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Turning criminal...please help

I just want to make it a start by saying that ever since my girl friend left me....I have gone crazy for s**...I am not able to control my hormones as soon as I see a girl wearing a high top...I easily get fascinated by their navel and try to group them taking an advantage in crowd...I do realize that I... [more]

I hate my step son

Someone please help!!! I just got married February. I love my wife she's so amazing. But I absolutely HATE my step son he makes me wanna smoke my lungs out!!! Doesn't the bible say choose your spouse over EVERYONE including kids?? He's becoming a problem in our marriage and I am suffering psychological problems because of it. He's 30 years old and... [more]

Mom is abused by step-dad

Before my mom met my step father, she was raising me, my sister, and my brother, without any help from family. She was constantly working, but she always made time for us. She would cook, clean, and help us with school. It wasn’t until I was 12 that she got into dating.
Now she is married to someone who degrades her. She is constantly being told... [more]

Seduced by girl

My girlfriend asked to practice massaging me to help her get better for her masseuse classes so I agreed. All I was given was a small towel to wear as I laid down. She started slow and steady and once I loosened up she went to my feet. Suddenly up my legs she pours warm oil and starts rubbing it in. I had to open my legs a little a the fell off... [more]

I hate my wife, I hate my family, I hate my life

I don't feel one single ounce of love for my wife. Not one bit. I can't even look at her, I can't stand being around her. Instead of love my heart feels like a burning pit of fire. I despise this woman with a deep burning passion.
Why? You ask.
Before I met her, I was excited at the prospect of settling down, and having a family. I met her... [more]


So I've been dating this guy for 4 months now... Not four months straight cause we took a break and are back together... We're both on track together and feels like my eyes drift off to this guy Erik... He's cute but I hardly know him... Is it considered cheating to think a guy other than your bf is cute and talk to him? Please help me


I have read a few stories on here about spying on various people which got me thinking about my wifes mom, She was divorced before i met my wife 10 years ago and until recently i have never actually done it but had often thought about taking a peek.
Over the past few months i have started trying to catch a look at her naked since she is a mature... [more]

Steadily declining mental health

Hello, lately I've been confessing some stuff here about self-harm, well I'm still here and I just feel pretty hopeless.
I'm 16, and I've always been quite an emotional person, I don't really take things lightly that much that I think are important. For example, I am in a relationship with a girl, and I love her with my whole heart. She is... [more]

Diapered Husband

Earlier this year my husband, in his mid 30’s, started having bed-wetting accidents. I noticed the accidents mainly seem to happen after having a few drinks on our nights out together. I have also noticed he will randomly have accidents after working extended hours as he doesn’t work the typical eight to five type of job and is an extremely heavy... [more]

Can't believe it.

I went down on my G/F last night and I can't help but shoot loads and loads of c** everywhere before I even enter her the taste and smell of her p**** is amazing I would lick it 24/7 I'm 22 she's 19 shaven tight and fit as [more]

Put this up quick!

Ok so there's a girl from the other side of the country who I'm friends with and she called me, she tried to jump off a roof, she is right now out and alone, and I was wording and speaking very carefully. She won't go home, because she's scared of everyone judging her and she won't go to her friend for the same reason. She is high and can barely... [more]

She will be more careful next time

So i posted this under embarrassing but its more hers than mine.
Last night my buddy called me up around 9:30 and asked what i was doing, I replied "just watching tv with the wife" and he asked if i could come over and help him in the garage so of course i said yes.
I got to his house and went straight to the attached garage and he was on the... [more]

I have an obsession with stabbing people's eyes

Please help. These thoughts consume my life.

I'm going crazy

I was pretty good years ago managing my OCD and being assertive. The last two years, easy access to weed, losing my job and family issues... and self esteem deterioration has got me feeling like I'm not the same person anymore.
A girl got me motivated to make healthier choices... I wanted her to be proud of me and wanted her to adore me the way... [more]

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