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I dont know what to do

I'm having a lot of conflicts with my boyfriend because of a story he thinks happened to me in the past with me and another guy. I'm a virgin and never had a boyfriend before him. He doesn't believe that and thinks that sexual stuff happened between me and another guy before and I told him no no no it's not true , i have never had interaction with... [more]

I had a mental breakdown

Not long ago, I had a mental breakdown. I completely broke down in a heap, and was close to suicide.
I've had to be strong for so long, I just couldn't anymore. All the stress of being a single parent: the money worries, worrying about safety, stress, anxiety, tiredness. All of it. It all just caught up to me. Afterwards, the littlest things... [more]

Foot massages

I don't know how or why but these last two weeks I've very into feet. I have an urge to touch them and rub them. I do mean my girlfriends I wouldn't touch a strangers I don't think. I want to massage her feet and toes all the way up to her knees. It's overwhelming. I want to talk to her about I'm so scared too though.

My brother

recently found out that my younger brother died a few years ago from an overdose. We both had f***** up childhoods. He was adopted by another family. I hadn't seen him in twenty years. I could have stayed in touch but chose to give him his space and let him make the decision to contact me if he... [more]

The new girl

When I was 13 I stole a skirt from lost property and a netball skirt from spare pe kits. With lost property I said I had lost my jumper and asked to look and just put it in my bag but I was scared of people looking inside so I raced to the cubicle and put it on under my pants no one found out however the netball skirt wasn't as easy I had to stop... [more]

Separated & Stressed (and pregnant)

My husband and I have been separated for the last 10 months. We're working on our issues, and hope to get back together. We have two boys (ages 5 and 8). He lives about an hour away, but we talk on the phone with regularity.
During our separation, I have been faithful to him, except once. I belong to a cycling club with a couple of guys from... [more]

I just want to talk

I'm 30, married with a beautiful wife and daughter that I love. My wife takes too much care of me, i take care of her. I love it, its annoying sometimes but she's so great t, probably the best thing that happened to me. Reminding myself of the good things, where I am
I have a bad relationship withy father. He's a... [more]

Military surprise

I joined the army out of high school. After basic training and postal school I was assigned to a base in Kassel, Germany. I was a farm boy and this was my first time of being away from home. The sgt. in charge of my postal unit came by one day and started asking me questions like did I leave a girl behind? No I said. I was very shy and never... [more]

Rough childhood

I typed this all really fast so I'm sorry if at some points it doesn't make sense..
I've had a really rough childhood. Both of my parents we're drug addicts & alcoholics. They constantly fought each other and my mom was always leaving, sometimes she would just be gone for days. My dad used to scare the [more]

Delusional and afraid

As long as I can remember my brain has been a complete mess and I always thought that was normal. Opening up to people a little more I realized how f***** up I am and how much I need help. I have a therapist but I am scared to mention any of this but my boyfriend says I need to bring it up... [more]

I hate my sister

I hate my little sister. When we were kids I'd protect her and I loved her but now we're adults and I can't stand the sight of her. She and her children currently live with me and she's a horrible mother, she calls them names, feeds them junk food 24/7 and gets mad whenever me or my mother tell her anything. Her husband is no different, they... [more]

Catfishing the girl I love

I've been catfishing this girl since October n I feel very bad for doing this that's why I plan on telling her the truth tonight! I'm really nervous cause I know once I tell her the truth she's going to leave me. I never meant to do this I had made a fake facebook for my ex and me and her started talking and we just jumped into things fast. I'm... [more]

Caught naked for a long time

I always had an obsession of being outdoors naked. I'm a 22 year old girl of Japanese/Portuguese descent now, so let your mind wander at what I look like. I was 15 when I got caught.
We lived on 12 acres, out in the woods. I used to sneak out at night and walk. I loved the smells of the forest, and I was never scared. I began to touch myself... [more]


I am so sick of this daily routine. No matter what I do in life it never feels exciting or new. Life is so stale sometimes. Everyone I know says thats just the way life is everyones life is boring and routinized. And i look around and that seems true but god why does it have to be that way? Why is that normal? I watch all these exciting movies... [more]

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