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I purposely eat a little bit of my allergies

I’ve always had to compete with my parent attention but they still ignore me, but blame me when bad things happen so to get out of it I put a little bit of peanut butter on my lips and arms(if I eat a lot, I need an epipen) she then they feel guilty if they yell at me. I’ve only done this twice, but I hope they don’t notice!

CD & Hot Neighbor

I am a WM and occasionally like to cross dress. Lately I have been spending time on my deck dressed up. It is very visible to some neighbors. One neighbor in particular is a hot 35 yr old blonde woman. Knowing her for the past 10 years I am aware she is dominant, a gossip, and won’t hesitate to call neighbors out.
I continue to hope she... [more]


I've never completed my requirements to pass, because I realised I was never happy in doing what they thought was the best for me. Each day I was living someone else's life, achieving their dreams and goals, and doing things to make them happy.
Sometimes I forget what makes me happy.
I'd breach this topic with others and they'll say, “Oh... [more]

That came out of nowhere.

What the heck happened this week, My wifes family had planned a 50th for her cousins parents and I have been a part of the family for nearly 20 years, In that time I have seen 3 things, Once, 10 years ago I seen her moms b00b who is now 55 was then 45, I seen her little sisters b00b when she was 22 and her sister is an anomally in their family, My... [more]

Just want to get this off my chest, I guess

I'm writing here, because my journal is packed for university, and I cannot dig it out of my boxes.
What I'm about to make is not really a confession - its something I want to get off my chest without having to tell my friends, without someone I know having leverage over me by knowing this small secret.
Before leaving to University, I... [more]

I want Carrie

I use to work with this girl that is so beautiful. She left for another job a year ago. I reached out to her and I think she was flirting with me as much as I was flirting with her. Thru a line over and let’s see how it goes. Hope my wife doesn’t find out.

I post my wife's nude pics online because....

For years I have had the fantasy of watching my wife have s** with other men. Unfortunately for me I have not been able to convince her to do it. At least not to my knowledge.
The next best thing is sharing her nude photos on line for other men to see, or sometimes even emailing some to friends of... [more]

Surprised my wife

I've been married for 43 years she's now 62 one night she asked me if I ever thought about a three-way that's always been in my head I wake her up a lot in the middle of the night licking on her p**** she ask me the other night wonder how she would feel if she looked down and it was somebody else... [more]

I just f***** my Kindergarten Teacher

Your not going to believe this. Our next door neighbors are teachers. They had a party last weekend. We have a gate between our back yards so my man and dad allowed them to open it and for them to use our pool along with giving them more room so social distancing could be practiced.
I’m 19 and attending the local community college with... [more]

Found my wife's mylabbox and used pregnancy tests

I came home and the dog knocked over the garbage can in the garage. I was picking up and noticed empty boxes wrapped and tied up in multiple CVS plastic bags. I tore it open and inside was 3 different brands of pregnancy tests, negative (I’ve been shooting blanks for 10 yrs) and a I looked up ‘my lab box’ and and it’s a STD test kit... [more]

The 17 year old boy

Hey truth teller again. The 17 year old boy that shot and killed 2 people and blew the arm off of another person, I hope the little son of a b**** go’s to the penitentiary and I hope he gets his a****** hogged out ! No 1 ask him to come from another... [more]

Nude wife pictures

I posted naked pictures of my wife, no face shots, on the Internet without her knowledge and got loads of comments back about how random guys want to f*** her and do things to her. It gets me hot thinking of her being wanked over by strangers.
Anyway, one of our friends showed me a picture of my... [more]

Unknown Always

Someone whom I liked so much is about to leave our batch due to the pandemic. She just said it hours ago that we won't be classmates together and I don't know if I should say something but one thing for sure is that I'll miss her presence. I started to search where her school is and it's just moderate walk for me but quite far and I looked around... [more]

10 yrs ago with husband's best friend

Allan’s attractively fit bachelor, sexy eyes, ’major player’ with commitment issues, 6” 6’ and wonderful personality. He was on my husband’s lacrosse team at college. He’s a player, never seen him with the same girl twice but always treated me with respect. After college, my husband and I got married. Allan went to law school, has a successful... [more]

I love humilating boys

I am a 15 y/o girl who loves humiliating boys, as they're obnoxious twats who ought to be put in their place. I'm average-looking, but boys can't control themselves at all. So in school, I like to walk up to them and sit on their laps, randomly moving around while talking to them I press my ass into their crotch up and down until they get a [more]

My mom Nancy

Almost every day for the last few months I have been masturbating while I have breakfast with my mom. I kept thinking that I was having s** with her mouth.
When I am done eating I lean back and mess the front of my pajama top with my stuff. While it is squirting up the front of me I say, thank you... [more]

Liking someone for 7 years knowing they will never like you back.

I constantly find myself thinking about him no matter what. Even when im in a relationship or when im at the darkest of time. I would risk my live for him and I would do anything just to protect him even if he does not acknowledge me or they have someone else. I would rather not tell him that I like him and live my life like this in pain, seeing... [more]

Actor Jensen ackles

I’m truth teller, I was at a supernatural fan convention last year ( 2019 ) one of the girls in the audience asked me bigot about his character being bi - sexual. Needless to say he got very defensive and angry about this . He refused to answer the question! After the convention was over the cast was signing autographs, mr bigot was over heard... [more]

Totally can relate to all of these postings

I can totally relate to the daddy girl/princess postings. I have been with my husband eleven years married for six. We each have an adult child from a previous marriage. My problem is the fact his little wannabee princess is 32 years old, has four kids by three different baby daddies. The lovely scumboy she is with now has two previous kids. We... [more]

Raven symone married a white women

That Cosby Show actress married a white women. What an abomination. She should married a man. What is wrong with that black woman, is she crazy? A black woman should not deal with white women period. I am racist and proud. With this George Floyd propaganda, she needs to rethink her actions. I hope she don't have children. She will be serving them... [more]

Wife thinks very highly of me.

And that's the only reason I am cheating on her with my ex girlfriend. I seriously cannot afford to show this side of mine to my wife, she always reminds me how much she looks up to me and how she thinks I'm too good for her.
But I do have my submissive side when it comes to bedroom and only my ex knows it. I'm the guy who likes to kiss feet... [more]

To My Dearest Angel,

I wish I could meet you for the first time again. I wish you would fall in love with me again, the way you had once before. I can feel your love for me fading, and I know I can't change that. I know you'll be leaving soon. It hurts to imagine myself with someone other than you. One day you'll be leaving me baby, and I don't know what I'll do. One... [more]

DO We Just Take Everything As Gospel

I don’t know if I am the only person in the universe thinking ‘outside the box’ however, right now at this moment in time, if we don’t start questioning things regarding the Covird-19, we will automatically just accept what the media, politicians and experts are feeding to us, as Gospel.
If there is such a thing as democracy, we would see the... [more]

So confused

I've fallen for the guy I'm seeing. Problem is, I'm getting tired of feeling like the relationship is being yo-yoed.
I talk with him about the yo-yo issue, and it always comes down to me asking if we should simply be friends, or for him to simply tell me the issue so we can move on. He convinces me nothing is wrong, and he doesn't find anything... [more]

Why are racists so obsessed with black people?

If you dont like them, why do you keep talking about them, seeking them out, keep trying to engage with them? Even online. Going on their sites where they're having fun and just chilling. They never go on white supremacist sites. Why are you so obsessed with what they're doing, what they're talking about etc? You say you hate them and tell them to... [more]

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