itself of defecation just makes me miserable. I hold it in but then I get scared because my cousin told me a story about this child who had a phobia of pooping and started vomiting p***. I’m 23 years old. This is just not normal behaviour. I hate... [more]

I hate myself.

I'm an awful person. I mean I'm truly terrible, I'm the scum of the earth, I'm the worst person alive. I deserve to die as far as I'm concerned. I hate myself so much I'm so disgusting. My ex sent me a message, 3 huge paragraphs to get things off his chest, we broke up about a year ago... [more]

I hate everything about my life.

I'm in my early 40's, I have no kids, not married, never had a girlfriend, still a virgin, still live with my parents and stuck in a s***** job. Got bullied at school starting from first grade all the way through high school. Basically, I have a dead-end life that I know will never get anywhere. I... [more]

Fuck life

I just hate how life goes 180 in a snap. i try my best to feel better, to do better yet i keep on drowning in my problems. i certainly dont have a family that i can vent to and i dont want to disturb my friends. it just gets too heavy at times. i wanna cry but i dont want to be exposed to people. i dont know why i wanna keep this strong/ okay/... [more]

I'm so ashamed

I'm 14 I just sucked a banana to see if it's like giving a b******* since I've never done it before but I didn't want to just put it back because that's gross so I threw it in the trash and my parents FOUND IT. Oh my God I'm so so embarrassed I could cry... I can't believe I did that they... [more]

I hate chinese (strong language!)

Why are chinese still everywhere after they infect the whole world? Are we just going to let them get away with such horrible crime? Chinese often brag about their 5000 years of history while pathetic is they have made zero contribution to human race instead only spread diseases and destroy other cultures. CCP is now genociding uyghurs but chinese... [more]

Here to hate the chinese

Why are chinese still everywhere after they infect the whole world? Are we just going to let them get away with such horrible crime? Chinese often brag about their 5000 years of history while pathetic is they have made zero contribution to human race instead only spread diseases and destroy other cultures. CCP is now genociding uyghurs but chinese... [more]

I hate who I was in middle school

Hey I wish I kinda wish I said something to you today. But I could feel myself embarrassed to talk to you from someone I was not anymore and the way you looked at me like deer in the headlights. I don't think you wanted me to say anything and I'm glad I just kept walking because I feel like if I stopped and said something nothing good would come... [more]

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