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Marcel Shihadeh the s** addict joke actor

Marcel Shihadeh is a s** addict who loves blondes. Whenever he gets bored with the blondes he will sleep with black and Hispanic women. He only date blondes. He will used black and Hispanic women as a sexual fetish once he has befriended you. He will be friend you just to [more]

Secret session with SIL

So, this just happened 2 weekends ago! My wife and I was visiting the in-laws and her sisters organized a get together dinner. We arrived half an hour earlier because my wife wanted to help with the preparations but when we arrived, her younger sister “K” arrived much earlier than us and had already started on the drinks.
As my wife helped in... [more]

High school Friend

I was pretty infatuated with my high school friend, Angela and Heather. I REALLY liked Angela, but zero confidence to tell her.
One afternoon after school, Heather was in my bedroom.
I walked in after eating lunch and Heather was on my bed, NUDE!!!
She said "well, I can't f*** myself". So I... [more]

My step daughters

My youngest step daughter just turned 17. She constantly walked in on me in the shower and would accedently walk topless threw the house on the weekends. Her brother was gone and her mom was at work one Saturday. I was just watching the news when she walked in totally naked and sat down next to me. Acting like she wasn't naked she asked the... [more]

Caught having s** with our pastor

I don’t know how else to say it but I got caught doing the nasty with our new pastor. He Is in his early 30s and his young bride in her late 20s. My hubby and I are in our late 40s.
His wife and I were in a bible study together and she shared that they had been trying to get pregnant for years and were looking into artificial means of... [more]

Incubus s** for wife

As a result of having a tiny non functioning micro p**** I have for the last 3 years been using very realistic vixskin Creations and copies of pornstar c**** to satisfy my wifes deep penetration desires of having g spot and a&o spot [more]


Well to begin with I was the next to last of 12 kids and we were raised out of town.
My first sexual experience was with the daughter of not the priest but someone that works there.
She was older than me by a couple years and I attended that church when I lived in town with my older brother and his wife Susan would stay over and move all the... [more]

Found my wife's mylabbox and used pregnancy tests

I came home and the dog knocked over the garbage can in the garage. I was picking up and noticed empty boxes wrapped and tied up in multiple CVS plastic bags. I tore it open and inside was 3 different brands of pregnancy tests, negative (I’ve been shooting blanks for 10 yrs) and a I looked up ‘my lab box’ and and it’s a STD test kit... [more]

Impregnated a widow

I live in a small village with a population of less then 300 people.
Everyone knows each other and all are friends.
My neighbour is a 42 year old widow with two sons ages 19 and 21. Her hubby died when she was almost 9 months pregnant with youngest son. I am 32 and because she was my neighbour I helped with chores around her home and often... [more]

One to meney to drink with my sister

Me an my sister wonted to let home so bad we got a appointment together a fue years back and we have been staying together . We even sleep in the same bed but not naked . A few months ago we was drinking a lot . The next day we woke up in the nude the next day . Nether of us could remember what had happened that night . After awhile we start... [more]


There’s too much too really say. When I first heard of it 7 yrs ago, it was a idea but (not with the guy) but every dude is different. I don’t like or get h**** at all from cheating BUT mentally dominance over my relationships is a mental & physical turn on. I’ve been in normal [more]

My sexy little sister

I walked in on my mom and little sister talking about how sexy they think I am . She was saying she had peeked on me in the shower . She said she has had several dreams about us f****** all most every night sense that day . At this point I walked walked in my sister quick shut up and truned red ... [more]

Too much s** with Mom

I've been sexual with my mom since I was 14, she was only 30. On the morning of my 14th birthday, mom brought me to her room after we showed. We have been showering together all my life. She was only in her robe I was in towel. Mom said "Your a man now and deserves a gift for a man." She opened her robe and pulled off my towel she took my [more]

The psychology of Chinese animal torture

I've read that one of the reasons the Chinese torture domesticated animals to death before cooking them is to make sure the meat is flush with adrenaline. Supposedly this improves the flavor but also is said to improve male Chinese virility. So, to all you psychologists out there, amateur or otherwise, what are the Chinese compensating for? ... [more]

Got pregnant after protesting

I’m three months pregnant from hooking up with some guys after a George Floyd protest. We were on lock down so long my friends took an Uber into the city to protest in honor of George Floyd. While screaming at police a group of older black guys invited us to their place to smoke pot but my friends didn’t want to go. They started calling us white... [more]


My wife is wanting to have a baby. She has children from her previous husband and got her tubes tied cut and burned. Now that we are married for three years, she is wanting to have a baby with me. We do not have the money for a reversal. She has been talking to her friend who said that she would be willing to get pregnant my me and have Wife... [more]

Miscarried :(

I miscarried our twins at 10 weeks. I went to the dr for a check up after feeling a sharp pain in my stomach earlier that morning and a weird “labor feeling episode” I had on the toilet. I get to the dr and she took me back to us and the tech looked disturbed and needed to get out of the room. She rushed my us in silence. I just knew something was... [more]

Cheating, nearly killed and look where i am

So I was dating a boy for 2 years and everything was going good until he asked if we could have kids. I was only 17 at the time and still in high school. I had said no and he broke things off and two days later he had left me for a friend of mine. I was very heart broken and didn't go to school the next 4 days. when I wnet back everyone had knew... [more]

Daughter and parents

12 years ago on my 18th birthday, my parents and I had a month long vacation in the Caribbean on a small private island. We were the only ones on it.
On day 3 after too much drinking and nude swimming the three of us constantly touching each other and kissing. We end up in bed together and made love all night.
Dad's [more]

Friends husband is blackmailing me.

In February I attended a friends wedding in mexico, Lovely, small beach ceremony Blah, Blah. That night we overtook the resort pool bar and they let us keep it open later than normal with the undersatanding that if other people wanted to use it as well that they were allowed.
I am single, 39, 5'6", 140 pounds and have DDD's, I wish I was a bit... [more]

I want a do over.

Halloween night the kids were at my parents and that night I bring a friend home from the bar, She was supposed to sleep in the spare room because her husband and her were fighting and she didn't want to go home. We had been drinking since mid afternoon and you can imagine what kind of shape we were in, I wake up in the middle of the night and my... [more]

Daddy my perfect lover

I'm a 27 year old WF. And have to say that any woman, not sexual involved with her father is Fool.
My Daddy and I have been lovers since I was 18. The s** is incredible and we love each other completely. When you are with your father sexually and emotionally, he is completely devoted to you. He will... [more]

How my sister became my girlfriend

I was picking my sister up from school . She was 15 at the time . She got in the car that day and gave me an open mouth kiss with all of her friends witching us . I still remember the taste of her gum . On the home I asked her y she had kissed me . She told me her best friend bet she wouldn't do it . I keep thinking about her after that . Around 6... [more]

My daughter got pregnant by the same man

I confess my daughter and I got pregnant by the same in a 3some 2 years ago. We both had girls and both born on same day.

Daddy and fraternal twins

I'm a 21 year old woman with a fraternal twin brother Tom. Both of us have been sexually involved and in love with each other all our lived. We took each others virginity on our 14 birthday, we share a bedroom so being together is easy.
Three years ago on our 18th birthday we seduced our Dad and have been having a family threesome since that... [more]

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