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My other life

I wanted to confess at 8 years old while exploring as all kids do, I found myself in my Step Mothers bedroom staring in her top draw seeing the most amazing soft beautiful underwear for the first time remembering the feel of a slip night dress and petticoat & smell of perfume. From that moment from a tender age I loved underwear that has stayed... [more]

Want to watch my girlfriend get f*****

I've been with a girl long-distance for three years now. She lives in the UK and I'm in the US. About two years in, when we had a bit off a fallout, she had s** with her neighbor twice. He's much older, and she liked that.
Since then, I've come out about how much it turned me on, how I want more... [more]

Big d**** in lockerooms

I don’t know why guys with big penises feel the need to walk around my gym change room naked. And what’s with the judgemental looks I get for having a small c***. We get it you have a big c***, put a towel around you a-hole, who... [more]

I WANT my Christian wife to do something with another man.

I want my wife to have minor and major liaisons with other men-- casual, no commitment. And, I want open communication about it. I've been with my wife for 30 years, and I confessed this fantasy to her about 20 years ago. She'll tease about it, but there's no chance she'd ever do it. I want to compete for her affection and know she has real... [more]

I am so attracted to a female co-worker it hurts!

I am attracted to the blonde secretary at work and have been for 14+ years. She is over 50 now but drop dead gorgeous! Honest to God, 99.5% of women aged 18-50 can't compete with her beauty. She could have easily made a very comfortable living in the modeling industry. My attraction to her is not only physical but emotional as well. I love her... [more]

Should I come out? And how?

I am a 15-year-old boy, and I like blokes a lot, but I’m still on the fence and reluctant to come out. I worry what my friends and family are going to say when they realise that I’m gay. Or at least I think I am. Gay.
When I think about it, I have been attracted to guys since sixth grade. I remember going to Bondi Beach in Sydney for the very... [more]

Worst thing I have ever done

Was in a relationship for 6 almost 7 years with my high school sweet heart. At first everything was like a fairy tale I never was the type of dude to fall in love. I was portrayed more as the confident individual party guy and flirtatious dude who spent hours in the gym looking good for myself but with a broken home wanting to be a better man than... [more]


I have a theory that men want to either have s** with other women outside their marriage or want other men to have s** with their wives. I think its natural to look for a thrill and I think its one or the other!
However, I know most people don't act upon it... [more]

Not sure how I feel about this.

My GF (22) and I (24) attended a party last night with a bunch of friends and...My GF became the main attraction, My best friends cousin was there, She is a smoke show and gay, Everyone is well aware that she is gay and she is a total party girl, Not even a little shy about being gay and flaunts it in front of guys as a F you. We were partying and... [more]

Cuck chat

I’m still addicted to cuckold consultant. Can’t stop sharing hot pics of my unaware wife to other men. They think she’s a mature hot milf and all jack to her pics and show me. I’m so ashamed I need to stop as she’s a wonderful woman and the best thing that ever happened to me. God please help me. Please please!

First gay experience 22m

Hey everyone so I’m a 22m I’m straight but very curious, watching gay p***, gay thoughts just wanted to try something. We have a adult video gallery In town that has viewing rooms and a theater that plays p*** on a big screen. I built up the courage and... [more]

I’m really guilty about this

But I want to f*** older and maybe even married men. I’m a 18 year old girl and I feel this desire to f*** and please an older married guy, i don’t even know why but I fantasize about it a lot.

Panties Obsessed

I'm obsessed with panties and they control my life, Whenever I'm talking to someone I also try and steer the conversation onto panties some how with people at home, friends and work colleagues. I even go has far has wearing panties in front of my mirror, swinging my hips back and forth in my panties while watching my man meat grow to 9 inches has... [more]

My sweet wife

I love my wife dearly but i love to watch my wife getting f***** brutally with extreme roughness ( thats what she loves) . I wish to come back home and see my wife tied up to our bedroom or tied up in the toilet getting f***** and breeded by more than... [more]


Well I am 44 years old i have been married twice and divorced both f my wives betrayed me with other men and my last wife had an affair the lasted for several months before I found out.
I no longer trust women but I an not Gay either and i miss the s** so at first when I got the urge I would go out t... [more]

Don't go backstage alone

I went to a concert when I was 18 (Two years ago) and after the concert I was invited backstage by a very nice looking girl, Well dreesed had a pass and invited only me out me and my three friends, They were all like "Go, Go, Go, We will be just a block away at ****".
I go back stage and it was the worst experience of my life, The first guy... [more]

All my girlfriends and first wife

All my girlfriends and first wife f***** other guys behind my back, but eventually flaunted it.
I thought it was cool they were so sexual. It turned me on. Guys pursued each of them. I acted big, all the guys wanted what I had. Funny thing is all of them eventually left me for guys with huge... [more]

Trying to work things out in the marriage.

Honestly, never thought about cheating ever. A womans presence is alluring. I rode this train back from work 5 days a weeks, same routine. Usually same car, try for the same seat etc. I knew a bunch of people from this commute. It started as a casual, hello, how's your day, what's up. I met a quiet soft spoken lady, I've said hello to about... [more]

Tiger woods

This is truth teller again, I am all for giving most people a second chance, but you bunch of stupid people embraced a w**** monger. He had a beautiful wife and beautiful kids, and decided to take human growth hormone just to be able to keep up with all of his whores . Now I know beyond a shadow of a... [more]

NEVER buy your gf this for her B-day!

One of the gifts my bf got for MY 20 b-day was a lace bra and THONG panty set! WTF! I’m not wearing that s***! He said, “I’d feel sexy!” I threw it at him and told him to f**k off dumped his sick ass and moved back to my parents. Why do guys think we want to wear that f****g [more]

All guys are douches.

I went with my BF to his brothers and they gave me booze, I am close to legal but not for a few months but it isn't my first time drinking, However they fed me more and more and I passed out. My BF's brother is 9 years older and I woke up in the middle of him finishing inside me, I remember 3 others and my BF. F all men...Yes he is my ex now.

Fat wife

Women have a much easier time getting noticed. I’m an average looking man and rarely will a good looking woman ever notice me let alone smile or talk to me. My wife is fat and besides having huge b****, she has nothing else going for her. And yet every guy in our condo is polite to her and nice to... [more]

Amanda Jenkins is a Pedophile

Amanda Jenkins is a pedophile. She gargles her own son's c*** every night and he's only 12. She's the one who created the adrenachrome child s** ring and she's directly responsible for Madeline McCann's abduction and murder. That's why she accused... [more]

I said I would

I have read so many stories on here about women who had someone do something to them uninvited and I read the comments about how the stories are fake or whatever and I said I would make a post about it.
I just wanted to say that not all of them are fake and this crap actually happens, I don't know if I am just a really good listener or if people... [more]

Our moment.

We went to this outdoor music festival, 6 of us, My buddies GF wanted to go to the one concert but he was too drunk and passed out in his lawn chair and she was scared to go alone so I went with her, we were drinking and dancing and she was just wearing a tank top and these spandex shorts.
We start walking back and it's like 5 pm, She's [more]

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