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I confess I love black men and black c*** I love back mens c** its so salty and bitter and creamy

Polyamorous ideation

I have a deep desire to have a polyamorous relationship with my wife and a good friend of hers. Her friend is probably one of the best people I've ever met (next to my wife). Sexy, nice, and super smart. Her only problem is that she married and divorced a couple of real douchebags. She seems to be attracted to men beneath her and that bothers... [more]

Misbehaving wives

Quite a few of us married men thoughts of are wife's being naughty his a big turn on , Not all of us want are wife's to go to far maybe show a bit of cleavage leg that sort of thing , Or being kissed groped that sort of thing what ever floats your boat , I've watched my wife on new years eve when she has had to much to drink , Loosing all her... [more]

I want to wear REAL lingerie

For a long time I kind was kind of a show off. I acted like I was the best at s** even as a child. I needed a bf, talked to guys a lot etc. At some point I ended up trying to expose my chest at school. I made sure that everyone say it (I was in 2nd grade lol). I loved the attention but I needed something... [more]

I'm A Good Girl But....

A satanic s*** (or at least I feel like it). All I can ever thing about is pleasing a nice big c***. Just licking the tip, making it twitch before he blows out a huge load. Hehe, makes you wonder huh? Have I always been like this? Tbh, I have. Ever... [more]

I Compare My Used Husband to Virgin Ex's and Regret Marrying Him

I don't believe in religions, but I decided to wait until marriage because I didn't want random men to take advantage of me. I was still not judgmental about my dates' history. Virginity does not make one saint. I did things with them except for s**. And of course, I wanted it to be special.
I now... [more]

First time & loved it

I'm a married man 32yrs old and went out last weekend with friends we all got split up after a few drinks, I ended up in a gay bar (didn't realise) and met a few girls and guys, met a guy called Jason and as we were talking ended up him telling me that it was a gay bar I didn't believe him there were no signs saying but never been to a gay bar... [more]

I got my wife and mother in law pregnant

Ok So I am a little older than my wife. She is 21 and I am 34. We got married on her 19th birthday. We have been together now for 5 years. She grew up in a single parent home. I meet her mother before I meet her. Her mother and I had a little work fling. She always told me that she was to old for me and that i should be dating her daughter... [more]

He'll remember that forever.

I went home to visit my family over this past weekend, I am 23 and my younger brother is 18, I went to the kitchen around 2:00 am and was in the fridge looking for a drink when i heard footsteps behind me, I turned around and my brothers friend was standing at the counter.
I looked at him and smiled then said "Hi", He said "Hi" back and I poured... [more]

I think I used marriage to recreate my own childhood

So, I had a pretty regular childhood. But I had a poor relationship with my father, who was there but NEVER emotionally available. I'm in my 20s and married now, to a man much, much older than me. In my house there is my husband daddy, no children except for me and I'm quite spoiled, ( I always wanted to be an only child, ha) I have all the pets... [more]

When I became a complete sissy

I started crossdressing at a young age. My older sister started me and my mother encouraged it. In fact my mother dressed me up quite often and would send me out to play and all the other boys called me a sissy. But I still played as a boy. This went on through high school (Yes I still dressed privately) and into adulthood. I managed in my 20's to... [more]


The more I try to stay away from dating the more men want to date me. I like my singlehood and I want to enjoy it to the fullest. I already given up dealing with it and hopefully, they'll leave me alone. Ignorance and silence are the only solution I found that seem to be working perfectly fine. I am okay with it.

About being fat

I realized that the extra weight means everything in the world to other people. Nothing I wear matters, my hair color or style doesn't matter, the only thing people see is fat now. I'm not the blonde or brunette anymore, I'm the fat girl. I'm worthless to society because I don't look reproductively appealing enough for men. If I were cast in a... [more]

All that for nothing..

My biggest fear about love is it being unrequited but let me explain a bit deeper. I’m a male in my mid twenties and I’m straight forward. I’m not for that “won’t tell you I like you, but will do small things to hint at it and hope you will pick up on it and reciprocate” NO, kids and teenagers do that [more]

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