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Wife details how friend huge c*** feels f****** her

When I was in high school staying the night at my best friend house he started changing. My mouth dropped having never seen a c*** so huge more than twice my thickness and length as well. Guess a natural deserved complement without thinking blurting our dam you have a awesome huge [more]

American White people are culture-thieving devils who should die

This is why White men are so angry Nazis are marching on DC tomorrow to United the Right over some bullshit loss of civil rights. What civil rights have you lost? You still have the right to shoot up a public location/school/concert every few months, no one has taken that away from you, you still have the right to elect the most divisive... [more]

I regret everything

I hooked up with this girl on my most recent mission trip we were both of age (17+) and since then we've kept talking and calling each other daily but she lives in Ohio and I live in Missouri it's been there months but I'm going to college and I'm starting to wish we never met because I know it'll never work and I don't want me to be a limitation... [more]

Finally got what she wanted.

At 40 years old with 3 children I never would have thought I would have made a decision which would change my life, But I did.
23 years ago I had a...Well...I am not sure what to call it but I'll try to explain.
(Names have been left out to protect the guilty)
My older cousin was visiting us at my grandma's lake house which was little more... [more]

I feel sorry when i whip my sub

I am a guy have a BDSM relationship with a girl. I am a s*****. A dom. She is my sub.
As such I whip her from time to time.
The difficulty is that she is not aroused by pain. She submits to the whipping to show her submission.
As we have now been together for over a year I find my... [more]


Never give up.

GF treats me badly but I enjoy it

Something so pure

I am antisocial

We are much closer now

Favorite sister in law

I have given up trying to lose weight

I did it at 14...

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