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Going out, bar scene sucks..

I go to my usual sports bar on Friday nights, meet up with a few friends, and have a good time. Starting to think one night per week is enough. The whole going out thing is boring, normally a waste of time, and my brain always tells me..This is stupid anymore, go home, whenever I go out during the week (one, maybe 2 nights, and even that's not... [more]

Brother/father of the year yeah right

My stupid brother who is 47 went on my teens Facebook and posted some very personal and nasty s*** after my teen had a nervous breakdown. This is the same a****** who collected money at his work for my dads cremation and kept the money. He didn't... [more]

Help me please...

Me and my gf have been together for two years my mom and gf get along well overall but lately. Things have been hectic in a sense of there's tension a few weeks ago my mom fought with my gf (verbally) I didn't take any sides but of course family is first . me not taking sides my gf got upset and. Caused arguments between me and her about family... [more]

I don't know if my stepson is mentally incapacitated or just lazy

I have been with my man for 10 years. First as friends, them in a full blown relationship. I have a daughter who is 5 years younger than his son. When she was 2 and he was 7, he would insistently say, "my mommy" just to get a rise out of her. I felt bad for him because his mother is a POS and was never around unless there was a financial gain to... [more]

Being used as welfare

I've been married to my hubby for 18 years, and we've been good. We started out poor, stayed that way for many years, but now we have a few grand in savings. It is not much, but to go from $40K in debt to having something in savings is good. We've busted our rears to get there.
My husband has a female friend who seems to be dead broke and in... [more]

I owe about $70.00 to a b****

And she is really being so super bitchy about it. yesterday several times I said i would pay for her things and lunch but no she has to prove she is super woman as always at 80something. I would have given her the money yesterday if she had of told me at the checkout. she does this to me all the time. you can't win with this morbid [more]

My life is over

I am turning 60 and I feel my life is over. Would love to die. Through my trade slowing and loss of income I have no money other than living day to day. I have worked hard all my life with little to show. I feel like a failure. I want to curl up into a ball and die. What else can I do. Too old to start over.

I lost my temper telling a college to stuff off n die with the $

After I had surgery I just wanted out of the course and I knew they were probably not going to be nice or supportive or give me money back but I tried and left phone calls and emails and they were ignoring literally til I lost my temper. they were always gonna fraud me really and I was working up to unit 6 or 8 but to be honest the college offers... [more]

I hate being a mom

I f****** hate being a mom. I love my child with all my heart but I wasn't ready for this. The person I had the baby with said he'd be there every step of the way and now I'm stuck doing this alone. I can't pee alone, eat, sleep, bathe f******... [more]

Screwed and stuck

I just got home from dropping off my 3 kids at school . Realized how much I hate my life .I love my kids but ,they are selfish and annoying .All they do is fight with each other ,and everyday they are out of my control , because I only see them 50% of the time .Some stupid doctor tried to tell me it's quality time not quantity...,bullshit! Life... [more]

Harry is a scamming cheat no moral druggy

I really think he is not a nice person I seen him from my place and his a heap of druggies and hookers and he is not a decent person. he has one personality for work and another for play. when I worked with him he was just so cheap and easy and rude. he goes around shaming his family in the office all the time and no one can control him. he even... [more]

F***** my Sister in Law and she still doesn't know!!

I f***** my sister in law without her knowing.
Well she has been living with us for like an year.She is very raunchy wear really hot clothes and f*** with her BF like a beast.My wife doesn't like her BF so she would never bring him home.But last to... [more]

Dolt of a hubby

I married my old husband for his money. He is 40 years older than me and we have s** every once in a while when he manages to take his v*****. I need more and have affairs all the time. He is well aware of it, but puts up with it. I only look out for... [more]

The Last Straw

To my sons' dad. You were once your child's world! You decided you wanted the drug life and low class white trash girls who would put up with your abuse. Your son needed you today and you didn't show again. You give him no money, time, conversation, a card for goodness sakes. He is falling hard - and you hurt him bad today by not being there... [more]

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