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I married my wife when I was 30 and she was a few years younger in her 20s. At the time her mother was in her mid 40s and very attractive like her daughter. Nothing really happened between us until my wife and I had a child at the time I was 37 and my mother-in-law was 54. When her daughter was 2 1/2 we were involved in a automobile accident and I... [more]

I stole a pair of her dirty underwear

Early this week i was working at a ladies home and she was so attractive. she was wearing black leggings that showed off her hot little ass. i could see her panty line through them which was driving me crazy. then she said that she was leaving for work. i would be in her home all alone.
as soon as she was gone i headed to her bedroom and looked... [more]

Married life is difficult

My wife and I have had some rough road on our marriage journey. We have only been married 4.5 years and it’s been difficult at times. My wife has never had a problem trusting me until she found p*** on my phone and I lied to her about It. This was 4 years ago. Ever since that day, things felt like... [more]

Keeping my husband heavy

I haven’t been married long but we’ve been in a relationship for as long as I can remember. On and off for many years. For as long as I can remember he’s always been a big guy. Oh not in the way you’re thinking although.......
Anywho back on track!
He was never a thin guy. Ever. When we first met he had just hit 210. He’s 6’7 and when we... [more]

So much confusion

I don't know if I just convinced my self early on that I was gay or if I am or was or am just confused but I have so many feelings going on that I don't know what to do with them all. I always had it in my mind I was going to save my virginity until I was 18 and I did, But somewhere around 14 I started getting those feelings and started playing... [more]

Here I wait to die, it may be a while, may I suggest a beverage?

Nothing makes me feel more guilty than knowing the only reason I’m alive despite my depression is my own fear of tactile pain. I’m not physically numb, I’m emotionally numb. Even my depression is messed up and doesn’t fit the standard.
I'm too boring to date.
My social life has deteriorated to where my best friend is a guy on Discord that... [more]

My mom

My mom was a sexy woman petite cute
Short brown hair was always a loving mom
She was single.
When i was in highschool i got a trail camera for xmas .
I set it up an set it on my dresser and forgot about it.
A few weeks later I noticed i had left it on
And check the pictures nany was just ne going and coming
Also mom putting clothes... [more]

Strange Relationship Works

My ex-wife remarried 16 years ago. I'm a psychologist/counselor who left that career to dabble in real estate and I own eight duplex homes that provide a nice income. I lived in one with the other half empty when a 25 year old fellow rented it. When he didn't pay the 2nd month rent I discovered he was a mess. A quiet guy with no resources, very... [more]


I am an English learner. She Her Hers. Recently, I'm feeling very alone and miserable at school. I came to the US last year from Japan because of my dad's job, and I'm a freshman in high school. Since I came here, I feel like I'm not accepted by anybody. Yes, there are people who are very nice to me and care about me (I am very grateful for... [more]

I don't care if my father dies

I don't care if my dad dies because he's a stupid abusive piece of s*** who's**** and strangled my mom too many times. She's a stupid b**** who didn't feel the need to get away from him when there were so... [more]

My revenge on a friend injured him.. and in a bad way for a male

A good friend and I ran marathons together off and on for about 15 years. Our wives got bored with it and stopped going with us. We would fly to the events, do the run, stay for a couple of nights seeing stuff, then fly home.
After the race we would always go out for dinner somewhere, hit a bar, etc. Well my friend is really a small guy... [more]

Sluty sister

I just walked in on my 18 year old sister right my dad d*** she looked like she was living it win she seen me she smiled at me with a Evel smile . I won't to my room about 15 minutes later she walked by my room . She turns around and walked in my room she was in her underwear . She was so sexy... [more]

My teachers had s** with me (long)

I have gym for the last period of my day. I'm told that I look very mature for my age(not like that matters because most the people in my grade have lumberjack beards). I wear sweatpants because jeans constrict me to much so my sizable bulge sticks out even when flaccid, but it's incredibly obvious when I'm hard. The two brunette gym teacher who... [more]


I have naturally brown eyes but have lied to a lot of people around me (friends, but not the closest ones) that my eyes are green. I wear green contacts when I go out to patriots because I don't want anyone to completely know who I am. I have trust issues after gettin emotionally traumatized. Is it even okay that I am doing this or is there... [more]

My Partners are always said

No matter what I do, no matter how I try. I can never make my wife happy. I give her all she desires and deserves.
When making love her pleasure always comes first. Her family and friends I always put first.
But today I realized she has always been sad in her life. She is like the clown who has a painted on smile, but also painted on... [more]


4 years ago,I made out with a 55 years old man in his car when I was 25. I am a girl working away from home.I used to travel in cab whenever I need to go somewhere.This guy was my regular cab driver.
He was a very good person, soft spoken, helpful.We exchanged number and started texting in WhatsApp.
Our normal random chats gradually turned... [more]

Wife's new mission.

My wife and I like to venture outside the confines of regular marriage, As in we like to f*** other people, It all started when we were still dating, She was 22 and I was 25, I worked away a lot and gave her permission to sleep with other people and she knew I was doing and just said she didn't want... [more]

Service Call

I was doing work at a clients new house as they are moving in, the whole family was there including their 30 something daughter from Texas. She a pretty blond on the middle end of plus size with amazing wide hips and thighs with a beautiful ass.
I admired her ass every time she walked by. She must’ve been feeling my eyes burning a hole in her... [more]

My posh step mother

I'm 17 live at home with my step mother . She is 44 and a beautiful looking lady. She comes from a posh back ground and can come across stuck up she looks and dresses very sexy people always say . Since my father died I kind of do what I want and yes i have a massive crush on her . I buy drugs FROM the dark web THEY MAKE ME UNBELIEVABLY HORNEY... [more]

Made of stone

How do you know what I believe in?
What do you know of me?
what do you know of all the things I feel?
you're only made of stone
who is it that you see?
instead of seeing what I am for real
this twisted flesh and bone?
you're a liar!
with every new excuse you try out
you only make me want to cry out:
"would that I were
made of stone... [more]

I helped him cheat

While away for a 6 month training for work I met a guy and we hooked up after a night of dinking. I didn't know he was married the first time but for the 5 month relationship we have created afterward I did.
I feel honestly disgusted with what I had done, when would I be a person to help a man cheat after I had been cheated on before. It was... [more]

Wife's friend's panties

My wife and I stayed with her good friend and her husband who were hosting us when we went to Bali for vacation. I've always found her friend to be very attractive and one evening while using the shared bathroom in their apartment I spotted my wife's hot friend's worn panties. I couldn't help myself but to pick them up, sniff them and fantasize... [more]

Confessions of A Cartersville Mistress

My name is Ebony L. H. Hurst (soon to be my last name), and I am a very proud mistress. I finally hit the
jackpot this time, and it paid off! My bae left his wife and her children on June 23, 2019.
After seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months of loving him, making him feel like the King he is, letting him know that he is
wanted and needed... [more]

I want to start over in life, change myself completely

I'm doing somewhat okay currently, but I also just feel like I want to start over completely, with a blank slate. Move to a new city or state. Get fat, find a nice wife, maybe get a simple easy job. Maybe have my wife do everything while I stay at home, a fat happy man. Might be happier than I am now stuck here in nowheres-ville Don't have the... [more]

Young s***

Win i was 8 i was walking to school and 3 hi school guy grab me and dragged behind a store that striped me and head me down and took turns f****** me at first it hurt so bad but they keep f****** no matter how much i cryed and plead after all 3... [more]

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