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Never forget

Never forget that you're something special, and don't let the one you choose to be with forget it either. It's been a year since we last saw each other but sometimes I still think of you and hope that you're doing well. I wonder if you ever think of me. I'm still sad that you moved so far away, but I understand that career came first. I hope you... [more]

Never loved her

I've never loved my girlfriend soon to be fiancé. We are about to move in together and she wants me to propose to her and get married.
I was attracted to her in the beginning for about two 2-3 months and then that feeling died.
I get anxiety around her. I drink around her so I can relax. I'm practically always intoxicated around her because... [more]

Valentines day horror story

I posted this some years ago but I imagine its been forgotten and I'm equallu sure there are new members.
Just before Saint Valentines day in 1985 my wife and I were in bed. We had been having problems and it was about to get worse. She suddenly st up in the darkness and yelled at me, "you took me away from Randy the man I really loved" I asked... [more]

Sectret Tranny

I've been into crossdressing for a long time now. I love wearing women's short tight skirts and heels and getting my ass f***** hard and long by some random guy while dressed as a s***. But nobody knows I do this. The other night my female neighbor from... [more]

Regret Stealing Sister In Laws Panties

My wife's sister had a BBQ recently and we all drank heavily. My SIL's husband had work that night and left. After drinking all day my wife was very tired and went to bed early with my kid leaving me downstairs with her older sister and their teenage nephew. Being pretty drunk I said I needed to check on my wife and kid.
I peeked in the extra... [more]

New direction maybe

Ok, So this all started a month ago, FYI I consider myself to be straight, Always have been...I think.
I started college, Not going to say how long ago, met my best friend here, She is awesome, We hang all the time, Love the same food, Love the same shows, Love the same music, Love the same style of clothes, Everything and we can honestly sit... [more]

My Lonely City of One

The world views and has always viewed me since my earliest years as a neurotic, extremely introverted, and passive goodie two shoes. Just a slightly raised voice, even if not addressed to me, would set me off crying and even now in my 20s, still makes me visibly startle. If someone calls my name I automatically rack my brain thinking about what I... [more]

Cheating with a woman but her husband's a p****

I've been seeing a married woman for a few months. We see each other in the afternoons when we can, and when anything intimate happens, it's at my house. She was here this afternoon and we were lying in bed in the afterglow so to speak, when her cell rang. Usually, she turns it off and if it isn't off, she almost never answers it. She did today... [more]

Sight through the mind

I am not quiet fond of you. This may seem directed towards a particular person. It's not. It's a very trivial thing. Some would say it's simple but those are who just blend into the melting pot. Maybe I'm wrong not everyone can be categorized in the same category. Humanity disgusts me even the innocent who may be nice and kind or loving. The thing... [more]

I hate being a mom

I f****** hate being a mom. I love my child with all my heart but I wasn't ready for this. The person I had the baby with said he'd be there every step of the way and now I'm stuck doing this alone. I can't pee alone, eat, sleep, bathe f******... [more]

Beaten up by a woman

I am a pre op male to female transsexual. I live full time as a woman and enjoy dating men. I dated what I thought was a nice man a few times only to find out that he had a girlfriend even though he told me he was single. I learned the hard way to say the least!
I was working late in my office which is located in a remote location 30 or so... [more]

Just left the hotel after seeing my step-daughter...

Just left the hotel about after a 2 hour weekly love making session. I'm 35, she's 25. My wife is older than I am. This has been going on for almost a year. Every Tuesday we meet in a hotel in the suburbs outside D.C. and have incredible s** for about 2 hours. We finish, dress each other and head... [more]

I cant stop thinking about her

My wifes cousin slept over last night after drinking too much to drive home, I woke up and she was on the couch in my wifes pyjama pants and a t-shirt she had borrowed.
She is short and cute and has humongous b****, I mean huge, She is easily an e cup, They are so big they don't even look real, I... [more]

I think I got touched

I am a 38 y/o, married woman and mother of four, I stayed at a friends house the other night, We got carried away drinking wine in the hot tub and there were three of us just wearing panties and bras, The husband of girl who's house we were at was gone but her 16 y/o son was there, I drank WAY too much and actually don't remember passing out but... [more]

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