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I've never completed my requirements to pass, because I realised I was never happy in doing what they thought was the best for me. Each day I was living someone else's life, achieving their dreams and goals, and doing things to make them happy.
Sometimes I forget what makes me happy.
I'd breach this topic with others and they'll say, “Oh... [more]

I feel really broken

I have been feeling really down lately. I'm a thirteen year old female and I just started my freshman year. Last week I laid in my bed and binge watched all the saw movies, final destination movies, etc. I didn't get up for days and didn't eat, go to the bathroom, or talk to anyone. I feel empty. I just laid there and let tears roll down my face... [more]

Just want to get this off my chest, I guess

I'm writing here, because my journal is packed for university, and I cannot dig it out of my boxes.
What I'm about to make is not really a confession - its something I want to get off my chest without having to tell my friends, without someone I know having leverage over me by knowing this small secret.
Before leaving to University, I... [more]

So confused with my feelings

I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for about 3 years now. And I have started a new job in that time. I’ve met a guy at work who is just really funny and we just seem to click. I just found out he broke up with his girlfriend and I have been helping him through it and becoming quite good friends.
I keep thinking should I break up with my... [more]

My daughter's friend Started it

One day my daughter had went out shopping with my wife . Shortly after they left there was a nock at the door I opened the door to find my daughter's best friend standing there . She had on a black skirt witch barley cover her underwear and a low cut tank top that barley cover her nipples . She nervously ask if my daughter was home. I told her no... [more]

Unknown Always

Someone whom I liked so much is about to leave our batch due to the pandemic. She just said it hours ago that we won't be classmates together and I don't know if I should say something but one thing for sure is that I'll miss her presence. I started to search where her school is and it's just moderate walk for me but quite far and I looked around... [more]

Do I breakup?

My boyfriend never apologises when he hurts me, he just says 'I'm sorry ur hurt'. I'm scared to break up with him because he's the only person I open up to and I already know that I'll fall back into a depression. But I know this isn't how I should be treated.

Need some advice :) ty

Well see, I’m asian and I think that might turn people off. I know people won’t openly express that they have a “racial preference” but that’s what most people really do, inside. See a lot of my friends have so many people who like them, but I don’t really because a lot of the people that could have been potential partners prefer to stick to... [more]

Drunken ramblings

Yesterday was my nephews wedding, It was held at a local resort community on a lake, Everyone got a little twisted at the reception and my daughter had already headed to bed since they had begun drinking earlier in the day, My son in law who I love to death had stayed later and him (25) and I (43) were walking together back to our rented cabins... [more]

Addicted to Smoking at Eight

For some peculiar reason, I was drawn very young to the sight of a lady lighting up and enjoyably puffing on her cigarette. My main object of these ffections was my Aunty Clare and, when I stayed with her, which was often, I would helplessly look on at her smoking - I just couldn't help but be intrigued as to what she was feeling and the power of... [more]

I'm a Useless Leech

I hate myself. Complete and utter self-loathing. If I could, I'd want to just erase myself from the world. I'm going into high school, and I feel like trying to do anything in the future is pointless because it won't work out and I'm too lazy to even try to do anything other than watch Youtube. I feel so much pain and guilt whenever I do something... [more]

The reason why I'm always inside my locked room.

I'm literally crying rn. This is very normal for me, I cry almost every night and it's very depressing... No one knows I'm like this, every morning (when I used to go to school) I was all bubbly and happy. But inside, I'm kinda sad.
Ik people will say, “it's normal for teenagers to feel like this” but is it normal that I constantly fight with... [more]

I stole 60 dollars from my dad

(Only read if you understand Fortnite terms)
Me (14) and my dad (42) play a lot of Fortnite. He just started recently and decided to buy $100 of vbucks. Now over time I noticed he wasn't spending any of it. He would see things in the shop that he wanted but not get them. Meanwhile, I was going buy with no vbucks wanting some emotes or... [more]

My first bi curious bj

Let me start by saying me and my buddy Paul have been friends since we were about 9 or 10 . We are both 19 , hanging out watching something dumb on cable ,but it had lots of nudity . After watching it a few , Paul says man im h**** as f*** , I wish... [more]

Sissy maid at the party

I told my wife that she had my permission to pick out my costume for the party ,that I would not resist or refuse to wear whatever she came up with. Boy did I regret saying that . She kept bugging me about going with her to pick out costumes with her for her haloween party at her work and I really didnt want to go to the party and really didnt... [more]

I need to be punished

I need to be punished I don't care if it's a strangling me or something else you can do to me please please please punish me I'm a bad wife and mother and grandmother and I am a worthless sorry no good self distrucktive ass of a person I need to be punished serverley for my own good and I need to be strangled as well

I deserve a spanking

I am just full of guilt. Everyday I am full of guilt. Everyday I remember things I don't want to remember. I recall familiar faces I hurt, certain events that I regret, and think of possible future scenarios where I see them again and get laid into by them.
I know what I have done, and I am struggling inside to free myself from this guilt. I... [more]

Pandemic Affair with 48yr old Neighbor

This confession is lengthy. I realize there is no excuse for infidelity but my marriage is doomed and would like to get the entire story out there.
I’m 24 and started having an affair with my 48yr old neighbor John (not real name) during the pandemic lockdown. He’s HOT, muscular, own’s a general contractor business and lost his wife of 20 plus... [more]

I wanted Mom to Spank me

I obsessively curious about spanking growing up but never once got one. Despite my interest, I was still afraid of them too. In my mind, it was the ultimate punishment. Still, the curiosity never stopped.
One time when I was 12, my mom actually did threaten to spank me one day for bad attitude and back talking. Both were true — I was acting... [more]

Miscarried :(

I miscarried our twins at 10 weeks. I went to the dr for a check up after feeling a sharp pain in my stomach earlier that morning and a weird “labor feeling episode” I had on the toilet. I get to the dr and she took me back to us and the tech looked disturbed and needed to get out of the room. She rushed my us in silence. I just knew something was... [more]


Mo pitty please. 32 tears ago my older brother was watching me when our parents were gone for weekend. He did alot to me that weekend . Im sorry not supposed to go into details on here. I never told anyone but have written it down like this a few time anonymous. Idk just seems to make it real.

To the guys running the site.

Oh s*** I thought I was still on the other site! Sorry!

America is in real trumple

On the dahvie vanity cases and interviews I have to agree with anonymous animosity crinchworthy chris hansen remarks and review of the dumb jungalows jungwammba's. dahvie vanity could any unspeakable assaults done to him but that goes against the constitution and rights of people on trial. the fact is what the [more]

Fed up of life

I am trying hard to look sane, wearing good clothes, imagining and projecting everything is all fine. I am saying it is f****** s*** this life.
My wife looks like a dumb pile of s*** lying down on... [more]

Night shifts

When I work nights I work 7 in a row, starting on the Monday night. By the weekend I tend to get up later, about 2pm, last weekend I got up knowing that my wife and son had gone to meet a friend but didn’t know she was coming back to ours. I was half asleep and heading to the shower, I went to open the bathroom door but the door opened before I... [more]

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