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Drunk sad thoughts

Life can be so hard. Idk how at only 20 years old I've gone through so much but s*** happens I guess. My thoughts eat at me, my past still haunts me no matter how many times I try to convince myself otherwise. I've seen many counsellors & psychiatrists & nothing has helped. No medicine or coping... [more]

I Wish My Special Needs Stepchild Didn’t Exist

No filter. No sugarcoating. I wish my special-needs step child, now 18, didn’t exist. Sometimes I wonder if she died if I would even feel bad...horrible, but true. When I met my husband, we didn’t know the extent of her intellectual disabilities. Everyone just said she was a slow learner. Well, at a 45 IQ, I think that’s more significant than a... [more]

I hate my stepsons so much I can’t even live with their dad

When it was only second weekends and half school holidays I could cope .... barely.... but they have a crack w**** mother who has given up motherhood and now they live with my partner 24/7. Ever second was h*** last year. One is a bed wetter, the couch... [more]

I am tired

I've been dealing with mental health problems for many years, ever since I was 12. I've fought for so long to live and try to have a functional normal life, but it's just been so long. When people find out about my problems they say things like
"I'm so sorry" or
"Are you ok?" I just look at them and say the expected things
"I'm fine" "don't be... [more]

Feeling Trapped

I feel trapped in my relationship. I've been having doubts about it since December, and each week passing by has given me more to question. Now, he's claimed depression, and I'd feel like a crap person for leaving him in his time of need. The thing is, it's making me miserable too. We're in a relationship, but at this point, we don't act like it... [more]

Husband leaving me - wasted my life

My husband is leaving me. There is no chance to repair the relationship. I have been the fault, a workaholic. I didn’t put him first. He said the love is dead from years of neglect. And I have been blind or avoiding the situation at home for so long. I continued going about life and feeling like it would resolve itself. Now that it’s over, the... [more]

I know

I know my BIL watches me, I only ever go commando at their house and i love how he peeks at my pokies in the morning and i always see him peeking when i am walking around in my little booty shorts in the morning.
I get a bit more brave when my sister isn't around and sometimes wear a top that i know is see through or thin enough to leave nothing... [more]

Husband can’t deal with our fertility issues

We have been trying to have children for 3 years. I have a blood disorder that makes it difficult to “hold on” to a pregnancy. We can get pregnant, but have multiple miscarriages. I have suggested a surrogate or adoption. He refuses as he finds surrogacy to weird, and only wants a child that is “his own”. This has become an obsession for him, and... [more]

I hate my step daughter

I’ve never liked her. Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way from the very beginning. I tend to be very intuitive and great at reading people, and she just gives me a bad feeling all over.
The big problem? She’s 7. She’s just 7 years old. She has been caught in lies that a grown adult shouldn’t even be lying about. She was almost... [more]

Suckish Suckfest

Tonight I am being utterly consumed with selfish absorption. My life is an utter disappointment and I selfishly look forward to it’s end. I’m so tired of all the disappointments. I don’t know how much more my heart can take. I’m so sad at how my life turned out. I feel so alone.

Wife an adorable femdom

am 30 years old married. My wife(referred monica in this post) is 25 years old, a gem of beauty. With tight cute b**** and a curvy figure. Its been 1 year since we got married and each day monica has been wearing either mini skirts or bikinis in home whole day just to keep seducing and turn me on... [more]

I am truly an awful parent

I dreamed about being a parent. I prayed for it. And we adopted. I didn't get knocked up and poof - there was a kid. We went through months of background checks and interviews and the cost and drama of adoption. You have to be REALLY wanting to do that, right?
Well I suck at being a parent. My kid is almost out of the house and we scream... [more]

Old W**** Pamela Anderson cries about Hugh Hefner dying

Boohoo so sad... s*** Pamela Anderson cries over Satanic CIA Hugh Hefner, the guy who made he was a good person? The guy has underground tunnels, ex playboy s**** hate him... [more]

A little something with engaged co-worker

I had a crush on a attached co-worker few years back but kept it to myself. About a year ago we've gotten close and was flirting crazily. I know he was not serious about me but everytime I turn cold to distant myself, he'd be nice and sweet and I'd let my walls down all over again. I have just gone through a bad breakup few months back.
He... [more]

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