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Little spoiled bratds

I hate my gf,s kids! They have no respect for any adult let alone my self. And when I approach her on the subject she says "they are just kids!" I'm sorry but if I acted this way towards my parents I would have the shot beat out of me! F*** em. I need to get the [more]

I guess i knew it would end at some point.

I am not proud of this and am not denying that i am the one who went too far but i don't think i am 100% to blame for our marriage being where it is. My husband and i were high school sweethearts but decided not to get married until after we both finished university and have been married now for 7 years but for 4 months i have been sleeping with a... [more]

Herve.B confession-FInal Rectification of previous shares made by

Hi. Today 29/04/2017. Herve.B. This is anonymous Message and I have right to share only my first name and first initial and share what I want to share in being in some recovery program at some extent and according to the Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, stating that: Everyone has the right to freedom of... [more]

Proud to be bullied

I was bullied since my childhood , one year after another, i learned that bullying is a natural way to have fun for people who have gut , dignity and a good sense of what is funny, infact bullies only pick on certain people , they know who deserve respect and those who don't , also , people who get bullied are a failure so is better for the likes... [more]

My sister in law said she loves me & I can give her a baby

My sister in-law has been married to my younger brother for over a decade, they have 5 kids, and the youngest is under 2 years old. Suddenly, we have been flirting and seducing each other for the last month or so via text messages/chats.
She has told me she loves me, wants me, and even wants my kid. I have told her the same. The problem is, I... [more]

I'm a b****

Choosing a single word to describe what I confess to being was not difficult. I am sure that most people would call me a b**** and I guess that this is a fair and covering characteristic.
But there are many other words that are needed to detail the picture and it also should be said that I am not... [more]

Julian assange

I lost all respect for Julian Assange when he started dating Pam Anderson. Eww.

I resent my stepchild

I absolutely HATE the thought of being a stepmother. I harbour soooo much resentment, my eyes tear up just thinking about it!!! My SD is put on a pedestal and I wish I could knock her off her high horse! It's amazing how a young child can be sooo manipulative. Anytime she's around, she just stares at me. Even if I am polite and asking her things... [more]

I might be a bad man.

We are both taken, but I don't care. I've never been so intensely attracted to another person before.
I gave her my number, and I suppose it's a bit of a relief that she said no.
Out of respect for her I have to back off. But I still cant get her out of my head.
She is different from any other woman I have ever met, and I wish I knew... [more]

I need some advice.

So first off I'm 17 and I'm a bit of a hoe. So about 7 months ago I met this really great guy we will call him billy. Billy is amazing. But billy has a gf. So about 2 months after we met I told him how I felt just so it wasn't bottled, I knew that he had a gf and I was okay with that because I'm not into relationships a whole lot. Well I guess he... [more]

Tears Of Happiness

I cried last night because of how much I'm being admired and loved by many. Things are getting better.
I'm a giver (woman), and don't usually like to be loved. In fact, I don't even know how to be loved. But realizing it makes my soul cry, but after shredding few tears I would smile and act like nothing happened because that's who I am.
I... [more]

Getting help

I realized Im delusional and paranoid and depressed and anxious and everything. But if I'm not off my rocker, FU C KKK everyone that has invaded my privacy and humiliated me. F uuuu CCC kkkkk you hard. I saw all of you.
But then again I should even out, and let go of some insecurities. For the record, NOT including my [more]

Listening to boss take a dump

I work in an office in a manufacturing facility that is very male dominated. The only female employee this plant has ever had is our current general manager. Our office area expanded a few years ago when she was hired on, and the construction was a little half assed. Up until then there was only one bathroom by the offices. The office I am now in... [more]


I don't belong here.
My fight is way too south from here.
Thank you for your understanding
the struggles
the biases
the pain
the struggle
can't do this no more
They need me
down there
you are covered by high'tech performing peeps... [more]

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