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My husband (32) and I (29)are recently married (8 months) and I was left in charge of house sitting my sisters house while they were away on vacation a few months ago, My husband and I were going through netflix and couldn't find anything we wanted to watch so we started fumbling through their DVD collection and stumbled across a home movie stuck... [more]

My Feet Fetish

I want a girl to trample my nuts. For them to cut a hole in a floor board. Then I get naked and put my nuts through that hole. Then they wiggle their toes on my nuts. Also I want a girl to stand on me. For an example, I'm laying on the floor by the counter. My mom stands on me and wiggle her toes on me. I don't have my shirt on. She also stands on... [more]

My courage stands strong

I finally broke up with my gf of 3 Years. We’ve had our ups and downs but now it’s attachment as time went by se began to hide things from me. Communication and honesty are my main purposes in a relationship. Besides the fact that her parents never are never will like me. I grew the courage to end things. Not feel attatched. Not feel like I use... [more]

Mom saw my d*** pics

I took alot of graphic pics and videos of me naked and somehow they all ended up on my moms phone...any moms know what she might have thought and you think she would have taken a good look at them before deleting them?please lmk your oppion...

MIL saw me naked

Without going into the finer details and to cut a long story short; one morning I found myself face to face with my mother in law without a stitch of clothing on me, or within grabbing distance!
How did I find myself to be in this awkward position? My in laws had been staying with us over half term. This particular morning I got up early as... [more]

I want to wear REAL lingerie

For a long time I kind was kind of a show off. I acted like I was the best at s** even as a child. I needed a bf, talked to guys a lot etc. At some point I ended up trying to expose my chest at school. I made sure that everyone say it (I was in 2nd grade lol). I loved the attention but I needed something... [more]


I gave up the love of my life for a lifestyle my parents would approve of. My parents are elderly and wants what’s best for me. I come from a wealthy family by both sides mom & dad. I’m 22 Years young with a masters degree and currently still in school. Just married to a friend of the family’s son (Asian) surgeon. He’s not the best of good looking... [more]

My gf IS A F****** CRY BABY!!

We’ve been together in a long distance relationship periodically seeing each other for 3 years and are in our mid 20s. She cries about everything u name it!! Work, her pet puppy, having to wake up for work, her mom bugging her it goes on and on AND ON... Now it’s not like I’ve been a total d***. At... [more]

A hole

I would love it if my mums partner (wouldn’t even call him a stepdad ) just fall down the stairs while he’s drunk & hit his head then die

Looking up my 60years old mum's skirt

Was it wrong for my 60years old mum to let me look her skirt all the time when No One but her could see me looking. She wore knee lenght skirts silky petticoat 's stockings and suspenders silky full cut knickers I would always get a h----- then have a pocket w--- .Do you think would have noticed me doing as she never said Mum anything do you think... [more]

I'm p***** off at my first cousin

I was visiting my Uncle in another city and I wanted to check on my 94-year-old mother who lives far away. I called her and the phone was not working.
My cousin lives about a quarter mile away from my mother's house and I called him and asked him to check on my very aged mother. He said in a very rude voice "don't call me every time... [more]

I got my wife and mother in law pregnant

Ok So I am a little older than my wife. She is 21 and I am 34. We got married on her 19th birthday. We have been together now for 5 years. She grew up in a single parent home. I meet her mother before I meet her. Her mother and I had a little work fling. She always told me that she was to old for me and that i should be dating her daughter... [more]

Family conflict

Life just f***** sucks. Seriously. So, I have a step-father (lets call him, jerry(not his real name)) and step-brother (lets call him dan(again not his real name)) so, dan ran away to his real mothers house, his parents have 50/50 custody, and she refuses to let jerry see his son. So their going to... [more]

My aunt and my cousin (her daughter) washed me in shower

I was 16 at the time and my cousin was same age. My aunt had a home/farm and in this one summer I was going to stay with them and help out on the farm. My mom dropped me off on a Saturday. she stayed the night and left Sunday midday.
My aunt was 40, about 5' 5" with a slim body and small [more]

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