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Catfishing A Guy.. How do I fix this without ending it?

I've been talking to this guy since April, I honestly have crazy feelings for him. He appears to be the same way.
He knows I am mentally ill.. really depressed and I take care of my mother with breast cancer. He knows I have no self esteem and doesnt understand how, and it kills me when he expresses that.
I look nothing like the pictures.... [more]


This girl asked me to go to homecoming as "friends". I told her maybe because i didnt wanna say no i felt bad and dont like hurting others feelings. I dont like her but its pretty obvious she likes me and i dont wanna go to homecoming with her. By the time this post is up homecoming might be in about 1 day or 2 but for now its 6 days. I have no... [more]

Gut punch

I climax while getting punched in my stomach. I like when someone is behind me and I'm punched in my stomach and my ass rubs their crotch as I bend over. My a*** relaxes, my stomach implodes but it doesn't hurt. I always react to gut punches by bending over and holding my stomach. The only punches... [more]

Ending a friendship

Im a bad person

My husband loves it

Cuckold fantasy

Who knew

I regret everything

I'm all out of love...


My ex is dumb


Im 12 and have depression but no one knows

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