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Neighbours dirty panties

Like many young men I love to sniff women's worn panties, my neighbour is divorced so i tend to pop in and help her out. She's about 40 with an 18yr old daughter, i love sniffing their dirty panties but ill have to stop in case i get caught! Her daughters smell the best, but the mam's are much stronger in scent, which i love. Pushing my nose into... [more]

So f****** hot

My sister in law is f****** sexy and of corse I can't f*** her but I can't help but feel what it would be like and get hard every time I see her in her tight yoga pants.her ass is so fat and round and iv seen it befor but haven't had a chance to see... [more]

My BF and his father

Near the end of last year my BF and I started in having s** and to me it was awesome then one day his dad walked in on us and stood there watching his son f***** me even harder than he was before and came in my puss then his dad took hold of my [more]

Friends mom

Growing up, my friend up the street and I began smoking weed. His parents bought a cottage somewhere and began going there every weekend. So every weekend we would smoke weed at his house and pass out downstairs in front of the tv. One night, after coming out the bathroom, I had an idea. I wanted to see his moms panty drawer and [more]

C** becoming my only turn on

Im finding I can't enjoy s** unless my bf c*** all over me. He's not the type of guy who enjoys doing this as he's quite vanila and treats me too nicely at times.
Is it wrong of me to want to experience being with someone else who can provide that for... [more]

New direction maybe

Ok, So this all started a month ago, FYI I consider myself to be straight, Always have been...I think.
I started college, Not going to say how long ago, met my best friend here, She is awesome, We hang all the time, Love the same food, Love the same shows, Love the same music, Love the same style of clothes, Everything and we can honestly sit... [more]

South African tribal villages

Last year I went to Cape Town South Africa and did a photo documentary on the small tribal villages and the third village the group was suppose to go to somehow I got separated and ended up going by myself.
I stand a short 5 foot even weigh just 94 lbs, long natural blond hair just below my butt almost perfect measurements 22 years old and... [more]

F***** my Sister in Law and she still doesn't know!!

I f***** my sister in law without her knowing.
Well she has been living with us for like an year.She is very raunchy wear really hot clothes and f*** with her BF like a beast.My wife doesn't like her BF so she would never bring him home.But last to... [more]

I want my mother in law

I started dating my wife in high school we had a baby at a young age and I moved in to my mother in laws home she's a heavier woman but I've always wanted to be with her she was so used to being in the house with just her children that when i first came she would walk to her bathroom naked all the time I would look threw the crack of my door when... [more]

Im addicted to s**

I'm addicted to s**. I think it is because it's all I knew when I was 10-15 my dad sexually abused me and made me watch p*** with him. I think that is why I feel like I need it all the time. It's all I think about I'm always fantasizing and I even... [more]

Separated & Stressed (and pregnant)

My husband and I have been separated for the last 10 months. We're working on our issues, and hope to get back together. We have two boys (ages 5 and 8). He lives about an hour away, but we talk on the phone with regularity.
During our separation, I have been faithful to him, except once. I belong to a cycling club with a couple of guys from... [more]

Masturbating at euro

I j*** off in the staff restroom at work at least two or three times a week. It usually starts at my desk, rubbing my b**** and my d*** until I'm hard. Then I'll excuse myself to the restroom where I... [more]

Rest in peace Bruce Carter you were the best friend I ever had

I struggled through college making C's and D's and I was often glad to get them. You, on the other hand, seemed to make A's with no problems or even a great effort. We both graduated but you graduated Magna c** Laude in Actuary science. I graduated with a BS degree no honors at all.
Still, we were... [more]

Erectile problems

I have had erectile problems for a couple of years, my wife says she is of with things but I know she needs a good f******. I lick her c*** till she o****** but she finally admitted she needs a... [more]

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