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It’s been a year

Well next month is my 25th wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day marks the one year anniversary of the most incredible sexual experience in my 50 years on this earth.
Last Mother’s Day my son’s track friends came over for a pool party, after my son left for work (he delivers pizza. His twin friends decided to stay and swim. I knew the boys... [more]

You never know who you might run into

Noelle Peterson, the one that got away. All through high-school and halfway through college, I'd had a crush on Noelle Peterson. She'd disappeared halfway through college, just did not show up for year three. Of course there were rumors; a girl that hot doesn't just go off the grid without causing a disturbance in the force. I'd heard several of... [more]

My weird secret fantasy

I have a weird fantasy and it's a secret that kills fantasy is the following(plzz do not read if u r disturbed by kidnap and s** stuff)
i fantasize about getting kidnapped by a group of unknown shemales that will isolate me from the real world and no one will ever remember me.they blackmail me... [more]


Wife and her bull made me get a pa piercing so that i stay permanently in chastity. I am only allowed to o***** from a*** stimulation by either my wife pegging me or the bull f****** me. Been caged... [more]

Wife says getting fat turns her on

I have discovered I think I like her doing this as well. She was very small, 100lbs or so years ago and kids and med and being sedintary has her up to about 270 at 5’4. She likes to eat until she can barely breathe and then go straight to the bedroom. Her o****** last a lot longer than ever... [more]

My first time being cummed in

I don't know why but this is the first time telling anyone this.
My neighbor is married and I know his whole family. But we kinda have been flirting and stuff through the fence and he can see in my bedroom from his. I started 'accidently' leaving my curtains up getting changed or out of the shower. Then after he'd watched me jerking it a few... [more]

He got the best deal ever.

My husband and I decided to have a final fling before we tied the knot, More just as a final blowout before settling down than anything, we discussed just doing something together and he brought up the "Final fling" idea, We like to get a bit wild and crazy but have never done something with someone else alone...If that makes sense, Like we have... [more]

FemDomme Tummy Puncher

I am a FemDomme with several submissive female belly slaves. I love soft bellies of all sizes. The sexiest part of this fetish is to handcuff her wrists above her head and start light and slow, in the solar plexus area, moving downward with a little more strength behind each punch. Seeing a hot female writhe in agony while uttering an “oof” or an... [more]

Dear Simon

This is a confession to my old pal Simon.
Yes, I f***** your sister, even though you told me not to. How could I resist?
Your sister was an alluring piece of tight ass. you thought her an innocent, little flower. However you are wrong, very wrong.
I took your sister, not out of spite, but because... [more]

I download pictures of women I know and m********* to them

I like to download pictures of female friends and work colleagues from Facebook and Instragram on to my hard drive, then play them in a slideshow while I m*********. My computer is connected to a big tv so they are lifesize and smiling at me while I [more]

My wife and dad

My mum passed away after a long illness last year and my wife said she would look in on my dad from time to time which I was so glad for as I was very busy at work.
I love my wife very much, she is very loving beautiful and a brilliant mother, my dad has always been good to me as well.
Over the next couple of months I realised she was calling... [more]


Im so disgusted with myself but i need to get it off my chest cos i cant tell anyone. Im 18f from the uk, a few nights ago i got really drunk with a friend, after we parted ways at around midnight i went to the train station to go home. I was really drunk so details are a bit hazy but i remember there was some old homeless man on the platform, i... [more]

I get called names

I got called names after i had s** with to boys,the older lads started wanting it and if i say no i would get crap all day,so to get it to stop i would give them what they wanted and the rest of the day wouldn't be so bad,it changed me i stopped caring i would tell myself im using them, I've even gone... [more]

Two young studs

I've been having s** with two young men that live nextdoor,I started having s** with the 19 year old first then his 17 year old brother,they don't know about each other yet,I had s** with my husband one morning and... [more]

Is it that bad

Is it really that bad loving your own son that you will tend to his sexual needs,,I've been hearing his bed squeaking and i knew what he was doing,I let it go at first and it started more often, even when i cleaned his room under his bed found 2 pictures stuck together and pulled them apart to see it's pictures off me that's he's [more]

A walk in the park

I have been reading confessions for a while now and enjoy the thrills. Over lockdown I have gone out in various states of undress for , my health , well a walk does you good, doesn’t it? But also for my thrills. This morning at 7:15 I left my house in tights, pants and bra covered over with a long coat (obviously trainers). I walked up through... [more]

My best frinds sexy mom

I used to spend the nite with my best friend often, we were both h**** 13 yoa boys and they had a pool, HIS SEXY 40 yo mom would parade around in a tiny blk string bikini and swim and sunbathe while we swam. His mom was 135 lbs,5'6",blond,36c and very tan. In the mornings she would be at the kitchen... [more]

The wife gets her due.

We have been married for 10 years and were fighting all the time . We fought about everything, it didn't matter what stupid thing it was about , it went on all the time.
What I didn't know was my wife plotted to seduce our next door neighbor to get even with me. She knew he liked her because of all the flirting she and he did with each other... [more]

Caught in the act

I been using my auntie's house to j*** off in because i can't do that at home to many people,it's been over 2 years and never been caught,3 weeks ago i was jerking off on her sofa had my school bag next to me just in case so i could put it away without them seeing,this occasion i was in the middle of... [more]

I want to star in spanking

I'm very introverted, but I have a burning to be naked and punished in spanking p***, no masks. no hiding my features, everything shows...and I'm not looking for any pay and nothing simulated. My ass will turn red and I really will be whining and begging. Video or pictures, beat my ass in any... [more]

Thinking about going thru with it

My hubby and have been together for over twenty years. We were swingers from pretty much the start with the only time I wasn't with other men was when we decided to conceive. And then as soon as I was prego, went back to f****** others, ( I was amazed at how many guys love to [more]

F****** short girls

I'm 20 6'8 and work out a lot so im pretty big, my sister and cousin both 14yo very short girls i popped round to see my aunt but she was out it was just them to there,my cousin asked because im big does that mean my c*** is to,them giggling away at the question i said to her if she wanted to see it... [more]

Didn't know what to do

I was 14 and didn't have a clue about s** until my aunt taught me,my cousin was 13 and found out she wasn't a virgin,the three of us over a few months went from drinking to watching p***, until that day came when when my aunt got us two to get undressed,I... [more]

Self suck

I’ve sucked my d*** since 6th grade and enjoyed sucking it until my early twenties. I’ve also sucked a few guys c**** and enjoyed sucking them and swallowing their delicious creamy c**. I’m 62 years old and... [more]

Wow mum

We had work done one our house making the bathroom bigger, the other day i come home and could hear moaning coming from our bathroom and of course i looked in and my mum had the shower head between her legs,she was to busy having a o***** to hear me,she's 38 got long legs a cute bum long blonde hair... [more]

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