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Susie Ties & Tortures

When my mother started working when I was 10, my sister and I would stay at my Aunt Jenny’s house. We had three cousins. The two oldest were girls. The younger girl was the same age as my sister and would go and play together. The older sister, Susie, was 13. She had a crush on me apparently and would try to get me to play with her. I didn’t want... [more]

Drunk enough to not care.

It was summer time, I was taking summer classes to get out of school early. My mom and dad had a shop in town and would leave early to open up. During the summer My cousin would stay with us to help my parents and and enjoy the beach. this was his third year with us he was now 16 and I was 20.
We lived in an old house, One day I had gotten up to... [more]

I cannot bring myself to fully trust my girlfriend.

Back in April of 2020 I linked up with a girl I use to mess around back in high school like 11 years ago. We began to mess around and sleep with each other.
She was single, I was single and we were just messing around. We would hook up almost every weekend from the middle of April. She has just come out of a 6 year relationship literally 3... [more]

I can’t get over him, no matter what, I feel truly pathetic

So I met this guy back in august and tbh I fell for him pretty fast. I mean the way we met is really adorable. He used to live in my apartment complex and he freely offered to help my Dad move all the heavy stuff in. Maybe I’m just easily impressed but I was just really appreciative of his kindness. A few days later he knocked on my door and asked... [more]

Help me please

I need help my friends been suicidle for ages and last night he was starting to write messages to ppl before he offed himself but he messaged his toxic ass ex boyfriend who he stopped all contact with like last week and he responded and they started talking again and at least he didn't khs but at the same time now he's gonna get manipulated and be... [more]

Cost money to do this

How can i help

I did something incredibly stupid

I am humiliated and taking a big risk telling you this but I feel I need to.
I have worked very hard in my company to get to my level of Vice President. I don't have time to date so I spend most of my time working. I am relatively young for this position at 39 years old. I am told that I'm attractive and I work hard to maintain my fit swimmers... [more]

Mother is mad at me, ilive with her, i drink rum

Iget drunk sometimes, she mad at me, i do wear women thongs and other, i put it on my bed she shaw it, he said who the fu c k r u, i tryed to tell her its who i am. she is made at me, i enjoy wearing women thongs what should i say to her? help

His idea, I just went with it.

My husband and I have always had a great marriage. We still have s** often enough, just not as exciting as it once was. We had been together for 15 years so that might sound normal for most.
We went out to dinner one night and I had a few drinks so I was relaxed and enjoying the night, I brought up the... [more]

Purple TOYS ,Highheels, Dress,Still New.

TOYS Purple, HighHeels,Sexy Dress Stil New.... Aka L**G
AngryGone but love never Gone.
Last 2020 last Years After Fighting with The One RVA.* AJR*
I want that you do on me.I want that Person Who like to told me wears HighHeel on ,Like to wear Cottom, I like the way ls we did,, Before plan to met him after we not see each other, I so happy... [more]

Caught my sister in the act

I can’t believe it.
I had suspected that my older sister was fooling around with my husband. They always seemed close and had a different kind of connection.
But I never suspected this would ever happen. My sister came by to “borrow” my son to help her with some repairs after the storm. He is 16 and quite handy around the house like... [more]

Mother in Law

Since I met my wife many years ago now I have a desire to f*** her mother. She is 5 foot 1, glossy green eyes, long brown hair, clear skin with not a wrinkle in sight. Nice C cups that look much larger due to her small frame and quite a nice curvaceous rear. A mother of 5 including my wife and just... [more]

Son Needs To Cum To Sleep

My son has server barely functional autism. Even when he was younger he was always pretty bad but as he grew up it got worse. It got so bad to the point that my lazy sad excuse for a husband left. Naturally, things got harder for me after that. I hard work so I couldn't watch him and babysitters all quit cause he was too much to handle.
Around... [more]

Neighbor helping Neighbor

It’s crazy down in Texas.
As many of you know it’s colder than cold down here and it’s a real mess down here.
Well it just got really weird. Our neighbors had a pipe burst in their garage. They are a young couple in their mid to late twenties. They are not very handy around the house as they are a lady couple (if you know what I mean). ... [more]

Gender help

Ever since I've been a child I have wanted to dress like a mix of boys and girls. I still do to this day and have no reason why. I don't feel like a girl but I also don't feel like a boy. Anyone have any ideas on why I'm like this?


Let's get one thing straight. I cope with dark humor. Tell me you're uncomfortable with it, I'll stop. But DO NOT keep pushing me, "Oh so you think murder is ok?" "Well I need to make sure you're not going to end up becoming a psychopath." Yeah ok I get the point. But when I am balling my eyes out and you keep GOING, you will become a trigger for... [more]

I have a crush on/fetish for Molly Coddle from...

...the old show Bump In The Night. In fact I have two general fantasies involving her-- not actual scenes in mind, just stuff I want so badly to happen. In BOTH she's KIND of a "domme" over me, but just in the general "stronger/smarter and using it" sort of way rather than "structured play".
If you get what I mean.
Anyway, first fantasy... [more]

Can u make fun of me?

I'm skinny and I want to eat healthy and exercise but I don't have any motivations, I tried searching for some motivations but none of those help me so I think the only thing that can help me is someone to make fun of me or bully me. I don't want any humble reply's just be mean to me fr. I have bad posture, skinny legs, long hair, long face... [more]

I want to murder my step-father...i think i might be going crazy

I'm 14. my bio dad went to prison when i was four so it's not like a "omg i hate you, you're never going to replace my dad'' type thing. It's just the simple fact that I hate him and it's my moms fault. she's been with him for the past 4 years or was fine when they started dating because to be fair, my mom used to be a hoe. I thought he... [more]

I love my husband, yet I met another man whom I have feelings for

Hi... So, my title isn't really good because I have no idea how to phrase this what I am going through... Please don't judge before reading my full story.
5 years ago I met my soulmate and we are very happily married now, for 2 years already. There is nothing wrong with our relationship, but I do think there is something wrong with me.
I... [more]

Advice about ED

I know that I have ED. once a while I think about s**. please give me advice what drink or habit that will help. my insurance does not cover s** related issues.

Massage Toxic,

Why we broke Up??? When start?End Without.
Years ago little problem going to be virus for long fight without see each other till End Dizzy.
I don't know when really start, And How end like this ways? I have to walk out from that place even I still love want to be there.
.Reallity life Love. Honestly.Care, Clean,Driver, Interesting... [more]

Daughter in law, her best friend, and her cousin

Daughter Inlaw, Her Cousin, And Best Friend
I have always been a little bit of an exhibitionist. At 52, i csn still outwork guys half my age in the gym. Few believe im in my 50s. Im 5'10", 185 lbs, 44 inch chest, 30 inch waist, wide shoulders, and 17 in bicepts. I have women half my age flirt with me at the gym, but ive always been faithful to... [more]

Needing advice

I suffer from huge anxiety as like my wife.
we have a neighbour who has given us grief (young girl with young kids).
we have tried to tone down her lanuages on phone and loud music to be told no F...Way.
now to make things worst she sent a threatning text to say she has info on me that she would tell my wife and destroy our marriage... [more]

Need help

So I am a lesbian but I don't know how to tell my family (advice needed)😥🙁

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