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Still don't know what happened

This isn't the place to really say things like this and if people don't find this interesting, so be it. I needed to get this out and that's all that matters.
Now about 2008 (I was about 7 at the time) I lived near a tiny town along the coast of Oregon. I lived in the forest area a little outside of the town and I loved it. 2 acres of land and... [more]

Best may long ever

May long weekend is the only weekend of the year my wife is ever able to sucker me into going tenting and i don't know why i agree to it. Its cold, rainy, usually snows and we freeze our f****** b**** off but for some reason she insists.
As always... [more]

Lost in an unknown environment with a stranger

Lets go back to last year...Im a jehovahs witness. I slept with another jw whom was my boyfriend and my mom found out. She made me confess to the elders which in turn led to my disfellowshipping(it means no one in the church can even talk to me) then i was given two options from my boyfriends mother..i could either marry him or never see him... [more]

Dear Mom...

I'm sorry for all the people that have hurt you in the past. I'm sorry that you feel ignored by your family. I'm sorry you don't have many friends. I'm sorry you had breast cancer. I'm sorry that you don't like your job. I'm sorry that my sister and I don't always do what you ask.
But when you ignore me; when you call me stupid; when you yell... [more]

Don't text, FB or call and confess when drinking

I'm middle aged now. I grew up and was close to a friends mom that I've known all my life, She was definitely was a fun and h**** mom and I have always had a thing for her to this day. I have been seeing her almost daily as she is really good friends with my wife.
It's been building up for a... [more]


My mom officially got divorced today finally after so long. It happened! Idk what path to take in life it may sound over reactive but it's the solid truth. All of my family has degrees. I had to hold back in school to help my single mom pay bills and place food on the table. I've always wanted to be a chemical engineer but for situations of no... [more]

My Boyfriend in love with his sisters

Honestly , I have this sick feeling in my gut my boyfriend is secretly having s** with his sisters . I first started noticing things around last year. I've been living with my boyfriend & his mother for about a year and some change now and I've basically heard & seen some [more]


My wife lost her virginity to a n*****, she was 15 he was 19, she was in love with him and did any thing he wanted. He loved f****** and f***** her a lot. When I am around her mother she all ways... [more]


Stepdaughter was mad at her mother and told me that her mon had f***** a lot of black men, wife doesn't say any thing, Stepdaughter says "mon was a s***" and "a w**** before she met me" the wife just... [more]

Couldn't have planned it that well

I have a webcam on my desktop computer that i can record with when my screen is off and there is no way of anyone knowing it is recording, I have it set up in my home office and as we don't have a spare room anymore since our kids wanted their own rooms we set up a murphy bed in the office, Its pretty cool and looks like a bookshelf when folded... [more]

My daughter

There are so many posts by people that "hate" their kids or step kids. I want to make a different post. My daughter is twelve. She's cute, sweet, helpful, funny, smart, and loving. She also has bouts of tween attitude, laziness, and and stubbornness.
I am every bit as enthralled with her at 12 as I was when she was born. I feel so lucky to be... [more]

Hot mother in law

Wifes farther was in the hospital we went to visit and stayed at their house, her mother told I could use her husbands computer while her and my wife went to the hospital. I started to get nosey and it didn't take long to find a file with sweet old mons name on it. It had hundreds of pictures and vids of my mother in law, they started in her mid... [more]

Being a Mom Sucks....I AM LOOSING MYSELF

I HATE what my life is now. I waited until I was 30 to have my first child because I thought I was going to be old enough...mature enough to handle the sacrifice of being a mother, of being a wife, of giving up my job (my own money, which was my ticket to "life my way"). I wasn't ready to give up MY WAY OF LIFE.
For everything that I had to... [more]

I married a man who screwed me in lieu of the rent

Back in the early 90s I was a single mom struggling to get by in the city. I had a one bed-sit to share with my baby, and life was a struggle as you can imagine. My landlord was a guy in his late 30s, a bit of a belly but otherwise not bad looking, and he was often giving me the eye. He owned the building, and a few others in the area.
One day... [more]

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