Getting Too Exited Part 2

***This is the second of a two part confession because of character limit, the first part has the same title***
The Event:
The day was January 25th. It’d been more than a year since Debby and I had started dating. That day I went to her house for the first make out session since the previous one. I still had every intention to listen to what... [more]

Getting Too Exited Part 1

“Getting Too Exited”
***warning monor sexual material, nothing overly exiting but explicit and something to take note of. All names in this confession are changed to hide their identity***
I wasn’t a perticularly attractive teenage schoolboy, and while I didn’t have the best self esteem, I wouldn’t let anything really get to... [more]

I have an obsession

Ever since I was little I became obsessed with teachers (as I wanted to be one) I would pretend they were my mother or farther. It would never be anything sexual. I am now currently 16 years old. Last year I meet an amazing elementary school teacher. (My school starts at the age of 5 - 18) we started to become close. At first it was just a little... [more]


I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to s3x. I've only done it with my boyfriend a few times who has more experience. It's an embarrassing topic for me and I don't have anyone to talk to about it. So I'm wondering how I can give him a proper BJ without it hurting? Each time I do it I start gagging and last time it felt like I was going to throw... [more]

I F****** Hate Malaysia

Okay, as the title states, this post is about Malaysia.
There is a lot of s*** to say about this shithole of a country. but i'll try to shorten it as much as possible.
Short Background: I'm currently attending college in Malaysia , and I would just wanna transfer out of here as soon as... [more]

Relationship with sisters BFF

I've known this girl since I was 2, 13 years later we are in a very weird relationship. We were always never close, because she was my sisters best friend so all there was was the occasional "hi". And also she was 4 years older so we couldn't really relate. As she wen through puberty she would talk to me in private more. From ages 13-15 she would... [more]

I want to change my race so bad!

My race has been a pain in my ass for years...s******* this up , making many parts of major cities a h***. Many are intelligent but then again many are dumber then a sack of bricks. I have come to separate my people in two ways:
African... [more]

I want to F*** my brothers girlfriend

She makes me h**** and I can tell by the way she looks at me that she wants it too. She is supposed to live with us next year when she transfers her job here so it will probs happen then.

Fat Acceptance is BULLSHIT

You have no one to blame but yourself, for being a fat lazy piece of s***. You can't say you're healthy at 400 pounds. You look like the Michelin Man. Nobody at that weight is "healthy". Heart Disease- it comes from being morbidly obese. Good luck being happy with that. Oh, how about Type 2 diabetes?... [more]

Tired of religion

I'm so tired of religion. Some days i want to believe it all, others i want to be Christian again, and others- i don't want to believe in any of it. How the f*** are you supposed to know which religion is right anyway? What if you are praying to a false God, and never knew it. So then you never had a... [more]

My advise to anyone having problems is to always try both steps

I recommend priest Adu! his white magic love spell is powerful to bring your lost lover back in your arms permanently and with no delay. I use the best spell casting techniques to bring my lover back home. spell is customized for any situation weather you're a christian or not, my advise to anyone having problems is to always try both steps and... [more]

I stared drinking at 7am

I made a big drunk last night and didn't finish it so I put it in the fridge. I was smoking this morning and I coughed so I drank some to stop coughing, and I've been sipping on it all morning. It's strong af too.

I got sent to girls reform school

I still have the newspaper story from the Dunn Daily Record. It has been years but it still stings.
Girl,18, ordered to reform school
Megan Lowry, rural route 4, Lillington, was sentenced yesterday to 90 days in the North Carolina Reform School for Girls in Monroe.
Her sentence came after juvenile court judge Sarah Livingstone found her... [more]

All of my kinks

I like getting my foot licked??
I think thats it
no wait
theres more holy s***
I want an older man to f*** me
Incest (Father/son... [more]

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