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Scared I am going to jail

I open some credit cards using another person Social Security number and bank account. I added myself as an authorized user. I had all of the bills and alerts sent to me. Sometimes I paid the credit cards from this person‘s bank account other times from my bank account. They found out… Canceled the cards but I think they’re going to prosecute meI... [more]

I'm in love with a fat woman, but I'm afraid of getting fat too

It's like a different world with her. She's sweet, unpretentious, smart, and caring. She cooks and bakes like the legendary women of long ago but is also a modern, highly educated woman. Hanging out is so relaxed and natural, but also deep and engaging.
But all this love is really starting to show around my waistline and fast! I'm sure I... [more]


This is a story about me and my bestfriend.anyone who read this,please dont do this. i have this one friend,a very good friend.she was really nice to me,wherever we go,we'll go together.we eat together,study together and yea everything we did together.she was really kind,she was like my BEST friend that i had and i really can rely on her if i had... [more]

I lost my best friend today

I guess you couldn’t do it, you couldn’t trust me. I don’t blame you. I knew your lies Would catch up with you. I know you’re not afraid of me. I know you love me. I love you too. I want you to know that I have not thought any less of you for anything. That I would tell people to not talk about you if they had bad things to say. I had taken on... [more]

Finally sucked my own c***

I'm 17, home alone, as mom is a doctor and been been trying for days to suck my own c***.
Fiday I did it. At first only the head but by the end of the day most of it was in my mouth. I also started using mom d**** on my ass at the same time on... [more]

My Online Friend and Me

Alright, this might be a long post but you need to know all the details before I get to the point.
I am talking to this guy online. We met on a dating site and ended up switching to discord (maybe 3 weeks in). Well, he isn't my type and I've told him that. Since then, he's been acting strange. He will text me in the middle of the day, knowing... [more]

Why now?

I'm an 18mwf, married for a second time. I have one child by My first husband and a slightly older child by another man. My new husband and I have started talking about starting a family of our own. Almost at the same time I started having these really incredibly dirty and intensefantasies about getting knocked up by a black man. I've... [more]

Shat my pants

I shat my pants yesterday. i dont mean i got scared, i actually shat my pants. bad day

People are freaks

I work in a specialized field as a disaster restoration technician, When I entered this field of work out of neccessity being laid off from my regular job I never expected to end up doing it as a career, I just thought it would be a fill in but as time passed my boss kept offering me advancement opportunities and I took them to where I am now the... [more]

She needs guidance

I work at a private highschool as a counsellor. Every week I have a particularly dysfunctional girl (12yrs) who has to report to me to have a behavior sheet signed. She only can get it signed if no incidents of truancy or disrespect have occurred.
She is a superbly attractive little girl but her manner is rough and rude.
About 3 weeks ago she... [more]


I'm noah hurst. I'm fat. I'm stupid. I stick my nose into other people's business. I try to act tough but I'm a fat b****. Anybody my size would rip me a new one. I'm scared to fight people in my weight class. I'm such a loser and a j***. I conspire... [more]

Yes she did.

This is from 30years ago.
But my step mom was a b****. She use to fight with dad all the time.
When it was my week end to visit she was mean
To me.
She never let me do anything when dad was at work . She would make me have a time out in corner and pulled my pants down to knees the entire... [more]

Cheating saved my marriage

You may not believe this but cheating saved my marriage. It's totally true. Both my husband and I have had an affair. It was me first. We had been married just four years. My husband and I were drifting apart and there wasn't much communication. We were still having s** together but not much else. I... [more]

Sorority initiation week

I was 18 when I went to college and pledged into a sorority, and I was a really innocent small town girl who just finished high school and had no idea of what it was like out in the real world. The way this sorority worked was a 2 week initiation period where an active sister in the house had to choose to sponsor you from among the pledges, and... [more]

Sleeping pills hipnotise you

A friend was here and asked what the medicine in a bottle was and mom said it was sleeping pills. He asked if she would wake up if someone messed with her and she asked what kind of messed with. He said like feel you up and have s** with you and she asked why he wanted to know that. He was just... [more]

Happy son

My teenage son was looking after my sisters house when we was out shopping,we came back and he wasn't down stairs and we both went up to see where he was,that's when we seen him laying on her bed with a pair of her knickers wrapped around his d*** wanking off,we couldn't help but laugh as we rushed... [more]

Is it wrong to love my sister-in-law?

I live in my brother's house since I had my divorce 2 years ago. She is married to a beautiful woman and with 2 kids. My brother invited me to join them for a threesome about a month after I move here. From that time on, I'm f****** my SIL everytime I have a chance whenever my brother is out or... [more]


Some years ago, I lived in a state that bordered Mexico. Over the time I lived there I became aware of corruption within local law enforcement and attempted to expose it. During that period an individual who was in the US illegally contacted me. He told me his wife, son and daughter had been murdered by members of a drug cartel that operated... [more]

When I was young I saw it happen.

I think I was 8 or 10 years old when we had a big boy living next to us. (A teenager, but I don’t know how old).
He asked me one day if I’ve seen my mom naked. I had not so he asked if I wanted to. I hadn’t thought of it before, but suddenly I did want to see her naked.
Somehow he was at the table at lunch time and he was telling my mom... [more]

My damn mother

For Christmas, one of my mom's rich sleazy boyfriends got her new and bigger implants. They are so huge that they are just obscene, and she loves to show them off. I'm a 15yo guy in high school, and all of my guy friends are going just apeshit over her new t***, and now they all want to get with... [more]

I'm terrified of my 14 year old son and his friends

High school was the worst 4 years of my life. I was ridiculed and bullied so severely that I began to see myself as worthless. Wherever I was, my locker, the changing room before and after gym, the parking lot after class let out, the other boys never missed a chance to let me know that I existed beneath them. As a result I've developed a deep... [more]

I am still going to end my school

I am going to finish what i said i would do. i said i would kill the people at the cafteria at my school (silent hills for people who know where it is, it is not silent hills but its a code word) but then when my mom brought me to school they told us to leave. she took her anger out on me and it is annoying and mean. people reported it and now i... [more]

My daddy's little Tom boy

I have always been a tomboy and me and daddy would always go camping and fishing . One day win I was 8 we had been fishing on our camping trip . I slipped and fell into the water so I was all wet it was a worm night so I strip to my underwear . We was going back to the camp site win he grabbed my arm and draged me to him . He looked me in the... [more]


So I decided to get a tongue piercing, not necessarily for anything sexual... but because I think they're cool and it was something I wanted.
Well, that's fine and dandy and no problems so far except.... I get really turned on my tongue play and tongue stimulation: touching, licking, biting, vibrations, etc.
The tongue ring is constantly... [more]

Surprised by brother

I came home from work early and found my brother naked wanking in my bedroom, sometimes he checks on my flat,he was that scared he grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom to get dressed,what he left on the bed was a picture of me and before i could speak to him he left,days past without seeing him so messaged him to come round to chat,never... [more]

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