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Stealing from my farther

I stole a total of 1000$ from my farther I feel like a peace of s*** & I know he going to find out but my farther is a mean a****** most of the time & he is very wealthy also he buys house & has 2 cars he makes over 100k in his own with my mother... [more]

When is it time to seek medical help?

This is related to women's health and menstruation.
I'm really confused on whether it is worth the money to get myself checked out, or if there is still something that can be done. The problem is, I have very severe periods that have quite literally taken a toll on my life and it seems it has only gotten worse over the years.
From age 11... [more]

The only reason I want a job is because...

I want to have enough money to buy d*****.

F*** the Invictus Games

The Invictus Games are bullshit. We dump public funds into these ridiculous games in order to "celebrate our heroes". Bullshit. The Invictus Games, while it may appear noble, is at the heart more war worship. There is nothing glamorous about war or being a soldier. If we stopped celebrating this [more]

My brother in law touched me inappropriately several time what sh

Hey everybody I need you guys to tell me if just give me some advice OK so basically my sister told me to come to over your house and watch her baby and I was like OK so I went and she went grocery shopping me and then her husband comes from work and and that he just goes up to his room and asked normal like 10 minutes later he comes and sits... [more]

Too small to enjoy

I have been married for six years. I always had issues with me p**** size. I am 3 inches erect and no girth. I want Ned my wife before we were married. She and I had s** and she said she was ok with it since I was such a wonderful person. I always had... [more]

C**** crap holiday

Wish i knew paradise my freakin spooky weekend vacation.
the beach view was heaven and I paid through the nose for it. just about broke my ass for it as usual living like a begger to give to others. so I paid for the holiday for me and my parents. we went on a wine tasting day outing that was [more]


I am sick tired & fed up with companies who will not address issues & mistakes they make in order to fix the actual problem at hand. They take your money then tell you to fend for yourself. Need a fix, well, the only way we can do this is...(involves me to fix it for them) .... honest. We'd love to help you. ALL HORSESHIT.


I'm a homeless girl with no future. My family is abusive or dead. After living on the streets for weeks I decided I couldn't do it anymore and friends got tired of me couch surfing while I looked for jobs that wouldnt take me because I werent qualified. Men only see women as objects so I use it to my advantage. Why not? It serves them right. now... [more]

Confession of an international student in Malaysia

Malaysia... Malaysia.. Malaysia..
Where do I even start about this country? I think I'm on a pretty high place to talk.. Being that I've been living here for over 3 years. Before coming to Malaysia I obviously had a very good perspective about this country.. As every other International student. But ever since coming here I ask myself daily... [more]

Over full over furnished house

I have a hobby of painting up or varnishing up old furniture to put places and the worst part is that I put them in the garage for the time being and my dad took them all as using for his junk and then he won't give them up he just want them to sit there for his s*** when I bought them for me and to... [more]

Reclaim my true self

I stole from stores when I was in my early 20's I got caught, did volunteer service and stayed true to my word I would not steal again. Well if that were true I wouldn't be here typing this. This summer in July I stole money from my father in law from his wallet behind a closed bedroom door. I am not even sure what drew me into the room, about... [more]

She better do it right and not muck it up.

I am afraid to leave my pets with a relative when holidaying. I miss them so much and I have to pray she will do the right thing and not harm them or abuse them and feed them and make sure they don't get out. I really do hope she has the moral and adult capacity to handle it. it makes it hard to enjoy a holiday because I wish I could bring my... [more]

Feel so bad

My boyfriend caught me cheating on him and shaved my head as a punishment. Rather than tell everyone the real reason, I said I'd shaved my head for a cancer charity and when people donated money I kept it. I feel truly awful.

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