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I cannot bring myself to fully trust my girlfriend.

Back in April of 2020 I linked up with a girl I use to mess around back in high school like 11 years ago. We began to mess around and sleep with each other.
She was single, I was single and we were just messing around. We would hook up almost every weekend from the middle of April. She has just come out of a 6 year relationship literally 3... [more]

Tor Drug Deal Gone Bad (and more)

So I tried to buy 200 tabs of LSD on a site called Agartha: Underground Marketplace. This was before I was aware of scammers on Tor. Someone by the screenname Trustig666 I believe uses a fake profile. He had many reviews saying positive things but they were all lies. After hearing out someone (who I actually believe now to be someone totally... [more]

Make myself ugly

I hate how people treat me differently just because I'm conventionally attractive. How do I make myself ugly without hurting my body.

I feel used

After a company function to celebrate my becoming a millionaire for the 40th time probably my fiance and I were at a club, We met up with my boss and his wife, It was kinda weird seeing them there but we sat and had a couple drinks with them, They invited us to come back to their place with a group of other couples so we went.
Needless to say... [more]

What should I do?

When i started dating my girlfriend I didn't know she was kinky, but only when she asked me to spank did i realize. We've been dating for 2 years now and I don't know how to respond to that. I except and love her for who she is, but i don't want to HURT her hurt her, you know? We're on our last year of high school, are we to young to spank? Should... [more]

I let my wife peg me...

My wife wanted to peg me and she begged me to let her. I finally allowed it. Her sister was staying with us at the time and she let her sister watch as she shoved a huge d**** in my ass. It was very big and she was rough and it hurt. When I told her it hurt she said good. Her sister cheered her on so... [more]

Too much showing

I was out with my 3 male cousins and 2 of thier frinds at the lake, I had on just a bikini and at 16 was already a bit top heavy, We were just s******* around and they had all jumped a fence...yeah, Whatever just kid stuff and I went to follow but when I went ass over tea kettle leaving me... [more]

The bouquet FLOWERS WHITE ROSE WHITE Lily. Delivery to Him T CAF

The happened before Christmas Day's and New Year's 2020.
A bouquet WHITE ROSE WHITE LiLY And SMALL CARD BY lITtle CRAB sent to SomeOne at café & Healthy Food. From my intention. But He gave it to HER...
I trust you Always Trust You that You not give to HER..I am evil say anything out Like I'm trying to slander a story, a drama to another... [more]

Ko-ed by girl

As a young man I did some boxing,mostly private with friends as a workout.
At the gym I went to we had matches once a month but I only boxed twice and was knocked out in the first round both times so I quit that and just did sparring at home mostly with my stepmom.
Fast forward to three years ago,married with two teen stepdaughters.
A backyard... [more]

Sex with my mom's bf

My mom and I moved and she started seeing the guy who lived across the street. I was 11, almost 12. We went over there a lot, he had a pool and I could tell he would stare at me. We gave up our place and moved in and they would have s** loud and after he would stare at me. When she was gone he would... [more]

I’m meant to be alone

I don’t think I meant for relationships. I know people usually say if it doesn’t work out then it’s because it wasn’t the right one. But what if there is no right one?
In the last 4 years, I’ve been in 3 different relationships. I’m in my third one currently.. and although she’s lovely and a really sweet and caring person, I’m finding myself to... [more]

No longer want to be married

I have been married now for a year and 2 months. I have come to grips that sometimes some couples don’t work out no matter how hard you try. I was accused of hiding things from her on my phone, but when she hacked into my Instagram and other social media accounts and found nothing. She was so upset that she resulted in cutting herself about it..... [more]

My Wife and Her Friend

I'm new to this site and have read several posts in different categories. No doubt some are real, and some are fake, which is usually how it is with a public (free) site. I decided to make a post as well that no one will probably believe and that's okay. At least I'll be able to get it off my chest instead of keeping it all bottled up. I don't... [more]


One friday night(in WEST GERMANY!) after a night of MY rock band playing live, i DROOVE my GIRLFRIEND HOME (TRIER, WEST GERMANY) quickly WE FOUND OUR WAY TO HER BEDROOM, AFTER i PUT ON MY CONDOM and some KY jelly I eased my c*** into her b*******!... [more]

An Unpopular Opinion About Guys

I think male circumcision should be mandatory for all boys. At the hospital, the doctors should be like, 'Sorry Ms. so and so, it's for his own good. Its the law that he has to be circumcised. We'll be right back in 45 minutes.'
The circumcision done should be the one where the top half of the p*nis is paler in color because the skin on the... [more]

Taking my time

I started four years ago taking my time to c** i would sometimes watch p*** for up to 3 hours and stopping when i was about to c** but would ended up in having pain in my lower back and my [more]

I can't escape fat women

I am separated, awaiting my divorce to be finalized. Over the holidays the loneliness hit a fever pitch and I opened up a dating profile on a social media app I already use.
So, I am 40, I'd consider myself reasonably attractive, active, outdoorsy, fit/athletic. I posted profile pics that supported this. I tried to draw attention from women... [more]


Don't pay attention, I came through just vent.
Many times when we are so frustrated that we don't want to stand any longer, our brains, if nothing else to think about, will be relieved if we are crazy, walking next to our footsteps, we probably won't have to think about it, brain pain almost every night Kill me, I want to wake up and forget... [more]

I’m never going to love my stepson

So I’ve really been feeling like a monster because I absolutely do not love my 5 yr old stepson. I barely like him but I really care for and love my girlfriend.
My girlfriend and I are going on 3 yrs together. In the start, it was going good until I moved in and really got to know how her son is. First off, he’s an extreme momma’s boy. He has to... [more]

I fear being cancelled because of past behavior

For the past 10 years or so I have been in fear of being "cancelled" for past behavior some of which I am not proud of and I have questioned the extent of the damage that it may have caused to another person.
Namely, it revolves around my relationship with women.
I consider myself to be a pretty considerate dude- I've always been particularly... [more]

Stomachaches turn me on

From childhood when my dolls had a lot of stomach aches, stomach aches have turned me on - as long as it's not mine.
I like to hear people talk about having a sick stomach - that their belly hurts - they ate too much or whatever and to watch how they push up their shirts up to hold that aching stomach or rub it or knead it or double over with the... [more]

For my ex-girlfriend...

I have to write this here because it would humiliate me on social media. It would also result in the recipient’s estrangement, and I don’t even know if we’re friends right now.
So here it is:
- I love you. I love you so much. I love everything about you. You are beautiful. You are sexy. You are cute. You are smart. You are funny. You brought... [more]

My boyfriend said he doesn't love me.

I'm tearing up as I write this. Recently money has been super tight so my boyfriend let me move in with him rent-free.
Yesterday I said "I love you" for the first time and he looked up from his book with just his eyes and did a half grin. I then asked if he loved me. He replied "I enjoy you. Love isn't a word I use for anyone besides my... [more]

I hate myself.

I'm an awful person. I mean I'm truly terrible, I'm the scum of the earth, I'm the worst person alive. I deserve to die as far as I'm concerned. I hate myself so much I'm so disgusting. My ex sent me a message, 3 huge paragraphs to get things off his chest, we broke up about a year ago... [more]

Self destructive

I live in a toxic home. I was raised with my grandmother as my mom and my step grandfather as my dad. My dad recently got cancer a few years ago and afterwards, a bunch of family tragedies happened. My "dad" is so cruel and mean. He yells constantly, gets offended over anything, threatens to be physical, gets physical, and flaunts his high... [more]

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