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Had a baby with my son's friend

When I was 39, I felt strong urges coming on to have another child before it was too late. I had 3 children already at that time, and my husband was not very keen to add to the family. Plus, his drive had diminished.
My eldest had a good friend, who had basically grown up half in our house. A tall, very attractive teenager, he was popular with... [more]

How I became a Gurl

I started at the age of 8, wearing my mother’s panties, bras, stockings, shoes, dresses and night gowns. By the time I was 11 I was dressing completely wearing my moms wigs, wearing makeup, and walking around dressed like her. I was her height and her clothes fit just right. There was no sexual pleasure per say. I hadn't started to get pleasure... [more]


Ok im 23 and my partner is 22.We have been together just over 4yrs.
And we have good jobs im an electrician but work for myself with 4 of my mates who have there trades and so we do full refits on houses hotels etc.
My partner is a catalogue model mainly, but also models for make up artists and work alike.
So 18 months ago,we bought our first... [more]

This Cell Phone of Mine

I live with a girlfriend but flirt and chat with other women,especially women in a far away country that I visit. I even have an infant son with one of the women there, and plan some more with her and some other women.
In my phone are many pics of the women I chat with. Some of the pics are nude.When I chat with some of these women,they end up... [more]

Caught red handed

This weekend after a busy Saturday pottering around the house and garden while I went to get a shower my wife popped out to the shops to get a few things for tea and a bottle of wine etc at the local supermarket so as I was getting ready for a shower I noticed her knickers from earlier today were left in the bathroom so feeling a bit naughty I... [more]

Eating c** or sperm

Now they want to eat there c**. Cause there wife's won't.

That was bad

My brother in law is hot, He is 8 years older than me but he makes me h**** with his big muscles and as I found out last night...his huge d***, We all got home from the bar around 2:30 and went to bed but I woke up around an hour later and couldn't go... [more]

I still think about her.

The one and only time I have ever seen my mother in law drunk was over 5 years ago, We went on a trip to Georgia and she had come with us, We had booked adjoining rooms and had us and the kids in one room and she was in the other.
The door was left partially open that night and I had taken the kids up to bed while the two of them had stayed at a... [more]

Embarrassing Story

I enjoy cutting my d*** with a razor blade and it feels good, especially on my b****. Is this unhealthy? I've gone too deep and made it bleed and at one point I had s**** coming out of the slit and out of my [more]

Wifes BFF

My wife and her best friend have been close for 20 years, Basically since the first year of college, They were room mates and instant best friends, my wife is hot, 38, 5'3", 125 lbs with B-cups, Her friend Nikki, is super cute, 39, 5'4", 145 lbs with DD-cups.
A couple weeks ago we dropped the kids off at my parents and the three of us went out... [more]

Older women

I want to pleasure my mother in law she is super sexy I can't stop looking at her huge ass. I want to bend her over and lick her until she c*** in my mouth. She flirts with me all the time but I'm nervous to do it. Any idea of whats best way to know she would allow this to take place?

That went a step too far.

I stayed at my sisters house last night, I love my older sister and brother in law, they are the greatest people in my life, Paid for my college education, Let me live with them when I was a teen, They have never left me stranded in any situation ever where they were able to help me which is not related to this but just wanted to say that.
Last... [more]

I hate myself and feel ashamed for what I am

Alright, here goes nothing...
I'm 23 (will be turning 24 in a month) and I feel heavily attracted to teenage girls.
It all started when I was very young, like 16yo or something like that. I would get involved with girls way younger than me. Girls who were older than me never caught my attention that much and that was when I realized there... [more]

Neighbours dirty panties

Like many young men I love to sniff women's worn panties, my neighbour is divorced so i tend to pop in and help her out. She's about 40 with an 18yr old daughter, i love sniffing their dirty panties but ill have to stop in case i get caught! Her daughters smell the best, but the mam's are much stronger in scent, which i love. Pushing my nose into... [more]

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