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My Ex

My ex confessed to me that she thought the idea of two guys having intercourse was seroiusly hot. She kept talking to me about that scenario and, although I was 'straight', I would go with a guy if it got her off.
Before I met her she used to have a 'Booty call', well it turns out that he was bi. So she contacted him.
A few days later when we... [more]

Ima boy ilove wearing panties

Im a boy ilove wearing girls panties briefs and knickers bikini panties white cotton panties pink panties Disney panties hanna montanna panties high shool musical panties ilove girls undies anyboy want to se mine you can any guys boys who want to see mine you can anybody wans to see them any teen crossdressers I would love to be... [more]

I'm a fraud

I write,,,sort of. I have written a handful of short stories that I like, and my friends, the very are I have, seemed to have liked them too. But I’m sure nowhere as much as me. I spent 6 years writing a novel and I finished it Sept 9, 2016. Since then I have been working on the 2nd draft. That’s what I tell myself anyway. In truth I have not... [more]


I'm a man an I want to have a period. I wish I could bleed like girls do and wear tampons. Is this normal guys?

Family's Worn Panties

I'm sure I'm not the only one but I would like to know how many other guys sniff, lick and suck out P ussy juice from their family and friends worn panties.
Over the years and to this day, I have taken hundreds of pairs from bedroom floors and laundry baskets and sucked out all the lovely c unt juice of my mom, wife, sister, sister in laws (5)... [more]

I like my gold necklace

Four years ago my gf gave me a 20 inch gold necklace. At first I hated to wear it but over time I got so I love it. I've read lots of things that say girls hate guys in jewelry. I think it's kind of good looking in me. Like if a wear a button down shirt, I usually leave the top two buttons undone. My thin gold chain is visible. It's not like I... [more]

Stranger (male)

I don't think you've any idea how attractive you're to me. I'd always wished to be with someone with your looks. You're not skinny, but not very healthy either. You're just right. I know you consider yourself "fat," but you have no idea you're not fat. I've always find guys like you attractive. You're cute, chubby, and so cute. lol Height wise... [more]


What is wrong with me i am a curvy women at present i am sitting in work and i have a collar on under my jumper aching for some guys to use me any way they want i love beeing used humiliated water sports and treated like a dog and slave i have a very high s** drive what is wrong with me

Stroking in Panties

I am a 63 yr. old male, straight guy, who really enjoys and gets turned on wearing women's sexy lace panties. I love lubeing up my C*** and Stroking myself, for others to watch. Men or women. Posting photos and videos on pornhub. Lady friend enjoys and encourages me to enjoy my fetish. My wife... [more]

Honest Guy

So I've been dating this girl for nearly 3 months now and I really like her. I think she's beautiful and we've really good chemistry. Anytime shes asked me something about my past or present I have alway told her the truth. That's more than I can say for some girls I been with. So the other day she flat out asks how many girls I've been with. She... [more]

Soooo weird

Not sure what category to even put this in so its here, I moved in with a new room mate this year at college, She is great, We found each other through a mutual friend and were both looking for a room mate to rent an apartment to cut costs obviously.
Last weekend she went out and I was not feeling great so I stayed home, We have an understanding... [more]

Younger women

I'm a married guy in his 40's and for some reason I am only attracted to women under 25. The younger the better. 18 is the youngest I'll go but something about their tight bodies, inexperience and willingness is such a turn on. I'm not sure if I'm messed up or that is just the way men are built.

I got busted

So...a few months back I called my older sister up and asked if I could borrow a couple dresses for a trip to Jamaica, She and her husband are...Well off and her closet which I am pretty sure is bigger than my apartment is full of stuff she has never even taken the tags off and we are almost exactly the same size so I borrow clothes all the time... [more]

That went a step too far.

I stayed at my sisters house last night, I love my older sister and brother in law, they are the greatest people in my life, Paid for my college education, Let me live with them when I was a teen, They have never left me stranded in any situation ever where they were able to help me which is not related to this but just wanted to say that.
Last... [more]

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