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My husband (32) and I (29)are recently married (8 months) and I was left in charge of house sitting my sisters house while they were away on vacation a few months ago, My husband and I were going through netflix and couldn't find anything we wanted to watch so we started fumbling through their DVD collection and stumbled across a home movie stuck... [more]

MIL saw me naked

Without going into the finer details and to cut a long story short; one morning I found myself face to face with my mother in law without a stitch of clothing on me, or within grabbing distance!
How did I find myself to be in this awkward position? My in laws had been staying with us over half term. This particular morning I got up early as... [more]

The girl whose name starts with L

He really cared for you, and still does. He believes he is being set up by you so that your (ex)? can attack him. Just know this, if any harm comes to him, I will track you down. I’m hoping this will work itself out.

I'm abusive

I am a toxic person. I've always been questioning it, but now I am sure of it. It wasn't until I was put into a position where I had to look back to see how I was treated growing up and how messed up it was, that I realized it was the same way I was treating others. I'm emotionally abusive to my "boyfriend" (I'm using the term loosely because we... [more]

All that for nothing..

My biggest fear about love is it being unrequited but let me explain a bit deeper. I’m a male in my mid twenties and I’m straight forward. I’m not for that “won’t tell you I like you, but will do small things to hint at it and hope you will pick up on it and reciprocate” NO, kids and teenagers do that [more]

Getting a bit fat

My lovely wife is a gourmet cook, and since we got married 2 years ago, I have gained 37 pounds, as of yesterday. She seems to like my growing belly. Fortunately, she is also packing on the pounds--mainly in her hips and ass. She is looking better and better. She won't tell me how much she has gained, but I am guessing about 30 pounds. I'm so... [more]

I want to marry her

We've been together for two (almost three) years now, and our love has only gotten stronger for each other. I want to spend as much of the rest of my life as possible with her, I want to make her happy for as long as I have breath in my body, I love her.
I've secretly made a necklace from bones that I've cleaned, polished and carved, I hope... [more]

I hate my fiancé's best friends

I hate my fiancé 's best friends. I recently moved to the country where my fiancé lives, but he and his two best friends(they are a couple). My fiancé always overprotects them and overreacts when it comes to his "best friends". I hate my fiancé when it comes to this issue.
They have such a weird friendship. The girl is a typical mama's girl... [more]

Best Friend

I sometimes want to slap my best friend. Not because she's stupid because she's super annoying if we're in an argument, she makes herself the victim, and she always hangs out with my little niece instead of me. I honestly, don't get it. She lies about random s***, and she doesn't know how to keep... [more]

I hope masseur seduces my wife

I confess that I have a strong fantasy about my wife being thoroughly satisfied. She has lost her desire for intimacy so she is very seldom willing in bed and when we do it she avoids foreplay and urges me to finish quick. She used to like it so much and enjoyed it in so many ways that I miss watching her moaning and shaking. My fantasy is to see... [more]

Everyone feels stupid this morning

Every once in a while something happens and you wake up thinking "Man, I hope no one else remembers that" and when everyone does you laugh about it for a couple days but i don't think that is whats going to happen here.
My wife, My younger brother and I had gotten into a jar of moonshine he brought over, Like real, Completely clear, Burns blue... [more]

The repair guy

I work for an ISP and have been in the field for 6 years basically since graduation, I had an offer to move to the office and turned it down since i prefer what i do over sitting in front of a computer screen all day, All of my friends have always asked if i have ever hooked up with a customer while working and sadly i never have up until two... [more]

I watched my wife's mom

The other night my wife and I stayed at her moms after returning from a holiday, Her dad was working nights and wouldn't be home until the morning and our flight got in late, Since we live 2 hours from the city in a small town we didn't feel like driving home so we called the babysitter and asked her to stay at our place with the kids one more... [more]

Hey, Rose

Nice job! You told so many lies, about Weinstein and others, and made such an embarrassingly angry and bitter martyr of yourself -- all for your own benefit and aggrandizement -- that you caused (CAUSED) your manager to kill herself. Yes, she had dealt with depression, and depressives occasionally kill themselves, but her suicide wasn't because... [more]

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