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Im feeling suicidal after failing 2 semesters and lying about it

I did my first two semesters of online college and failed every class and lied about it because I don't know how to be honest with my parents. I'm having lots of suicidal thoughts even though I want to keep living because I don't know how to deal with this and I don't want to deal with the consequences. I have well over a full gram of... [more]

A Cheerleader and a Musician Pt 2

After talking to this musician, and him asking me on a date, and requesting I wear my cheerleading uniform, I was in two minds. Happy, I mean, what girl doesn't dream of being asked out by her famous crush? Also scared.
Scared because I knew the hotel management would not be happy for an employee to date a famous guest and bring that kind of... [more]

I wanna be a woman

I’m from India and my family is a part of the sikh religion. One of the conditions being that i can’t get my hair cut EVER. So I’m 16 and have hair as long as you can imagine. I recently discovered that I was bisexual and I thought that would put an end to the dysphoria, but that wasn’t it.
As my cousin lived with us, her clothes were all over... [more]

Female Superiority Fetish

From the time I was a boy in my early teens, I came to realize that I was aroused by the concept of female dominance. I was captivated by images of confident, assertive women in positions of power and authority. I had obtained the book "The Natural Superiority of Women" by Ashley Montague along with various articles suggesting that the female is... [more]

Wife shared and threesome s**

Yesterday in my dream my friend came visiting and we end up cajoling my wife to have threesome s**. He had a nine inch c*** when erect compared to my 5 inch size. I saw we getting naked and myself guiding my wife to sit over my friend's erect [more]


I am addicted to p*** and I am trying very hard not to view it or think about it, but I am having difficulty trying to kick this habit. While I am able to not look at it for a while, I always seem to come back to it. As a boy I was inappropriately touched and had experimental touching with a friend... [more]

I have wanted to humiliate my frustratingly modest wife

My wife is a pretty 43 year old with a fit hot body but she has always been very private and modest. She won’t even undress in front of me. I have to sneak peeks when she showers.
I have always wanted to bake naked pictures of her and share them just to humiliate her.
Last summer we went to her company picnic. She wore a tube top dress that... [more]

My wife his baby

My wife and her boss has been having an affair for over a year, unknown to me, at Christmas time she stopped taking her bc, Yesterday it was revealed to me that she was pregnant with his baby. As I sit alone while they go out again, I wonder how this will change our dynamics with friends and family, when the baby is black?

I can't escape fat women

I am separated, awaiting my divorce to be finalized. Over the holidays the loneliness hit a fever pitch and I opened up a dating profile on a social media app I already use.
So, I am 40, I'd consider myself reasonably attractive, active, outdoorsy, fit/athletic. I posted profile pics that supported this. I tried to draw attention from women... [more]

I couldn’t help it...

I heard moaning and panting coming from the basement one night when I was 16yo and thought I was home alone only to discover my grandfather on his back with the girl from down the street, 20yo max, riding his c***. Guess they didn’t hear me creep down because they never slowed. In fact they went... [more]

Blind Judges

I suspect the people I work with are liars. After slandering me viciously for god knows what reason, possibly because i criticized this city we live in, saying it has no culture (I'm from elsewhere) and generally expressing my own opinions on things which might quite differ from their own, they started a rumor mill the likes of which i've never... [more]

Foot Fetish Confession - Step Sister

So, I grew up with a foot fetish since I was in elementary school. It started from just staring at teachers feet and wondering why I liked looking at them and getting hard. Anyway, when I was about 15-16, my step sister who was about the same age as me, had really nice feet and we weren’t that close but I started to admire her feet and they looked... [more]

Sticky Sweet

One of my teen daughter's friend's spent the night with us a last weekend. Although I'm obviously old enough to be her Dad does not stop me from the realization that this girl is simply super effing hot! Calling me a perv does not change the fact that she is gorgeous, nice t***, really nice ass, and... [more]

My sad story about erotic massage

I've had massages and all are clinical and by the book, except one, kinda. When I was on my stomach with just a towel across my buttocks he ran his hands up and down my sides. Every time his fingers lingered for a second on the sides of my t*** but not enough to be anything. When he went down my back... [more]

Outdoor Wanking

I have the urge to m********* when I'm outdoors walking, I don't wear any underwear so my c*** is free and often hard, I imagine everyone women that walks by p****, I'm worried that I could go a... [more]

Damn, she Too Fine!!

I watched quite a lot of the Impeachment Two proceedings on TV today, and I have to admit that, the more i see of Nancy Pelosi, the more aroused she makes me. I don't like her or her politics, but good god damn, I want to get all over that! What's more, I m********* all day imagining... [more]

Not alone

So apparently I am not alone in this, I have been reading some confessions on here about women who were accosted when young by a family member.
I was, I can't say who because they are still alive but just imagine, I was 13, he was 55 and approached me and a friend and cornered us with his junk out, neither of us knew what to do, he made her do it... [more]

Master of my staff

I'm a 40 yr old male, and I can't get off when I stroke my member unless I am doing it while I also talk with a female on a text prayer chat, or preferably have her lead me in prayer whilst I rub my staff. In know that I sound like a freaking pervert. And I probably am. But, listen to how this came to be. When I was 12, I was at home alone and... [more]

Should i

Should I keep talking to someone that |
recently reconnected with since high school
about a week ago, or should I stop? they told
me they want to see where it goes, but also
told me that they wonder if it's loneliness
and isolation due to being single and
because of the pandemic that has them
drawn to me, they told me that they... [more]

Messy love bites

I went out on a first date with a guy from a dating app, and we ended up making out pretty intensely by the end of the night. Somewhere in the midst of it, he managed to leave a few massive, messy hickies across my throat, in spots that’re pretty hard to hide. I’m pretty sure it was just the heat of the moment, but part of me has to wonder if he... [more]


I lost mobility today, I’ve let my love of food win. I’m here now, wondering what the world will think of me. My only hope of any legacy is to get bigger. So is my fate.

Repressed childhood memories go brrrr

My parents f***** up my childhood. They were alcoholics and they exposed me to things I shouldn’t have been exposed to at such a young age and certainly couldn’t process correctly at that age. I don’t like to think about it but I thought about a lot of things tonight and remembered a lot of memories... [more]

Christmas gift for hot neighbor

There is a very hot girl that just bought the house next to me. she is in her mid 20s and is smoking hot. i always see her wearing skin tight leggings that shows off her hot little ass.
While she was at work i decided to see if the back door to her house was open and sure enough it was. i went in and headed to her bedroom and looked through her... [more]

TW!!!! My confession as a broken teen

I'm turning 14 in January, I've always been told that I'm too mature for my age though. It's probably because my childhood and innocence was stripped away from me due to trauma and horrible things, but that's a different story. Anyway, I have multiple kinks and... [more]

Wife Susan

Susan and I have talked many times about the size of c*** she prefers and she says for a long term relationship she prefers a c*** like mine 7 1/4 inches or smaller to about 6 or so but for one time meetings se likes bigger [more]

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