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I've slept with three of my wife's friends

My wife has some very pretty friends who I've developed crushes with over the years. Knowledge about these women's personal life from my wife, Social media and alcohol have been tools that I've used to get them easily into bed.
The first one is married but not happy and she is a flirt. She dresses very sexy and is always very affectionate when I... [more]

My German Shepard

I loce f****** my dog, and I think she loves it too, she used to always sniff around my crotch and finally after I had just gotten out of the shower she licked my p**** and one thibg led to another and I ended up [more]

It makes me feel sexy

I am a 29 year old man and I love dressing up as a woman. Wig, clothes, make up, the whole deal. And then I f*** my self in the ass with all my toys. It feels so amazing. I c** so hard and I absolutely love the taste of my [more]

Old friends

My best friend had his 40th birthday last weekend, My wife and i planned on attending and since we live 3 hours apart had booked a hotel room but one of our kids got sick a couple days before and my wife had to stay home to look after him but urged me to go so he had told me to cancel my room and stay at their place.
On the way there i hit a deer... [more]


I am a man with a younger half sister,whom i love dearly and would never harm, or affect her life in anyway possible. However, everything about her continues to have a very overwhelming affect on me, causing me to feel helpless, unable to stop all the erotic, sexual thoughts i have about her, that i know are wrong. I cant really explain it but... [more]

Convenient Woman

You're a joke! Do you really believe you are that coveted. People only stare because you act soooo inappropriate for your age. Being a c** bucket keeps the attention going too. You're evil and your kids must be so embarrassed by you

Funny story my gf sis told me.

I'm partial to a line of cocaine from time to time, so is my gfs sister. So the other day I offered her one and after a while we both got talking. She started talking about s** with her bf and said "I've only ever let him c** inside me once" and I said "fair... [more]

S** with gf

When I have s** with my girlfriend i only seem to climax when I picture a certain girl I've had s** with before which is her best friend. My gf is very nice looking and has everything I like, he best friend has it all aswell. Me and my gf were split up at the... [more]

How can I get her?

So I've been with my wife since high school. We moved into her house when she got pregnant. Believe me I love my family, the thing is I've always had a thing for older women and my MIL is not different. She's a bigger woman and I know that's she likes men of color cause my wife's father is Hispanic. I've become pretty close with her we have and... [more]

C** drinking

I'm 62 and lost my wife a couple of years ago, she never orgasmed from f****** but I always licked her count till she c** filling my mouth with her c*** juice and my [more]

From toys to cuckolding

My wife has been progressively needing more pleasure than what I give her through intercourse. After I c** she usually hasn't orgasmed so I finger her to finish. She then got me a vibrator, and then a d****, and then a bigger [more]

Had to tell him eventually

Me & my hubby have been married for 18yrs and we get along fine but since my hubby turned 40 something happened to his p**** which has made it go smaller hardly very hard and he seems to c** really quick which isn't the best when you need satisfying once in... [more]

Met a past s** partner

My mother asked me and my wife to come over earlier today to be there with her while a contractor was doing an estimate. When we got there and were introduced he said I looked familiar. He's a cute black male so I tried not to show fear as I recognized him after that. So all went well and i walked him out and he smiled at me and asked if I was... [more]

Panty addict.

I am simply addicted to ladies panties. I go panty shopping at least once a week and always confess to the assistants that the panties are for me. I always ask for petit, feminine, sexy, and tight panties. When asked for size I advise 9 inches ! By this time I am fully erect and it is so obvious. I am always treated well and on most occasions the... [more]

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