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Has anyone here ever had moonshine?

I was up in North Georgia and there are several legal moonshine operations. The distillers have to pay money to the state and get a license to make their whiskey but the profits are worth the tax. The whiskey is tested to see if its clean and then they can sell it.
The moonshiners usually use corn to make their product and it tastes like... [more]

I gave my daughter a gun for her birthday

It was a weapon called a Bond Arms Snake Slayer. She works nights and a guy tried to mug her at work. It was near midnight and she works with large sums of money.
She shot him in the parking lot. She had a .410 game getter shotgun shell in the gun and it pushed him down. The arresting cop said he looked like he had a case of measles. ... [more]

My step dad

This is about my step dad, and how much I want to kill him. I’m 17 and he’s been in my life since I was 5. He came into my life after my dad broke up with my mom because she is crazy (to this day she still is) I was an only child at first. I saw my dad every other weekend (we get along great). After awhile he started having kids with my mom... [more]

Watching cops arrest a business man and rumble roll with him

I seen a police officer arresting a politician and escort him off the business property and this arroused me and I got so h**** and excited. I wanted to see more of his gabbing shirt and undone buttons slips out to show his bare hairy chest and fat stomach and the way his pants slightly fell down... [more]

I hate my step kids

I have two step kids. A boy 15 and girl 13. I have been with there father for 9 years so I have known there’s kids for quite some time. It’s never been easy with these 2. They only come down 2 times a year the summer and winter break. I have done everything for these 2 kids and they are so disrespectful when they are in my house. This is not a new... [more]

I wish my father would die

I don't want my father to die, but I think that would be the easiest way out for everyone. If my mum kicked him out or he just left he'd hardly be able to manage on his own and she would feel so guilty she'd be even more depressed. My father is a black cloud over our lives, emotionally abusive, mentally ill. He contributes nothing to our home but... [more]

What an experience

Hello, I remember my experience with hackers I contacted online, I almost lost hope in finding out if my husband was loyal to me and has been loyal in our 6 years marriage, i lost a lot of funds in paying these so called hackers so I made up my mind that if I get scammed again I'll just forget about finding out what God doesn't want me to know... [more]

I am lost what do I do

I’m 21 Years young just recently joined a good union job great pay and benefits. I’ve been with my gf for 3 Years already. I want to go to college and then attend a university. I have no car payment. no credit etc. with this job I plant to start my credit and purchase a economic car or truck in my price range but a little less. I’m good with money... [more]

Incident at a Tariff Bureau

I worked for a Tariff Bureau for ten years. It became illegal to provide this service and this service ceased.
Before this happened I worked Tariffs the work included cutting and pasting, posting routes, carriers, and rates. By reading the Tariff you instantly knew who carried what, in which amounts, and for how much money. It was hard work... [more]


I remember when I had my very first job few years back. I worked there for few months but due to health issues I had to resign. However, the company never wanted me to leave. So, I received an interesting offer from them too. I appreciated the hard work and I never I brought positive changes within the company before leaving.
I honestly never... [more]

Not sure what to do

I am a 14 year old girl and I baby sit on a regular basis for a family who live near me. They have two girls, aged 5 and 7, and a boy aged 12. The boy is ok until the young ones go to bed but then he starts doing and saying things of a sexual nature. At first he was just saying rude things, then he started to expose himself to me. Then the other... [more]

Stepson ungrateful

This 12 year old boy is a total liar and manipulator to his father and I’m sick of it. He moved 100 miles away with his mother (which he kept a secret from his dad until the day before they moved!) which was a god send but now there’s a whole other set of issues to deal with.
He never contacts his dad and he’s on his phone 24/7, not even a call... [more]


I have a friend who owns several businesses. He is a gun enthusiast. So am I but to a much lesser degree. He makes a lot more money than I do.
I was at a gun show a few miles from my house when I saw an Italian side by side 10 gauge shotgun and the seller was asking $1000.00 for it. That's is a once in a lifetime deal. Italian shotguns... [more]

Hey kids you don't want to go to college? Join the Jehovah Witne

This religion prefers its members to have poor paying jobs because of Hey? What more important? Money or knowing Jehovah? So kiddies if your undermotivated and lazy and don't care about making a decent living become a Jehovah Witness. If you're intelligent and motivated then, by all means, avoid that cult.

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