Should I be bothered

Let me start of by saying I’m 23 yrs young, male I work as a project manager in the construction field recently graduated from University. I have a little brother who is in middle school (same one I attended) I have fully grown and developed a physique like my dad muscular slim and I go to the gym a lot. A few weeks ago I attended my little... [more]

Random Thoughts

“I don’t believe in love until I met you”
When I was in high school, I wanted to find “a perfect guy”. A perfect guy that has money and handsome looks. That’s the only thing that I care about. Suddenly, reality hits me. I will never find that perfect guy.
I’m not beautiful like the other girls. I don’t know how to use make up. I’m jealous... [more]

I've been pooping in my girlfriend's food

I have a p*** fetish and for months now I've been slipping bits of my p*** into the food I cook for my girlfriend. She hasn't suspected a thing yet, and I don't plan on ever stopping.

I am tired

I've been dealing with mental health problems for many years, ever since I was 12. I've fought for so long to live and try to have a functional normal life, but it's just been so long. When people find out about my problems they say things like
"I'm so sorry" or
"Are you ok?" I just look at them and say the expected things
"I'm fine" "don't be... [more]

Feeling Trapped

I feel trapped in my relationship. I've been having doubts about it since December, and each week passing by has given me more to question. Now, he's claimed depression, and I'd feel like a crap person for leaving him in his time of need. The thing is, it's making me miserable too. We're in a relationship, but at this point, we don't act like it... [more]

Sexy Louise

Louise is my nephews wife and all I want to do is f*** her,I upload her non nude pics to s** sites to get other guys opinions of her and they all want to f*** her too.She's pregnant right now and I imagine her... [more]

My wife and her boss

Ok. ,, here it goes , my wife is a very petite lady with the most wonderful figure ,,, when she was about 33 and we had been married about 7 years ,,, she decided that she wanted to go back to work , I had always fantasised her being with other men ,, she has told me that before we were married she had been running with 2 boyfriends at the same... [more]

Parents are abusive

My mother and father are complete c****. I buy things for them, to wear, their house things, holidays and other stuff and the more I give the more they abuse me. My mother is the worst at times but my dad is just as bad.ast few days mother doing things to attack me
yesterday I am supposed to read... [more]


I want my man to to p*** me and beat me then make sweet love to me

The Jehovah Witnesses keep prayer out of school

When I was growing up we were asked to recite the Lords Prayer every morning. Along come the Jehovah Witnesses and they leave the room. They do this because they feel that since their religion is the one and only true face on the planet earth they don't want to hear the prayer of another Christian sect.
In other words, they created a scene. ... [more]


I'm a lazy 26 year old guy that has anxiety and woke up to my mother bringing me taco bell lol life seems lost at this point in my life but I'll soon get on my feet. Remember that chihuahua dog "yo quiero taco bell". Well 'yo quiero cumplir mis sueños".

Wife and daughter and power

My wife gets certain ideas and becomes absolutely extreme about them.
She's become a rabid feminist. When our daughter was a Baby my wife would breast feed in public and give anyone who commented a lecture.
She wants our daughter to be feminine and tough at the same time. So she enrolles her in sports like soccer and kick boxing. In... [more]

Wife has a baby

I convinced my wife to try out cuckolding. She finally did it and found an attractive black guy she likes. Now she is pregnant and she is deciding if she wants to keep the baby. I don't want her to bit it's her choice.

My little sister is taller and stronger than me

I'm a 17 yr old boy am 5'6" tall. My 12 yr old sister is 5'8" tall and also stronger than me. She plays a lot of sports and is a tomgirl while I'm more of a geek. Lately she has been pushing me around and bullying me because of how tall and strong she is. My parents think she is their little angel and they always favor her and tell me to shut... [more]

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