What do i do

I like this girl i met maybe a month ago. She likes me a lot too and we both have similar interests and click well. She also lives close to me
My ex who is also a really sweet girl who i didnt even know still thought about us poked at the idea that i wait to see her to see if we would work irl. But she also doesnt want me passing up... [more]

This is SO embarrassing!

I finally had s** with my husband’s friend and it wasn’t what I expected!
My husband and W became friends over 20 years ago when they were stationed in SD together. W’s single, attractive, sandy hair, sky blue eyes, clean cut, muscular chest & arms. He’s a fit surfer boy with a high paying job at a... [more]

Slutty mum

Growing up i couldn't bring friends home because my mum would try and sleep with them and would hear her with different guys even now she's still the same and would flirt with family members and found out she had s** with at least 2,she's been coming round my house dressed up to slutty for her age she's... [more]

My girlfriends kid gets on my nerves

I’ve been seeing my current girlfriend (26f, 33m) for 8 months and everything between us is great. She is sweet, patient, and understanding. She treats me really well. We’re currently doing long distance (1hr 30 distance) and I try to visit at least once a week.
After a few months of dating she decided to introduce me to her son. His dad is an... [more]

Bi curious

After meeting with Linda I was confused at my feelings my bunghole was still itching like mad but I couldn't get over how exciting it had been.
I knw that it is wrong having s** with another man but Linda looks and talks and feels like a woman even though she has a [more]

Daughters wedding day 3sum

At the evening party of my daughter's wedding i looked around and got jealous of nearly everyone having a partner, maybe it was the drink that made me ask my 26yo nephew if i was still f******* and asked him to meet me down the bottom of the field if he thought so,when he met me i didn't want to... [more]

I'm in love with a married man

I'm totally into this married guy, even though I have a 4 year relationship with another man. The married guy is into me too, we both long for each other soo much, he also has a child which makes things a lot more complicated, we also live in different cities, so we didn't saw each other for a year and a half now...
I'm still trying to forget... [more]


During the winter season my c*** shrinks to just the foreskin left and while bathing it just a spiral of skin. Yesterday while changing the dress after a bath in the bedroom my wife came from behind and caught hold of it and laughed saying a 5 year old boy has bigger than yours. Just felt as a... [more]


Have you ever felt so alone that, no matter whoever is around you, you just can't help but feel lost and worthless? I can truthfully say that I have. Each day it goes on and on, only getting worse. I'm 27 and have been dealing with this feeling since I was 10. I've tried suicide multipule times, and I'm currently taking medication and seeing a... [more]

A birthday celebration that messed me up

Four years ago I was 21, home during a college break. I was really depressed that time, I just broke with my bf and was keeping myself occupied with my studies and didn't want anyone to bother me. Mom and dad were ok with it but my 18 year old sister would just rant about how my grumpy mood was making the whole house depressing, not that I ever... [more]

Sugar baby

Hello I’m a trans girl my name is Ashley
Looking for someone to help me during my transition I pass already but I still want shoes hair all the good stuff
Drop your insta/Facebook/google hangout /all that
Cash app only
Also I’m loyal and down to meet and will send pics this is going to be more like a relationship type thing don’t think... [more]

Forced to be pervert

I am a weak , ordinary person with a simple desire of having a wife, home and children but I have no one to talk or walk with. Though, I use to be religious and use to ask them why I don't have these fruits of life and it was the same thing told to me "its your Karma"...I mean ok but to what extent shall I keep believing that one day destiny... [more]

Playing dares

Me and my cousin are both 14 her mum was at work so we bunked off school and invited my 16yo brother to join us,a little about her she will go with anyone,she said about playing dares and if you refuse you had to take a piece of clothing off,we all ended up down to are underwear when my brother dated us 2 to snog he was enjoying the show and then... [more]

Midnight f***

It's not the first time ive had to wake my son up when he's been watching half naked women,last night i was only wearing knickers when i popped my head around the door and seen he clearly been wanking off and fallen asleep his c*** was still in his hand,I was amazed how big it looked and had to... [more]

My brother is f****** my friends

Hi my name is carly I'm 14. A few weeks ago I had my best friend Sam over to stay the night. After we had went to bed sam got up to go to the bathroom. A few minutes late I could hear sam and my big brother talking. Thin I herd her cry out in pane. So I got up to see what happened. By the time I got to his door way she was moning. I looked in his... [more]

Confronted brother

I finally confronted my older brother who's 28 because he keeps watching me so i had him in his car know where to go in there,i purposely hiked up my skirt flashing my white lace knickers to get him to look and asked him why but he wouldn't answer so i asked if he wanted me and if so to pull over i knew i would get my answer then and he did just... [more]

There's pee in you frozen yogurt!!!

This is a horrifyingly disgusting confession. I’m a women in her late twenties now, and for five years of my life, I was the manager at a busy metropolitan frozen yogurt shop. I graduated college and started my career some time ago, leaving its sticky floors and annoying customers behind. But I recently noticed that it closed down due to... [more]

Streaking leads to more...

I’m a guy and when I was 15, one night I convinced my friend (also 15) to go out streaking in my neighborhood late at night. My true motivation was to see his naked body and maybe lure him into some s**. It worked! I was very attracted to him cuz he was small, thin, athletic and cute - he had very... [more]

I’m 14 and expecting

I don’t know what to do. Yesterday, I bought a pregnancy test and came back positive. Worse, idk who the father is. I’ve always thought I was too young to get knocked up.

Son is the only one i can be honest with

I'm very close to my 25yo son we can chat about anything and he will listen,he's noticed ive been feeling down lately and asked me why and told him it's because me and his dad haven't been having s** lately and i miss it,he was trying to be helpful by giving me advice i should dress up or maybe wear... [more]

Trans girl

Hello my name is Ashley I’m trans and I just came out but I pass a lot and I’m actually 16 and I’m looking for someone who will help me get ahold of hormones I’m in need before my voice gets any more deep lately my voice started to crack a lot
I have Instagram Facebook Snapchat kik
Also twitter please leave your usernames below and tell me... [more]

Your website sucks

I came to this website to check it out...if you are going to review every f****** post and put it up in one day or two then forget it, Im out
I wish you can understand the joy of just posting and seeing it...other websites do it, and they just deal with it... have someone monitor the content... [more]

Wife Flashing

I was talking to my neighbor out in the yard one day. He is a retired truck driver. We started talking about s**. He told me about all the women and couples that flashed him over the years. It was a big turn on listening to his stories. Some flashing their [more]

Drifting Away From My Caregiver [DDLG Warning]

I know this guy online. We have been messaging each other for two years in total. I was 17 at the time we first met, and he was ~40. It would have been three years straight, but we drifted away because I decided I didn't care for the age-gap. We weren't talking for close to a year.
We reconnected a week before my 18th birthday, which was last... [more]

My daughter is actually not my husbands

I just need to say it! He was so happy when I told him I was pregnant that he completely forgot we had been trying for months without any luck.... I dont know what he thought, but the truth is we got a little help from a friend at work.... maybe he didnt want to ask I dont know... is it just possible in his pride he just didnt want to know??

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