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Masturbating in front of girls

When I was 13 I agreed to show 3 girls my p****. When I took it out they started laughing and saying how small it was, so in my embarrassment I started desperately rubbing it to make it bigger, and before I knew it I was masturbating in front of them. After a minute or so I [more]

Scum sucking leach

I met my gf years back when her daughter was still in elementary school, little did I know this cute little girl would turn into a lazy manipulating, lying b****.
I have tried to be a role model over the years and help guide her but she is a strong willed birth that is going to lie, steal, cheat... [more]

Wife confesses while intoxicated

My wife when to Sue her best friends daughter hen party this weekend and they all went away Friday to Sunday eve, they all had a great time been cheeky an d naughty as they do Sues daughter Holly is only 25 and Sue and my wife are 42yrs young, she doesn’t go out much we stay in on weekend and have a bottle of wine to share.
But she got very... [more]

It's a different relationship

Oh no mom

Sex in the Jehovah WItness restored earth paradise

I really hate my family.

Taxi driver

Changing room

She Too

Fisherman's dilemma

Not fair

The party

Hiw i discovered eminem

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