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Drunk enough to not care.

It was summer time, I was taking summer classes to get out of school early. My mom and dad had a shop in town and would leave early to open up. During the summer My cousin would stay with us to help my parents and and enjoy the beach. this was his third year with us he was now 16 and I was 20.
We lived in an old house, One day I had gotten up to... [more]

Tor Drug Deal Gone Bad (and more)

So I tried to buy 200 tabs of LSD on a site called Agartha: Underground Marketplace. This was before I was aware of scammers on Tor. Someone by the screenname Trustig666 I believe uses a fake profile. He had many reviews saying positive things but they were all lies. After hearing out someone (who I actually believe now to be someone totally... [more]

My uncle David is controlling my life

My uncle is making our full family life a living h*** he banned me from using the Internet deleting my YouTube channel with over 50,000 subs,
Now he's forcing our whole family to take the vaccine even after my 93 year old grandmother died after taking the first dose
He's making us all wear two... [more]

Im feeling suicidal after failing 2 semesters and lying about it

I did my first two semesters of online college and failed every class and lied about it because I don't know how to be honest with my parents. I'm having lots of suicidal thoughts even though I want to keep living because I don't know how to deal with this and I don't want to deal with the consequences. I have well over a full gram of... [more]

I don't wanna be monster

Hello I'm Sam I'm a 17 yr old and I get angry lot of times and I yell at my family member at small arguments my mom my dad my grandma and my sister I have bunch of friends but no one talk serious about I loved a girl but I messed all the things up cause I did lot of s***** things I'm shame of and now... [more]

Neighbor helping Neighbor

It’s crazy down in Texas.
As many of you know it’s colder than cold down here and it’s a real mess down here.
Well it just got really weird. Our neighbors had a pipe burst in their garage. They are a young couple in their mid to late twenties. They are not very handy around the house as they are a lady couple (if you know what I mean). ... [more]

My dermotologist

She has been my dermatologist for many years. She’s an attractive woman with an athletic body (a few pounds’ overweight but sexy) and under that doctor’s coat seems to have a healthy C cup chest. She always wears a conservative style dress but tasteful. I had been to visit her one late weekday afternoon. I was her last appointment. I can’t... [more]

Dear Dirty Blonde Husband Stealer

You met my husband at hotels and let him do what he wouldn’t do to me. You fulfilled his deepest fantasies, though you are much older than me. You stayed with him for two years, and left my children without a father. I’m not stupid, I knew, but I hope you caught stds. He will always come back to me, because my kids deserve a father, but you...... [more]

A Cheerleader and a Musician Pt 1

That my first time was with a famous musician. Not sure why I am posting this, I guess because all this lockdown stuff has made me nostalgic, and over the years, this memory becomes more sweet. So, I wanted to put it out there.
I graduated high school in 1981. My favourite thing in high school was being a cheerleader. I loved it. It was a ton... [more]

Stupid mouse trap didn't work.....T^T

I've been having a mouse problem for a while now. I can hear scurrying from upstairs 24/7, I've set up traps that won't kill the god damn thing until now. I saw it run across my stove and behind my microwave, of course I tried to catch it, (with a catch cup), but it disappeared. So with haste I grabbed a mouse trap that in hopes would kill it... [more]

Just like mom

I have been crossdressing and fantasizing about pleasing men since my early teens. I am a 55 married man and have and several encounters with men my age and older. I loved loved it each time and want it even more now. I try to get my wife to take a lover hoping that maybe we could have a mmf. I would spy on my mom as a kid. My parents had lots of... [more]

Not Sure

When I was about 12/13 I was in the hot tub with some friends and a lot of them left and I was left alone with a friends brother. He was about 17 I think. He was joking and I was just really goofy at that age and was joking too and he “jokingly” put his hand up my swimsuit bottoms. His hand was only there for like 4 seconds. I laughed because I... [more]

My sad story about erotic massage

I've had massages and all are clinical and by the book, except one, kinda. When I was on my stomach with just a towel across my buttocks he ran his hands up and down my sides. Every time his fingers lingered for a second on the sides of my t*** but not enough to be anything. When he went down my back... [more]

For my ex-girlfriend...

I have to write this here because it would humiliate me on social media. It would also result in the recipient’s estrangement, and I don’t even know if we’re friends right now.
So here it is:
- I love you. I love you so much. I love everything about you. You are beautiful. You are sexy. You are cute. You are smart. You are funny. You brought... [more]

I don't understand some things about trans

I confess that I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the trans/woke narrative conflict. I get that people can feel uncomfortable in whatever gender identity was hoisted upon them, but I can't understand how one can claim to be a gender they have little experience being. Eliot Page (formerly Ellen) claims to be a "him". How is that possible? ... [more]


I am 38, married with 3 kids, 5'3" and 135 ish pounds, I stayed with some family the other weekend and my nephew had a friend there, We were all pretty drunk and I went to bed, My husband was coming up the next day and I was laying in bed, I heard the door to my room open and felt the sheets slide off my back side. OK, At this point I should have... [more]

Well, I hope you're all happy

As of today, Joseph R. biden, Jr., is the President of the United States, while one of our most intelligent and most accomplished Presidents has been sent packing under an entirely undeserved and media-created cloud of suspicion and disrespect, so that a brazen liar and cheat and plagiarist could assume control of the Executive Branch . . . . . ... [more]

I jerked off to pictures on instagram

I created a bullshit Instagram account and found my cousins daughters page. I have not seen her in years and she has grown up to be a beautiful, sexy young women. She posted pics of herself wearing a thong bikini. well i used them to m********* to at least 7 times in the past week. I even... [more]

Sex with girlfriends old mother

Back in 1970 I had s** with my girlfriends 50 or old mother. I was 20 at the time. We did it 2 times a day 4 times a week she would o***** many times. She was the best ever she had a very harry grey Pusey. We did it in all positions. She would squirt in my... [more]

Im a p***ographer

I congess that I have worked on and off in the p*** industry building and maintaining pay and free sites. Its not normally the ideal industry to be proud of or write home about but the company that I work for the past 9 years for are an honest hardworking crew and are about to strike it big with something new. I had hoped to get into a more family... [more]

How to end thing with a femdom

Hi so i have been a submissive to a dominant for the past year however i have been thinking a lot lately and feel as this D/s relationship is not working for me and wish to reach out to another dominant. however i do care about my current domme a lot and want to know the best way to end the relationship on good terms and not make her think its her... [more]

Narcissists behaviour

Okayyyy.... Where do i need to start, when it come to something or someone who disrespect you and talk bad behind your back, i will never look this person as the same person ever again, because you'll know the answer,
 "strong mind discuss idea, average mind discuss event and weak mind discuss people". 
Shes a typical [more]

This b**** with Narcissist behaviour

Okayyyy.... Where do i need to start, when it come to something or someone who disrespect you and talk bad behind your back, i will never look this person as the same person ever again, because you'll know the answer,
 "strong mind discuss idea, average mind discuss event and weak mind discuss people". 
Shes a typical [more]

I hate who I was in middle school

Hey I wish I kinda wish I said something to you today. But I could feel myself embarrassed to talk to you from someone I was not anymore and the way you looked at me like deer in the headlights. I don't think you wanted me to say anything and I'm glad I just kept walking because I feel like if I stopped and said something nothing good would come... [more]

Hopelessly in Love

I'm hopelessly in love with a guy I've never seen. He's a voice actor, so I've heard his voice countless times. We've been talking for days and the more we speak the more I fall for him. I feel absolutely ridiculous about it because I think the chances of anything happening are very low. I worry that he thinks I'm insane or too weird, maybe I've... [more]

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