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It’s been a year

Well next month is my 25th wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day marks the one year anniversary of the most incredible sexual experience in my 50 years on this earth.
Last Mother’s Day my son’s track friends came over for a pool party, after my son left for work (he delivers pizza. His twin friends decided to stay and swim. I knew the boys... [more]

Noah and his ark

Noah's family consisted of his wife Naamah, who was also kindred to Noah, and his son's Shem, Ham, and Japeth. Ham had always been a frustrated child. It was thought it was because his father had named him after part of a pig. Shem and Japeth had both seen Ham f****** their family goat back home... [more]

Wrestling turn on

I recently wrestled my wife's friends husband at the request of my wife and her friend. I knew her friend liked men wrestling as they have watched ufc with us before and she would suggest we wrestle. I told her I would wrestle if the ladies did afterwords. Anyway me and the friends hubby are both fit and evenly matched. We wrestled in the backyard... [more]

You never know who you might run into

Noelle Peterson, the one that got away. All through high-school and halfway through college, I'd had a crush on Noelle Peterson. She'd disappeared halfway through college, just did not show up for year three. Of course there were rumors; a girl that hot doesn't just go off the grid without causing a disturbance in the force. I'd heard several of... [more]

Wife finally agrees.

After 9 yrs of marriage, I agreed with my wife we would be more outgoing in our sexuality as a couple. She was 5'4" 124 lite brown hair hazel eyes a very attractive woman. Dressed conservatively but even wearing such was a real looker. Just getting her to wear a mini dress was nearly impossible. Her girlfriends from work helped her pick out some... [more]

Why ?

Why is it okay for a young man about 14/15 to have s** but it’s bad for a girl ? There both equal a man should be on some kinda pill women can only give birth once every 9months a man can have 9k baby’s in 6 months stop men

S** trafficking is a sin against god!

S** tafficking is real. I was human trafficked for s** to make money for these indian dutch scotish and arab factions. These gangs work in conjunction with police in qld and get women housewives to mascrade as therapists from home and have [more]

I as a 14 year old Indian, got married to a 5 year old Girl

I as a 14 year old Indian guy, I got married too a 5 year old girl, and we never divorced yet, we are still married today. We never consummated our marriage yet, but we will someday. All we did was kiss on our wedding day, and it was not a short kiss. It was a long kiss. I don’t care what you guys say about it. I’m officially married and you guys... [more]

I think I'm transgender

I was born a girl but I've always knew I wasn't . When I was younger I did play with dolls and so called "girly things" but as soon as I turned 12 everything changed, I felt different from the other girls. They started to talk about guys and wear make up while I was trying to figure out why I was so different. My best friend is trans gender, he's... [more]

Stripper wife

My husband is in the Navy on a sub and is gone foe 6 to 8 months at a time. I have an MBA am on a professional job, but three years ago I went on vacation with three friends. We got very drunk amd we all tried out an amateur stripper night. For the others it was a drunk slutty one time thing. I loved it. I love being nude on stage and... [more]

My first time @ 17 (see if I can believe this?)

I worked at a truck stop in illinois as an overnight cook. I wore a bright orange jumpsuit. I was so pasty I sort of disappeared in it. I would strip completely nude in the locker room and put on the uniform. My c*** would get pretty hard. I was [more]

Box of things I need someone to see.

I really need to get all of this off my chest. I think something is wrong with me, I think I'm going crazy. Like, for real. I just, I've been seeing things and hearing things since I was little. I just don't think I'm right in the head.
I've been hearing sounds and things that aren't real. Like I'll hear a faint conversation from time to time... [more]

S** with best friend

I went over to sleep and my girl best friend house. My other two guy friends were there. I’ve been wanting to have s** with one of the guys before but then I didn’t anymore. He was intoxicated and on other drugs. He kept asking if I wanted to have wed I kept telling him no but he kept insisting. I got a... [more]

Kiss me

There was one time my best friend and I were 12 to 13 years old. I was over at her house and we were watching lesbians kissing and wanted to try how it felt like to kiss. We closed her bedroom door but had no lock. I got on top of her ( we are both girls) we started making out, French kiss style. We were getting nasty with our kisses. I wanted to... [more]

I Don't Know Why Girl Seduction

I'm 16 with a nice body and like to show it. I realize I need to enjoy it before I grow up looking like my mom. Low riding baggy shorts, a big sleeveless tshirt, and never a bra is my normal attire. I get h**** knowing all the men and boys are admiring and want me. I show what I can while acting... [more]

I'm Proud to be an Effeminate F*****

I always wear only women's clothing, because I wear Panties exclusively for my underwear. I keep my legs silky smooth, along with the rest of me, and I grew my hair out longer than a foot. I look like a woman, and I am very proud of myself. I am just too Feminine to be a man, and I refuse to be one. I prefer to kneel before men to prove my... [more]

Wipe my mind clean.

I walked in on my son-in law, I am 61 and he is 44 and there wasn't supposed to be anyone home so he was sleeping in the...buff, I had to go to their house to get something and I knew where it was, My daughter told me it was on the shelf in the closet and so I quietly sneaked into the house knowing he had just gotten off al ong shift two hours... [more]

Got my d*** sucked in a gloryhole

Do girls really love the thought of not knowing who they are sucking off? I've been in a mental hospital and spat at people and use girls for s**. I got accepted as a participant in a gloryhole and some b**** was on the other side.
I spat on my [more]

Question to you

Hey, people.
I see more and more cases where some degenerates are attacking Asian people.
I am Korean and generally we despise Chinese since they have been nothing but a bully to my country. I am just sad that people around the world would categorize all the asians as Chinese and hate them...
Could you please ask us where we come from before... [more]

Two young studs

I've been having s** with two young men that live nextdoor,I started having s** with the 19 year old first then his 17 year old brother,they don't know about each other yet,I had s** with my husband one morning and... [more]

Wife's black dress

Had a strange conversation with the wife one day. My wife bet me she could turn any head she wanted to by wearing anything she wanted. I like a fool took the bet and we decided to do this at the local mall.
She decided to wear a short tight black dress and no stockings , high heals and no undies .
My wife is in her mid 20's, 5' 5", 115 lbs... [more]

Wife want orgy

My wife is 34 now. I proposed her when she was 16. After 18 year of relationship and 10 year of marriage. Even after healthy s** life, my wife want to have orgy with other men. She talks everytime when we we so s**. We [more]

My wifes fantasy

My wife is a very attractive woman with red hair and green eyes. she is 5 feet 5 inches tall and 120 pounds. she has a very fit 34c 22 32 figure and is what most would think of as a conservative woman next door.
she recently confessed that she had a long time fantasy about being spanked. she told me that in her fantasy she was rude to me my... [more]

Men in woman’s knickers

I’m a guy . I love the sight of a man wanking in sexy woman’s knickers .

Obsession with Female Booty/Facesitting?

Why? Why do I love it so much? I really don't know... I think it all started in childhood- there I was- an innocent young boy, playing on the playground with other kids back in the 80s, when it happened suddenly: a girl was sitting on a swing maybe 6-10 ft ahead of me, and a hyper boy comes along suddenly and decides to pull her pants down as a... [more]

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