I like being walked on with barefeet. Anyone like to do this to me?

Sister and Brother Love

My twin brother and I fell in love at 10 years old.
It was kissing and touching until 13.
Then it proceeded to more by 15 it was love making in every way.
We are both 50 now and live like we are married with a son 25 and daughter 23.
On her death bed 9 years ago our mother told us, she and our father knew about our relationship. And... [more]

My girlfriend was naked with my friends

Me ,my girlfriend Tammy , and 2 guy friends were in our basement playing ping pong. Tammy was wearing a tube top and jean shorts and thats it.
As they played,her top slipped down just a bit to show cleav , thats it . They kept staring at her . As it went on I noticed her t*** bouncing and noticed... [more]

Friend Groups

I feel as if I can’t find my people. I am always an outsider. I don’t know what to do, but I can’t find my group of people. I don’t know why but, I feel like I need a large group of friends to feel happy. I want to be able to text into a group chat with people I care about and not be ignored. I want to be in the picture that’s the wallpaper of... [more]

Caught Wife cheating

Caught wife cheating in round about manner. She was hiding clothes she had on under her car in the garage, namely under panties with dried up c**. Why else would they be under it?

I divorced my wife because she spent too damn much money

She had maxed out three credit cards and was working on the fourth when I got fed up and divorced her. I got a good lawyer and I didn't have to pay her alimony just a clean break never have to see her again.
I hear she got remarried to some guy who was brain damaged from using drugs and I guess she manipulated him into giving her everything... [more]

Want sexual relationship with my professor

My professor looks like innocent Gianna Michaels. I want to f*** her so bad.


I j****** into my female roommates daily face lotion because I want to c** on her face.


I have mmf threesomes with my wife so I don’t feel guilty cheating with other women.

I don’t have have the b**** to tell my wife to leave

I wish my wife would leave me because I don’t have the b**** to tell her to leave.


My step daughter is 20 and comes home on the weekends from college. She's always walks around in her panties or thong and a T shirt. When her mother is away on weekends for business she likes to flash me her t***. She has a really nice ass. When night when she came home from a club she came into my... [more]

My First Tattoo

So I Decided To Get A Tattoo.. Didn’t Realize Till After I Got It Done That I Got It Incorrectly 🤦🏻‍♂️. I Was Suppose To Get My Birth Year In Roman Numerals Which Is MCMXCVI. I Was So Confident Getting It Done, Told My Tattoo Artist How I Wanted It And Everything. When The Time Came I Mispelled The Tattoo And Didn’t Even Notice Till The Next... [more]

My boyfriends mother is ruining everything

I can't take it anymore. I can't take her neediness and manipulative tactics. The only time my boyfriend and I argue is because of her. Nothing else. Because I can't stand her controlling behavior and how self-absorbed she is. She gives orders before she asks about your day. She only cares about how you are when it affects what you can do for her... [more]

Fat mom and son

I'm 50 years old now 5 feet tall and 195 lbs.
I had not been with a man in years since my husband dump me and left our son. I was 25. My ex disappeared and has not been heard from since.
My son Glenn is now 25 and I were always very close. And after after my husband left when Glenn was 6. My son started sleeping in my bed.
By his teen... [more]

Wham Bam Thank you mam's

My wife is 40 and I am 43, Her friend ever since highschool (Carrie) is also 40 and recently divorced, Last night me and my wife had a threeway with Carrie and it was AWESOME!!!
To my knowledge my wife had never been with a girl before and after going clubbing we all stumbled into our house and it was just like everyone knew what was happening... [more]

Secret Fantasy

I believe that rape is wrong on so many levels, but I have such a big fantasy of being raped by a hot strong man with a huge d***. If it actually happened im sure I wouldnt like it but i get so f****** wet when I image it while im masturbating.

Gay with brother

I'm a 19 year old gay man. Who lives in a small town. I have to be super careful as the town is very anti gay. And. Im a submissive bottom.
Long story short, a year ago I almost was caught beening ass f***** by a older guy in the woods A gang of men saw us i got away but the guy did not and was... [more]

Reg,the ledge

Reg from the Bill was a legend! Old skill Bill!!! With dci meadows,and TOSH MOTHERFU.CKIN LYONS!!!!!!!!!!! And I'd totally June Carter👍

Fetish posters are so needy! LOL

Here's a fun trick I recently discovered. Troll a newer post from one of the resident one-trick ponies around here (by "troll" I mean "leave a comment expressing the contempt they deserve"). An almost identical new post will appear within a week. Yes, they really are that immature, and need attention that badly! It's hilarious in a sick way.


When I was 8 years old my best friend (aged 9) invited me to his older brother's
birthday party. The deal was that every boy and girl in the 5th grade was invited to an outdoor pool party and my friend was allowed to invite one person and that was me. My friend's older brother had ALWAYS been abusive to him. On this day he took it too far and... [more]

Love tall fat woman

I have an affinity for tall fat women. My girlfriend is 28 yr old 6-2 400 lbs and I want her to be over 600 lbs. I am a small guy, only 5-4 140 lbs 47 yrs old. We get the strangest looks and comments. She notices it but I just enjoy her company.

What is this website

Like seriously, I went through for about 5 minutes and I've seen pedofiles and incest, people into domestic abuse and their wives cheating on them. People who are into people suffering, like I understand the occasional weird fetish but not wearing used diapers where the p****. I'm starting to lose... [more]

Camping with the family.

Going camping even if it is for a night will bring the family closer together.
We have done it for the whole summer. Tent on the ground sleeping in the same tent. Swimming every day and going on canoe rides. Cooking meals on the bonfire. Getting ice for the cooler from the parks store.
The store even had pin ball machines.
A very great place to... [more]

My wife's ex husband

I'm a male and I have a fake Facebook account and pretend to be a female. I have been in contact with my wife's ex-husband on this account and he sends me pictures and videos of himself nude. I'm not gay, but there is something so oddly arousing about the fact that I have watched my wife's ex stroke himself and [more]

Trampling on my stomach

I like barefoot women to trample on my stomach. Any women interested?

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