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My brother

Earlier this year I found out that my younger brother who I hadn't seen in over twenty years died of a drug overdose. Its a long story why I didnt see him for so long. I wish it was me that died. I would give anything to change places with him and let him live the life he was supposed to leave. He was so young, not even thirty. He just made... [more]

I want my mother in law

In her mid forties my mom in law looks beautiful.Her big ass has been her best asset. I have been married for 7 years. And I have always been attracted towards her. I want her. While having s** with my wife I think of her.I m********* imagining... [more]

Getting fat

I got married 3 years ago, weighing 190 pounds. My hubs likes big women, so he has encouraged me to gain weight. He thought I was sexy at 190 but would like me to be at least twice that weight. I am so lucky, because I have a huge appetite, and over the last 3 years I have gained 115 pounds! Love it!!! How lucky can I get? A hubby that wants me to... [more]

Do i want to be a woman?

I just recently realized i a interested in men, and this is after 18 years of thinking i was straight. Right now i imagine my role sexually as the one getting f*****. I also keep having thoughts that for some reason i would want to be a woman. I dont know if it is because i cant see myself as a man... [more]


I'm 21 yes old recently becuase of life situations I had to move out of our family home with my mom and go on with life with my 2 brothers. The area we love is high in crime from rape, to drive byes, shootings, armed robberies, home invasions, kidnapping you name it, narcotics etc. we're renting out a mobile home from a friend of my moms. I quit... [more]


I am a man with a younger half sister,whom i love dearly and would never harm, or affect her life in anyway possible. However, everything about her continues to have a very overwhelming affect on me, causing me to feel helpless, unable to stop all the erotic, sexual thoughts i have about her, that i know are wrong. I cant really explain it but... [more]

My GF lied to me for a year.

Like the title says, I have been lied to, but not over what you might be thinking, I wasn't cheated on. But in retrospect I think I would had preferred that because we could either work through it, sometimes s** is just s**, or we would have split up.
Now I... [more]

All these ponderings

I've been going around hating on God... Lately especially. I need to remember that the energy that comes through me is positive and negative. There is no real fate as we imagine. Fate is an illustration that it's actually God's will. God orchestrated your life, and all the choices we make up to this point, have been through him.
I've lived... [more]

I wonder...

If you miss me, wonder what you've been up to. I wonder if you miss me, hoping you're not blue. I wonder if you miss me, like I miss you.


With words I love,with words I feel.Sometimes I wonder if I didn't have this passion of penning thoughts then this experience wouldn't have happened ...then thoughts come Are we only creative imaginations.
If you wouldn't have reciprocated also it wouldn't have blossomed ,though nothing assured still something from inside says we feel the... [more]

Very Inappropriate Taboo Chat With My Brother's Daughter

I got home from work sometimes last week and,poured myself a glass of Sangria red wine and got online.I chatted with 3 different women,two of them relatives,and I think my chat was very inappropriate.
I talked to my brother in another country, and he said his daughter,who is in college, needed help with rent for the month. I offered to help... [more]

Would Love To Knock Many Women Up!

I so just want to go to any Any town America and meet some girl/woman,I don't care even if she is married,f*** her good and knock her ass up,and worry about the consequences later.It seems very difficult for me to find a woman wanting to be knocked up these days.
I am jealous of seeing all these... [more]

MIL better than her daughter

I've always been attracted the the wife's mother. As a matter of fact I had met Bobbi and it was her who introduced me to her daughter Jacci. Well after marrying Jacci my attraction for her mom never faded. It seems Bobbi was also interested in me because she would flirt, wear low cut tops and even flash her amazing cleavage(42H) for me to see. I... [more]

Had to tell him eventually

Me & my hubby have been married for 18yrs and we get along fine but since my hubby turned 40 something happened to his p**** which has made it go smaller hardly very hard and he seems to c** really quick which isn't the best when you need satisfying once in... [more]

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