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Flashing to mom

I used to live with family untill 18. when i was 16 i started to flash to my mom intentionally and always made it seem that it is accidental. i used to act that i am sleeping in pants with my zip open . whenever she used to come in room i used to get so aroused and my heart started to pump badly. Mostly my d** head used to come out of zip and i... [more]

Oh no

WTF happened last night, I am a married 40 year old mother and I woke up this morning in bed buck naked with my 36 year old best friend who is a married mother also and I have no idea what happened but I think I know my body pretty well and I think I can read my body reasonably well and I am pretty sure I had [more]

She knew??

Last night my wife sat down with me and her sister who has been living with us for the last 7 years, My wife's baby sister moved into our place when my wife's mom passed away unexpectedly and my wife was 26, Her sister 17, She finished school and stayed living with us while attending community college then just stayed.
When my wife's sister was... [more]

How I got my grandma to touch my c***

I was in my late teens and I always had a good relationship to my grandma (from mom's side). It had become a habit between us, that we once in month went to cinema and watch some film together. The whole stuff, as she called it. We had (soft) drinks and Popcorn and when there was a break, we even had an icedream cone. Ok, lets get to the point. In... [more]


Last Halloween my mom dressed me up like a girl, girls underpants a everything. I felt really different like and I know it's weird but I made out with another boy who was my big brother's best friend. I did all sorts of stuff, stuff that boy's usually do with girls and I was like the girl. Ever since then he smiles at me weird like and asks me... [more]

I'm a pantyhose pervert

Ever since I can remember I've had a fetish for pantyhose. Panties too. In the 60's pantyhose were starting to get popular. Stockings were still popular too. The miniskirt was very popular and when the girls wore garters and stockings one was sure to see sme b*****. The girls always wanted to look... [more]

Wanting a Mom

I feel so ashamed because my mom could never be one and I'm constantly sensitive when I see kind, attentive, real mothers. It makes me cry because it kills me that I never had that and never will. When someone else's mom cares about me for a sec, I get upset because I like it too much. I hate my life. I wish I could make the feelings stop. Idk how... [more]

New level of friendship

This past summer a friend of mine and I took our friendship to a new level, We were all at the lake staying at my parents lake front lot, We had all pulled our campers out and made a big circle with them, Mom and dad have had the lot forever and usually park their motorhome on it but had pulled it off to go on a trip so we all decided to take... [more]

Oh the memories

My wife's sister was an "Oops baby", My wife was born when her mom was 20 and her sister when her mom was 33 to different fathers and are completely different, I'm 3 years older than my wife, My wife was 31 and pregnant and her sister came to our place from her first legal night at the bar on her 18th birthday.
My wife was at her moms and I had... [more]

SIL difficulty

My wife and I have been married for 4 years but for the last year -- since she had our second child -- she's been less and less interested in s**. Anyway, once she started giving me less p****, I started getting with her half sister who still lives at home... [more]

My sons c***

I have to get this off my Heart. My husband has been in hospital for some weeks already for having hurt his back. I tell this, for you to know, I've been without s** for quite some time. I think, otherwise it would not have happened like it did.
I walked into our sons room, he was 13 at that time, for... [more]

Dad and my panties

When I was 16 Mom came out as gay and left me and Dad. It been 10 years since the divorce.
A few months after mom left, I noticed at times my dirty panties were not in my hamper. Then one day Dad worked from home, when I came home from school the light was on in my room. I peaked in.
Dad had my panties around his [more]

My Doting Grandmother Part 1

I have kept this a secret for a long time, and now I want to tell someone.
1973 was the year that changed my life in more ways than one; My parents had split in March after Dad caught Mom with another guy up her ass, then she moved us about 4 hours away. And my Grandmother moved in with us so she could help Mom with the bills, and it was Grams... [more]

My friend and my parents

Its years ago but I still have it in my head. Sorry for bad english, we're french. I have been just 13 when I had 3 friends (female) here for a girlsnight. It happened that my parents had an urgent call and came home unplanned late that evening. And the evening went slowly into a disaster. we started with a pizza delivery and then one of my... [more]

Swallow my son's c**

I know it not what a mother should do but for the last 20 years since my son was 15, we 69 almost every day and I swallow his c**.
The first time it happened, on a Saturday morning he was in the shower and I had to pee. I walked in opened my rope and my body was exposed. At that moment he pulled back... [more]

Two sides to every story..

For the past 10years of my life,I have been Catfishing my younger brother and I was getting paid to do this by my Step mother and his Ex was also involved.
Why I did this was due to him finding out my Dad killed his Dad,
For years my brother thought my dad was his dad but was not.
I also put girls in his life to [more]

Fun with my best friend

When I was in high school I was staying the night at my best friend house after parting and drinking beer. He started undressing and I noticed his c*** is huge longer and allot thicker soft than mine is hard. Being drunk I didn’t have a filter to think and said dude your lucky you have a huge [more]

MIL Attraction

I have a confession. My mother in law gets me excited. I want her so bad. She is 65 and I’m 37. She’s been in my life 17 yrs and I still want her. I love her and my wife Very much. She has seen my c*** a number of times. There were times it was just me and her alone in my house and I would be in my... [more]

Mom Dad and me

As a 24 year old woman, I find myself if a sexually satisfying and loving relationship with my parents.
At 14, I also discovered that my grandfather was actually my father. They started when Mom was 13 and Dad was only 32 and Mom's mother died in a car accident.
I have seen pictures of her at 12 and she was tall and already had nice [more]

Mom at my physical exams

I am a 20 year old boy. I still bring my mom into the exam room with me whenever I go to the doctor. Even for my physical exams.
I tell her that I am nervous to go alone but actually I like her watching me get my physical. It makes me feel like I am still a little boy. I strip down to my tighty whities and start the exam that way but... [more]

Swapped roles

I'm not sure, if I should tell it here but where else, when not here.. Tha case is, I have been very young as it happened. The basement was built, when I was just 5 and I wanted to bring my mom some flowers for her birthday. ans when I walked into their bedroom my mom had my dads p**** in her mouth... [more]

Caught by my sister

Had been secretly crossdressing for a few years, but was caught by my sister (16) crossdressing in her clothes when I was 14. We were close enough in size, her clothes and shoes fit like they were mine. I thought I knew her routine, but she surprised me in her bedroom one day. I wearing one of her dresses and heels with my hair in a ponytail and... [more]

Daddy's sissy son.

20 years ago when I was 8, and dad was 29 my mother died. A few weeks later my Father started using me sexually. I was an young female looking boy. He made me wear girls clothes and grow my hair long. If a resisted he hit me until I gave in.
By 9 he had taken my ass virginity. And I was living like a girl. I had to pee sitting down. I came to... [more]

Am not beautiful

I smile only on side it's called lopsided smile and it embarrassed me alot
Even when I was in school people bullied me because of that even mom loves my brother alot and she always says he's handsome people tell me am beautiful but I think they only feel sorry for me I wish one I can treat and smile the way other people smile or laugh sorry about... [more]

Mom and me

Im tryna get my mom drunk and f*** her p**** i have gotten close before but i need to f*** her now because i need to feel her inside and out

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