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I'm just a devil

I am such a terrible f****** human being. I dont even know why I just keep on doing s***** things to other people. I lie, deceive, manipulate others so that I get more. I don't even feel guilt or feel anything much anymore. Every day I just feel... [more]

Stomach humping

When im feeling h**** but my wife isnt in the mood i get her to lie on top of a pillow and i sit on her stomach and ride her moving back and forth my pekis rubbing on her belly until i c**. Do any of you out there male or female do anything similar? I... [more]

Catfishing A Guy.. How do I fix this without ending it?

I've been talking to this guy since April, I honestly have crazy feelings for him. He appears to be the same way.
He knows I am mentally ill.. really depressed and I take care of my mother with breast cancer. He knows I have no self esteem and doesnt understand how, and it kills me when he expresses that.
I look nothing like the pictures.... [more]

I think my life has been sabotaged

Bipolar boyfriend

Scum sucking leach

Not my shining moment

I want her back

Maybe it's the trailer

Dirty camp experience.

I really hate my family.

I went out with a friend's boyfriend behind her back...

Wife details how friend huge cock feels fucking her

Licked out a prostitute

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