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Met a past s** partner

My mother asked me and my wife to come over earlier today to be there with her while a contractor was doing an estimate. When we got there and were introduced he said I looked familiar. He's a cute black male so I tried not to show fear as I recognized him after that. So all went well and i walked him out and he smiled at me and asked if I was... [more]

Panty addict.

I am simply addicted to ladies panties. I go panty shopping at least once a week and always confess to the assistants that the panties are for me. I always ask for petit, feminine, sexy, and tight panties. When asked for size I advise 9 inches ! By this time I am fully erect and it is so obvious. I am always treated well and on most occasions the... [more]

Going all the way

So I have been with my wife for 3 years now. Some of you may know there are different p**** smells. I truly love my wife's p****. I enjoy being submissive and just going to town licking her l****... [more]

Found p***

For three years i have searched, One night three years ago as i sat at home alone I scrolled through a p*** site and found a video about "Wife sharing", I clicked on it not really thinking much about it and it came up as a very low quality video of a slim built girl standing with her back to the... [more]

Taboo Mom

I moved back home temporarily when I was 25 years old. My mom was 57 years old.
I was snooping through her room one day when she wasn't home and I found several p**** magazines and two p**** movies that she stole from my stash. She must've been... [more]

I want to taste my own c**

I confess I have tasted my own come and it taste so good I know I suck d*** all the time and I love it

He got to live out a fantasy

Let me start by saying I DON'T CHEAT, this is the first time and it was a one time thing that will never happen again but two years ago my husbands brother got remarried to a woman with a 15 year old son. May long weekend i let him f*** me.
For the last two years i have watched him as he tried to... [more]

Step .mom

When I was in high school I caught my step mom watching p*** naked in the front room. She asked if I've ever seen p*** before and I said no. I sat down and watched a video of a woman masterbating. Her hand moving faster as the woman oinn the video... [more]

Sexy sister

My sister called round the other day and all I could think about was getting her naked and f****** her. She is 50 im her younger brother. Would love to have her c** all over my c***. Love you sis xx

I am In l*** with my brother in law

I was an "Oops baby", 10 years behind my next older sister but mom and dad always tell me it means I was meant to be and nothing would keep me from being. Mom was told she would not have any more kids after my sister, Her third but somehow a "Miracle" happened and here I am but that's a whole different story.
I met my BIL when I was only 16 and... [more]

Pregnant by a young stud

My wife is a nurse at a college campus, and she is pretty much surrounded by young sporty guys with buff bodies all the time. It makes her h****, which makes me happy, and we would often roleplay some of the college boys f****** her.
Some time... [more]

Found b/f site !!

Searching through b/f I -pad and found this site and I see he's been on and left a confession. Why doesn't G/F have s** more with him !! Hahahah well that's because I've caught you twice in my panties and bras at my house which you said was for a joke and always [more]

Had a baby with my son's friend

When I was 39, I felt strong urges coming on to have another child before it was too late. I had 3 children already at that time, and my husband was not very keen to add to the family. Plus, his drive had diminished.
My eldest had a good friend, who had basically grown up half in our house. A tall, very attractive teenager, he was popular with... [more]

How I became a Gurl

I started at the age of 8, wearing my mother’s panties, bras, stockings, shoes, dresses and night gowns. By the time I was 11 I was dressing completely wearing my moms wigs, wearing makeup, and walking around dressed like her. I was her height and her clothes fit just right. There was no sexual pleasure per say. I hadn't started to get pleasure... [more]

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