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Donald dump , jr

This is truth teller, well that stupid idiot donald jr has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus 🦠! If you’re reading this b****, this is called Karma! You deserve this and so much worse, you’re a p*** poor excuse for a human being! Any woman that... [more]

Hello Carol.

About two years ago a work friend of mine told me a story about a coworker, I wasn't in that department the day of his story but we work in a office environment and I just got transfered over a few months ago but he claimed he had dropped something and bent over to pick it up, As he did Carol the woman in his department turned her chair, Put a... [more]

Anyone have stories of family members fattening up?

My mom has been purposefully gorging herself for a few weeks now. Trying to impress this new guy, I guess. He keeps persuading her to eat more and more and encourages her to gain weight. He says that he loves big women with an appetite and is always buying her bigger clothes!
My mom is always eating now it seems. She was hesitant at first, but... [more]

I guess it should be Cuckolding

First off I want you to know that I am sort of dyslexic and although I talk and read normal when I write or type I sometimes get letters in the wrong places but I will go back and proof read tis before posting it.
Carla is not my wife real name and my name is not Larry but the guy we used for this post is Steve.
Carla and I grew up together... [more]

I shouldn't have said anything

People are entitled to get angry. We are human after all. People can tell us we are wrong and give us their opinion. I can't get mad at you for telling me what I did wrong. But you can't get mad at me if I feel a certain way. I won't tell you so don't worry. I don't like talking about it. Maybe I would have told you before but tonight just showed... [more]

Why me

I know covid has been difficult for everyone, but trying to keep your job especially at my age, I'm 61 is not easy.
My boss who is just some kid! (he's 28) called me explaining that there needs to be some cutbacks and some people will be let go, my heart was in my mouth, I knew what was coming, he said you are slower and not as valuable as... [more]


I’ve been off and on with someone for two and a half years now. And I’m in love with him, I don’t know what about him, I can’t explain it. He’s been really hard with me and somewhat mean in the past, but I know deep down how sweet, fun, cool he is. He’s never laid a hand on me. My friends are amazing and will go to war for me, they obviously don’t... [more]

The b**** ass n**** at the gas station

This b**** ass n**** thats a man at the gas station told physical lies that my two beautiful cousins deja lee neshia phelps not relatives to me plus told physical lies that i don't know judo moves headlock takedown front facelock takedown single leg... [more]

My horrible secret

I'm an eighteen year old girl with a horrible secret. I've never been able to tell anyone this, for reasons I'm sure everyone will understand. On the surface, I seem perfectly normal. I started college this fall, I work part-time, and so on. Problem is, I'm far from normal. In fact, I'm about as far from normal as it's possible to be.
Because... [more]

S** after marriage

Before i got married i confess to my husband to be that there
was no way i would be faithful to him, i just had to much desire. he understood which really turn me on, and married me.. i swear his d*** did not get out of my mouth for a month at least it seams that way to me, and i did let him please... [more]

I did something bad

I just self harmed. It's not my first time doing it but it still hurt. I'm hoping no one notices when I change at school for PE.

I like it maybe too much.

I started getting excited about voyerism at a young age, When I was about 14 I accidentally exposed myself to my step dad, I was wearing a beach coverup and had taken my bottoms off, Was going to go shower and rinse off the sand in my butt crack and took my bottoms out to the balcony, Put them on the chair to dry and they fell, I bent over and... [more]

The man who f***** my wife is dead - poem.

The man who f***** my wife is dead.
At last the slime has changed to dung.
I happily know the burial date -
last week and where the t*** was flung.
So one day I can find the grave
And spit and p***... [more]

Nothing yet...or probally ever

My Mother started going out with this guy a little older then her and she invite him to dinner one night a cuple weeks ago so he could meet us kids, me and my 2 younger brothers. He was good looking and it looked to me like he's hung pretty good. yeah. I checked him just to see and I was pretty impressed. And yeah I noticed he checked me out... [more]

Fun with sister in school

Friday me and my sister went to school . Win we got there we went to the empty room that we had found. we had been having s** in it every school day this year . There was a table in the corner of the room . My sister rushed to the table and got on top . She flipped up her skirt. She said hurry brother... [more]

My wife is destroying our family...

That recently, my wife said she wanted a trial seperation. In the span of a few days, she went from trial and staying at friend's place, to getting an apartment and contacting a divorce attorney, all without explaining why. We finally talked and she gave me hope that she is just going through stuff, she stopped talking to an attorney, she needs... [more]

Good night Jenna.

Last night I was at a buddies house working on a car in the garage, We were having beers and I asked where his wife was, He shrugged and said "Who knows, Out with friends", I left it at that and when we were almost ready to go for a test drive his wife came stumbling into the garage somewhere around 2:00 am. I noticed almost immediately that she... [more]

His Mum Caught us

I am now a 62 year old woman and having seen this site it reminded me of an incident that still makes my toes curl when I remember it.
At the time I was 15 or 16. I had a boyfriend of the same age. We both had the same free time at school, Wednesday afternoons.
We use to go to his house to "Study" but the time was usually spent messing about... [more]

Love Of My Life 😍

I have been very shy around girls since childhood. I had a huge crush on a girl in school🥰, it was so strong that I didn't even for a second thought about any other girl. And I didn't even imagine much of sexual tension between us, but just something so pure was there. I wish I could feel that way again for somebody 😔. I was like one of hundreds... [more]

I hope that Trump dies (not joking) let's all pray for it

Pleaze gawd

Ruined my marriage? (Part 2)

I was so messed up I couldn’t even stop, I just looked at her and she was staring at my husband who was on his knees and elbows, Face buried in my p**** with one hand under my butt and his thumb in it and the other hand pulling on my stretchy little left nip which was burning he was pulling so hard... [more]

Why do I keep denying the possibility of having depression smh

Life stops mattering a lot, I can find things that make it seem worth while but at the end of the day when those things are gone it's just back to being void of anything. I can't even talk to people about it because no matter the results I regret it and feel like some guy making everyone uncomfortable. My friends can tell me that'd they'd let me... [more]

Mother in Law

I met my wife while in College, she is gorgeous, fell in love first sight. Before I met her, I never was serious with girls, I never had any issues attracting girls. Women were easy for me, old young didn’t seem to matter, when I wanted needed one, one was there. This all changed when I met my wife. I am 6-3, 220, my wife is 5-10 maybe 145, d... [more]

Bigot Kim davis

This is truth teller, that stupid c*** Kim davis is the biggest hypocrite since trump ! She refused to preform gay couples weddings but the stupid b**** has been married two or three times. B**** if you... [more]

My wife

I met my wife at a place called what’s on tap she got out of the car when I looked at her I fell in love I’ve been in planning relationships for not too many that I could say that they were good I hadn’t had too many good results with relationships but I know this if I ever loved a woman I loved her like no other we had our ups and downs and I... [more]

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