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I wish I knew how this marriage turned out

Several years ago there was a program about mismatched marriages. The one that interested me most was an unattractive woman college Biology Professor with a genius IQ married an IQ challenged dishwasher at a diner. The dishwasher, unlike most men, doted on her and one day she suggested to him that they marry. She said with her degree in... [more]

I need answers plz

I need an answer for this, guys. There's this girl I like, but I'm worried about asking her if she has the same feelings about me. She's a really nice girl, but I don't talk to her that often, because I have a really bad problem with talking to the opposite gender. I need a suggestion on what to do. (Btw its middle school)

Confused married guy

30yr old male, married, sexually confused. Only ever been with women, but love s****** p***... a beautiful woman, with medium to large t***, slim petite build but with a large hard [more]

Grandsons secret

This happened last summer. My wife’s eighteen year old grandson was starting college this fall and since his school is fairly close to where we live, he decided to stay with us for a week before he started classes. While staying with us he stayed in the spare bedroom. Too excited too see the grandson and forgot all about the VCR that was in the... [more]

American White people are culture-thieving devils who should die

This is why White men are so angry Nazis are marching on DC tomorrow to United the Right over some bullshit loss of civil rights. What civil rights have you lost? You still have the right to shoot up a public location/school/concert every few months, no one has taken that away from you, you still have the right to elect the most divisive... [more]

Haven't had s** in 4 years.

Everyone that i know thinks im some player that can get girls whenever and has girls calling all the time which is because i have to admit, i am attractive to some degree. Not to say im a model but i do get a 'glance' by women frequently but in reality its quite the oppisite. I'm not really good at making moves on girls, i see them into me but... [more]

The "Golden Rule" doesn't apply

The golden rule simply doesn't apply to male/female relations. Take "cat calls" for example. Women hate that s*** yet men would love it if women would cat call them. If anyone ever doubts that there is a fundamental difference between men and women (not just "social constructs") all they have to... [more]

Finally got what she wanted.

At 40 years old with 3 children I never would have thought I would have made a decision which would change my life, But I did.
23 years ago I had a...Well...I am not sure what to call it but I'll try to explain.
(Names have been left out to protect the guilty)
My older cousin was visiting us at my grandma's lake house which was little more... [more]

Changing room

I've been dating this woman for a couple of months. We're both 26 and things have been mostly okay. She is gorgeous with a very high s** drive (wants it all of the time). I'm really in love with her. She also has a huge circle of friends. She recently took me to a big party at a friend's place. There... [more]

I am a s*** in my fantasies

But in reality i am not . When i m********* i think i get f***** by a lot of guys. If reality was just like my fantasy then i would love to make true all my sexual fantasies . To get f***** by many... [more]

For the girls

I'm at college and there were four of us in my room one night, two girls and two guys. We were slightly stoned and having a good time talking. I don't know what led to it but one of the girls challenged us guys to get it together, though I don't think for one minute she expected us to do so. The next thing I know the other guy is saying that he is... [more]

Messed up mind

I dont know what's wrong with me.
I'm in a perfectly happy relationship with my bf. We have 3 kids.
Yet, i cant stop thinking about other men. I have never cheated and never will but i cant control my thoughts.
I think about guys from my past all the time. The opportunitys i missed and the 'what ifs'. I dont want to think these thoughts.
I'm... [more]


Men want to date me but I am utterly uninterested. Not because they're not enough, but because I'm not ready. My heart feels empty. I'm not allowing myself to fall for anyone. My past relationship which was my only relationship was disappointing. It took me years to stand on my feet. I have no intentions to fall back on my face again. In fact, I... [more]

GF treats me badly but I enjoy it

I love my girlfriend very much, I'd do anything for her and she knows it, but sometimes she takes advantage of that. When it is just the two of us together she can be very loving but in front of her friends she is completely different, she seems to want to say things to embarrass me and even belittle me and I don't know why. There are many... [more]

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