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I Want My Girlfriend’s Mom

I want my girlfriend’s mom. I fantasize about her and have been doing so since I was 11. I have known my girlfriend’s mom since my girlfriend and I were kids. She had my girlfriend young and is only about 13 years older than me. She is a beautiful white woman. She has the most beautiful brown hair and I love how she keeps it cut short. She has the... [more]

Used my younger cousin

My cousin Beth is only 14 and she's a bit of a s*** sleeping around, she's happy to tell me all about her having s** which i have wanked off over and last week was the first time in 3 months that ive seen her,that day my aunt said it's nice that i came... [more]

Birth first time Mom

I want to talk about birth and then about Newborn Circumcision.Which Method did they use for your son ? Which method did they use and how was it for you ?

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I feel the need to strangle myself all the time
Every day I try to strangle myself with my bed sheets after my aids leave I don't know why but I like how it feels I perform self strangulation every night till I get very dizzy then I let go but I don't stop I just wait a little while and then do it all over again it's not for atenition or... [more]

I Want My Girlfriend’s Mom

I want my girlfriend’s mom. I fantasize about her and have been doing so since I was 11. I have known my girlfriend’s mom since my girlfriend and I were kids. She had my girlfriend young and is only about 13 years older than me. She is a beautiful white woman. She has the most beautiful brown hair. She has the most beautiful [more]

My lovely sister in law.

Yesterday I walked in on my wife's younger, Half sister, They have the same dad and different moms, She is considerably younger than my wife and they are very different but love each other just the same, My wife's little sister is just 24 and my wife is 36, We have 3 kids and my wife's b**** were... [more]

Mother in law fun.

The other night my wife's mom had stayed at our house, My wife's dad had to work so stayed home, We attended a family memorial and she had quite a bit to drink, I watched some tv after everyone else had gone to bed and walked past the spare room on my way to bed, Her mom was laying on her side in her button up PJ's and the way she was laying one... [more]

First o*****

I was at my friends house and was young. My organs were maybe near full size then, even i was surprised at how big my b**** got. My friends mother was home alone, my friend went to his dads house for the weekend. I knocked on the door and his mom invited me in. She explained that my friend was... [more]

Stop it Miranda

About three weeks ago my friend Miranda was staying over at my house and left my room to get a drink, She was gone a little longer than expected and returned giggling and looked at me saying "Oh my god", I said "What?" and she stood there covering her mouth for a second then motioned for me to follow her. My mom wasn't home and my step dad had... [more]


I confessed that when i was 16 i stole almost 700 dollars because i was being greedy and wanted more money. So i went on YouTube and searched how to get money and i went down to the comments and there was a hacker who could give me paypal money so i sent him an email and he said he needed 700 dollars so i can get the money. But my stupidity, i... [more]

Step dad

I have a huge crush on my stepdad. I want to ride him so bad. His name is Mike and if ever thought I could do it without mom knowing i would ride him like a s***.

My mom

I came home from school one day and just before i got home i saw this guy leaving our house.
When i went in mom was in the shower. I had a dea what was happening. Dad is gone alot trucking so i am not stupid.
Mom is short. I am 2 inches taller and she is very petite nice figure. I know she is hot.
It was about two week and dad left for a ling... [more]

Make my son play baseball with incorrect cup

My son 13yo son plays baseball. He wears slider shorts that hold his nut cup. He has two pairs of those shorts.
When he gets on my nerves and starts giving me attitude or being a typical teenage boy, I will put out the 2nd pair of these shorts. In those shorts I sewed a line about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the opening that holds his... [more]

Am i not good enough for you?

Im 23Yrs young in a serious relationship for about 7 years now, considering the simple fact that my gf's family doesn't seem to acknowledge me or ever speak to me you can already imagine what most of our relationship was like! I love this woman so much we were high school sweethearts and evolved together & learned life together. We've been... [more]

I dislike my girlfriend's daughter

I have been with my significant other for just over 7 years, and met her daughter when she just turned 11. From just one week of knowing the daughter I was able to figure out that she is a pathological and compulsive liar along with being one of the worst narcissist I have ever came across. She has a very selfish attitude and is a thief, most... [more]

So close yet so far.

I posted on here a year or so ago about trying to nail my mother in law after she moved in with me to help with kids due to my wife's sudden and untimely passing. I had been trying to get some sort of indication as to what her interest level would be and just simply being nice to her but also once in a while dropping an awkward comment about how... [more]


I love wearing panties. I'm 64, married 42 yes and have been wearing panties since I was 12. I love wearing them and seeing other men wearing them. My mom caught me wearing them when I was 12 and dressed me up like a girl. Thanks mom, that worked. Lol

I use my moms vibrator

Hey recently I’ve been feeling h**** and wondering what it feels like to use a vibrator so I knew my mum has one she didn’t know I knew so I’m going to use it for the second time and I’m very excited

It's really weird to see my mom dating new guy every month.

I don't know how other people deal with it but I personally find it very disturbing to see my mom with new guy, still trying to find the right one.
It's worst when she brings them home and I have to see the look on their face which says, "I'm banging your mom".
Don't get me wrong I don't mind my mom having a new husband or long term... [more]

Mom found out I’m hooking up with her friend/business partner

Jan 48 (looks 30) & mom are real estate partners. btw; back in high school, I used to ‘date’ Jan’s daughter Krysti. Jan’s open minded, she had Krysti on bc and allowed me to sleep over many nights at their house.
Jan’s tiny, thin, 5” 2’, bottle blonde, perfect bolt on 32D, raw vegan, smooth skin and gorgeous. When not at work, Jan and mom are... [more]

Seduced my uncle

I'm a 16 year old guy, I've known I'm gay since I was 5.
2 months ago my uncle (mom's brother who is 33) was drunk and I seduced him, and let him take my virginity in the ass and mouth that night. I have never even kissed another guy before. I wanted him to be my first. I found I love c** I had tasted... [more]

BBC taboo

I have shared my wife for close to 20 years with other men. Her favorite has always been BBC. We have done plenty of BBC 3 ways and 4 ways over the years. I really like the idea of our two girls growing up to being just like mom and loving BCC. Though dad would want to watch.

I love my moms feet

My mom has the nicest feet in the world. She is 45 and her feet are so soft and wrinkly and has the nicest arch I have ever seen. She is always putting them in my face and telling me to smell them or telling me to massage them. I get so hard when I do that. I just want to taste her soles and her pretty toes, and [more]

My older neighbor

I own a lakefront cabin and have become freinds with a guy down the lake about 8 cabins, I wander down and have a beer with him once in a while and instead of walking down the road I walk down the lake front, I have made sure to stop and make sure it is cool with each of the people who own cabins between us and they have all said it is fine with... [more]

Friends mom

When i visited my friends last time, i saw his mother. Shes 42. When i arrived, she walked around in a halv-unbuttoned shirt and thong. She greeted me, like nothing was wrong. I couldent take my eyes of her.

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