Oh so embarrassing (That night)

My wife's sister put on quite a show last night, We had all gone out to a fundraiser in town, She came to our place after because her husband had stayed home and was going to be up early to take the kids to the daytime activities connected to the night time function we were at and he didn't want her coming home all drunk and waking everyone up, I... [more]

Oh so embarrassing (The next morning)

So I go to bed, I wake up the next morning laying in bed thinking about the night before and start to get hard, So I am laying there and I hear her sister whisper "WTF", I had already kicked the sheets off so I just laid there peeking out of the corner of my eye and she walked up to our door wrapped in a blanket and stopped, Looked at me and her... [more]


It was i that farted that one time

Hungover doing phone conferences

The loser company I'm done working with never knew that most phone conferences and legal proceedings that I did for them were done either hung over, or, still foggy-headed and drunk from the night before. I'm not talking just tired or not enough sleep; I mean hard-ass headache hung over, computer screen making it worse, and the phone on mute while... [more]

African American Incest

Incest between African American brothers and sisters happens alot. Many women like me turn to our brothers because many of our men end up in prison. They turn to their sister as many of our women are into drugs.
My brothers are the best men I know, intelligent, strong, loyal and loving. Since we were early teens, we turned towards each other to... [more]

Swallowing my twin sons c**

I'm 42 and obsessed with giving my son oral s** and swallowing . There 21 now started when they were 13.
It amazing how fast they recover and are ready for more head. I blow them both at least 3 times a day. At that rate I've swallowed over 18,000 loads of [more]

Married women

Why do married women pretend to be single online?

Post-Op MTF raped by brothers.

I'm a 23 year old Post-OP MTF woman. I was a virgin as a woman. It been 6 months since I could start having s** but I was saving myself for the right guy.
Now I'm ruined for s** for the rest of my life.
Two weeks ago on a Friday my 3 brother who are... [more]

What an F'd up situation

I am the youngest of 7, Yeah mom was like a baby factory, My oldest sister just recently passed and I am 2 months pregnant with her husbands baby.
The day of the funeral I was very upset and for whatever reason me and him were...Consoling each other which lead to me and him being pretty drunk and going back to his place and sitting on the couch... [more]

Prevent a pervert.

A 25 year old man I interviewed was in prison for multiple rapes on older women. While committing these acts, he would call them, ‘mother’ and make them call him ‘son’ while removing their clothes and make them ask him to touch them and finally he would make them ask him to have s** with them.
His... [more]

So weird

So my little sister married my ex, Just my ex boyfriend but still super weird, My sister is 3 years younger than me and he is 2 years older but she was 22 when they met so whatever. I just know him and I know what he is into so it is so weird knowing that we broke up because I wasn't into what he was and then a month later him and my sister hook... [more]

I want him to come back soon.

My brother brought a friend of his from college home the other weekend and I instantly fell head over heels for him, Oh my gosh he is HOTTT. The two of them went out clubbing and when they came back to my parents house my brother and his friend were watching tv downstairs, I could hear them because they were right under my bedroom and after a bit... [more]


When I was 15 yo I got caught masturbating naked for the like millionth time and since yelling and spankings had no effect my Dad took all the inside doors off except the one to their bedroom and then made me wear clothes all day. I had to wear shoes, socks, under wear, polo shirt, pants, belt, from the time I got up until I went to bed. My Mom... [more]

My Mom

My mom had an affair on dad about 6 years ago. I was too young to realize she was cheating on my dad.
Dad worked night shift.
Mom sent me to bed early some nights and I couldn’t sleep.
My bedroom was above living room.
Mist of the nights she send me to bed early some guy would come over.
I would watch them through a vent in floor that let... [more]

Don’t abuse her, just use her.

I left my cheating wife for a gal that would do anything I wanted her to, but I found out she was doing anything for another guy too. Then I met a gal that said she was crazy about me. She was like an angel and I was so happy, until I caught her.
By accident I saw her car at a friend’s house so I stopped. Knowing I was as welcome there as... [more]

My mom

Hi i am 35 and never told a soul about this not even my wife.
About 25 years ago i was getting ready for bed just got out of shower and mom was there. I got dried off and head to my bedroom in my underwear like always. My little brother and sister was already in bed i get to stay up later because im oldest.
So mom tells me i can stay up a... [more]

I gave a b****** before my catholic baptism

I am a girl 15 who was never baptized when i was an infant for various reasons.My parents and grandparents and great aunt finially had me baptized at sunday mass recently.Per the baptism dress code for preteen and teen girls,i had to wear a white,short sleeve,poofy,top of the knees dress with a matching bonnet,white tee shirt,cloth diaper,plastic... [more]

Mother and son reunion

Glad I found this site because it’s been killing me to tell someone but I can’t tell anyone I know.
A friend told me about a girl in town that was easy and he and other guys fu-cked her a lot. He wanted me to meat her too, but I didn’t want even want to meet her.
As (rotten) luck would have it, I met her by accident and didn’t know who... [more]

Growing moobs

I am a morbidly obese man. I have always been heavy, but I have purposely been gaining as much weight as possible because I love the way it feels. One of my favorite parts of being so massively fat is how huge my moobs are getting. They are starting to look like actual b****** and I absolutely... [more]

Ms. Lisa

Muy Mom's best friend is named Lisa. They go out drinking at least one
Night during the week and then one weekend night. They came back from their favorite lounge one night 2 weeks ago, and once my mom passed out on the sofa, Lisa came over to my room and after we talked a little, we made out. Sh had told me that her marriage was a disaster... [more]

Being caught having a shower by my crush

I was in year 9. I was having a shower after a tiring day and this girl who I was sharing a room with and had a crush on walked in and saw me stark naked. Then to top it of because she had atarted to get undressed I had an o*****.

Being caught having a shower by my crush

I was in year 9. I was having a shower after a tiring day and this girl who I was sharing a room with and had a crush on walked in and saw me stark naked. Then to top it of because she had atarted to get undressed I had an o*****.

Cinderella: alternative ending

Cinderella should recognize the greatness and superiority of the stepsisters and the stepmother and so gladly accept their dominance and also become their foot worshiper , the prince would be the foot worshiper and ass liker for the stepmother while cinderella would focus her attentions on the stepsisters :D


I married my wife when I was 30 and she was a few years younger in her 20s. At the time her mother was in her mid 40s and very attractive like her daughter. Nothing really happened between us until my wife and I had a child at the time I was 37 and my mother-in-law was 54. When her daughter was 2 1/2 we were involved in a automobile accident and I... [more]

My brother’s friend

I have a crush on my brothers friend He stays at our house often And is 4 years older than me. I always hang around them when he is over. Is 4 years too much older ? Idk i just can’t stop thinking about him.

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