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His brother

I am extremely attracted to my boyfriend's brother... and I don't even know why. It doesn't make any sense, and it p***** me off. The past 2 years, I've done everything in my power to ensure our relationship works. We've finally gotten to a point where we know each other through and through and are... [more]

First night after arranged marriage

Junaid and Sabah both belonged to conservative families. Their marriage was fixed by their respective families and blessed by the community elders. Especially Junaid’s family was very strict and puritanical about preserving old social norms and customs. He was not even allowed to hang out with his female cousins after he had turned a teenager... [more]


Have been wearing ladies tights all my life love the feeling on all my bits have just put a red pair on leotard am waiting foe some ladie friends of mine to come and tie me to my bed

I need to get over with this guy but i cant

Yeah so i am a girl, and i've had a bestfriend for about two years. I had a mild crush on him for a very little time before, but now its all different. I get jealous when he talks about other girls, and gets close to any other girl. The problem is he just thinks of me as a friend. I sometimes think about us being together in a relationship, and... [more]

I can't stand being a mom

I am 21 years old with two kids neither of them planed. I was on the depo with the first and the implant with the 2nd. They are 2 and 1. I suffer from depression anxiety PTSD and borderline personality disorder. Yah I get it I'm a f***** up person... I had my life planed out. I was gonna go into the navy. I was studying and working my a$$ off... [more]

You watch me in my most private moments, without my consent

How could you think that I would like you after what you do?
You might feel that you like me but you are not okay in the head. Reasonable people don't spy on other people. You've made my life h***. I will never like you, I will never love you, I will never forgive you for what you've done to... [more]

When is it time to seek medical help?

This is related to women's health and menstruation.
I'm really confused on whether it is worth the money to get myself checked out, or if there is still something that can be done. The problem is, I have very severe periods that have quite literally taken a toll on my life and it seems it has only gotten worse over the years.
From age 11... [more]

You know you're in trouble

When you start coming to confessionpost to vent about your life. Sigh. It's always good to know the signs of a coming depression I suppose.

Tough guys that die

I had a friendly relationship with a man named Louis Nicholson. I'm giving his name because he died. When I was sitting down with him at my pub sipping my ale his signature statement is that he was one of the most dangerous men I coud ever know. He said that it may be possible that someone could whip him in a fight but it had not happened yet. ... [more]

Are all guys douche bags???

Why can't i find a decent guy, I am 24, I think i am good looking and keep myself in good shape but every guy i date turns out to SUCK.
Second to last boyfriend wasted 4 months of my life until i realized he watched p*** all day every day and will probably be living in his moms basement when he is... [more]

Embarrassing prank by my step dad

I had some bad stuff happen to me but not like this. I wet the bed my whole life. I was 13 it was on a Sunday I woke up in wet clothes and my step dad ask me did I wet the bed again. I answered yes and with realise what he was going to do next I never thought would happen to me in a mIllion Years. I undress waiting for my step dad to go and get me... [more]


I am a teenager, and have suffered from depression and other mental illnesses for most of my life. I go to an affluent school where drugs are pretty easily obtainable. Most of my friends have at least expiremented with some drugs.
I am a senior now, and I find that smoking pot just helps me escape. I know that I would be in a [more]

Why Judge People on a Confession Post?

Yes we are the ones with issues in our relationships
Yes we are living a life as two people
Yes we are having affairs and having s** with people other than our spouse
but Why?
Why must you choose to get on a confession post and judge someone for doing things that the rest of society doesn't agree... [more]

Still in love

I was verbally and emotionally abusive to my girlfriend of 5 years. I was out of control with anger and we were both drunk the last time we were together.
I feel so depressed over her still and it's been two years! I had this sickness of destroying everything good in my life. I can't move on cause I know she was the one. I miss her and can't... [more]

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