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MY best friend beat the s*** out of a guy

I live in Ohio near Lake Superior and there are a lot of poor people living here. Not much work to do here and a lot of people have very little.
Near my friend's house, there is a trailer park. A woman living in one of these trailers had two very small children. She was a sot drunk. She often neglected her children aged five and seven.
I... [more]


Two nights ago when I got home I found my mother drunk after her birthday party. She was sleeping on the living room couch and her robe had come open and I could see her nipples. I tried to wake her up to tell her to go to bed but she didn't move. I got excited seeing her t*** with her big dark... [more]

I deserve to know.....

My fiance and I are in our mid twenties both just finish graduating from a university and have just moved in together. Been dating for over 5 Years high school sweet hearts etc. I’m 23 he’s 25. There’s things from our past we all aren’t proud of! one night my bf asked me to tell him about my past sexual life. I froze up not knowing if it was... [more]

Almost stabbed

My wife and I got in a terrible screaming match. Really bad on both sides. Bring up old stuff. After telling something at her she came in with a big kitchen knife and screamed she was going to stab me. Chased me around the house. Finally threw it. So hard thegandle broke off
Then she punched both arms like twenty times
I just told her... [more]

Stepson ungrateful

This 12 year old boy is a total liar and manipulator to his father and I’m sick of it. He moved 100 miles away with his mother (which he kept a secret from his dad until the day before they moved!) which was a god send but now there’s a whole other set of issues to deal with.
He never contacts his dad and he’s on his phone 24/7, not even a call... [more]

I’m so annoyed

I’m so f****** annoyed of my parents. They always force me to do s*** I DONT want to do bc I have some social anxiety but can’t tell them bc they won’t believe me. Every time they talk about s*** I... [more]

Masturbation public



My husband (32) and I (29)are recently married (8 months) and I was left in charge of house sitting my sisters house while they were away on vacation a few months ago, My husband and I were going through netflix and couldn't find anything we wanted to watch so we started fumbling through their DVD collection and stumbled across a home movie stuck... [more]

My courage stands strong

I finally broke up with my gf of 3 Years. We’ve had our ups and downs but now it’s attachment as time went by se began to hide things from me. Communication and honesty are my main purposes in a relationship. Besides the fact that her parents never are never will like me. I grew the courage to end things. Not feel attatched. Not feel like I use... [more]

MIL saw me naked

Without going into the finer details and to cut a long story short; one morning I found myself face to face with my mother in law without a stitch of clothing on me, or within grabbing distance!
How did I find myself to be in this awkward position? My in laws had been staying with us over half term. This particular morning I got up early as... [more]


I have a friend who owns several businesses. He is a gun enthusiast. So am I but to a much lesser degree. He makes a lot more money than I do.
I was at a gun show a few miles from my house when I saw an Italian side by side 10 gauge shotgun and the seller was asking $1000.00 for it. That's is a once in a lifetime deal. Italian shotguns... [more]

I miss my bestfriend/lover

This guy moved across the road from my house when i was doing my 1st year in undergrad. We became REALY good friends, he would come over to my house we would hangout for hours!!
We talked about everything, from if aliens exsist to far way lands we want to see.
Ive always wondered if there was something there, if im the olny one wondering... [more]

We are using each other

I'm at college and I share a room with another girl. Neither of us have a boyfriend but I'm not gay or bi and neither is she ... or so I thought. When I'm at home I'm in the habit of often wearing just a rugby shirt, and I don't think much of it, however a few weeks ago we were both watching TV and drinking wine, and I noticed her glancing across... [more]


I gave up the love of my life for a lifestyle my parents would approve of. My parents are elderly and wants what’s best for me. I come from a wealthy family by both sides mom & dad. I’m 22 Years young with a masters degree and currently still in school. Just married to a friend of the family’s son (Asian) surgeon. He’s not the best of good looking... [more]

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