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I want my mother in law

I started dating my wife in high school we had a baby at a young age and I moved in to my mother in laws home she's a heavier woman but I've always wanted to be with her she was so used to being in the house with just her children that when i first came she would walk to her bathroom naked all the time I would look threw the crack of my door when... [more]

Drunken S**

I was drunk at a party and met a guy who I went home with. We did so many dirty things together that night. I was so h**** that I was letting him push me to my limits which ended up with me on my knees in the bath tub and him p****** on my face. ... [more]

Disability should be allowed s**, marriage and babies too

I seen a lady I met who has a slight mental disability and all she talks about is being an aunty and she gives speeches all the time but she has a kind heart and honest. her parents died and they were very wealthy and I can't get over how she can fuss over a stranger's kid in the bus and not question why she has no husband and baby herself. its a... [more]

I hate my husband's son

Just a little warning, I don't appreciate any comments that hissing and dissing me or any other kind of offensive and cruel remarks. The basic is simple, if you have nothing nice to say don't need to say it at all..
I know I'm a tough girl. I have brave everything under the sun and challenges all my life. But I can't, In fact I think after... [more]

Friends wife

Last night I texted my friend and asked if he was up for having a beer, He texted me back and said "Sure, Stop by in half an hour", I walked over thinking it would take about 15 minutes and that would be close enough, I walked past the side of the house to knock on the back door since we always sit in the garage and drink beer.
As I walked around... [more]


My husband is and always has been "Handsy" when we sleep, I always wake up to his hand up, in, or under my shirt, A few weeks ago we traveled to Vegas with another couple, Great trip, Separate rooms until on the way home my husband hit a deer with our car.
He took the car to the garage and it had broken something we couldn't continue on with as... [more]

I need an answer

So the other day I caught my wife, Well I didn't catch her but looked at her search history on her ipad because she was having issues with it and asked me to see if I could fix it, I didn't and still haven't said anything but.
It would appear she watches girl on girl or solo girl videos once or twice a month, I didn't see any couples or male... [more]

When My Egg Donor Dies I Will Dance On Her Grave!

You might be the vessel that carried for 9 months and brought me into this world, but you are not my mother and are frankly the reason why I hate not only everything black and american, because the are your race and nationality, and I have no good memories whatsoever of my 5 years of childhood with you in your country. No I am not an American and... [more]

Step daughter

My step daughter I've known since she was since she was 10, She used to view me as a step dad. When she turned 15 she refused to speak to me, never acknowledges my birthday or wish me merry Christmas or fathers day. She will go out of her way to not speak to me. If I have the car key and she needs something in the car, she will ask her mom to ask... [more]

I am confused

I am a 21 Y/O female, I am in my second year of college, Up until 6 months ago I had always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl, Don't get me wrong I truly enjoy men but was always intrigued by girls.
I started my second year of college, I moved into a townhouse style residence with three other girls, Carol walked in and instantly... [more]

Best new years ever.

My wife and I have been married going on 18 years, I am sure not a month has passed that I haven't made some comment about a threesome, In the beginning I probably thought it might actually happen but even though I still try I had pretty much conceded defeat thinking any possibility was long gone.
New years eve my wife and I partied hard while... [more]

I hate my girlfriend's son

Very plainly...I hate my girlfriend's son. I tried to like him but in every way possible I absolutely can't stand him. She has 2 other kids and we get along fine. I'm just waiting until his 18th birthday so I can throw his ass out our house. Ungrateful incompetent dirty little s***! UGGHHHHH!!!

Married 25 yrs and i want to go

Im a 52 yr old male, 3 children and my wife is 6 yrs older than me
all my children are girls 16,19, 25. My children only speak to me when they want something, my youngest say she hates me
i haven't had s** for 10 years
i want to get out of all of this, or kill myself; i think my wife is happy if i go... [more]

He enjoyed it.

New years eve my husband and I went back to his home town, It's where we met and I lived there for 10 years as well so I have lots of friends there as well, We got a hotel room and had a bunch of people over.
After the big celebration in the lobby at midnight the party started to wind down, some of us went back to the room and continued drinking... [more]

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