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My little sister loved dry humping

Win I was 12 my little sister how was 5 would dry hump me all the time . One day she just gotten out of the shower and mom asked me to take her to her room and help her get dryed off and dressed will mom finish her shower . So I took my sister to her room and she started to dry hump me some I drop my pants and shove my [more]

Walked in on daddy

Back win I was 13 I was home with my daddy . I had gotten up early and won't to see if daddy was up. So I went in to his room. He was setting at his computer beeting off there was a pick of me in a bikini on haf of his screen and a woman that looked a lot like me getting f*** on the Uther haf . He... [more]

We smoke a lot

I am from Montenegro. Everyone smoke there. Women same as men. Women smoke in pregnancy. I smoke now as I write this and my 2 years old daughter playing next to me. I now 7 month pregnant. We all smoke when pregnant. Nothing happen to baby. In Montenegro nobody look twice when pregnant woman smoke. In US everyone look at me when I smoke like I... [more]

Drunk sister

My wife is out of town for the weekend my sister came over last night . We f***** in every room last night . She passed out in bed next to me like my wife would . I woke her up with a hard f****** we [more]

I have to stop

I have been sleeping with my BIL off and on for 18 years and am engaged so it has to end, I have to put a stop to it but I don't know how. I met him when I was 14, The first time he walked into the house I think I got wet, At least thats how I remember it as I sat on the couch and they showed up at mom's unannounced. My sister was living 6 hours... [more]

Gay parents hate straight people

I'm 18 and never been with a girl or had a girlfriend. I don't no what to do about what happened. To start both my parents are completely Gay. And they feel it evil and disgusting for a man to want to f*** a woman.
To months ago I slept over my friend house, her parents were away. We have slept... [more]

Mom son's c** in my panties

I caught my son Anthony doing that at 15. He jerked off in to a pair of lacy white panties and was putting them back. But my reaction was amazing. It was the summer, and I was going to work and had a dress on but no pantyhoses. I took the pair he came in sniffed them then slipped off the pair I was wearing and slip on the ones with his [more]

Being daddy's birthday gift

Win I was 14 . It was the morning of my daddy's birthday . about 3 am and I couldn't sleep . I could hear my parents door open . I looked out to see my dad going to the restroom . So I followed him . He didn't lock the door so I went in right after him . He asked me what I wanted . I told him I wonted to be his birthday gift . He got a big... [more]

Pregnant by Younger Brother 4 times

I'm 60 years old, and I never did an online confession .
When my brother was 14 and I was 20, we started a life time incestuous love affair. I went to him and gave him my body. He was tall for his age and well muscled, I loved him so much I could only think of him inside me.
We are still together as a married couple. 40 years ago it was... [more]

My friend dad

I have to get this off my chest.. I been with men as a teen growing up I suck c*** got my boi p**** f*** f*** girls and [more]

Daughter Father ecstacy

We can stop ourselves. Dad and I keep having s**. Not just quickies, but head board breaking 4 hour s** sessions almost every night.
I'm 21 and Dad's 40. He is hung like a horse and f**** me until I can't walk... [more]

Road trip sister sexy

My parents decided we was going on a long road trip . We have a SUV we have a air up bed in the back . It was night win we left . My parents told me and my little sister to sleep on the way . So my little sister got in first as she was getting in bed she stopped to adjust her skirt she lifted it far enough I seen she doesn't have on underwear... [more]

Sister's s**

I was in the middle of have s** with my twin sister we had been at it for a while and loved doing it . Win our little sister walked in on us . She started demanding we let her play to so my twin sister held her down as I f***** her . She didn't like it at... [more]

My daddy's little Tom boy

I have always been a tomboy and me and daddy would always go camping and fishing . One day win I was 8 we had been fishing on our camping trip . I slipped and fell into the water so I was all wet it was a worm night so I strip to my underwear . We was going back to the camp site win he grabbed my arm and draged me to him . He looked me in the... [more]

My sister and her husband

One night after several drinks me and my sister f***** I gave her a crem pie . Later she told me she is pregnant and her husband thinks it's his . So we have Ben f****** every day . Until she gives birth and her husband doesn't know anything about... [more]

School bus s**

Im 17 in hi school . I ride the bus home to save my gas . My bus stopes at midle school and picks up some kids to . There a cute little middle Schooler named megen that sets with me on the bus . She keeps asking me every day if I have a girl friend . About 2 months ago my girlfriend broke up with me so I told her . She smiled at the rest of the... [more]

Belly f****** Mom

Mom is 56 and I'm 40. We have been in an incestuous relationship since I was 13. Mom is 5 feet tall and 200 lbs has nice t*** and a large belly. We have done many sexual kinky thing together, from a***, swingers clubs, 3somes MFM and MFF. We [more]

Dilemma of a married woman in an open relationship

I'm a married woman (late 30s), with 1 child, and have bf (late 20s) who is single. I live with my family and I meet my bf around 2 days a week who lives in a nearby city. We tried a discreet open relationship arrangement 5 yrs ago when I met bf at the time I went back to University for further schooling. My husband is ok about it and in fact... [more]

Birthday s** with Sister

My sister called my Friday afternoon and said we are going out and partying this weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday. Ellen is 28.
Well we never made it out of my apartment on Friday night. We drank alot of tequila and then she said, I going to give you your present now. We both have wanted this since you were 14 and I was 12. During our... [more]

My daughter got a cream pie

My wife got home early and walked in on me f****** our teen daughter . We had been f****** for years and love it. My wife was made as h*** . She riped the condum off me and told me to finish . I... [more]

Daddy slutty back door girl

I'm 23 year woman and I have been my father's slutty back door girl since I was 10. I love a*** s** better than regular s** and oral. Both get me off but not like [more]

Mom daughter incest and love

Mom is 57, I'm 43. Mom was 14 when I was born. Her uncle had made her pregnant. She never had a teenage life having a child so young.
We lived at my grandmother's house in her room and shared a bed. When I was 8, we became sexual, it started with kissing one night and soon progressed to oral. We never looked back.
When I turned 18 we moved... [more]

What an F'd up situation

I am the youngest of 7, Yeah mom was like a baby factory, My oldest sister just recently passed and I am 2 months pregnant with her husbands baby.
The day of the funeral I was very upset and for whatever reason me and him were...Consoling each other which lead to me and him being pretty drunk and going back to his place and sitting on the couch... [more]

Mother and son reunion

Glad I found this site because it’s been killing me to tell someone but I can’t tell anyone I know.
A friend told me about a girl in town that was easy and he and other guys fu-cked her a lot. He wanted me to meat her too, but I didn’t want even want to meet her.
As (rotten) luck would have it, I met her by accident and didn’t know who... [more]

F***** and multiple pregnancies by Son

I'm 60 years old. My father began f****** at 7 after my mother died. He impregnated me at 13. And I had a son James. I loved my Dad we continued to f*** until I was 20 when he passed.
I was alone on my 24 birthday James was 10 and I became sexual... [more]

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