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People Who Cut For Attention

Dear people who cut for attention,
I just want to let you know that I hate you and everyone who cuts because they're actually depressed also probably hate you. Self harm is NOT a funny thing and it's not something that should be used as a way to gain sympathy, attention, or popularity.
Self harm in any form (burns, cuts, bruises...) will... [more]

Chewing With Your Mouth Open

I HATE when people chew with their mouth open. It doesn't matter if you're chewing food or gum. No one wants to see what you have in your mouth and no one likes to hear the annoying sound it makes.

The waste of time called prayer

Have you ever prayed for something before and didn't get it? Well, the reason is no one was listening. There's the spoiler. Instead of groveling on your knees to the invisible man that lives in the sky do something positive to improve your situation.
If you need a job find one. Get a good resume. Make sure the work is within your... [more]

I don’t hate my 17 year old step daughter, but I don’t like her.

SD is 17. I call her “K”. Her bio Mom is out the picture since she was nearly 4 years old. Me and my husband have had K full time since then.
My husband was one of three boys to a co-dependent mother. The oldest brother did not move out of the nest till he was in his 40’s and knocked up a woman who now supports him.
My husband is the... [more]

I hate my wife

I hate my wife. It feels unimaginably good to write that after all these years.
I can forgive the cheating. I can adapt to the ever present alcoholism “anxiety” and verbal abuse. I even ignored the constant social media addiction. But the level of complete non caring towards the kids enrages me. I cannot stand it. I come home fix snacks... [more]

I Wish My Special Needs Stepchild Didn’t Exist

No filter. No sugarcoating. I wish my special-needs step child, now 18, didn’t exist. Sometimes I wonder if she died if I would even feel bad...horrible, but true. When I met my husband, we didn’t know the extent of her intellectual disabilities. Everyone just said she was a slow learner. Well, at a 45 IQ, I think that’s more significant than a... [more]

Dear "Mom"

I hate you. I can barely gather up the energy to write this message and explain why, which shows how much you've put me through. I'm tired of the people around us enabling your obnoxious behavior. I'm tired of people telling me to "try harder" with you when you're the parent and I'm the child. For what? Because you're secretly more sensitive then... [more]

Life sucks with children!

I am 36 years old, married, and have two boys. Wow, where do I begin! Children are a freakin nightmare, PERIOD!!!! I have a three and one year old that are driving me f****** CRAZY, and the wife too! My wife is from Peru and being with someone from another culture is rough. If I could go back I would change EVERYTHING because no wife means no... [more]

Has anyone here ever just given up on somebody?

My ex-wife had bad temper spells. Would she say things like she thinks your grandmother should hurry up and die or she was ashamed of your parents?
My ex-wife said those things. She also told me that I had taken her away form so man she really loved.
Ok, she said these things because she had weird periods which made her bipolar. She... [more]

I hate my fiancé's best friends

I hate my fiancé 's best friends. I recently moved to the country where my fiancé lives, but he and his two best friends(they are a couple). My fiancé always overprotects them and overreacts when it comes to his "best friends". I hate my fiancé when it comes to this issue.
They have such a weird friendship. The girl is a typical mama's girl... [more]

Best Friend

I sometimes want to slap my best friend. Not because she's stupid because she's super annoying if we're in an argument, she makes herself the victim, and she always hangs out with my little niece instead of me. I honestly, don't get it. She lies about random s***, and she doesn't know how to keep... [more]

I have feelings for you

I want to tell you, but there are so many complications. For one, I doubt very highly that you consider me anything more than a friend. You are two years younger than me, which may make certain immature stupid people tease you, and I don't want you to be teased. One of your best friends has confessed to having feelings for me, and I don't want to... [more]

Stepson is a lazy, triflant & smart mouth

I am so glad I am not the only one that is in the same situation. I hate to despise my 16 yo lazy, filthy and smart mouth SS but some days, it just gets to me. I can’t stand it. He’s generally a good young man but his dirtiness and smart mouth really p***** the [more]

I hate my stepsons so much I can’t even live with their dad

When it was only second weekends and half school holidays I could cope .... barely.... but they have a crack w**** mother who has given up motherhood and now they live with my partner 24/7. Ever second was h*** last year. One is a bed wetter, the couch... [more]

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