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Lesson learned

At school I was a bit of a nerd and I have a big head and hands so I was a target and people constantly made fun of me. I felt pretty miserable and worthless most of the time. I was so persecuted by other kids, but was weak and couldn’t stand up for myself. A new kid started who had come from another school, he was smallish with bucked teeth and a... [more]

My h**** daughter

I got home from work a couple of weeks ago to find my 12y daughter setting in the living room. She was wearing some skimpy read underwear. I asked what she was doing. She replied by getting up and bint over the chare and shook her but and ask daddy am I sexy. I sat down on the love seat and switch the tv on and look at her and said yes baby u r... [more]

I think there's something wrong with me

Idk if it's something like depression but I don't want to tell anyone that I'm actually really sad a lot of the time. I'll joke about it with my friends but I'm really scared I'm going to hurt myself again. I just had a little breakdown bc I think everyone's out to get me. I banged my head against my bed and cried and cried. It's not normal for... [more]

It Was Sad but I Glad I Broke Up with My Girlfriend

I was in a romantic relationship with a girl back in college.
We dated around three years.
We were fans of role-playing during s**.
And since we watched a lot of diverse kind of p*** together, we pretty much got inspired by them.
One of the fetishes... [more]

Sexual abuse

Not too long ago I had a dream where for a brief instant, I had seen myself as a child in pampers being held up in the air by my arms and having my genitilia suckled on. It was more of a quick glimpse and i was surrounded by over 4 men in my dream. I woke up feeling very sad and had tears in my eyes.
Truth is, at 3 years of age, i had been taken... [more]

My daughter's best friend

My daughter is 14 and her best friend Sam is 15. They love to have sleep over all the time. One night over the summer the girls had gone to bed. I stayed up watching tv around 1130 I looked over to find sam standing in the doorway. she had on a short white top that barley cover her b**** and was so... [more]

Met the woman I lost my virginity to after 35 years

Went to my parents this weekend to help out around the house. I saw that their neighbor was selling her house.
My parents wished her a happy birthday. She said that she was 75 today and that she was so glad to see me. She said, “ I’ll never forget my 40th birthday. Do you remember that? You gave me a wonderful gift.” Then she winked at... [more]

Depression and Stress

I am suicidal at only the age of 11. I'm stupid, fat, ugly, and overall worthless. My parents hate me and they love my brother WAY more than me. I tried to kill myself just last night by eating 5 pills at a time. That didn't work (obviously) so then I tried 10 pills, and now I'm just miserable. I go to a school where the people there, including... [more]

My life its gettig harder

Ik im emauel, m astrteasl vchart shows 8 dcorpiond anihjyrf to my birtds and the worst the de discription og my verftex, was what you canlled a spoiled kil they overshadown me with crap tat has no love meaning. 7yo from that perftective evertyhinhgf ok.
untill i npotovd my aflar dpeskig eith piritss. i hareme mention and onthis "it easn't s gof... [more]

[Trigger Warning] I dont think I can bring myself to care anymore

I hate this world. I don't like my family. They're so toxic, dysfunctional. If this is what family is, then I don't want it.
I'm tired. I'm tired of being scared not knowing when my stepmom is gonna hurt me. I'm tired of being insulted every time I do something. I'm tired of my family blaming me when my "parents" are fighting. I'm just so... [more]

In Love with an Older Man

I am 17 and I have been with my boyfriend since I was 15. We met at my parents restaurant where I usual help waitress. Trace, my boyfriend, used to come in a few times a week to hang out with my older brothers and get some good food. After a while, I really started to enjoy when he came to visit. I would always beg to be the one to wait on him... [more]

I lost my family and chose my wife

When I was 22 my mother's best friend, Susan divorced. My Mother and Susan had been friends for quite some years and I had known Susan and her husband since I was a child. I had always felt a deep attraction towards Susan and when she divorced I did feel happy that this had happened, even though I knew it was a sad thing. For the next 2 years I... [more]


It has been four years since my last post about my sugar baby. My husband had no idea then and has no idea now!!! A bit of background about my marriage & my life. Our income bracket is above average we do not pay taxes. We own stocks, & multiple real estate aside from our professions. My husband is a financial advisor, investor, business man. We... [more]

I c an't do it

My family is a mess. My husband thinks I'm too h****** my little sister, but I really can't be around her. I don't mind her tattoos (even though she has 16 of them, and our parents never allowed me to have not one while I was still at home!), But she's married to a older guy with even more than... [more]

Does anyone hate their mother? If so, why?

