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I did something incredibly stupid

I am humiliated and taking a big risk telling you this but I feel I need to.
I have worked very hard in my company to get to my level of Vice President. I don't have time to date so I spend most of my time working. I am relatively young for this position at 39 years old. I am told that I'm attractive and I work hard to maintain my fit swimmers... [more]

A Cheerleader and a Musician Pt 2

After talking to this musician, and him asking me on a date, and requesting I wear my cheerleading uniform, I was in two minds. Happy, I mean, what girl doesn't dream of being asked out by her famous crush? Also scared.
Scared because I knew the hotel management would not be happy for an employee to date a famous guest and bring that kind of... [more]

Caught being the maid.

I am a 56 year old man and have been married for 26 years. I am also a crossdresser and have been since childhood. My wife has always known about my crossdressing and early in our marriage we had some fun with roll reversal when she would have me dress pretty or slutty for her. She would wear a strap-on and dress like a man. When this happened she... [more]

Caught my sister in the act

I can’t believe it.
I had suspected that my older sister was fooling around with my husband. They always seemed close and had a different kind of connection.
But I never suspected this would ever happen. My sister came by to “borrow” my son to help her with some repairs after the storm. He is 16 and quite handy around the house like... [more]

Mother in Law

Since I met my wife many years ago now I have a desire to f*** her mother. She is 5 foot 1, glossy green eyes, long brown hair, clear skin with not a wrinkle in sight. Nice C cups that look much larger due to her small frame and quite a nice curvaceous rear. A mother of 5 including my wife and just... [more]

Step daughters iPad

My 21 yr old step daughter and I have the same model iPad with the same case. She stopped by the yesterday, and accidentally took mine and left hers. I picked it up thinking it was mine and realized quickly that it wasn’t, when it wasn’t locked out. So after opening it, I figured out it was hers, so being the nosy old [more]

My dermotologist

She has been my dermatologist for many years. She’s an attractive woman with an athletic body (a few pounds’ overweight but sexy) and under that doctor’s coat seems to have a healthy C cup chest. She always wears a conservative style dress but tasteful. I had been to visit her one late weekday afternoon. I was her last appointment. I can’t... [more]

I have wanted to humiliate my frustratingly modest wife

My wife is a pretty 43 year old with a fit hot body but she has always been very private and modest. She won’t even undress in front of me. I have to sneak peeks when she showers.
I have always wanted to bake naked pictures of her and share them just to humiliate her.
Last summer we went to her company picnic. She wore a tube top dress that... [more]

I’m meant to be alone

I don’t think I meant for relationships. I know people usually say if it doesn’t work out then it’s because it wasn’t the right one. But what if there is no right one?
In the last 4 years, I’ve been in 3 different relationships. I’m in my third one currently.. and although she’s lovely and a really sweet and caring person, I’m finding myself to... [more]

Sticky Sweet

One of my teen daughter's friend's spent the night with us a last weekend. Although I'm obviously old enough to be her Dad does not stop me from the realization that this girl is simply super effing hot! Calling me a perv does not change the fact that she is gorgeous, nice t***, really nice ass, and... [more]

I think it's and eating disorder

I was never diagnosed and would wanna self diagnose but my mom kinda dismisses It when I talk about talking to someone or says she will then we just forget about it.
it probably started when I was 11 when all the other girls started thinking about how we looked and commenting on other peoples appearance, so I started thinking about myself more... [more]


I am 38, married with 3 kids, 5'3" and 135 ish pounds, I stayed with some family the other weekend and my nephew had a friend there, We were all pretty drunk and I went to bed, My husband was coming up the next day and I was laying in bed, I heard the door to my room open and felt the sheets slide off my back side. OK, At this point I should have... [more]

British Mum's Sensual Undergarments Etc

I was a bit naive on this subject being brought up in a Church going family. Had a discussion with a few of my more experienced than me on the subject . Go slow at first by just going through her underwear drawer and have a feel at her petticoat's and kickers etc ,but if you really want to see her wearing them under her skirt ,otheir suggestions... [more]

Caught my son watching p*** while I was watching tv

Most of the times when my son is coming after school he goes to the computer to do his homework and I cook and watch the tv at the same time. The computer and the tv are in the living room so sometimes I would watch by seconds and by mistake the screen of the computer, is always happening as we are sharing the same space but the screens are facing... [more]

I prefer bimbos

In college I left my long term girlfriend who I was with for 3 years for a dumb blonde girl with a fat ass. I left her because I was more attracted to the blonde but over the course of dating her I realized I honestly prefer dating dumber women. She didn’t challenge me now where near as much and seemed to be more willing to make compromises. Also... [more]

Im still in love and miss Neelam Ahmad

I met this woman on Omegle in 2011. I was trying to get my nerve up to be able to play music in front of real life people again by using Omegle. One night this gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, long black hair, dark eyed woman ends up on my screen. She requested a few Pearl Jam songs which I played to the best of my ability. And over the next few hours I... [more]

You ruined my life

I don't know who you are but I want to let you know that you have ruined my life, I got a call from the mother of one of my students the other day asking if she could come to my house, We are...Aquaintances so I said sure, She dropped a bomb that day that ruined my life, I almost wish she hadn't told me.
I was informed that her husband had walked... [more]

Can't shake it.

I had my 40th birthday party 4 months ago and became informed of some information concerning family members that brought a flood of feelings back that I had shoved so deep down that I actually hadn't thought about in many years.
I was drinking with my sister, My two cousins and a friend of mine, Everyone else had passed out or gone home and out... [more]

My sexual experience

I am student of BBD NITM and i want to say that first when i came here i was hezitant and my cousin sister was telling me that i was going to get so much fun. But later i realised that i did't have any boyfriend. I have seen Latif bhiya coming on our flat and f****** my didi like anything and... [more]

I think I’m good

I’m realizing that even though it’s been a real s*** show of a year, a true dumpster fire from h***, I think I had a good year compared to the last few years of my life. I was so preoccupied with everyone else and what they thought of me, I got in over... [more]

I’m a horrible human but don’t care

So let’s tell a funny story. 4 years ago, I started hanging out with this girl. She was 20 and I was 39. She used to come to the shows I played music at with my band. We hooked up a few times but realized the age gap was to much, plus I had kids and she didn’t want that responsibility. So her mother and her mother’s husband played music in the... [more]


I'm a female and I'm so confused of my sexuality. I find men attractive but I realized that my "crushes" on men are once a week but my crushes on girls last for months and are once in a few months. I'd never date a guy or be sexually intimate with one.

Highschool gay ecstasy fun

Mostly straight male here. In high school my male friend and I decided to try ecstasy for the first time. We didn’t know about raves or anything yet so we decided to just spend the night at another mutual friends house and take it there. Our other friend didn’t want to take it but he was okay with us doing it. We crushed the pills in the bathroom... [more]


My third...Checkup, On my third checkup I completely embarrassed myself. I have been having abdominal pain and after a couple visits to the doctor with my mom they explained what they were going to have to do and I got to go home and think about this for 12 days, 12 days I thought about the idea that someone, I assumed my doctor would be sticking... [more]

Should I continue this friendship?

Hey, I am 22 male.
When I was 14 I got into a relationship with my then best friend, we broke up due to some misunderstandings caused by teachers and friends.
Last May 2019 after around 7 years she contacted me again which basically reignited our friendship. We both have been there for each other since we started talking again.
I was her... [more]

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