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When I went wet

Have you ever been to the sight Omegle? Well, I have and every few man parts would start popping up when I was just talking to strangers in the video section. I soo got really h**** and addicted. I would stay up at night until 1 or 2 in the morning and play with myself on camera. I put in big [more]

First o*****

I was at my friends house and was young. My organs were maybe near full size then, even i was surprised at how big my b**** got. My friends mother was home alone, my friend went to his dads house for the weekend. I knocked on the door and his mom invited me in. She explained that my friend was... [more]

Closet Sissy

I confess I’ve dressed as sissy b**** ever since I was a young teenager. I wore whatever pair of panties I could find and bras I could steal because I stretched them out. I gathered a small stash to keep so I could pretend whenever I got the chance. I always had or thought I’d be caught and made to... [more]

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Closet Sissy

I confess I’ve dressed as sissy b**** ever since I was a young teenager. I wore whatever pair of panties I could find and bras I could steal because I stretched them out. I gathered a small stash to keep so I could pretend whenever I got the chance. I always had or thought I’d be caught and made to... [more]

My mom

I came home from school one day and just before i got home i saw this guy leaving our house.
When i went in mom was in the shower. I had a dea what was happening. Dad is gone alot trucking so i am not stupid.
Mom is short. I am 2 inches taller and she is very petite nice figure. I know she is hot.
It was about two week and dad left for a ling... [more]

Still awkward 2

She eventually got into her mouth and sucked me dry, I went soft and she looked around at the mess and her leaking b****, She said "F***, I have to shower" and got out of bed, I caught my breath and when I could hear the water changing like she was in... [more]

Seduced my uncle

I'm a 16 year old guy, I've known I'm gay since I was 5.
2 months ago my uncle (mom's brother who is 33) was drunk and I seduced him, and let him take my virginity in the ass and mouth that night. I have never even kissed another guy before. I wanted him to be my first. I found I love c** I had tasted... [more]

Step daughters tights and knickers

I cannot stop stealing my step daughters tights and knickers as well as other clothes of hers. I have even been rubbing my k*** inside the crutch of her knickers and leaving c** on them and then putting them back. I love to do this to her knickers that she... [more]

Getting felt up on the underground

Hi, this happened pre lockdown, but just found this site. If you know London, you know that at peak times the tube is rammed, people are body to body, everyone is touching. This of course means you sometimes feel something against your bum or another part of your body, and you can't be too sure if you are being groped or its someone's bag. I... [more]

Sleeping with ex’s twin sister

So to start things off, they are fraternal twins. To make things easier, we’ll call my ex Haley and her twin sister Paige.
After me and Haley split, Paige and I still remained friends. As time after the break up went by, me and paige became very very close. We would hang out pretty often and just [more]

My so very handsome former HS student turned Lover

I had to do it in when I was teaching high school math and SAT in South Florida. It was about 20 years ago, he was gorgeous, you were the captain of sports team, I was only 24 and just out of college. He always sat in the front and always is looking at me, he was Italian, spoke Italian and was gorgeous. He was everything I was looking for except... [more]

Can't take uncle ass f****** me anymore

I'm 22 M, and it killing me inside knowing I have no choice but to let my uncle (mom's brother) ass f*** me bareback 3 times a week.
My mother sacrificed everything for me as a grew up. She worked 2 jobs and I was able to go to college with no student loans. She opened a business when I was 18 and... [more]

My sister is a screamer in bed

My little sister came up to me last night and asked me for s**. She has Ben looking sexy for awhile . So I agree . Her little pussycat was so tight it was like she was mad to fit me . It was not long until she was screaming my name and screaming me to c** deep... [more]

I've been looking at young girls from my window

There is a bit of unused land at the back of my house which is fenced off but the youngsters do get in there and hang out in the summer. The noise can be quite annoying but last week when I heared them I went up to my bedroom to look out the window to see what the were doing.
I noticed that a group of younger girls had started hanging out. I... [more]

Came in my swim trunks

I had a very strange experience at the club pool this summer. I went with my entire extended family to our golf clubs pool for like the only time ever. There was probably 12 of us in all but I (a guy 19) remembered my cousin (a cute girl 14) and was in love the moment I saw her. But I played it cool and we all went to change in the little... [more]

I really love it

I always wondered what it would be like to taste sperm just like girls get to. I tried tasting my own sperm and kind of liked it. So much that I wanted to taste some more. I started to look for used condoms with sperm inside of them. I looked at my friends neighbors co-workers family members and cheap motels to find them. I would bring them home... [more]

Young gay in love them betrayed

I'm 18 now. When I was 13, I was in love with my friends father James. I think he sensed my gayness. He would constantly touch me when I went to the house. And when my friend had pool parties, James always found a way to be naked at the same time as me.
One day I went over to swim but forgot my friend was going with his mother to his cousin... [more]

Mom Dad and me.

Let me start by saying I always felt something my parents and how they lived a life style under the radar. I'm a 18 year old woman. My parents had me young. Dad was 20 and Mom was just 14 when I was born and both said they have no family.
During the this lock down I was bored and was in the attic and found an old trunk buried behind boxes. I... [more]

Why are some guys obsessed with pantyhose?

I get an ‘allowance’ from a few SDs I met using an app. They’re mid 40s to mid 50s. It’s discrete, fun and easy. We plan a ‘date’ they pay for dinner, have s** afterward and I get an easy ‘allowance’. They buy me things like LBDs and cute shoes from Amazon. My bf has no clue and thinks I’m clubbing with... [more]

Best dating advice

Even though this is embarrassing for me, I want to share my experience in finally finding a woman who totally loves me.
I ended up splitting with my last girlfriend, who I was really in love with and may have married. It took me a while to get to the heart of the reason we split but I’m very happy now that I did.
Our relationship was awesome but... [more]

Bad uncle

I'm a 44yo guy who has been separated for around three years, I have come to really enjoy masturbating and I like to have a bit of amphetamines when doing it as it makes me extremely h****. I often use a site where I can j*** off with other guys on... [more]

I think something is wrong with me

Well it started in 6th or 5th grade at the lunch tables. I don't know how to topic came about But 1 of my friends Said "not to look up xvideos". And of course I searched it up. And my poor eyes just saw a s*** ton of p***. That happen a few years ago... [more]

Loved Denise

I was mad for Denise Borino Quinn, the BBW gal who played Ginny Sacramoni on The Sopranos. Her character was the butt of every fat joke and insult on the show, but I loved her and masturbated over thoughts of her for the entire time she appeared on the program.
Still, to this day, when I need a good [more]

I love older Women

I am a young South African guy.
I love older women preferably 40 and up. I love to have s** with them and being dominated by these older women.
About a year ago I was seeing a former teacher , Itu Lelaka, who was 45 at the time. And she was or still is a [more]

Totally f*** from gay s** with stepson

I'm totally f***** now. A month ago I got drunk and I came on to my 16 year old stepson John while my wife was away for the weekend.
My wife doesn't know I crossdress and am a sissy bottom. She has a very low s** drive. Twice a year is all she wants. On... [more]

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