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Getting Too Exited Part 2

***This is the second of a two part confession because of character limit, the first part has the same title***
The Event:
The day was January 25th. It’d been more than a year since Debby and I had started dating. That day I went to her house for the first make out session since the previous one. I still had every intention to listen to what... [more]


I am a man and I love to wear panties and lingerie. I think it's because my d*** is so little. I beg woman to let me buy their panties and offer to pay them even more if they will watch me j******* in front of them. Out of 10 female friends only one... [more]


I confessed to my only female friend last night. I told her that I thought she was so pretty and I would never risk our friendship by trying to get with her. She said I was sweet and she trusted me and that I could always trust her. I gave in and asked if I could tell her my deepest secret. She said it would never leave her mouth. I then told her... [more]

My fantasy with my father in law

I do fantasize about my father in law f****** me and, I c** very hard every time.
I have trouble accepting it and, my personal values make me feel it’s wrong. I am really on the fence about realizing my fantasy because I am afraid to be disappointed... [more]

What a crappy world we live in

I wasn't born ugly but I'm somewhat overweight which most find ugly. I really don't mind the way I look at all, I quite like it really. Sometimes I look at thin women and don't really like the way they look but that's just my preference. It's like the world keeps trying to tell me I need to like the way I look, while shaming me at the same time, ... [more]

Harvey Weinstein women

I do not feel sorry for the Harvey Weinstein women. They got ahead by using their bodies. It's just dealing.


I left a kind lovely man for a man who physically and emotionally abused me. I regret that descison everyday.

Should I Feel Horrible?

I skipped marching band to spend time with my boyfriend - I finally got to introduce him to my mom - and don't regret it. This year, my senior year, has been absolute h*** for me with how I and the entire brass section has been getting treated and I want to quit but I also want to stay so I figured... [more]

Hit my wife and I regret it

I hit my wife after she threw my iPhone on my head on purpose during a heated argument, I have a bruise on my forehead...
She always starts it she will hit me first and I will grab her hands then she says I hit her because I restrained her ...
I really hate what I do but am I in the wrong to restrain her from hitting me ?
I love her so... [more]

A guy I didn't like died of his war injuries many years after he

To make a long story short when I was in high school this tough guy for no reason judo chopped me in the throat. He's stood there looking at my agony and he said something stupid like he didn't mean it. He meant to do it and he meant to hurt me.
School ends and he joins the army and he gets sick after the gulf war ended. A mystery illness... [more]

I (sometimes) hate being a mom and wife

Just need to get this off my chest... sorry for any grammatical errors.
so im a mom of two under two; a one year old(ds) and a one month old(dd).
my husband just started working at a new job, my family and friends live close-by, everything seems to be okay so far...except, sometimes, i feel like i hate being a mom and wife.
i dont really... [more]

I posted something like this before. A gy does something bad

A guy does something horrible and he gets savagely punished. In Mexico, a man is caught raping a three-year-old girl. He is tied down and kerosene is poured over his lower torso and he is set on fire. He burns from the waist down.
So are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Ar we supposed to feel that this is a social injustice? Well, I have... [more]

I can't stand being a mom

I am 21 years old with two kids neither of them planed. I was on the depo with the first and the implant with the 2nd. They are 2 and 1. I suffer from depression anxiety PTSD and borderline personality disorder. Yah I get it I'm a f***** up person... I had my life planed out. I was gonna go into the navy. I was studying and working my a$$ off... [more]

Rahul and his cousin

Rahul had always had a huge crush on one of his distant cousins. Whenever there was a family gathering, she almost always wore a saree and Rahul use to steal glances of her back, midriff and navel. He fantasized about running his fingers through her waist and back and kissing her navel. But it never really took shape. Soon their respective... [more]

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