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I stole

It seemed to be a minor thing at first. I stole a couple dollars here or there. But then. I started to get hooked to the idea of spending money on useless items. I spent so much money. $600 dollars to be correct. My dad has found out already. He lives in a different house to my mum. He is quite wealthy so i thought i'd steal off him. I feel so... [more]

Please God help

I love my wife more than anything in the world. She's my best friend and my whole world, but, her kids...
Her older son has aspurgers, he's generally a good kid. He's 15 and for the most part keeps to himself. He has a really high iq and is smarter than most kids in his class and for the most part him get along great. (Except for his eating... [more]


I am 44 with 2 children. Hubby works offshore but from last 6 months, he cant send money as their company is facing financial issues. I couldnt run the house with my salary after 4 months so thought of taking financial help from my office. My boss is a young chap of around 30. He saw my application for 1 lac rupees and told that he can sanction... [more]

I money shifted friends Acura rsx the first time I floored it

I money shifted my friends Acura rsx the first time I took the car for a drive. I didn't press the clutch in quick. I took about 10 seconds to realize the engne was in a danger zone as it was over revving. Did I mess up his engine causing it to burn rich? Can multiple drivers of a car make the ECM engine management/ unable to tune properly. Is... [more]

I hate my step daughter

My sd is a complete b**** and always gets her way. She acts like a s*** wearing shorts with her a** hanging out and sleeping with a new guy every couple weeks and she is only 16. I have gone out of my way to help her and be a good step mother to her but all she wants is gifts and money and to hog our only car which she drives like a maniac. I hope... [more]

Toxic Relationship

Me and my boyfriend have known each other for about 6 years (2013-2018) I am 20 and he is 24. Throughout the years we've had problems with the connection between us, I have always tried to understand him and his needs. I remember he cheated on me in 2014 and confessed, that made me want to do the same, sad to say. I ended up also confessing... [more]

Stepchild is slow and violent.

My husband to be has 3 children by / different mums. The first mum is fine and a nice lady, the second one is dumb as brick.
He has 2 children with that woman. A boy and a girl. The girl is 3 and a half and her speech is severely delayed. Like, the worst I have ever seen in a child her age.
They suspect she has autism, I don’t know what... [more]

I love young dirty panties

I know it is wrong and it is very embarrassing.
But I love to smell lick and play with young preteen dirty panties.
Especially love the ages of 6 to 13 they are so hot that's when your little panties on the best !!!!!!
If there are any others out there who feel the same please hit me back
Also if there are any Dad's or mom's or uncles... [more]

My daughter is stripping

My daughter recently confessed to me that she is stripping. Shes 18. I am devastated. I don't know why, but she thought I'd be supportive. I'm not. I can't think of anything worse than my baby parading herself in front of men, nude, for money. I've always been pretty open minded but not to this. I firmly believe in self respect and working hard... [more]


The truth is I feel pain and suffering every day and I always think maybe it will change even though I have been doing this a long time but I realized it won't change. The truth is I want to kill my stepdad but I know that if I do it I will become something just like him. What hurts the most is how manipulative he is playing with emotions... [more]

Worried about wife's new fashion choices

I've been married to my wife for 3 years. There is a bit of an age difference between us; she is 24 and I'm 45. I look good for my age (fit, decent looks, healthy), but I know that my wife married me for my money. I run a very successful business and I'm very wealthy. Conversely, I admit that I didn't marry her for her mind, but her youth and her... [more]

Has anyone here ever had moonshine?

I was up in North Georgia and there are several legal moonshine operations. The distillers have to pay money to the state and get a license to make their whiskey but the profits are worth the tax. The whiskey is tested to see if its clean and then they can sell it.
The moonshiners usually use corn to make their product and it tastes like... [more]

I gave my daughter a gun for her birthday

It was a weapon called a Bond Arms Snake Slayer. She works nights and a guy tried to mug her at work. It was near midnight and she works with large sums of money.
She shot him in the parking lot. She had a .410 game getter shotgun shell in the gun and it pushed him down. The arresting cop said he looked like he had a case of measles. ... [more]

My step dad

This is about my step dad, and how much I want to kill him. I’m 17 and he’s been in my life since I was 5. He came into my life after my dad broke up with my mom because she is crazy (to this day she still is) I was an only child at first. I saw my dad every other weekend (we get along great). After awhile he started having kids with my mom... [more]

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