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Got pounded by my gf's new fling

I work swing shift, and my gf works days, so it's sometimes tough to meet up and do things together. The other day she said she was going to stop by a friend's party for a quick courtesy visit, but that she'd try to leave before I got off work.
Towards the end of my shift, I got a text from a friend who was at the same party as my gf. He said... [more]

That backfired

First of all my husband and i have been together since grade 10 and are very much in love, We went to his company Christmas party last weekend and then to the club after, We brought a co-worker, Stephanie who i have become friends with over the past 7 years and she is now divorced and has recently started "Shopping around" While at the club we met... [more]

Friends wife

I work at one of the larger companies in town and have a few friends who work there as well, We had our company christmas party last weekend and ended up going back to one friends place after but my wife had decided to go home because she was pretty wasted and my other friends wife was mad at him so she went home, My wife urged me to go have fun... [more]

Now she is mad

So a week ago my wife stepped outside her box and now she is mad at me.
We go to a company Christmas party which i am not going to give any details about or everyone will know who she is but we had booked a hotel room and her parents took the kids.
We had fun, Got drunk and it was her that had initiated the whole thing, We had a hot tub in our... [more]

I hate Malaysian oppositions

I'm Korean and never ever visit Malaysia but the truth is that Malaysian oppositions are far-right fascists. Especially DAP. They have a governor in Penang, he is Lim Guan Eng. What did he do? He banned all foreigners to cook local food just because it ruins the origins. Malaysian foods are based on Penang, therefore lots of foreigners were used... [more]

Gf sister

I ducked my gf sister in the bathroom during a family party

Lesbian sister

Me and my younger sister got drunk and fingered each other after a party once. I've never told anyone and never will.

My first

My and my best friends sister started kissing after a party and later we went down on each other. If my bf or family found out it would kill me but I really liked it. We've done it a couple times since then when I sleep over and everyone is asleep but I want to be alone together. If my friend caught me with her little sister I'd be killed.

My work took everything away from me

I graduated college with a BS degree. With limited options, I took a job with an Insurance company. Competing with other employees as difficult because they had gone to a better college than I did and because they had better degrees.
To offset this I worked much overtime and including weekends. Other people would be partying but I would be... [more]

Can i even be angry.

So here is where my life is at, My husband had s** with my best friend and i was there. I am 38, My best friend is 34, My husband and i have been married 19 years and have 3 kids, My best friend has been married 15 years and has 3 kids. Friday night we were getting a bit wild partying with her and her... [more]

I wish I could redo my life

I’m just so sick of being a teenager and I want to redo my life all over again. I used to be such a happy child with no worries in the world and now I just feel myself getting down over the littlest of things. My friends and I aren’t friends with the boys in our town because we have to be in a certain group with this [more]

First night after arranged marriage

Junaid and Sabah both belonged to conservative families. Their marriage was fixed by their respective families and blessed by the community elders. Especially Junaid’s family was very strict and puritanical about preserving old social norms and customs. He was not even allowed to hang out with his female cousins after he had turned a teenager... [more]

Are all guys douche bags???

Why can't i find a decent guy, I am 24, I think i am good looking and keep myself in good shape but every guy i date turns out to SUCK.
Second to last boyfriend wasted 4 months of my life until i realized he watched p*** all day every day and will probably be living in his moms basement when he is... [more]

Yeah I've had my moments ..

Yeah Ive had my moments of going out & having a good time .. Ive been married for almost 20years gotta lovely wife & two kids .. Yet I must admit it's hard being tied down because im a real social person, I luv meeting new women .. and yeah I've had my moments of giving into temptation & its not to a point where I'm losing count, I can pretty... [more]

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