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S** ban

My wife put us on a s** ban for know reason and because of that i couldn't stop thinking about s**,I had to go back home and was about to go into my bedroom when i seen my 20 year old daughter taking pics off herself dressed up in white stockings with lace... [more]

Does my mum need help?

I feel like my mum needs help but I don’t know what to do. I live abroad so only see her around the summer and holidays, for about a month each time (although we talk lots). I notice she drinks a lot, just by herself she drank a whole bottle of wine last night.
She also does this strange thing where she’ll lie or exaggerate injuries for... [more]

I lied about my exhusband to get a cpo

I said that he had raped me and twisted my arm he never did that. It worked!

My roomies a weirdo

So I put an ad online for a room mate, I have a two bedroom condo and don't use the other room, A guy came along and I thought he was good, We made up an agreement and he moved in, About two weeks later we are sitting around and I had noticed he always wore big hoodies and s*** but didn't think too... [more]

Who got a wife ugly like mine

My wife got fat.
I look at my wife and I can’t see past the double chin. I want to see past the double chin I have tried to see past the double chin damn I'm blind I can't even get my d*** hard to f*** her I would stick my [more]

I better not findout you still stalking my two beautiful cousins

The cousin gregory moore jr better not findout my enemy brandon lastname my enemy brandan lastname my enemy branden lastname my enemy brendon lastname my enemy brendan lastname my enemy brenden at adult development center on telegraph six mile still stalking my beautiful cousin deja lee my beautiful cousin neshia phelps on the internet headlock... [more]


This is going to be a long post, so thank you in advance to those of you that take the time to read and respond. I'm not sure where to post this... but I have been holding onto this for a long time and I sure could use some emotional support.
For the past 2 years, I have been living with my boyfriend and his family, which is comprised of his... [more]


Please f*** with this guy's account. He is a pathological lying abuser. proconharr Bank1992! (Insta)

Want to spank, good and hard.

I love to spank; I don't know why that is. I love the action of spanking my spanking partner(had 1 male spankee in HS). He spanked me a few times but neither of us enjoyed it. So I went back to spanking him. When he was young, he had a very spankable bum. As we grew up life took us our seperate ways. He got married had 2 kids, you know the... [more]

Hate China 🇨🇳 Bunch of cvnt

I am sick of CHINA being a BULLY to other nations in Asia, they have conflict with all their border neighbours, they have taken the South China Sea by stealth and the STUPID FVCKIN WORLD looks on. Then the fvckers let a virus free onto the world, then denying it come from CHINA. WTF you fvcking bunch of lying sleazy low life pieces of bat shlt... [more]

The people on this site that tell lies about who i am mentally

Encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand learn to process information not immediate to understand learn to process information not stupid not retarded not dumb not simple do believe that


After my second divorce I did not trust women because both of my wives f***** around on me and I tried unsuccessfully one night stands but I wasn't pleased with that either and I have been bi curious for a long time so I ran an add on the Internet and i had my mail box full of guys that wanted to... [more]

The people on this site that tell mental lies about me

I'm not going to ever leave this site no matter what mental lies yell say about me encyclopedia definition of slow a person that take longer or long to understand learn to process information not stupid not retarded not dumb not simple lying b****** believe that.

Is it ok to be burning myself

I was taught by everyone I know in my life that the key to happiness is love. N**** I've had girls cheat on me and lie to my face saying they love me and s***. Ever since my last break up I've been going insane because I see 2 of the ones I loved and... [more]

Worst thing I have ever done

Was in a relationship for 6 almost 7 years with my high school sweet heart. At first everything was like a fairy tale I never was the type of dude to fall in love. I was portrayed more as the confident individual party guy and flirtatious dude who spent hours in the gym looking good for myself but with a broken home wanting to be a better man than... [more]

My room mate.

Last night my BF and I were getting down, I was on top reverse cowgirl and the door opens, My room mate walks in, We share a room with a bed on each side of the room, She walks in, sees us, Comes right over to the bed, and we are like frozen.
She leans over on the bed between our legs and he starts pumping again, She works her way up the bed so... [more]

The b**** ass n**** at the gas station

This b**** ass n**** thats a man at the gas station told physical lies that my two beautiful cousins deja lee neshia phelps not relatives to me plus told physical lies that i don't know judo moves headlock takedown front facelock takedown single leg... [more]

I might be in love. Maybe just l***.

So, I am out shopping with my sister in law one week ago today, Yeah she was obviously not wearing a bra which is kinda normal, She doesn't often wear one but she doesn't flaunt it, She doesn't wear see through shirts or anything like that, usually a dark coloured t-shirt or something but this day she had on a sleeveless t-shirt, Still black but... [more]

Weird woman

My ex wife has a friend named Denise, She has since day one hated me, I don't know why but hates me, Tried to sabatoge our relationship in the early days and right up until we got divorced told her she was too good for me blah, Blah, Blah.
Denise is...A b****, Just plain and simple, Even my ex would... [more]

Amy coney liar liar pants on 🔥

Amy coney barrett is a out right f****** lying b****! When she was under oath and was asked about lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 rights , she stated UNDER OATH that she was not associated with any anti gay organizations and that is a bold face lie ! She is associated... [more]

So awkward

I got caught playing with myself but...As if that wasn't bad enough I got caught by my...Uncle, But as if that wasn't bad enough I got caught watching a home video of him and my auntie. Ok, so this is a bit of a weird description so let me explain.
Not exactly my uncle but he is married to my mom's cousin, My mom's brother has no kids and we are... [more]

Wife allowed to be f***** by Boss to save her job

We have been married for last four years and were a model couple around. With good apartment, a car in our possession and all the good things. We were also planning for a child in 2021 after making some savings as our apartment, accessories and car were on loan. I had a good job and wife too have a nice income job. With my pay all the loans were... [more]

Met the woman I lost my virginity to after 35 years

Went to my parents this weekend to help out around the house. I saw that their neighbor was selling her house.
My parents wished her a happy birthday. She said that she was 75 today and that she was so glad to see me. She said, “ I’ll never forget my 40th birthday. Do you remember that? You gave me a wonderful gift.” Then she winked at... [more]

Wife allowed to be f***** by Boss to save her job

When they entered the guest house room she found the plugs just opposite the double bed by the TV stand and while her Boss went to the washroom she plugged the charger kept the phone on the charger focusing the double bed keeping the video call on. With the flip open cover closed no one will notice. When her boss came back, she went to the... [more]

I was pretending to be a s*** to rush.

I rushed and pledged at my boyfriend Mark's request. He wanted me in this sorority so badly that he found someone to help me with the process. Mark also gave me a 'hall pass' - just in case (to be used only if needed). I didn't think I would do anything of that sort, but he made it clear that this was that important to him.
Unfortunately (for... [more]

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