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It happened that day

I’m a 17 year old curvy young woman who was a virgin until yesterday. Well what happened was that I was watching p*** while my step dad was out , my mom left us 3 years ago and the funny thing was that the p*** video was between dad and daughter anyways... [more]

Crossing Dressing: Still a closet case

I was introduced to cross dressing inadvertently by a former girlfriend. She explained she wanted me to let my blond hair grow out. The thought of her dressing me up in her panties and things was driving me out of my mind with this strange sensation of sexual pleasure. I kept my feelings to myself and enjoyed, in private, the occasional dressing... [more]

Wife an adorable femdom

am 30 years old married. My wife(referred monica in this post) is 25 years old, a gem of beauty. With tight cute b**** and a curvy figure. Its been 1 year since we got married and each day monica has been wearing either mini skirts or bikinis in home whole day just to keep seducing and turn me on... [more]

I am 23 YO male i was raped by a 34 YO milf when i was 13 .

Actually it’s sorta complex as I was 13 years old and i dunno what s** is. She started to threaten me. Had me in a situation where I couldn’t just overpower. Stated she was going to summon ghosts to kill me ( i was kinda stupid enough to believe in ghosts and she knew it, so took advantage of my idiotic... [more]

Something I like

Steadily declining mental health


My fantasy with my father in law

I want to start smoking

Make BF wear diapers since he couldn't pleasure me

Anyone else like this?

Rahul and his cousin

Father-in-law fantasy!


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