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Older guy now thinking about femming up and sucking c***

Things were very different when I grew up. Being homosexual was taboo. I had some gay thoughts growing up, but mostly I thought about girls. I only dated girls and had s** with girls, with one exception, and that didn't turn out well.
I have always been seen as different. I have a high IQ and that... [more]

Can't help myself..............

..........from loving Kristen Stewart I know she's annoying but I love her so much

Disability should be allowed s**, marriage and babies too

I seen a lady I met who has a slight mental disability and all she talks about is being an aunty and she gives speeches all the time but she has a kind heart and honest. her parents died and they were very wealthy and I can't get over how she can fuss over a stranger's kid in the bus and not question why she has no husband and baby herself. its a... [more]

I'm an Abuser

I was sexually, verbally, mentally and physically abused my dad for years. And he impregnanted me after 4 years of raping me. Then forced me to give him up for adoption. I have so much anger. My mom would be in the next room , she even would ask periodically about him doing it so I know she knew something. He kept me from EVERYONE! I had no... [more]

Vicious cycle of disability discrimination poverty

I need help with my shopping addictions but I need shoes and is I could stop putting on weight it would help a great deal. I want to afford better foods and weight loss support and make people understand I am not taking this abuse any more, I am just as good as other people with all their abilities sure I have some disabilities but that does not... [more]

I met someone I knew on Craiglist

I posted an ad in casual encounters, I got tons of fake replies and one real reply. The woman said she was just out of a relationship was lonely h**** and wanted s**. We agreed to meet at a tavern. She said I'll be wearing a red jacket. I walked in and saw... [more]

I need some advice.

So first off I'm 17 and I'm a bit of a hoe. So about 7 months ago I met this really great guy we will call him billy. Billy is amazing. But billy has a gf. So about 2 months after we met I told him how I felt just so it wasn't bottled, I knew that he had a gf and I was okay with that because I'm not into relationships a whole lot. Well I guess he... [more]

In love with a lesbian

It's a sad existence and it's not made any better by her mixed signals and the way she acts around me. I like her a great deal and I haven't told her once but she seems to get some sorta amusement or sexual kick out of tormenting me, which is strange considering she's usually all cutesy and innocent. We were wrestling and she put her leg between... [more]

Best new years ever.

My wife and I have been married going on 18 years, I am sure not a month has passed that I haven't made some comment about a threesome, In the beginning I probably thought it might actually happen but even though I still try I had pretty much conceded defeat thinking any possibility was long gone.
New years eve my wife and I partied hard while... [more]

My brother

recently found out that my younger brother died a few years ago from an overdose. We both had f***** up childhoods. He was adopted by another family. I hadn't seen him in twenty years. I could have stayed in touch but chose to give him his space and let him make the decision to contact me if he... [more]

Married 25 yrs and i want to go

Im a 52 yr old male, 3 children and my wife is 6 yrs older than me
all my children are girls 16,19, 25. My children only speak to me when they want something, my youngest say she hates me
i haven't had s** for 10 years
i want to get out of all of this, or kill myself; i think my wife is happy if i go... [more]

Raising challenged son

I'm a divorced father (48), currently single, and this year I have had primary custody of my son, who is in high school. I feel like I'm in over my head dealing with this kid.
He is failing most of his classes, despite being on a special ed plan, and does not seem to have much of a memory, or to be able to make connections between things that... [more]

I hate my boyfriends 18 year old daughter

I hate my boyfriends daughter. She's 18 and we aren't allowed to see each other because of her. She throws a fit and he cancels plans with me, she always gets her way. We can see each other during school hours and that's about it. I used to want to meet her and show her that I could be a positive influence in her life and now I want nothing to do... [more]

P**** stepson

I am so sick of this little f***** and his mommy always protecting his ass, the "kid" is in his early 20s but she is constantly pandering and babying him like he's f****** 12.
His transformation into a weak pathetic [more]

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