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Family plaything.

I have been abused by multiple members of my family and none of them know about the other, Why does this keep happening to me. When I was 15 I hooked up with my first boyfriend and admitted to 3 of my cousins that it happened, Told them the story and that night my male cousin 17 snuck out of his bed and slid into my bed behind me, I pretended to... [more]

Won a costume contest and still got a spanking

Looks like this won’t happen again this year, so I want to talk about it. I’m sophomore in college, staying in the dorm. I’ve always been fascinated by the Story of O. I’ve had a few good spankings, and I’ve even had another girl give me a bath, but there is one part of the movie I never was able to duplicate till last year. Near the end of... [more]

Just for the show?

It seems to us that a lot of Democrats will vote for Trump just so he will win and then they can watch him continue and conclude the utter demolition of the Republican party. What a show that would be. better than anything Barnum & Bailey ever dreamed of. And everyone could see it right upon their televisions for free.

Just want to get this off my chest, I guess

I'm writing here, because my journal is packed for university, and I cannot dig it out of my boxes.
What I'm about to make is not really a confession - its something I want to get off my chest without having to tell my friends, without someone I know having leverage over me by knowing this small secret.
Before leaving to University, I... [more]

I just f***** my Kindergarten Teacher

Your not going to believe this. Our next door neighbors are teachers. They had a party last weekend. We have a gate between our back yards so my man and dad allowed them to open it and for them to use our pool along with giving them more room so social distancing could be practiced.
I’m 19 and attending the local community college with... [more]

Friend Troubles

My boyfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me over text out of nowhere. I found out he slept with the girl he told me not to worry about in a room next to where i was at a party (after we broke up). He also went around telling lies about me to all my friends and they knew they were lies but still. I found out he slept with that girl and I... [more]

My Cousin Julia Or The Summer Of Awakening (Part 1)

In the behavior culture of our family, farting had always been a taboo. It literally never happened and it was seen as something very disgusting. I was socialized in a kind of philosophy that farting was something impolite and basically, I was warned that nobody was really going to fart neither in public nor around family members, what I actually... [more]

Discovered my 19 year old daughter’s secret

My 19 year old daughter was in a car wreck last month and unconscious for two days. We’re fortunate she’s alive. At first, the doctors were hesitant to offer good news. She finally woke up but needs a lot of physical therapy.
Since it was a head on collision, the driver of the other car quickly got a lawyer and accused our daughter of texting... [more]

Ex wives punishment

I began to cheat on Kelly about a year after we got married.I dont know why I couldnt stay faithful to my wife,,we had an awesome s** life ,, When I saw a woman or even young girls something inside me made me go after them and f*** them .I never told my... [more]

Sissy maid at the party

I told my wife that she had my permission to pick out my costume for the party ,that I would not resist or refuse to wear whatever she came up with. Boy did I regret saying that . She kept bugging me about going with her to pick out costumes with her for her haloween party at her work and I really didnt want to go to the party and really didnt... [more]

Oh the memories

I used to date a girl back in highschool and looking back now I wonder what ever happened to her. We were total douche bags to her, Me and my friends, She was easy to manipulate and we took advantage of that, Quite often she was the only girl around a group of 2-3 or 4 of us and we would just try to find her limit where she would tell us to F... [more]

I thought I was the only one.

From the time I was about 16 I had been carrying on an affair with my step dad, Good god, I don't even remember how it started but I began an infatuation with him and knowing what I know now I realize that it may have been something I was groomed into by him. I used to sneak in and spy on him in the shower etc. and around 15 started dressing... [more]

The life of the party

We pranked a girl from high school by mixing sleeping pills in her drink during a party. She never found out we stripped her naked and laid her out on the front lawn. I remember boys going crazy grabbing her b**** and fingering her p****. She woke up... [more]

I hate my boyfriends grown kids

I hay boy lives out of been with my bf for 8 yrs now we just started living together. He has 2 grown kids . The boy is 27 , the girl 20, the boy lives out of state (thank God) he is the worst of the two. The girl lives with her mom and stepdad. They do not work , the boy has a BS degree, yet sleeps most of the day. The girl is the same way... [more]

I love my boyfriend but he’s a softy

My boyfriend is really sweet but he’s a bit of a softy. I’m 19 and he’s 21.
He’s a real gentle soul which is adorable sometimes. He melts over the way I look the when my hair is in a messy bun with a sweat shirt on way more than when I spend hours getting dressed. He’ll say “you have such beautiful natural blond hair” as he twirls it in his... [more]


I have several friends that work in different hospitals and each one has told the same story but all at different times. Seems that this so called virus is nothing more than a political stunt. As people reschedule their surgeries that were postponed when this all kicked off are being added to the inpatient list for the virus and the capacity in... [more]

Am i not good enough for you?

Im 23Yrs young in a serious relationship for about 7 years now, considering the simple fact that my gf's family doesn't seem to acknowledge me or ever speak to me you can already imagine what most of our relationship was like! I love this woman so much we were high school sweethearts and evolved together & learned life together. We've been... [more]


I'm 20 now but when I was growing up my mom was a stripper and I think she she was a part-time escort too. I ook a lot like her (but without the implants) and men stop me on the street all the time to ask me if i am her or if I"m her daughter. I don"t know who my dad is (and apparently she dont know who he is either), and so I wonder sometimes... [more]

I’m super excited! My dad’s marrying my BFF.

We’ve been friends since middle school and she’s the only person that knows how many guys & girls I’ve been with.
The summer before our freshman year, my parents went out of town and we went to a pool party her cheating ex-bf would be at. For fun, we went as a couple, held hands and kissed the entire time. It was hot having people watch. We were... [more]


Around ten yrs ago I was engaged to marry a girl about my age; both very early 20s; just finishing college. We'd dated thru high school and then college. On the night before the announcement party, her aunt (her mom's sister) from California flew in. Olivia is her name. Long story short, we hit it off in a big way. Wound up spending two... [more]

It's so complicated

I've been dating this guy for almost six months and I'm afraid I'm creating a mess for myself. The relationship itself is wonderful, he treats me like a princess and buys me all kinds of things (we started dating just before Christmas and gifts to me were amazing). The s** is the best ever and he wants... [more]

Young gay in love them betrayed

I'm 18 now. When I was 13, I was in love with my friends father James. I think he sensed my gayness. He would constantly touch me when I went to the house. And when my friend had pool parties, James always found a way to be naked at the same time as me.
One day I went over to swim but forgot my friend was going with his mother to his cousin... [more]

Creepy uncle

I have an uncle whos been pretty creepy to me since I grew up, I said something like “f*** me” out of frustration and he replied with something like “I have an active imagination” in a joking way, but still it was gross. Then at a party with my parents he came running up to me really fast with this... [more]

My husbands habit

I got married two weeks after graduating from college to my forever boyfriend, he is older by five years. As part of my new married life I went for a physical a week after our honeymoon, my Doctor found that I had syphilis. My husband had to be checked and he had it too, I had only had one s** partner... [more]

I got caught

My buddy and I were at his parents place when we were 17 and we were drinking, His parents were at his dads company christmas party and they came back with a bunch of people and continued drinking.
Me and him had moved downstairs to his room and after things had gotten quiet he had passed out and I went upstairs, His dad had left his mom passed... [more]

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