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I have an obsession

Ever since I was little I became obsessed with teachers (as I wanted to be one) I would pretend they were my mother or farther. It would never be anything sexual. I am now currently 16 years old. Last year I meet an amazing elementary school teacher. (My school starts at the age of 5 - 18) we started to become close. At first it was just a little... [more]


I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to s3x. I've only done it with my boyfriend a few times who has more experience. It's an embarrassing topic for me and I don't have anyone to talk to about it. So I'm wondering how I can give him a proper BJ without it hurting? Each time I do it I start gagging and last time it felt like I was going to throw... [more]

Weinstein girls

Many girls use their bodies to their advantage. Some guys use their power. Doesn't worry me. I know it is not PC. I have no concern for the Weinstein girls.

My and my sister

I am a 13 yr old boy with greens eyes and black hair and I have a belly fetish. My sister Ashley also has one she is the same age as me but has long skinny but semi plump legs, nice ass, blonde hair because our mom had blonde hair and our dad had black, and average b****. On our parents anniversary... [more]

Inevitable Sin

I'm very religious. I'm 27, female, single, have a good job as a grade school teacher, go to church twice a week, and even teach Sunday school. I've dated guys since I was in high school, but I've never found the right man. Because of my religious beliefs, for years I refrained from having s**, because I... [more]

I'm 11, and feeling depressed. I won't say I am depressed yet.

Hi, I'm... let's say Bob, I can't think of a decent online name. Although I'm a girl. So, I just started a new school, a secondary school. It's the best school in the city, and you have to study loads to get in. I've been studying from year 2. (grade 2 to you Americans). And recently, the work at school is so hard and I can never seem to... [more]

Being bisexual

I am bisexual and i love wearing girls clothes. As a child i was forced to dress and act like a girl up until I was 17. By then i had slept with 12 guys sexually including the basketball coach . 6 women who of wich i was brutality taken from behind with s** toys . and two of them were transsexuals. Who... [more]

I am bisexual

I confess i am bisexual and a crossdresser. I have been since the early age of six years old. I was dressed up like a cheerleader by my aunts for Halloween. Oh i thought i was bell of the age eight i kissed my first boy while dressed up as a girly girl. At age 9 i was caught not only dressed up as a girly girl but also having [more]

Age Gap

I am involved with a man that is 13 years older than me. He is 34 and I am 21. We started dating when I was 19. We've been in a relationship since. I've yet to introduce him to my family, but I've met his and we all get along. I keep using the distance as an excuse for why I haven't introduced him to my family but really I'm afraid of how they... [more]

Blackmailing my sister in law

A while back i bought an old iphone from my wife's younger sister in a bit of an emergency situation when i couldn't get in to get a new one right away and although she had deleted everything she had not done a factory reset on it so i was able to recover a lot of potentially damaging stuff, there were emails to other guys, Texts to guys and... [more]

Can i even be angry.

So here is where my life is at, My husband had s** with my best friend and i was there. I am 38, My best friend is 34, My husband and i have been married 19 years and have 3 kids, My best friend has been married 15 years and has 3 kids. Friday night we were getting a bit wild partying with her and her... [more]

Not the Brady Bunch

My wife and I got married almost three years ago, my second marriage, her fourth. I have one kid from my first marriage, and she has one by each of her first three husbands and two more by extramarital relationships (with married men). We have one child together. All the kids have different last names. No one gets along with anyone else. It's... [more]

Anyone else like this?

It was probably because my father wasn't really a big part of my life until I was 11 and I was brought up by my sisters and mother, but I just don't find the female or male body inherently sexual.
Gender or s** has never really bothered me when it has come to making friends, choosing partners, or... [more]

I posted something like this before. A gy does something bad

A guy does something horrible and he gets savagely punished. In Mexico, a man is caught raping a three-year-old girl. He is tied down and kerosene is poured over his lower torso and he is set on fire. He burns from the waist down.
So are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Ar we supposed to feel that this is a social injustice? Well, I have... [more]

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