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Sad to say it, but it's true:

President Trump is a pissy little b****. And that's embarrassing.


I've been married for almost 4 years in October, high school sweat hearts with my wife since freshman year. We each started from zero type of love you see in the movies! Her parents never liked me because I came from nothing. "I stole her". We dated behind parents backs wrote letters anything you name it. Sneaked her out. We both struggled... [more]

I Hate My Husband's Ex-wife

My husband's ex wife is the most infuriating woman on this planet. They've been divorced for 2 years now and so have my ex husband and I. My current husband and I have been married for 9 months, but dating for a year and a half. We now have a son together. My husband has a 19 year old with his ex wife and she is out of the home away at college... [more]

I wish my stepdad would leave forever

My stepdad cleaned my room today. This is super weird. Apparently he thinks im an idiot along with yhe rest of the world. He kept saying i would never clean my room which made me feel depressed. He said that i shouldnt gt college bc im about tgt college and im always depressed and i havent combed my hair in over a week and that ill be one of those... [more]

Dad in 40s - i love my kids, hate my wife, hate being dad

I hate being married and a dad. I love my kids and would die for them but being a father in his 40s i can't stand the lack of freedom, the brain damage and of course the typical woman who just becomes a c*** and gets fat cos she is now a mum. Im fit, healthy, look youthful and had dreams with my... [more]

Running tights.

So yeah I am runner. I have been running longer time now.
i run in tights and don't wear any shorts to cover my stuff, bulge and ass visible.
When I was starting to run like this I remember i thought it's so embarrassing to have your bulge visible but on the other hand i think having shorts on tights looks lame as [more]

My Little Girl

The relationship was the worst either of us have had, but you are in such need. I still think about you every day even though you left me traumatized and I never want to ever see you again and I hope you never want to see me again either. I think about you because I still care about your well-being. You're a little confused and desperately sad... [more]


I'm a married man for almost 12 years. I have 5kids 2 boys and 3 girls. They all run around the same age. I'm 27 yr old. My wife had a terrible car accident a few months back that left her physically stable but mentally she's not okay. She just gave birth to my 6month old a few months back before the accident. She has mental breakdowns constantly... [more]


My Husband cheated on me. We're trying to make things still work, but now it seems like he doesn't even like to be around me or our one year old. He's constantly impatient and the smallest thing will set him off. He falls asleep a lot and claims he doesn't get any time to himself and that all he does all day is stuff that has to get done. He... [more]

I fattened my wife

When I was 20 I met a blonde and she was so hot perfect breast thin body. We started dating and I have a belly fetish so I tried to fatten her anyway possible. It's now 3 years later we are married and she went from a slim 180 to a fat 367 and isn't sad or embarrassed at all. All she does is eat a few days ago she was diagnosed with diabetes... [more]

Nanny who no longer want someone kids

I have been a nanny for the past year! I have to say that this is a raw deal,they are not even mine and I can't cope. During the week I find myself flying down the highway in the rush to get these rats out of the car and my life ASAP!! It's really a blessing that I got to do this as now I can see what parenting is REALLY all about.Never in my life... [more]

Sexuality Confused

There's this one girl who is totally hot and sporty and literally perfect! We sleep in the same dorminatory (I'm a girl) so we got kinda close. I mean I think I'm attracted (in a friendly way) to her cuz why not she has a perfect sense of humor, style and don't get me starting on that body... but every time I saw her getting touchy with other... [more]

I wish I never got pregnant

My boyfriend (who I live with, states away from my family and friends) is a musician. Two days before finding out I was pregnant, I came to the heart breaking realization that the things we want from life are incompatible. I never got to say anything to him, and now I'm stuck on the opposite side of the country from every one I care about, with a... [more]

I have a weird problem

I am a gay man. Seven years ago, in college, I lost the closeted boy I really loved and had been DL-dating, to a girl who was playing him with her ex-boyfriend. He didn't know that she did this. And although I knew, I didn't tell him--I was trying to "take the high road" and not be pathetic like Lindsay Lohan's character in Mean Girls... [more]

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