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I Wish My Special Needs Stepchild Didn’t Exist

No filter. No sugarcoating. I wish my special-needs step child, now 18, didn’t exist. Sometimes I wonder if she died if I would even feel bad...horrible, but true. When I met my husband, we didn’t know the extent of her intellectual disabilities. Everyone just said she was a slow learner. Well, at a 45 IQ, I think that’s more significant than a... [more]

Life sucks with children!

I am 36 years old, married, and have two boys. Wow, where do I begin! Children are a freakin nightmare, PERIOD!!!! I have a three and one year old that are driving me f****** CRAZY, and the wife too! My wife is from Peru and being with someone from another culture is rough. If I could go back I would change EVERYTHING because no wife means no... [more]

Has anyone here ever just given up on somebody?

My ex-wife had bad temper spells. Would she say things like she thinks your grandmother should hurry up and die or she was ashamed of your parents?
My ex-wife said those things. She also told me that I had taken her away form so man she really loved.
Ok, she said these things because she had weird periods which made her bipolar. She... [more]

Dropping my Fraternity

Today I dropped my fraternity,
(sorry about the length or the grammar in advance).
Throughout my childhood I never belonged to any type of group, I was always picked on for either being too weird or for my learning disabilities. So I was never “popular” in my middle school. Throughout highschool it was kinda of the same thing, I just kept to... [more]

Don’t wish upon

Last year I made a post in regards to me not being able to find a gf/wife. Let me refresh a bit about me my parents died in a fatal accident both wealthy sides and fully invested in properties around the world that I now manage. Technically I don’t need the money but I work like an average person would I went to school for a Associates and have... [more]

Alone With the Night Winds

I decided to go camping in the North Georgia woods near Rabun Gap. This is a largely uninhabited part of Georgia near the Tennessee border. I went by myself.
I followed a trail for about five miles and set up camp. During the night while I was reading by firelight, the wind started to blow. It cooled down and in that environment, your... [more]

The silver lining is that I'm not dating a guy who has herpes...

Well... I was shut down hard one night by a guy I had a crush on for a while.
The same night this other guy was pursuing me and asked me for my number.
I wasn't into him at first but I thought.. well... why not try something different. Why not try this nice guy who is genuinely into me. Who listens when I talk. Who wants to get to know me... [more]

I,ve secretly watched my wife seduce others.

My wife and I have always been very adventurous sexually, We,ve had 3-somes with many friends and even more strangers. Swapped wives with other couples and had group s**. My wife is an avid exhibitionist and i'm more of a vouyer though I do enjoy being watched at times too.
But something I've really... [more]

Health and Income help

I'm feeling hopeless and confused to the point where I've actually been questioning whether or not it is worth going on. I'm 21. I need a job. I need to make money so I can get out of my parents home. I'm not delusional and I'm willing to do the work. However, physically, I am not doing well and it has only been getting worse over the years. We... [more]

Fiverr is this the norm

I made a Fiverr account, not expecting much. It was just a way to put myself out there and see what happens. The service I offered was to listen and give relationship advice, as I have always been good at providing counsel for people in need. So far, I've only attracted horndogs. Is this normal? They come off so innocent and then when it comes... [more]

Random Thoughts

“I don’t believe in love until I met you”
When I was in high school, I wanted to find “a perfect guy”. A perfect guy that has money and handsome looks. That’s the only thing that I care about. Suddenly, reality hits me. I will never find that perfect guy.
I’m not beautiful like the other girls. I don’t know how to use make up. I’m jealous... [more]

My sister is ruining my life

I hate my sister. I am 23. She is 21.
All my life she has tormented me. Making fun of me. I almost never had any friends. I was always alone. If I made a friend, my sister was there to turn them away from me.
She always made fun of me for everything I ever did. Just how I look. Stealing from me. Hitting me. Gaslighting me. She has been violent... [more]

Mom's always braless when friends are around

Hi, name is Jed.
My mom alone raised me; dad has never been around much. They had me while they were young and uh, I guess only she stood up to the challenge.
She started her restaurant business while I was young, and nowadays she has a bunch of them. She don't really have to work as well, money just keep coming in. So these last years she... [more]

All my life

They've been watching me all my life. They take things I say, steal them and make them into movies or stories or music. My life is out there for everyone to see.
The worst part of this, the very worst part is no one would ever believe me. It's true. I'm not crazy. They have unlimited money and they are the sick ones.
Please God, take me away... [more]

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