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Step Daughter of 12 makes me want to leave and disappear

I need help.
I feel hopeless and so unhappy.
I want to leave my husband.
We have been together for 2 years, he has a 13 year old and 12 year old daughter and 18 year old son, i have a 11 year old girl and a son of 15.
I am currently Pregnant, a high risk pregnancy.
I have had issues with his daughter since the day before our wedding when i... [more]

I'm an Abuser

I was sexually, verbally, mentally and physically abused my dad for years. And he impregnanted me after 4 years of raping me. Then forced me to give him up for adoption. I have so much anger. My mom would be in the next room , she even would ask periodically about him doing it so I know she knew something. He kept me from EVERYONE! I had no... [more]

What I saw in an Arkansas jail

I was visiting my father who was the sheriff of a town in a small Arkansas town. I liked the people there but a particular incident made me wonder if they were civilized.
It seems a man working on a pig farm had gotten another workers mentally retarded daughter pregnant. The other worker was a lifelong friend of the pig farms owner.
The... [more]


Stretchmarks are mabye stop posting photos of them they are just a reality of getting pregnant or getting fat and then skinny

S.. With my Sister in Law

So I've been married fourteen years, and things between us have been great, however my wife's step sister, let's say is a little tramp who I actually never even noticed until two years ago, when she started dressing acctractively, and showing of some huge knockers and a sexy shape, which I never seen before, as she has always been dressing with... [more]

Who ever said u had to enjoy being a parent

I'm 24. My son is 5. He's intriguing, speaks at most times well beyond his years. He's funny silly and I often see myself in him. I love him . BUT I F****** HATE being a mom. I can't name one joyous , pleasurable thing about it. I didn't have him for awhile, my mom did. While I was in college... [more]

Separated & Stressed (and pregnant)

My husband and I have been separated for the last 10 months. We're working on our issues, and hope to get back together. We have two boys (ages 5 and 8). He lives about an hour away, but we talk on the phone with regularity.
During our separation, I have been faithful to him, except once. I belong to a cycling club with a couple of guys from... [more]


I waited until I was 33 to get married--or maybe it just took that long to find the right guy, I don't know. I'm a bit heavy (quite short and stocky), and never could get many dates. I finally found a partner, and we decided to start a family, so there have been plenty of attempts to coat my egg in recent months.
I'm now 34 and pregnant for... [more]

My mothers cousins daughter had a baby by a married black man

I'm a white man living in rural Georgia and an obscure relative of mine lives a few doors down from me with her mother. She is the daughter of my mother's first cousin and she is an overweight unattractive natural freckled redhead.
For reasons of her own she got pregnant and had a baby by a married black guy whose family didn't recognise the... [more]

I thought I wanted to find my father

I found my dad after 13 years. He's in jail for murder. I've talked to him and discovered, I happy that he's safe and somewhere I don't have to worry about him but I do not want to talk to him anymore. He's a racist, sexist a****** and belittles me by treating me like I'm to stupid to understand... [more]

White genius gets black woman pregnant

There is a well to do black woman who wanted a baby and she wanted it to have all the good traits a child can have. She wanted a child she could put through college and she wanted it to be fathered by a man who could give it all those advantages. The man had to be very intelligent and athletic and healthy.
She found all these traits in a... [more]

Loving pregnancy

My wife and I have been married 4 years, We are on our first pregnancy, My wife is 27 and has always been super sexy to me, She is short, Slim and beautiful.
My wife has never been an overly sexual person, We normally have s** once a week or so and usually for my benefit not hers but since her second... [more]

My mother in law naked

A few years ago while my wife was pregnant she moved into her moms house in the city being we live in a rural area and it was winter time, She was about a week over due when she called and told me to come to the city as she was having contractions, I went to the city and about midnight that night me and her headed to the hospital, Labour started... [more]

I hate being a mom

I really hate being a mom. My daughter is 4 and has just started school(thank god) I had her with my husband when I was and 20 she was planned. Everyone around you when you're young always tells you oh babies are a lot of work etc. Well if I would have known what I know now about myself I would have avoided pregnancy like the [more]

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