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Not ashamed of who I am

I was born into a white upper income household. My family is conservative about many things, and quite liberal about others. As children we attended private schools and for university we attended private schools.
There are many people who rant at me, try to make me feel that I am worthless because I 'never had to work for anything'. I work... [more]


My gfs bro is almost 30 his dad got him a job where he works in petrochemical plants he started in the field and his dad gave him a good scholarship from the same company used it to go to school and moved up to a office setting. He's always been a arrogant spoiled Mexican brat. He lives with his parents still and drives a corvrtte. He's always... [more]

I'm unsure of this world

I don't know what exactly to think about this generation anymore. All there left is s**, money, and loneliness. People are taking advantage of certain crimes ..... I feel like I shouldn't continue with my sentence and this confession anymore because it'll violate many of their feelings to something I'll... [more]

Hate my stepsons

I cant stand my adult stepsons one is 22 the other 19 they both sleep till noon smoke pot in my house yell at me and threaten me in the house i pay all the bills in and neither of them gave had a job in years when i get on their a**** to get jobs my wife takes their side and treats me like [more]

My liver might be dying , I don't even drink alcohol

My liver might be dying , I never even been with a woman before in my life and yet my liver is making me weaker every month, I don't know maybe I should go check my self into a mental hospital and make sure that my Brain is not badly damaged from all the concussions I suffered in hockey and my real bad bike accident. after all I did go through... [more]

My Elder Brother's Naughty Wife

My uncle's elder Son my elder brother live with his wife just beside my house.
They both have complicated life and my brother has many girlfriends after their marriage also. And for this reason they both used to fight everyday. Every time I used to go their house to stop the fight, and they are living this type of unhappy life for last 3 years... [more]

Pantie wearer

Hi I'm 55 years old an have been wearing panties since I was about 8 I grew up in a home with all sisters we didn't have much money so my mom made me wear my sisters underwear obviously I began to like it and that's the way it's been thru all my years

The sexiest legs and face at the table now come on!

I used to enjoy cleaning and maintaining a house, none I cleaned ever owned to me. I just hate the squaller muck I am living in. I literally want someone to save me, I recall the days as kids we were moving and working all day with our parents moving house and my pedo old unc, used to sit like lord of the manner having meals set out for him on the... [more]

I Feel Like Strangling My High Maintenance Wife Most Days

"B****, b****, b****! B**** all the damn time! No matter what you do a b**** ain't NEVER satisfied!" I heard... [more]

I hate myself and feel ashamed for what I am

Alright, here goes nothing...
I'm 23 (will be turning 24 in a month) and I feel heavily attracted to teenage girls.
It all started when I was very young, like 16yo or something like that. I would get involved with girls way younger than me. Girls who were older than me never caught my attention that much and that was when I realized there... [more]

Going out, bar scene sucks..

I go to my usual sports bar on Friday nights, meet up with a few friends, and have a good time. Starting to think one night per week is enough. The whole going out thing is boring, normally a waste of time, and my brain always tells me..This is stupid anymore, go home, whenever I go out during the week (one, maybe 2 nights, and even that's not... [more]

Brother/father of the year yeah right

My stupid brother who is 47 went on my teens Facebook and posted some very personal and nasty s*** after my teen had a nervous breakdown. This is the same a****** who collected money at his work for my dads cremation and kept the money. He didn't... [more]

Help me please...

Me and my gf have been together for two years my mom and gf get along well overall but lately. Things have been hectic in a sense of there's tension a few weeks ago my mom fought with my gf (verbally) I didn't take any sides but of course family is first . me not taking sides my gf got upset and. Caused arguments between me and her about family... [more]

I don't know if my stepson is mentally incapacitated or just lazy

I have been with my man for 10 years. First as friends, them in a full blown relationship. I have a daughter who is 5 years younger than his son. When she was 2 and he was 7, he would insistently say, "my mommy" just to get a rise out of her. I felt bad for him because his mother is a POS and was never around unless there was a financial gain to... [more]

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