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Watching Goku fight Jiren Gives me a Massive B****

Its gotten to the point where i cant c** unless i see jiren fighting in genera;

Being a cuckquean

I really want my boyfriend and my best friend have s**, even just once. I want him to fill her with c**. It turns me on so much only by just thinking of it.

Are all guys douche bags???

Why can't i find a decent guy, I am 24, I think i am good looking and keep myself in good shape but every guy i date turns out to SUCK.
Second to last boyfriend wasted 4 months of my life until i realized he watched p*** all day every day and will probably be living in his moms basement when he is... [more]

Running in leggings turned me into wimp

I was a runner for longer time before I bought my first pair of running tights - more like leggings.
I would giggle in the past each time I saw runner in tights. And thought it looks gay. But now I started running in those. Wearing them. They were so comfortable I felt in love in them. Also rarely I would hear people giggle and call me gay so... [more]


Seems to be a lot of stories about catching other people in the act on here so i thought i would share my experience. My long time girlfriend and i stayed at her sisters place a while back and had a few too many drinks before everyone headed to bed, I had a terrible case of dry mouth so i quietly headed upstairs for a drink and while i was in the... [more]

Wifes pantyhose

My wife came home from work and left her dirty pantyhose on the bed i came out of the shower and saw them i thought she went for a a power walk so i put them on and started to j*** off i went and got her dirty pantys and put them on my face it felt so good i shot a good load of [more]

Indian femboy has his first

Hi there people. I’m Ayush from India (no abuses please). I’m a pretty shy individual, coming from an ordinary conservative middle class family. This is my first ever confession, because after reading the stories of so many others, I think this is a safe place to come out. From when I was in my early teens, I have had a penchant for crossdressing... [more]

A tree

I f***** a tree, and I f****** enjoyed it. The motions were so extense that I had an o***** everytime I touched the bark. Its branches were so thick that I just had to slide them in one by one. The... [more]

Caught Stealing my friends moms Panties

I am not a total perv. I don't make a life out of stealing panties. However, one day, I was over at my friends house. I was waiting for him to get home from school. His mom and I were the only ones there. I was about 17 at the time. They lived in a small house so there's only 2 bathrooms. One is his and the others is hers. I asked her could I use... [more]

This Cell phone of mine!

I live with a girlfriend but flirt and chat with other women,especially women in a far away country that I visit. I even have an infant son with one of the women there, and plan some more with her and some other women.
In my phone are many pics of the women I chat with. Some of the pics are nude.When I chat with some of these women,they end up... [more]

My first b******

I'll never forget the first time I had a c*** in my mouth,it felt weird at first, i thought to myself , 'what if the whole world sees me with a c*** in my mouth, my heart was beating at a very fast pace as I willingly took the thick six inch [more]

I've slept with three of my wife's friends

My wife has some very pretty friends who I've developed crushes with over the years. Knowledge about these women's personal life from my wife, Social media and alcohol have been tools that I've used to get them easily into bed.
The first one is married but not happy and she is a flirt. She dresses very sexy and is always very affectionate when I... [more]

My German Shepard

I loce f****** my dog, and I think she loves it too, she used to always sniff around my crotch and finally after I had just gotten out of the shower she licked my p**** and one thibg led to another and I ended up [more]

It makes me feel sexy

I am a 29 year old man and I love dressing up as a woman. Wig, clothes, make up, the whole deal. And then I f*** my self in the ass with all my toys. It feels so amazing. I c** so hard and I absolutely love the taste of my [more]

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