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Am i not good enough for you?

Im 23Yrs young in a serious relationship for about 7 years now, considering the simple fact that my gf's family doesn't seem to acknowledge me or ever speak to me you can already imagine what most of our relationship was like! I love this woman so much we were high school sweethearts and evolved together & learned life together. We've been... [more]

Knowing my wife's secret

I met my wife following my divorce from my first wife. I knew her from school as she was a year older than me. When I was single she messaged me Facebook I guess I was feeling down and posting sad posts.
I knew she was due to get married the following year but she messaged saying she was unhappy. I said we could talk if it helped, this led to us... [more]

Input and advice

I've been with my husband for 5 year married 1 year. After our first year together i had to have oral surgery due to being in a previous abusive relationship, the second year we brought a house and moved in together (his idea) in that 2nd year i noticed him becoming distant and the lack of sexual intimacy had faded yet i became pregnant, he was... [more]

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I make him wear a bra

My husband has gained a significant amount of weight recently. Because of all his extra chubbiness, he has developed fairly large man b****.
He had the condition gynecomastia before his weight gain, which causes large and swollen male breast tissue, and then he gained weight and made his chest look... [more]

Internet and allPornography should be banned entirely in the west

I confess that the whole west in the most screwed up, f***** up, full of a******* Who tolerate and legalize p**********, P********** is... [more]

My sister is willing to be a surrogate for us.

I’m 28, married and can’t have kids. We talked about adoption but the cost is too expensive. The Dr. suggested surrogacy because depending on the arrangement can cost less. January & February my younger sister offered to be a gestational surrogate and host my egg & his sperm. We would pay for the in vitro fertilization, insemination and other... [more]

Me and my brother

I don't know what come over me. I'm a 23 year old woman who never has a problem meeting men. S** was good with them, but something was missing.
But 8 weeks ago I went to my 18 year old brother's bedroom and seduced him. We in lockdown together and it been non stop [more]

The time my boyfriends homegirl joined our relationship.

This is the time I fingered myself and my boyfriends homegirl came in and did the job for me omg it felt so good her four fingers up my p**** and it was just omg and then she gave me head and I creamed all over her and she licked it and that was just a turn on but them my boyfriend came in and then... [more]

Tastes and smells . . . and more

My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years and cohabiting for almost two of those. I thought things were great, but about a month ago I noticed some lipstick on his shirt, an unusual shade -- virtually black -- that my Best friend Jill wears. I asked him about it. He just laughed and said it was grease that came from under the hood of... [more]

Having a child

I am incredibly tired of people telling me to have a baby. A family friend gave birth half a year ago and since then I have been pressured to do the same.
Ignoring the fact that my boyfriend and I aren't even married yet and are not in a good enough situation to raise a child, I don't want one in the first place. I have stated this multiple... [more]

It was always my fantasy

From a young age ive had fantasy's about having s** with family members but could never act on it,in 2017 i put a plan together to make it happen,my daughter and niece both 14 and my nephew 15 would always be together, slowly started it of by talking about s**... [more]

Night with little sister

Last night my little sister sent me a text message asking if I thought she was pretty. She is a skinny young girl with a cup b**** and tight little ass and the most beautiful face I have ever seen. Blue eyes and blonde hair. So I replied with yes . A moment later I got a message from her asking if... [more]

My hot sister likes me

I am a 17 year old boy and my sister is a hot, big butt 14 year old. We are really close and we sometime sleep together. But I have had a crush on her since she hit puberty. She has the nicest ass and all the older guys and creeps stare at her, which I actually don’t like. She’s very flirty and likes to just wear a tshirt that goes to her thighs... [more]

Taboo advise

My fiance and i have been together for 5 years. Im almost 2 years older than she is. We've been engaged for 8 months and she is a little over 6 months pregnant. We have a lot in common both being adopted, from the same state, like the same music, sports. Tv shows etc. We were cleaning out our files and were going through our original birth... [more]

My husbands habit

I got married two weeks after graduating from college to my forever boyfriend, he is older by five years. As part of my new married life I went for a physical a week after our honeymoon, my Doctor found that I had syphilis. My husband had to be checked and he had it too, I had only had one s** partner... [more]

My Wife progression

My wife and I been married 28yrs. I was 23, she was 20. We were young and in love, and we still are 28yrs later. We've seen friends marriages come & go. We had 2 kids, they're grown and gone, starting their own lives. When I first met my wife, oh my, she was hot hot hot! Tube tops, lil daisy dukes, perky ass [more]

I just couldn’t help but enjoy

I when to my wife’s parents cabin in the mountains, always a good time, we drink and act stupid, when we get there everyone was already drunk, my wife was exhausted and went to take a nap. I just got comfortable and I noticed her sister was there, I always had a little crush before meeting my wife, she started to talk with me and then asked her if... [more]

Smoking fetish

I’m a 37 year old woman with a smoking fetish. I think this must’ve started for me at around 7 or 8. I remember watching a young couple as he put his arms around her and lit her cigarette. The sight of that turned me on and still does to this day. No one in my family smokes and it is looked on as shameful, so I didn’t even start smoking until I... [more]

Mom Son Love. Perfect.

Me I'm a 56 year old woman. My son is 38. We have been involved with incestuous pegging since he was 15. He is gay, in our small town that a dangerous thing.
We have always been super close, probably to close for mother and son. We have slept in the same bed forever it seems and shower together. At 15 he was in the woods letting another boy... [more]


I have been marred to my husband for almost two years. A month ago I found out I am pregnant with my first child. Naturally, my husband assumes he's the father. But he's not. The biological father is a stranger from out of town who picked me up in a bar downtown one night and took me to his hotel room and [more]

My boy friend nock up my little sister

My little sister likes f****** my boyfriends . I was mad at first . But it happened so much I started to injoy yousing my toy will seeing my little sister get f***** . My new boyfriend I haven't even [more]

Drunk sister s**

My older sister came home dronk as f*** she got in bed with me and we f***** she begged me to go all the way with her so I did around round 3 she passed out so win I had finished . She had a strong smell of her drinks so p moved her to her room . Win... [more]

My little sister loved dry humping

Win I was 12 my little sister how was 5 would dry hump me all the time . One day she just gotten out of the shower and mom asked me to take her to her room and help her get dryed off and dressed will mom finish her shower . So I took my sister to her room and she started to dry hump me some I drop my pants and shove my [more]

Walked in on daddy

Back win I was 13 I was home with my daddy . I had gotten up early and won't to see if daddy was up. So I went in to his room. He was setting at his computer beeting off there was a pick of me in a bikini on haf of his screen and a woman that looked a lot like me getting f*** on the Uther haf . He... [more]

We smoke a lot

I am from Montenegro. Everyone smoke there. Women same as men. Women smoke in pregnancy. I smoke now as I write this and my 2 years old daughter playing next to me. I now 7 month pregnant. We all smoke when pregnant. Nothing happen to baby. In Montenegro nobody look twice when pregnant woman smoke. In US everyone look at me when I smoke like I... [more]

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