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In only 12..

So I'm only 12 and I kinda want to finger myself but I'm to scared, so I rub myself instead and it feels so good.. I feel really ashamed about it, I hate it, but I can't stop. Advice to stop Please!?

Married, but . . .

I'm a 43mwm. About six months ago I got picked up in a bar by a young gay guy. We went back to his place for more drinks. I think he put something in my drink. I felt weird and out of control. Within less than 15 minutes after we got there I was sucking his c***. I have never done that before... [more]

My husband caught me having s** with his brother now he forces

My husband caught me having s** with his brother because we were both very drunk. At first I denied it and thought that everything was ok, However, I was very much mistaken. "Buy her a drink and she will sleep with you!" Came the comment. Running out of the room in tear the terrible reality hit me. ... [more]

I hate my stepdaughtet

My ungrateful 19 year old stepdaughter really does junk that the world revolves around her I have tried being nice but all you get is bitchy comments I married her mother 5 years ago but I fear if things don't change soon I'm afraid I will have to leave as her mother thinks the sun shines out of her [more]

Stomach Sitting

I want to sit on my wife's stomach but she is scared a lot with that idea and doesn't allow to sit at all. What to do? How to make her ready to get my weight on her belly?

I am a psychopath and I am tired of hiding my true self

I am tired of pretending to be a neurotypical. Everyone already knows I'm wierd, but everyone thinks I am super nice, but I am, but I'm kind of psycho secretly
I want everyone to die because you all have crushed me, and put me down, but yet I still help people in need
I hate almost everyone, because human nature is to be an [more]

I think my boyfriend might be gay

Ive been with my boyfriend for almost 6 months and I've had some people ask me it hes gay or make jokes that he could be gay. I didn't notice it until they asked me but he does wear tight pants, moves his hands a certain way when he talks and he does have a problem keeping it up in bed. I'm terrified that I could be a cover-up and one day hes... [more]


I talked to one of my exes the other day and I asked her what it was that caused her to break up with me. I'm not trying to get her back, just trying to figure out if I made any past mistakes to improve in the future. She told me that her problem with me was that I was the kind of guy she wants to marry and that scared her. This just leaves me... [more]

My Lonely City of One

The world views and has always viewed me since my earliest years as a neurotic, extremely introverted, and passive goodie two shoes. Just a slightly raised voice, even if not addressed to me, would set me off crying and even now in my 20s, still makes me visibly startle. If someone calls my name I automatically rack my brain thinking about what I... [more]

Being Transparent

I am a survivor of physically, emotionally and psychologically abusive parents. There are very few people who know me that are aware of this fact, and even they don't know everything. So, in order to practice telling the whole truth to them and someone else, here I am on an anonymous confession site putting it all into words.
My parents were... [more]

Beaten up by a woman

I am a pre op male to female transsexual. I live full time as a woman and enjoy dating men. I dated what I thought was a nice man a few times only to find out that he had a girlfriend even though he told me he was single. I learned the hard way to say the least!
I was working late in my office which is located in a remote location 30 or so... [more]

That's sad

Sometimes I feel sad that david died but then I never knew him well enough to know what the h*** he wanted. it shocked me but he did a lot of things that shocked me and made me afraid. he had a better life then I have traveled and his holidays all the time and a better income than me. he had more... [more]


I'm almost 22 and I've never been in a relationship. I'm not obese or ugly...just extremely uninspired. It's gotten to the point that I'm almost afraid to start anything because it'd be humiliating to admit that, at my age, I've never had s** or even kissed anyone.

All that truly matters

I was in the dark for so long. Just living on autopilot. Letting people see what they want to see. They think they know me but they don't. Nobody knows me. I don't even know If I do. All the faces look the same to me. All the voices are faint buzzing sounds. Everything blurs together. Nothings matters. I just sit there. But where am I? I'm fading... [more]

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