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He forced himself on me

I'm the only child and it was nice having my cousin act like a big brother making sure no one gave me trouble,I did have a bf and that didn't last long when my cousin hit him for sleeping with me and through the lockdowns we chatted everyday, coming to the end of the last one he got me to send him a picture and he said i looked fit and kept asking... [more]

My wife and dad

My mum passed away after a long illness last year and my wife said she would look in on my dad from time to time which I was so glad for as I was very busy at work.
I love my wife very much, she is very loving beautiful and a brilliant mother, my dad has always been good to me as well.
Over the next couple of months I realised she was calling... [more]

How do I know it’s time for a divorce?

I really love my husband. But I don’t think he feels the same. We are married, homeowners , and have 3 kids. Every day I feel like I walk on eggshells. Never knowing if what I’m going to say is going to cause a negative reaction. I know by now it sounds easy to say “just leave”. But it really is harder than that. I’m 30 and I feel like I’m wasting... [more]

Married out of duty

I married out of duty. I got my gf pregnant and felt obligated to marry for the betterment of the kids, my reputation and to not have kids out of wedlock. Marrying when you have kids with someone is the honorable thing to do. Now I've discovered I have a soulmate and I don't believe it is my wife.

Thinking about going thru with it

My hubby and have been together for over twenty years. We were swingers from pretty much the start with the only time I wasn't with other men was when we decided to conceive. And then as soon as I was prego, went back to f****** others, ( I was amazed at how many guys love to [more]

F****** short girls

I'm 20 6'8 and work out a lot so im pretty big, my sister and cousin both 14yo very short girls i popped round to see my aunt but she was out it was just them to there,my cousin asked because im big does that mean my c*** is to,them giggling away at the question i said to her if she wanted to see it... [more]

I confess I seduced a girl

I confess that I did something real naughty and real pathetic , I’m a 17 year old Virgin and last year, I met a girl who looked just like my first Girlfriend. The only difference was she was 13, I figured that our age difference was not very bad. We went to her house and we were all alone, so we were bored and since she was in the mood, she took... [more]

Damaged Childhood

I have a hatred for human kind beyond comprehension..
But I don't let people know about my hatred in humanity or the human race.
(Earliest memories)
I was 3 or 4, molested & raped by my real dad with my mom helping and watching as my dad raped me. This went on till I was 11 when my parents divorced and my dad moved to Texas with some other... [more]

Sort of anniversary

Today Mar. 14) its nearly exactly a year since we got the first lockdown order for the virus. That means (for me) that in about six weeks it'll be a year since I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life by beginning an affair with a man I barely knew. I was scared and crazy from the pandemic panic and felt like the walls were closing in and... [more]

Regret being a mother..

I just had my newborn son. I always wanted to be a mom and get married and have a real family. My partner left me while being 9 months pregnant after cheating on me. I almost died giving birth in the hospital. being a single mother had made me feel differently. I wish I never had a baby. The father is selfish and still insist on telling me he... [more]

I have a breeding fetish

I just turned 18 this year, and whenever I j******* I think about breeding one of my friends. When I go on Omegle or s** chats, people always tell me that I have big b****. I get so hard when I think about... [more]

My wife his baby

My wife and her boss has been having an affair for over a year, unknown to me, at Christmas time she stopped taking her bc, Yesterday it was revealed to me that she was pregnant with his baby. As I sit alone while they go out again, I wonder how this will change our dynamics with friends and family, when the baby is black?

Kylie Jenner is Pregnant

Kylie Jenner is pregnant now with her second child. I wish I was the one c****** in that p****.... Everyone hates on the Kardashians, but I bet theyre so tight and creamy.

Emily Preibus in Jesus Freak

Emily Preibus isn’t as innocent as y’all think. She is engaged and pregnant for the up and coming actor Marcel Shihadeh. Her parents in Shreveport doesn’t know their little bible thumbing blondie has been doing it with not only with him, but whenever he is on the road with his films. She is getting pipe down train from the guys at the TKE house on... [more]

Peeing pants

I've always enjoyed peeing my pants, or just peeing in inappropriate places, and I used to do it now and then, discreetly. Now, I'm 7 months pregnant and have gained a lot of weight, so I look huge. I started to think, wow, I could pee my pants, blame it on the pregnancy, and get away with it. So, I do. I make sure to drink plenty of water, then... [more]

Is it incest?

I love swallowing. I have since i was 14 when I met my husband he was the only man I had been with. When i was 15 we had s** and he broke my cherry. I also got pregnant. In time I would preform oral on him every morning. 2 years ago he died. I was lost without him and longed for his [more]


My wife Lidia and I have been discussing wife sharing for over a year ow and she has gone from a flat out no until she has gradually given in a little at a time until se agreed to watch p*** with me in the evenings .

I found some wife sharing sites and we have watched them and he has enjoyed... [more]

Who got a wife ugly like mine

My wife got fat.
I look at my wife and I can’t see past the double chin. I want to see past the double chin I have tried to see past the double chin damn I'm blind I can't even get my d*** hard to f*** her I would stick my [more]

I think she.liked it

So I'm 26 and my sister in law is 23 and she dared me to guess the body part she was drunk and I don't drink but anyways I said sure and we do first to 3 wins and when it was the second round she pulled out her p**** and guided my hand being blindfolded and.started making my fingers go in her [more]

Wife Lea

Lea is not my wife real name and Jim is not mine but I had graduated two years before she did and she was my younger sisters friend.
We met at my apartment when My sis come over to visit one evening. ( I was working and I had my own apartment) now .
I think it was planned and she was fun so I asked her out and she was a still in high school... [more]

I love when she wants it

My step daughter bailey lets me treat her like a barbie doll. I dress her 12 yo body anyway i want. (Mostly in her moms lingerie and s** cosplay) i love kissing her young body and making her lay there without reaction. I stuff my c*** in her mouth (her moms... [more]

I’m 14 and expecting

I don’t know what to do. Yesterday, I bought a pregnancy test and came back positive. Worse, idk who the father is. I’ve always thought I was too young to get knocked up.

My daughter is actually not my husbands

I just need to say it! He was so happy when I told him I was pregnant that he completely forgot we had been trying for months without any luck.... I dont know what he thought, but the truth is we got a little help from a friend at work.... maybe he didnt want to ask I dont know... is it just possible in his pride he just didnt want to know??

It Was Sad but I Glad I Broke Up with My Girlfriend

I was in a romantic relationship with a girl back in college.
We dated around three years.
We were fans of role-playing during s**.
And since we watched a lot of diverse kind of p*** together, we pretty much got inspired by them.
One of the fetishes... [more]

My ex-fiancé loved hearing stories about my college F-buddy

I was F-buddies with a black basketball player in college. According to the athletic program, AJ - central FL, 6’10” & 205 lbs. I’m from rural OH, red hair, green eyes, 4’11 & 108 lbs. I was a junior with SWF status when my sorority hosted a celebration party after the basketball team scored a big upset win over our rival. AJ was a senior that got... [more]

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