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I'm 30 years young welder working all around the world single no kids no wife no gf. I'm truly dedicated to my craft. In a job I'm at rn a new woman 21 yrs young just entered in my group the first time I saw her I thought she was a "he" because of my criticism I judged upon appearance turns out she was a woman. When we have our safety meetings in... [more]


I'm a homeless girl with no future. My family is abusive or dead. After living on the streets for weeks I decided I couldn't do it anymore and friends got tired of me couch surfing while I looked for jobs that wouldnt take me because I werent qualified. Men only see women as objects so I use it to my advantage. Why not? It serves them right. now... [more]

I like younger boys

This is horrible but I like younger guys like 14-18. I'm in my late 20's. I know the law and obey but man it's a major fantasy.

Confession of an international student in Malaysia

Malaysia... Malaysia.. Malaysia..
Where do I even start about this country? I think I'm on a pretty high place to talk.. Being that I've been living here for over 3 years. Before coming to Malaysia I obviously had a very good perspective about this country.. As every other International student. But ever since coming here I ask myself daily... [more]

Love for w****

My mom takes tutions. So there used to come this slutty girl whom I never liked. But one fined day, when nobody was home she came to on the pretext of clearing doubts. I was playing a game and I didn't pay any heed. Then she seduced me. I couldn't control and we started kissing. This continued for around 2 years. I thought I was using her but I... [more]

Monthly humiliation

For two years in 1984 and '85 where I was housed in an orphanage in Alabama I was subjected to once a month physical examinations. I was 14 when it first started and the reason was that I got caught having s** with a boy. Once that happened the headmaster Mr. S---------- made me come to his office the... [more]

Punching fetish

Hi guys m 26 yrs old and I have massive fetish for belly punching. I m luking for a girl who allow me to punch her belly. Sit on stomach. If any girl from india who have same fetish like me I wud love to meet her Contact me on Facebook

I like girls/ladies to sit on me

I'm a male guy who likes girls/ladies to sit on me and school girl pin me.
I like them to wear a skirt with tights/pantyhose on, as I like the feel on my bare stomach / chest.
I had this fetish for a long time and I just cant get enough.
My mom use to sit on me and my I said just cant get enough :-)
So.....if there are... [more]

Indian femboy has his first

Hi there people. I’m Ayush from India (no abuses please). I’m a pretty shy individual, coming from an ordinary conservative middle class family. This is my first ever confession, because after reading the stories of so many others, I think this is a safe place to come out. From when I was in my early teens, I have had a penchant for crossdressing... [more]

Wearing ladies tights

Have just put on a blue pair of tights been wearing ladies tights for years am 50 now I it nice feeling on my legs got loads of pairs of tights in my bedroom has any other men for tights in there bedroom from Nigel Coates Taylor

Girlfriends sister

My girlfriends sister is 19 and is hot! I've took 2 pairs of her panties and looked at her bra size 38D. First time I was like wow was at the public pool where she came out and her top was obviously to small. She don't have much of a ass but really cute innocent face. Later I just came out and asked her if she would want to hook up. She said ummm... [more]

Sexist Dad

I remember one time when my mom got a haircut she warned my dad beforehand that it would be shorter than usual and when we got back he was mad. My mom has very pretty orange hair and I thought it looked great short. What I got really mad at was that night when I asked him why he didn't like it he told me that women look better with long hair... [more]

Back in my day (American Football)

My nephew plays American football in high school. Today I went out with his Dad (my brother) and watched him practice. He isn't very good. He tries hard, but he just isn't big or athletic enough to compete well. It's okay. He's just not the athlete that others in the family were. He likes to play anyway.
Today he was on special teams... [more]

My transgender story

It started when i was 6 i loved wearing dresses and high heels but when i was 8 my mom made me wear boy clothes. when i was 14 started to wear panties and bra and i enjoyed it but i always wanted to be a girl and when i was 17 i told my mom i wanted to be a girl. she was so understanding and she helped me threw my transformation. after 2 years i... [more]

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