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Good men and not good men

Real men aren't that physically attractive, but they can become great friends and life partners. Guys with six pack abs don't stabilize any relationship. As far as I've realized, they tend to take advantage of their physical attraction to sleep with anyone. I'd personally rejected them from my mind and heart. In fact, their presence means nothing... [more]

Getting Beat Up

I'm a female who like being beat up by males. I love trying to get them to punch me in the stomach.
My favorite encounter was one night at the park. There was a group of guys drinking and they were pretty drunk. I decided to start some mess with them. I'm black, 5'9" 280lbs. I was dressed in a very tight shirt that rolled up when I walked which... [more]

School S***

I married the school s***, every body I knew in HS f***** her, she put out on the first date for most any one. One night after a basket ball game five guys took her out in the boonys told her put out or get out, they had an old mattress on the ground... [more]


Stepdaughter was mad at her mother and told me that her mon had f***** a lot of black men, wife doesn't say any thing, Stepdaughter says "mon was a s***" and "a w**** before she met me" the wife just... [more]

Hot mother in law

Wifes farther was in the hospital we went to visit and stayed at their house, her mother told I could use her husbands computer while her and my wife went to the hospital. I started to get nosey and it didn't take long to find a file with sweet old mons name on it. It had hundreds of pictures and vids of my mother in law, they started in her mid... [more]

Girl beat me up

Even worse.. My crush. Who is my sisters friend. Pretty bad. So I plucked up the courage to ask her out, which took me months. She was in the year above and we we recently had gotten to like each other, although she only liked me as a friend I know now. So I asked her out and she was beside two of her friends. What does she do? Spits on my face. I... [more]

I don't like Malaysia that much

As an Indonesian, from birth I learn 2 things. The Pancasila and how to criticize Malaysia for stealing the authentic stuff that we had long before them. We had a struggle to get here and then Malaysia comes along and steals it. That why, especially the Indonesians that don't have Malaysian decent, [more]

Terrible at this human thing

I suck. Yeah Im not very good at this human thing. Im not very good at being an adult or being in a relationship.
I'm insecure and jealous I hate my body and I hate that my boyfriend watches p***. Yeah yeah I know all guys do it. Well it makes me feel like [more]

I miss the h*** outta her!

Met a girl in 2011 and had an amazing relationship with her. We split in 2014 and then talked again for a month or so in 2016. She was the greatest relationship I ever had and it ended up being distance that split us up. That and the fact that she cheated on me with three guys.
I don't know why I can't stop thinking about her, and it's killing... [more]

Herve.B confession-FInal Rectification of previous shares made by

Hi. Today 29/04/2017. Herve.B. This is anonymous Message and I have right to share only my first name and first initial and share what I want to share in being in some recovery program at some extent and according to the Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, stating that: Everyone has the right to freedom of... [more]

Why Would God Make Me If No One Can Love Me?

I know I shouldn't question God. God will be good whether I die without finding love or not...because the truth is that I've seen love before. Though I never felt it, I have seen it and therefore I know it exists. The kind of love I have been lucky to witness can only be a blessing from God.
However, I grew up without parents and in the foster... [more]

Big Areolas

I am really confused as to have a surgery done or not. I'm a 34 DD, and like 5' 6''-ish so, I guess my b**** are alright according to my height. But, the only thing that I have huge areolas. They are like 2.5-3''
I've slept with like 5-6 men and like 4 of them like it big. To be honest, I don't... [more]

Pregnant by a young stud

My wife is a nurse at a college campus, and she is pretty much surrounded by young sporty guys with buff bodies all the time. It makes her h****, which makes me happy, and we would often roleplay some of the college boys f****** her.
Some time... [more]

Circumcision fetish

This fetish of mine developed from experiences when I was younger, and has resulted now in a persistent circumcision fetish. I go wild over the idea of a hot women getting turned on by the act of circumcising a man or asking a guy to get circumcised in order to satisfy their sexual preference. It is the power dynamics involved - a man surrendering... [more]

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