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One day I was at my friends house. I was dressed in a short set. Mine was yellow shirts with a matching shirt. The shirt had elastic at the bottom of it which if I moved, it made the shirt ride up exposing my round belly.
My fiends dad came into the living room where we were playing. After a few minutes I stood up to go to the restroom and my... [more]

Best wife ever

My wife rocks, She is a wonderful wife, Great mother, God friend and an amazing lover. My wife is 38 and i just turned 40 last night, we have had multiple kids and she still looks just as hot to me as the day we met, Yes she is more...Curvy than she used to be and yes some things are not as...Perky as they used to be but she can still rock my... [more]

I hate my wife's daughter 18yo

My wife has a daughter who is 18yo she is disrespectful and annoying she is very rude and sneaky she doesn't help around the house and blast her f###ing music so loud when her mother is not home . I f there is 4 pieces of chicken she eats all 4. She stays in the bathroom for 2hours you can see she dances and what ever else she does her dad is a... [more]


So this is for all those guys out there who ever wanted to bang their in laws but it never happened, I did.
It's a long, drawn out story as to how i got here but the short version is: I met a girl, Got married, Had two wonderful kids and 4 great years of marriage before my wife went off the deep end and left me for some loser she met online.
For... [more]

Loose lips sink ships.

I have been married 18 years and got married when i was 20 so you do the math, First a little history, In those 18 years my husband and i have had 3 hookups with a third person, Once with a female friend of mine 16 years ago which was the first for both of us and now twice with a male friend of his once 10 years ago then again on new years... [more]

Crossing Dressing: Still a closet case

I was introduced to cross dressing inadvertently by a former girlfriend. She explained she wanted me to let my blond hair grow out. The thought of her dressing me up in her panties and things was driving me out of my mind with this strange sensation of sexual pleasure. I kept my feelings to myself and enjoyed, in private, the occasional dressing... [more]


I’m 22 Years young. I worked for 3 Years since high school making good money in the oil field. I’ve constantly noticed I’ll avoid large groups of people. When I’ve had interviews I turn the car around because I freak out with talking to so many people. I want to run & hide away. Recently my mom got divorced she had a serious talk to me about me... [more]

Pantyhose fetish

I've always had a thing for women wearing pantyhose, especially the family of browns and tans. Growing up in the eighties most women wore them all the time especially to work and church. Well one day when I was around 5 years old, this lady from our church came over to visit with my mom. She was probably in her forties and a little chunky but not... [more]

I almost touched a woman's pantyhosed legs at an after event.

Iam happily married to a wonderful woman. I also have a big time pantyhose fetish and I've tried to get my wife to wear them more often but won't unless it's a date night or special event. Well anyway my aunt works for a nursing home and they had an event which we attended. It wasn't formal but there was one of my aunt's co-workers there who is an... [more]

I'm being haunted by someone

It wont stop make it stop, make it stop. my god make it stop how the fuuuuuuuuuuuucck do i make it stop? I need to get rid of this. HELP!!!!!!!

Hot daughter

I confess my 18 y old daughter has a nice body I can't help to look at times. I found her laundry basket one day full of her cloths so I looked thru it and was looking at her sexy panties and started jerking off with them, I took a wif of her dirty panties and it smelt so good and cumed right away. Now I like to [more]

Life’s not perfect

I have been married to my husband for 13 Years sheen together since high school we have 5 kids and one on the way. I used to think I had it all perfect husband perfect family and all I could ever ask for. I’ve been a housewife since our first child who’s now 8, I got pregnant really young. Me and my husband struggled for 3 Years to get stuff... [more]

So wrong

On new years eve my SIL was in town for the week staying with us and we had a house full of people and kids, She was sleeping in the spare room downstairs and a buddy of mine was over, They were very obviously flirting and disappeared at the same time a couple times. Him and his wife are separated due to the fact she is...well...Crazy as a [more]

I want to be in love with you

I want to be in love with you. You were my first love. I remember our first date and how crazy i was about you, i remember the first time you f***** me (first time i ever came by a man) i remember the little things, singing in the shower, making cookies at 1 am and [more]

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