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I feel like the biggest loser. I'm 21, jobless because of health issues (both mental and physical), I live with my parents and younger brothers who I don't get along with (mom and oldest younger brother), I've gained 10 or 15 lbs from this new birth control pill I'm on even though I'm working out and staying away from junk food, and I barely know... [more]

To tell I love her or not

I'm in love .... With my physical therapist . our relationship was great ' Friend' we joked a lot and talked about things .
I started to notice her more after 3 months . my therapy was delayed by minor surgery's .so I spent a lot of time w\ her. 4 months in I was bringing in lunch for her, I always asked and she accepted. Few weeks later... [more]

I don’t hate my 17 year old step daughter, but I don’t like her.

SD is 17. I call her “K”. Her bio Mom is out the picture since she was nearly 4 years old. Me and my husband have had K full time since then.
My husband was one of three boys to a co-dependent mother. The oldest brother did not move out of the nest till he was in his 40’s and knocked up a woman who now supports him.
My husband is the... [more]

I hate my fiancé's best friends

I hate my fiancé 's best friends. I recently moved to the country where my fiancé lives, but he and his two best friends(they are a couple). My fiancé always overprotects them and overreacts when it comes to his "best friends". I hate my fiancé when it comes to this issue.
They have such a weird friendship. The girl is a typical mama's girl... [more]

I have feelings for you

I want to tell you, but there are so many complications. For one, I doubt very highly that you consider me anything more than a friend. You are two years younger than me, which may make certain immature stupid people tease you, and I don't want you to be teased. One of your best friends has confessed to having feelings for me, and I don't want to... [more]

I hate my stepsons so much I can’t even live with their dad

When it was only second weekends and half school holidays I could cope .... barely.... but they have a crack w**** mother who has given up motherhood and now they live with my partner 24/7. Ever second was h*** last year. One is a bed wetter, the couch... [more]

Nice body

My wife's little sister is a very attractive young woman, She is considerably younger than I but man is she nice to look at, Last week she was at our house helping us pack up some boxes as we are moving to a new house. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere just having a few drinks packing boxes as I would load them on the trailer.
I had received a... [more]

Happy birthday

My wife and I have been married for 17 years this year and every Feb. 23rd I get to have things my way, Yes that's my birthday and once a year on my birthday she gets her chubby little butt f*****. My wife actually has a great ass, Just nicely sized, Round and firm, She has always and still does HATE... [more]

Should I be bothered

Let me start of by saying I’m 23 yrs young, male I work as a project manager in the construction field recently graduated from University. I have a little brother who is in middle school (same one I attended) I have fully grown and developed a physique like my dad muscular slim and I go to the gym a lot. A few weeks ago I attended my little... [more]

Random Thoughts

“I don’t believe in love until I met you”
When I was in high school, I wanted to find “a perfect guy”. A perfect guy that has money and handsome looks. That’s the only thing that I care about. Suddenly, reality hits me. I will never find that perfect guy.
I’m not beautiful like the other girls. I don’t know how to use make up. I’m jealous... [more]

My sister is ruining my life

I hate my sister. I am 23. She is 21.
All my life she has tormented me. Making fun of me. I almost never had any friends. I was always alone. If I made a friend, my sister was there to turn them away from me.
She always made fun of me for everything I ever did. Just how I look. Stealing from me. Hitting me. Gaslighting me. She has been violent... [more]

SHE SAT on Her Stomach with HER FULL WEIGHT.. !! New 2018

My age at that time was 19+ years, and among those 2 Women. One was at that time 34 years old, height 5:6" and Weight almost 74+ KG. While the another one Woman's age at that time maybe 27 years , height 5:3" and Weight at least 56+ Kg. They both were Chubby and Heavy according to Their Height. Both of them got Inflated Round Tummy.
They both... [more]

It happened that day

I’m a 17 year old curvy young woman who was a virgin until yesterday. Well what happened was that I was watching p*** while my step dad was out , my mom left us 3 years ago and the funny thing was that the p*** video was between dad and daughter anyways... [more]


I met a boy fell in love found out he was cheating left found out i was pregnant gave it another shot since he wouldn’t leave me alone, we fell in love again excited about our family but ooops caught him cheating again being 6 months pregnant feeling fat gross useless i gave him another and another and another chance i honestly feel stuck and i... [more]

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