Lately I've been recalling a lot of repressed memories about my mother. As a child, I always told myself I had the best mum in the world (because we never struggled for money, she'd let me stay up late, watch horror movies, have friends round etc etc)... But now I'm an adult and understand that so much of her behaviour was actually very negative... [more]

I really need advice for a friend

My friend hasn't been eating much, and has been really sad lately, i can't come up with the right words to tell her to try and make her feel better. I struggle with being narcissistic, and sociopathic so sometimes its hard for me to feel empathy, can someone give me some advice for her? She's also having trouble with some other friends, she thinks... [more]

How i get my ex lover back with the help of dr mamudu

Lover broke up with me last week i was so sad I changed completely, I wasn't eating and i wasn't talking to anybody, I cried a lot,I was so depressed and stressed out that I was scared I'm going to end up in the hospital because of all the stress and depression until one day i search online on getting love tips because I Love & care about him... [more]

I want to say goodbye to my family

I don’t see my parents and younger sister in a future where I’m happy. They’re just chronically miserable. They think that since they’re rich they can spend money to make a problem go away.
Spend money, buy things, take medication, hire people; It’s a surprisingly sad existence. I’m 19 and being forced to do a 5th year of high school because... [more]

My daughter's friend Started it

One day my daughter had went out shopping with my wife . Shortly after they left there was a nock at the door I opened the door to find my daughter's best friend standing there . She had on a black skirt witch barley cover her underwear and a low cut tank top that barley cover her nipples . She nervously ask if my daughter was home. I told her no... [more]

Need some advice :) ty

Well see, I’m asian and I think that might turn people off. I know people won’t openly express that they have a “racial preference” but that’s what most people really do, inside. See a lot of my friends have so many people who like them, but I don’t really because a lot of the people that could have been potential partners prefer to stick to... [more]


I would like to make an appeal. Much of what is on this site is fantasy, and in this country we have freedom of "expression", but one must be careful.
True story: A young adult lady recently sent racy photos of herself to a teenage boy (a minor). The photos were evidence and she was given a multiyear prison term. Now this "boy" could have looked... [more]

The reason why I'm always inside my locked room.

I'm literally crying rn. This is very normal for me, I cry almost every night and it's very depressing... No one knows I'm like this, every morning (when I used to go to school) I was all bubbly and happy. But inside, I'm kinda sad.
Ik people will say, “it's normal for teenagers to feel like this” but is it normal that I constantly fight with... [more]

Older women make better lovers

This weekend I went next door to have a little good bye s** with our neighbor before she moved off to college. Susan is a year older than me and we have been friends for ever and have messed around for ages. She is 20 and I’m 19.
We were getting it on. She was laying with her legs in the air near... [more]

Miscarried :(

I miscarried our twins at 10 weeks. I went to the dr for a check up after feeling a sharp pain in my stomach earlier that morning and a weird “labor feeling episode” I had on the toilet. I get to the dr and she took me back to us and the tech looked disturbed and needed to get out of the room. She rushed my us in silence. I just knew something was... [more]

I don't know if I love him or not....

Okay, I'm gonna be totally honest here. I'm 16 and idk if I like this guy or love him...
I'll try my best to explain my situation and I want to know people's opinions...
So this guy who lives in a different country texted me few months ago. He is an E-boy. Our race is same but we live in different countries, he moved there last year.So I have... [more]

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