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Happy birthday

My wife and I have been married for 17 years this year and every Feb. 23rd I get to have things my way, Yes that's my birthday and once a year on my birthday she gets her chubby little butt f*****. My wife actually has a great ass, Just nicely sized, Round and firm, She has always and still does HATE... [more]

My best friend died twentytwo years ago.

He was a genius. He graduated Magna C** Laud from a great University in Actuary Science. He married a whiz kid of a woman from Lima Peru but sadly they never had children. My friend developed renal problems and died of complications when he was only 44.
He was a gun enthusiast and he could repair... [more]

He came inside me - Does that mean I'm Pregnant?

So, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years + and he recently decided to move to Australia. He knew I don't want him to leave yet he still left.
Anyway, so its been 2 months since he's gone and he wanted to take a break from our relationship. I was pretty upset and my best friend was there for me. I started spending a lot of time with... [more]

I love to smell my own farts

I'm a girl, but I absolutely love farting and would never admit it. I love eating foods that make me toot and smelling them after. My favorite is if it happens when I m*********, it always sends me into an intense o*****.

Love panties and also having s** with with man,

I was 6 when i would steal my sisters panties, she was eight .i would wear them for a while ,them put them back this went on awhile being so young i began to think i must be gay if i like women’s pantys so much some time i would hitch a ride home when i was thirteen and the man that would pick me up would ask if he could play with my penise and i... [more]

I love to be naked and m********* all the time and i too love exp

When my wife is away and i'm alone, i love the thought of driving through the neighborhood naked and m*********, i don't want to do anyone any harm , but it's only a thought, i want for people to see me naked, and for a straight guy who is good looking, i want a girl who love tomasterbate and... [more]

Wife an adorable femdom

am 30 years old married. My wife(referred monica in this post) is 25 years old, a gem of beauty. With tight cute b**** and a curvy figure. Its been 1 year since we got married and each day monica has been wearing either mini skirts or bikinis in home whole day just to keep seducing and turn me on... [more]

My girlfriend uses me what can i do

Me and girlfriend have always had a great relationship, but over the past couple of months (9 months) it has been steadily going down hill. we are in a long distance relationship. before me and my girlfriend used to contact each other frequently 2-4 times a day. but as time has progressed we don't contact each other as much. she does not let me... [more]

I can't stand your touch.

You put your lips to mine and I want to scream.
You put your mouth on my b****** and I have to close my eyes and imagine his mouth on me.
You enter me, and my memory has to recall his face, his touch, his body in order for me to climax.
You wanted this.
You wanted me to love someone else... [more]

Aunt and cousin saw me nude

When I was about 16 my mom and I took an apartment across from my aunt and her daughter, who is my age. We go to the same school. My mom had a job as a nurse in a hospital and worked weird hours. Most of the time when I got home from school she was gone to work. Both my cousin and I need to get medical exams for the teams we were on. So my aunt... [more]

J********** and rating my wife

My wife began feeling self conscious about her body so I talked her into teasing guys on a chat site until they came for her and it turned out s** life completely around for the better. I started sharing her nudes with some guys over email to rate and c**... [more]

Think lesser of her now

I convinced my wife to get into swinging, mostly because I wanted something new and our s** life had gotten stale. We went to a swingers club and she was getting a lot of attention, as she is very pretty even at 39 (she looks more like 29).
At one point she paired up with a guy who was unattractive... [more]

Big O at the gym

It's weird, but I was working out at the gym this morning and had an o***** while doing leg lifts on this equipment called a captain's chair. What is strange is that I can hardly get off even when being intimate with my husband. My trainer was there and he asked whether everything was okay when I was... [more]

My parents perved over my wife

My c ompany sent me to Venezuela and I worked there for 2 years. I got to know my wife there, a typical hot full-figured little latina and we got married and then she returned with me to my country. For the first few years we lived with my parents. They all got on well together and my was very happy and supported in every way.
Both Mum and Dad... [more]

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