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His brother

I am extremely attracted to my boyfriend's brother... and I don't even know why. It doesn't make any sense, and it p***** me off. The past 2 years, I've done everything in my power to ensure our relationship works. We've finally gotten to a point where we know each other through and through and are... [more]

Father-in-law fantasy!

My confession about my fantasy with my father in law.
I do fantasize about my father-in-law f****** me and, I c** very hard every time.
I have trouble accepting it and, my personal values make me feel it’s wrong. I am really on the fence about realizing my fantasy because I am afraid to be disappointed from his performance. I wonder if it’s... [more]

When is it time to seek medical help?

This is related to women's health and menstruation.
I'm really confused on whether it is worth the money to get myself checked out, or if there is still something that can be done. The problem is, I have very severe periods that have quite literally taken a toll on my life and it seems it has only gotten worse over the years.
From age 11... [more]

Chubby Sister in Law

My confession is that I'm so in love with my wife's young sister. She is 29 and never married. She's struggling to get a boyfriend, cos of her body. She is a bit chubby,but for me she is the most beautiful female alive. Ones I've catfish her on Facebook as a secret admirer. We got to a point that we even shared nude pics. But to this day she stil... [more]

I wonder...

If you remember. I miss when you use to make comments about the lead singer when I listened to GodSmack.

Mixed Emotions

I am in a good marriage, and I know it. My wife is pretty fat: she weighs over 400 pounds. She's gotten fatter and fatter over time, and I can't even remember what it was like to have s** with her when she was below 200 pounds (she was ~160 when we met).
About a month ago we were having [more]

Stuck and Selfish

I feel stuck. My boyfriend seems to struggle heavily with depression (something I've been skeptical of for some time now), and I think he's beginning to realize it. We've been dating for 2 years now, and there have been more lows than highs. It doesn't help that it is long distance.
I don't mind being there for him... I just don't know how... [more]

Is this super weird...?

I hope I can convey this in a way where no one will take it the wrong way, and it's probably going to be a long read, so buckle up for a waste of your time.
ok so I have this non-sexual "fetish" for stomachs (I'm a straight teen female). And I try to look up similar 'cases' of this kind of s***... [more]

Buddy George theres people you cn help and theres people you cn't

Ok, Buddy, first of all, I'm sorry you died. You were a drunkard but that doesn't mean I wanted you dead. You couldn't keep a job because of your drinking. You became homeless because of your drinking. You were abusive but when you came down you were oh so pitiful.
You had problems big time. You always blamed someone else when you got... [more]

My brother

Earlier this year I found out that my younger brother who I hadn't seen in over twenty years died of a drug overdose. Its a long story why I didnt see him for so long. I wish it was me that died. I would give anything to change places with him and let him live the life he was supposed to leave. He was so young, not even thirty. He just made... [more]

I want my mother in law

In her mid forties my mom in law looks beautiful.Her big ass has been her best asset. I have been married for 7 years. And I have always been attracted towards her. I want her. While having s** with my wife I think of her.I m********* imagining... [more]

Getting fat

I got married 3 years ago, weighing 190 pounds. My hubs likes big women, so he has encouraged me to gain weight. He thought I was sexy at 190 but would like me to be at least twice that weight. I am so lucky, because I have a huge appetite, and over the last 3 years I have gained 115 pounds! Love it!!! How lucky can I get? A hubby that wants me to... [more]

Do i want to be a woman?

I just recently realized i a interested in men, and this is after 18 years of thinking i was straight. Right now i imagine my role sexually as the one getting f*****. I also keep having thoughts that for some reason i would want to be a woman. I dont know if it is because i cant see myself as a man... [more]


I'm 21 yes old recently becuase of life situations I had to move out of our family home with my mom and go on with life with my 2 brothers. The area we love is high in crime from rape, to drive byes, shootings, armed robberies, home invasions, kidnapping you name it, narcotics etc. we're renting out a mobile home from a friend of my moms. I quit... [more]

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