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I am 16 and I am planning on killing myself

I am so f****** tired of living a double life, I am sick of faking being happy when all I can think about is how much I want to end it all.
there is no future for me, I suck a school and I'm not good at socializing, all I do is isolate myself. I cannot talk to parents because they both have a... [more]

Step daughter drama queen

It doesn't get any better but worse. Only fathers are the one to defend you, if they don't move on and get out! I truly feel is time to swatch the turns and they couldn't should not control your home or your life. You shouldn't tolerate nothing, I mean nothing, is not your baggage after ball. If they can't play your ball game then they should not... [more]

Caught Stealing my friends moms Panties

I am not a total perv. I don't make a life out of stealing panties. However, one day, I was over at my friends house. I was waiting for him to get home from school. His mom and I were the only ones there. I was about 17 at the time. They lived in a small house so there's only 2 bathrooms. One is his and the others is hers. I asked her could I use... [more]

What it's like to be ugly

I have always known I was ugly.
From the time I was an infant not one person spared me. No one failed to remind me of all I lacked.
After I was born, my grandmother used to say my nose looked like it had been run over by a train.
She and father used to say my eyes were too squinty, too small, too Asian.
By school age, I was too dark... [more]

I had no idea.

Last night i walked in on my friend and her husband, We were all hot tubbing at their place for his birthday party (About 10 of us) and about 11:00 her husband had said he had to run to the store for more ice. Shortly after he left she went inside to "Check on the kids" Who were all asleep downstairs in the family room and a few minutes later i... [more]

Korean Pride

As a Korean-American i have never felt inferior in any racial way, especially when it comes to race. I have pride in my heritage and we have made quite a name for ourselves on a global scale for the past few years. (Positively) Until i came across a certain post about a women "confessing" that she hates being Chinese and that all Asian men are... [more]

My life as a crossdresser

I have been wearing women's clothing bras stockings lingerie dresses high heels panties all since i was seven years of age and have been doing so ever since then even though at first i was forced to dress as a little school girl for three years after getting cought crossdressing when i was a teenager but i enjoyed wearing women's panties bras... [more]

Why you, why now?

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you at work. I don't know why, but it just happened. You're the girl that everyone told me I would give everything up for when I found her. And here you are.
Never in my life have I felt so vulnerable around someone. Seeing you smile makes my day regardless of how horrid the day might be. I stay up... [more]

I often think of killing myself

I hate my life. My dad is in the military but I never really knew him. I'm 25 and still dont. My mom is a herion addict. Luckily I've never done drugs. I can be pretty emotionally detached. So my life life has always been difficult. No one ever feels like I love them. The lack of ability to show people I care or keep the people I care for in life... [more]

Suicide Thoughts

My mom hates me. Like, she REALLY hates me. She doesn't even try to hide it. She doesn't care if I eat or sleep, she only cares if I have washed the dishes or if I have 100% in all my classes. She's not even my step-mom or anything. She's my biological mother who really doesn't give a s*** about me... [more]


I want to be with a man. People think I'm gay, but who cares what world thinks anyway. Lol
I haven't dated in five years and people think that's because I'm gay. But the only reason I don't want to be with someone anymore is because I've already given up on love. Any man who asks me out makes me angry because they're making me feel something I... [more]

I'm a college graduate who made good grades and is very athletic

I earned a degree in Chemical Engineering and while I was working on my Master's degree I was propositioned by a lonely woman living in my neighborhood. I had often talked to her outside when I was doing yard work.
She wanted me to get her pregnant. She told me that she wouldn't tell anyone who the father was and that the child would have... [more]


I've been married for almost 4 years in October, high school sweat hearts with my wife since freshman year. We each started from zero type of love you see in the movies! Her parents never liked me because I came from nothing. "I stole her". We dated behind parents backs wrote letters anything you name it. Sneaked her out. We both struggled... [more]

I attempted to sexually assault someone

I was young. 11-12 years old. I did something bad. I had a weird transition through childhood to hitting puberty and I believe i was straight into it when I hit it. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to sneak into someones room and attempt to assault them. This has always and WILL always be the biggest regret of my life. This is not me... [more]

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