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I can't learn a thing a from women I need a man

I'm a woman that need a man to teach me how to be a woman. This conversation is for men only. I hate women.

I Want to Fight

I'm a 19 year old thats very passive. I avoid conflict and don't stand up for myself a lot. But now I fantasize about getting into a legit street fight. The adrenaline dump of feeling in danger while fighting back seems thrilling. I live right next to a major city and go there sometime. There are plenty of people that will fight you if you look at... [more]

Should I or shouldn't I

I married a beautiful girl quite a few years ago. We got along well, but I learned through friends that she was cheating on me quite a lot. I don't know how many times. We were planning a move to Oregon, but a friend of mine told me that my wife had told her that she (my wife) couldn't wait to get back to Oregon so she could [more]

A Theory that I Have

For most of my life I've been a Democrat because Republicans seem racist (I'm black). I've noticed that black people are called "vulnerable" in the media now adays which is insulating. I would rather be called a thug than vulnerable; Its a burn instead of a stab. I have a new theory about Democrats now.
Based on things I've learned in my... [more]

Not sure if this is weird or not...

So I'm 18, female, and I like working out at the gym and getting toned. I consider myself to be fairly more masculine than the average chick my age, and no matter how girly I dress or act, I feel like it just doesn't look good on me. Now the weird part is that for some reason, I'm attracted to soft-looking girly guys, and I really wish I could... [more]

White Male Fragility

During this past year with all that's been going on, it's become even more apparent that racist white males are actual toddlers. White Male Fragility at its finest. Ha.
Like a toddler screaming down a restaurant because he was finally told no, told there are other people present, told he must share etc. He starts acting out, wailing, ruining... [more]

My ex Roxana C. Vasquez hot latina secretLife

I discovered my wife had a life that I didn't know about.
I found a box in the basement with some CDs in it. They weren't labeled so I decided to look at them before I threw them out. They were all of my wife and her lovers doing the s** act and in detail. I had never met any of her lovers so this was kind of a shock. Every one of these guys was... [more]

I post my wife's nude pics online because....

For years I have had the fantasy of watching my wife have s** with other men. Unfortunately for me I have not been able to convince her to do it. At least not to my knowledge.
The next best thing is sharing her nude photos on line for other men to see, or sometimes even emailing some to friends of... [more]

Incubus s** for wife

As a result of having a tiny non functioning micro p**** I have for the last 3 years been using very realistic vixskin Creations and copies of pornstar c**** to satisfy my wifes deep penetration desires of having g spot and a&o spot [more]

I fancy my boss

So firstly I’m straight (ish) I’ve mostly been in to guys but I just think In life you like what you like.
So my boss is 30 years older than me and we never really got on till this year when I worked with her niece a lot and we became friends since then I’m always talking to her about what’s going on In her life my life getting advice I keep... [more]

Wife found my girl clothes and pics of me sucking my man's c***

She also found my vibrators and d***** and love letters from my man calling me his girl and other girlie things. When I got home my mouth tasted great with the taste of hard c*** and c**. She began to play... [more]

Married male who loves multiple men in her ass and mouth her ads

I'm married but love as many men on me as possible. My wife made me a cuckold after 3 months of marriage saying my p**** is super tiny and she needs a man not a girl. I said what about Jim, he is so sweet and his c*** is huge and all 47 times we made... [more]

Muslim women are the best women on earth. Praise Allah

American women are not modest, they are loud, they don't go to church, they change men like they change underwear everyday, they cant keep a man, they don't respect men. they want to have power, they don't cook for their children or man, they like to go to jail, they smell bad, they are lazy, they are racist to the Muslim communities. I hate... [more]

I went to my online chrushes house.

I have an online crush that is friends with my old online friend. They live around 20 minuets away. I went to her house.
Finding her address when I gave into my curiosity was too easy. Her last name, town she lives in, my state. It was the first thing to come up. Her house is around the corner from my good friend. Good for her parents, they... [more]

Chest sitting turn on

Love to spend all day or night with my face between a hot sexy looking girl and have her sitting on my chest squezzing my face between her soft sexy looking thighs would love to talk to any girl who loves to talk about sitting on guys or me

Nude wife pictures

I posted naked pictures of my wife, no face shots, on the Internet without her knowledge and got loads of comments back about how random guys want to f*** her and do things to her. It gets me hot thinking of her being wanked over by strangers.
Anyway, one of our friends showed me a picture of my... [more]

A Bad Habit

Ever since the lock down started in like March I've been stuck inside, and my mom is a nurse and is working crazy hours so I'm literally alone all day. So basically I spend my whole time in chat rooms that I probably shouldn't have been in, and ended up sending nudes to guys I don't even know. Basically, I can't stop, I've sent probably hundreds... [more]

Free to used

I want men to enjoy my body and my mouth love men t f*** my boy p**** .My brother was the first at 15 teen came home one night .Must tell you we share a double bed . In those day working class boy don't wear underwear just a vest in bed spoon into me... [more]

Free to used

I want men to enjoy my body and my mouth love men t f*** my boy p**** .My brother was the first at 15 teen came home one night .Must tell you we share a double bed . In those day working class boy don't wear underwear just a vest in bed spoon into me... [more]

Bill Cosby

I hate women because of Bill Cosby. Women are not to be trusted at all. I wish black women would not deal with white women on any level. Too many black men in prison because of white women. Stay strong black men.

Salt and Pepper

I’m 19. I prefer older women. Have popped a couple cherries but s** with women over 45 is amazing.
During CoViD I e been trying to bag the lady on the cul de sac down the street. I f***** her daughter a few years back when I was a freshman in high... [more]

First time

My first time in adult book store I had absolutely no idea I was 54 at the time, I get there go in a booth didn’t even notice the glory holes untill a c*** came sliding in I froze and did absolutely nothing I just went back outside but curiously I wanted to see what was going on so I go in the... [more]

Caught my dad f****** my gf

Last year before I headed off to college my GF’s family arranged for a week at the beach in a nice beach house. But my mom said their needed to be parents in attendance.
My mom decided to stay home with my sister and my GF dad had to work so her mom and my dad chaperoned. The beach house was huge 5 bedrooms! The original intervention was... [more]

Crazy Fantasy

As long as I can remember I wanted to do group s**. I did have one 3way before I got married, but nothing since, 've asked my wife countless times if she wanted to do a 3way with a friend of hers that we both know would. I even love the idea of sharing her with my friends, and I know a least two who... [more]

He said no. Now yes???

He said he wouldn't marry me. He said it was off the table. That he had been married once before and that was enough. I understood but felt like I was being punished for other people's actions I had nothing to do with. I'd been married once before too and it was rough. But for this man, I would wholeheartedly take the leap. I put myself out there... [more]

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