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I feel stupid.

I have typed this out and deleted it at least 6 times but here we go.
There are lots of our friends who attend a large music festival and we even have friends who come from as far away as 6 hours but they all stay in the campgrounds so it was a bit of a downer that we would be staying in town since our camper was broken but there was no way i was... [more]

I love getting kicked in the testicles by women

I confess. My whole life I was very intrigued at the idea of women kicking men in the b****. I got it a lot growing up and the girls reactions was one thing I'd think about for days ever time. I was an easy target for them let's just say. When I discovered ballbusting websites I was amazed. ... [more]

Hate my stepdad

So my mom has daited this guys and he is so annoying I hate him because he says I need to loose weight he weighs about 280 (not to offend people) he does drugs and makes my mother cry I feel so bad when he screams at me I scream at him back he's such a b****. He also stole my money my sisters money... [more]


He's never been married. He's been single. He's a virgin. Girls from his side aren't bothering us and guys from my side aren't bothering us. Things are going great. How did I get so lucky?


I'm 21 years old now. I didn't get a chance to go to college me being the youngest of 6 and the only girl I grew up with work boots from my brothers in the front doors. Tool boxes in the garage. Work trucks parked outside taking up garage space. throughout high school I didn't know what I wanted. My brothers being in skilled trades they opened a... [more]

Regret the Party

I need to get this off my chest, and found this site by chance. Apologies if it doesn't belong. My bf and I went to a party with his friends last night. We're in college. I didn't even know the host of the party. It was a friend of a friend of a friend type of thing, and there must have been 70-80 people there. It was a little crazy when we walked... [more]

Very Inappropriate Taboo Chat With My Brother's Daughter

I got home from work sometimes last week and,poured myself a glass of Sangria red wine and got online.I chatted with 3 different women,two of them relatives,and I think my chat was very inappropriate.
I talked to my brother in another country, and he said his daughter,who is in college, needed help with rent for the month. I offered to help... [more]

How can I get her?

So I've been with my wife since high school. We moved into her house when she got pregnant. Believe me I love my family, the thing is I've always had a thing for older women and my MIL is not different. She's a bigger woman and I know that's she likes men of color cause my wife's father is Hispanic. I've become pretty close with her we have and... [more]

Running tights.

So yeah I am runner. I have been running longer time now.
i run in tights and don't wear any shorts to cover my stuff, bulge and ass visible.
When I was starting to run like this I remember i thought it's so embarrassing to have your bulge visible but on the other hand i think having shorts on tights looks lame as [more]

To the nice man making a huge mistake

Don't do it. She's a liar, and screws everybody. She is fake as all can be. She fools around with so many men you don't know about. She needs constant attention, as she is shallow. Sure she acts all sweet. It is an ACT. Deep down she is mean, insecure cruel, and you know it. Don't hurt your children.


I to wear nylon panties. I love how they feel on me. My wife loves to see me wearing them. I am not bi but i thank guys looks good in nylon panties. And they should not be made fun of wearing nylon panties.

Handmaids tale is the way religion really is

I read the book "Handmaids Tale" and it is a story about what would happen if Fundamentalist Christians were in absolute power and if there was a scarcity of fertile women.
Nothing about the book is inaccurate. Hangings for trying to run away. Having s** with someone besides the person they told... [more]

Should have remained a fantasy

All my life I have been utterly addicted to total-enclosure bondage, the most extreme possible. Naturally girls my own age wanted nothing to do with me, and I was never attracted to men or boys, so I became an adult, alone and frustrated, and relying on self-bondage for any real release. Having a trust-fund, I only worked now and again, when... [more]

Looking to be bred

I'm a bigger woman. 25yrs old and struggled for the first part of my twenties to be okay with my body. While I'm not 100% self confident I am getting there. But one thing I really crave is to be bred. Im not looking to have children yet but want to be bred. I am on contraceptives. Guys 25-28 let me know if you'd be interested.

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