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My daughter is stripping

My daughter recently confessed to me that she is stripping. Shes 18. I am devastated. I don't know why, but she thought I'd be supportive. I'm not. I can't think of anything worse than my baby parading herself in front of men, nude, for money. I've always been pretty open minded but not to this. I firmly believe in self respect and working hard... [more]

Jehovah Witnesses and child abuse

Being born to these losers constitutes being abused as far as I'm concerned. The kid better hope he or she never bleeds out because of course, their religion forbids blood transfusions.
That's not the only danger. Child molesters in the group never or seldom get reported because the JW'S have a ritual whereby they can be forgiven of the sin... [more]

What now?

You put your kids to bed and you might catch up on some reading or having a glass of wine.Time has passed by and you are getting tired one last check on the kids. You quietly come to their rooms and you look no one is in bed so you check the next bed and you find it is empty also.Quick check all of the other rooms in house and no kids and your... [more]

I'm not coping

I've reached rock bottom in my life and I don't want to be here anymore. No one loves me or cares about me. I'm tired of trying and hoping that it gets better. I wish someone actually cared.

Lost hope

I confess yes my life isnt perfect i had twenty boyfriends and im now fifteen have a great boyfriend but what i cant handle is that guys think im easy meat to get to and i hate how my step dad wont leave my family alone i always take the heat i take all the bs because im shielding my family i cant take the pressure ill explain more if people can... [more]


I feel sorry for Morgan Freeman and actually many of the people being accused of s** abuse. It comes from an era when this stuff went on. And importantly at the time it was just ignored and covered up and put up with.
I think the only thing that saves me is that I'm not a famous actor. I'm a nobody... [more]

My ex is playing mind games

My ex and I lived together with pets, etc. He has been unhappy for the past few months, not able to sleep, depressed, angry and lashing out. He normally has a temper and is often in a negative mood, but it has increased. He mentioned he’s unhappy in the relationship because he wants more and to have children, but I’ve told him that I can’t move... [more]


Went for shopping at a store and noticed a woman with suspecious behavior. Here's what I did: I encompassed myself around her until she changed her mind. I refused to leave her sight. She noticed my presence and walked away. I believe she changed her mind.
I personally believe it is vital for an individual to realize the consequences of their... [more]

MIL liked it

Last weekend I had a company function to attend and sometimes they get a bit out of hand so my wife had asked her mom to come say at our place so she could look after the kids and we could sleep in the next day. As predicted it did get out of hand and we stumbled in around 3:30 am, we crawled into bed and my wife almost instantly passed out but I... [more]

Saved 2

I secretly save many lives but to be frankly speaking, I don't think I could've ever achieved it careerwise. Legally speaking, law contains restrictions, which doesn't fit my free spirited personality. I'm hoping to persue an another masters degree or phd when I'm sure of myself in the next few years. Hopefully I'll come across an opportunity that... [more]

Scared of children

I'm a 49 year old woman and feel extremely nervous around young children, especially toddlers, and have spent my life avoiding them. I feel very guilty, ashamed and sad, and a freak of nature. I missed my neices and nephews growing up, and now I am a great aunt the whole cycle is repeating itself. I can't talk to anyone about it. I don't know... [more]

5 years age difference

I was always the odd guy at school. I had joined the school when I was 9 on 4th grade but was unable to make any friends. I was extremely thin wearing eye glasses, shy, timid and unsocial, and became a victim of bullying by my peers, mostly other boys but some mean girls too. The nicer girls hinted they found me cute but i was just too lame for... [more]

Watching cops arrest a business man and rumble roll with him

I seen a police officer arresting a politician and escort him off the business property and this arroused me and I got so h**** and excited. I wanted to see more of his gabbing shirt and undone buttons slips out to show his bare hairy chest and fat stomach and the way his pants slightly fell down... [more]

Old boys

Our next door neighbour his a old boy who can't do enough for me and my wife especially my wife , I never took any notice of him helping my wife I just thought what a nice guy , Then one day I was in my garden and overheard a conversation with my neighbour talking to his old mate , My wife's name came up more than once he was telling his mate how... [more]

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