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I want to be in love with you

I want to be in love with you. You were my first love. I remember our first date and how crazy i was about you, i remember the first time you f***** me (first time i ever came by a man) i remember the little things, singing in the shower, making cookies at 1 am and [more]

I HATE My 7 Year Old Daughter!!!

I am a single mother of 4 and I absolutely and fully HATE my 7 year old. I love being a mother but this little girl makes me wish she was NEVER born.
She was born prematurely and had to spend her first 3 months in the hospital. The moment she came home she has made my life a living f******... [more]

I f***en Hate ALL Russians .

I hate'em with a passion. Every time i see a stupid Russian Hoe dressing like p*** star named Natasha or a drunk-t*** named Vladimir or whatever, i just want to throw up...and yes they are all ethnic Russians, not a minority (Kazakh, Bashkir... [more]

I feel awful

Hello, I've posted here a few times before and guess what? Surprise surprise I still feel f****** awful! Yaaaay.
Soon I will end my visit to my girlfriend who usually live on the other side of the world from me and we probably won't see each other again physically for years. She's stopped... [more]

I just open up

I am 23 years old . Since i was a child i felt like i am inferior than others . I remember that others kids often did not like me . My mother was strict and smacked me . I started to jealous from a young age the appearance of other girls . In primary school i was jealous my best friend . In secondary school and high school i was jealous my second... [more]

Donald Trump is 1000x hotter than Pamela Anderson

And more importantly, 1000x more real. I f****** despise fake people.

My fiance hates,my 28 year old daughter

My boyfriend hates my daughter would not let her in the house it was freezing outside She is on drugs has been disrespectful but needs help. she told him her fingers and feet were numb from walking in the cold I was asleep and he never told me but she did later we are supposed to get married in 5 months I hate him for what he did and I don't want... [more]


I hate my dad. I want nothing more than to watch him suffer and die a slow, painful death, while I sit there and watch it happen, with a smile on my face

Clean b*******

Fellas, idk about you, but I usually (99%) take a s*** before leaving my house. As part of my morning routine it usually is before my shower too.
So here is my confession, I ALWAYS without fail, clean the inside of my b*******. Like, either with... [more]

I bet this is weird.

So, I have this fetish for guys stomachs and stuff. I really love it. Like when they growl or something I get so turned on by it. I dunno why, but it’s so hot to me. I would m********* and play with myself while listening to this and I love it. But, I never told anyone it, and I feel ashamed... [more]

Old W**** Pamela Anderson cries about Hugh Hefner dying

Boohoo so sad... s*** Pamela Anderson cries over Satanic CIA Hugh Hefner, the guy who made he was a good person? The guy has underground tunnels, ex playboy s**** hate him... [more]


I hate my stepdaughter

About my "stepdad"...

When my mom devorced my biological father, we starting going to karate and my mom fell in love with the head master of the dojo. I thought it was just some crush and I didn't pay much mind to it, until he started spending the night in OUR house.
I was kinda cautious cuz, dude, I was what? Like 10 at the time and I just got in school suspension... [more]

Can't stand my wife and her adult children

I hate my wife and her adult children.She lets them get away with f××king murder. When she touches me my skin crawls. She constantly takes there side against me. Her son is almost 30 and doesn't work. His ideal of work is having a grow (weed) place. He's the laziest a****** that I've ever met... [more]

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