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Amazing moms wanted?

Most moms know they are just junk and a bother to everyone.

Nobody knew i have had the hots for my best friends mom for over one big deal.....happens to a lot of guys.....i know nothing will ever happen with her and nobody knew that i even thought she was hot....then earlier this week we were loading up his dad's suv to take hurricane relief items to church when his mom showed up at their... [more]

Absolutely hate my boyfriend's kids

So my boyfriend and i have been together for 1.5 years. He's the first healthy happy relationship I've ever had. The only one that hasn't been toxic and abusive in some way. Our personal relationship is great. But what sucks is i hate his kids. When we were getting together i asked him if his kids Were good, well mannered, decent kids, not bad ass... [more]

Love for w****

My mom takes tutions. So there used to come this slutty girl whom I never liked. But one fined day, when nobody was home she came to on the pretext of clearing doubts. I was playing a game and I didn't pay any heed. Then she seduced me. I couldn't control and we started kissing. This continued for around 2 years. I thought I was using her but I... [more]

My step dad can f****** die

Wow this actually all relatable my stepdad came in to my life when I was 8 years old, I am 17 bout to be 18 for the 10 years my mom had been with him , he'll scream and punish me for stupid s*** , my mom will just watch and let him dad me around. NOT EVEN MY DAD TREATED ME LIKE THAT. My brother was... [more]

I like girls/ladies to sit on me

I'm a male guy who likes girls/ladies to sit on me and school girl pin me.
I like them to wear a skirt with tights/pantyhose on, as I like the feel on my bare stomach / chest.
I had this fetish for a long time and I just cant get enough.
My mom use to sit on me and my I said just cant get enough :-)
So.....if there are... [more]

Indian femboy has his first

Hi there people. I’m Ayush from India (no abuses please). I’m a pretty shy individual, coming from an ordinary conservative middle class family. This is my first ever confession, because after reading the stories of so many others, I think this is a safe place to come out. From when I was in my early teens, I have had a penchant for crossdressing... [more]

I Need Help

Why does my mom wear pads everyday?

but she won't let me

I have been having an affair with my wifes aunt (my wifes moms older sister) for the past 2.5 years. im 28. shes 58. lately the relationship has been suffering and its getting to be like another marriage. that is so not what I wanted at the beginning. i still dont want that. we both wanted something that was fun and loose and super sexy and... [more]

My mom found out

I am 26 years old. Female. My mom found an OLD pregnancy test from 3 months ago in my purse while she was looking for spare change. She called me. She said she was soooo disappointment in me and that she had trust me. I felt soooo awkward so I lied...i doubt she believed me. But when I thinking about it, i shouldn't have to lie! I am 26 years... [more]

Sexist Dad

I remember one time when my mom got a haircut she warned my dad beforehand that it would be shorter than usual and when we got back he was mad. My mom has very pretty orange hair and I thought it looked great short. What I got really mad at was that night when I asked him why he didn't like it he told me that women look better with long hair... [more]

My mom told me to kill myself

I'm 14 and I wanna die. My mom is abusive towards me and always threatens to leave or kill herself, once she even yelled at me to go kill myself. My own mother told me to kill myself. She also physically abuses me, gripping my arms, dragging me somewhere, pulling my hair. Once she pulled out a chunk of my hair. My dad knows about this but neither... [more]

Never let those Women to Sit on You

55 Years Old Woman vs 21 years aged boy.
This is an old Story which goes back to 2005, it was my 2nd job of my life and that place where far away from my house so I have to stay there at night. And only after 2 months I used to come my house, only once in 2 months.
Over there was few people only, a man aged 30, his wife, his son and his... [more]

My transgender story

It started when i was 6 i loved wearing dresses and high heels but when i was 8 my mom made me wear boy clothes. when i was 14 started to wear panties and bra and i enjoyed it but i always wanted to be a girl and when i was 17 i told my mom i wanted to be a girl. she was so understanding and she helped me threw my transformation. after 2 years i... [more]

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