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I feel sorry for Morgan Freeman and actually many of the people being accused of s** abuse. It comes from an era when this stuff went on. And importantly at the time it was just ignored and covered up and put up with.
I think the only thing that saves me is that I'm not a famous actor. I'm a nobody... [more]

My ex is playing mind games

My ex and I lived together with pets, etc. He has been unhappy for the past few months, not able to sleep, depressed, angry and lashing out. He normally has a temper and is often in a negative mood, but it has increased. He mentioned he’s unhappy in the relationship because he wants more and to have children, but I’ve told him that I can’t move... [more]

Fake Love

I'm so sick of this Fake Love Fake Love Fake Love I'm so sorry but it's Fake Love Fake Love Fake Love

I loathe kids!

Let me make something clear at the outset: I don't dislike kids. I don't hate kids. I don't even despise them...I LOATHE KIDS IN THE DEEPEST DEGREE! I despise the way they look, the way they sound, the way they act, they way they smell (all kids STINK!), their rudeness, their snottiness, their germiness--you name it, I despise them for it. Up to... [more]


I'm a 38 year old woman who is very bitter when it comes to men. Two relationships were abusive for me with beatings and unwanted s**. I know I am not very attractive and for that reason think I put up with the abuse because of it. Since August of 2017 I have been taking out my rage and past indignities... [more]

My moms husband abused us, and I never told.

When I was a little baby my mom and dad moved away from each other because it simply didn't work out, and it was ok I was blessed whit parents who knew how to put their differences aside and be nice to each other even when they broke up.
But then when I was a preschooler my mom met someone new, and he was actually really nice so they got married... [more]

Saved 2

I secretly save many lives but to be frankly speaking, I don't think I could've ever achieved it careerwise. Legally speaking, law contains restrictions, which doesn't fit my free spirited personality. I'm hoping to persue an another masters degree or phd when I'm sure of myself in the next few years. Hopefully I'll come across an opportunity that... [more]

Maybe he's not guilty

There is a rape case that is getting a fair bit of media coverage in Australia. A girl named Saxon accused a young man Luke Lazarus of rape. First court case and he's found guilty. I think then 2 or 3 more appeals and cases and as I understand it in each of those he was found not guilty to some degree.
Everyone's up in arms.
But maybe... [more]

Children taking advantage of their parents

A five year old kid hitting his dad and the dad feeling vulnerable about it... is one of the most heartbreaking scenes I captured yesterday. I watched them, but my eyes were on the kid. The kid was watching me and felt embarrassed. Only if I could just pull that kid aside and give that look in the eye about what he/she was doing was unacceptable... [more]

Short Hair

The one thing I regret about cutting my long hair shorter is not doing it sooner. I used to have hair that went all the way down to my waist. Now I've got a pixie cut and I love it. I don't think I could ever go back to having long hair again.


I remember when I had my very first job few years back. I worked there for few months but due to health issues I had to resign. However, the company never wanted me to leave. So, I received an interesting offer from them too. I appreciated the hard work and I never I brought positive changes within the company before leaving.
I honestly never... [more]


I miss bubzy. He was my boyfriend, my husband, the love of my life and i'm hurt and full of regret. He's made me the happiest and I wish i would've done the same. I wish I didn't get upset over small things and I wish i would've been there for him. I wish i could go back in time and fix our relationship. I wish i would've kept us in the honeymoon... [more]

New relationship

It’s really hard. This feeling that I’m starting over, the beginning of a new relationship where my last one wasn’t new for three years. Working for what I want, watching my step, learning him and what he likes is so scary.
Sometimes when I am alone, I think about how difficult it is. I wonder if he’s thinking of me or how stupid I am or how I... [more]

My family

I want to confess something about my family, but I can't. It isn't meant to be shared with the world. However, I just want to say few words to my dad here.
I'm happy for you. It's been a long time since I've seen you happy. I'm sorry I couldn't give you much time, but recently I've taken the interest in correcting our relationship. I'm sorry... [more]

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