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Getting Too Exited Part 1

“Getting Too Exited”
***warning monor sexual material, nothing overly exiting but explicit and something to take note of. All names in this confession are changed to hide their identity***
I wasn’t a perticularly attractive teenage schoolboy, and while I didn’t have the best self esteem, I wouldn’t let anything really get to... [more]

Relationship with sisters BFF

I've known this girl since I was 2, 13 years later we are in a very weird relationship. We were always never close, because she was my sisters best friend so all there was was the occasional "hi". And also she was 4 years older so we couldn't really relate. As she wen through puberty she would talk to me in private more. From ages 13-15 she would... [more]


I confessed to my only female friend last night. I told her that I thought she was so pretty and I would never risk our friendship by trying to get with her. She said I was sweet and she trusted me and that I could always trust her. I gave in and asked if I could tell her my deepest secret. She said it would never leave her mouth. I then told her... [more]


I know the situation we are in is complicated... but if things were different. If we had met each other first... would we be able to admit our feelings towards each other? I know you feel it too. At the very least, I know you can feel what I'm letting off. Whenever we are in the same room there is tension. Nerves. It's hard to breathe and my heart... [more]

Posing for my Sun

My sun was doing a photography coarse at college, he practiced on friends and family portraits etc. he made no secret of the fact his girlfriend wouldn't pose naked for him because she didn't trust him to keep them secret, He said his sister would posed nude for him I thought why not, I managed to sneak a peek at them on his lap top, they... [more]

My Parents Don't Know

A few years ago I found my parents secret photo album. It's nothing crazy, just some nudes of them and stuff. Anyway I have a similar body to my mum, like if you didn't see our heads we'd look the same, so I figured it'd be fun to slip in some photos of myself to see if they'd notice. Just of my lower body so they wouldn't know it's me.
I... [more]

My biggest secret

I think all you idiots should be thrown in the gas chamber.

Mother Inlaw and I (3)

As messed up as it all sounds, I didn't plan on being attracted to my MiL.
The way it all happened is actually pretty Effed up. LONG STORY SHORT! Her husband died, she remarried. New husband was a "Perv" I know right who am I to judge. Anyway, We stayed at her house for a good year to save up for a house. The guy always checked out my Wife and... [more]

Chubby Sister in Law

My confession is that I'm so in love with my wife's young sister. She is 29 and never married. She's struggling to get a boyfriend, cos of her body. She is a bit chubby,but for me she is the most beautiful female alive. Ones I've catfish her on Facebook as a secret admirer. We got to a point that we even shared nude pics. But to this day she stil... [more]

Confession of an international student in Malaysia

Malaysia... Malaysia.. Malaysia..
Where do I even start about this country? I think I'm on a pretty high place to talk.. Being that I've been living here for over 3 years. Before coming to Malaysia I obviously had a very good perspective about this country.. As every other International student. But ever since coming here I ask myself daily... [more]

Never let those Women to Sit on You

55 Years Old Woman vs 21 years aged boy.
This is an old Story which goes back to 2005, it was my 2nd job of my life and that place where far away from my house so I have to stay there at night. And only after 2 months I used to come my house, only once in 2 months.
Over there was few people only, a man aged 30, his wife, his son and his... [more]

I had no idea.

Last night i walked in on my friend and her husband, We were all hot tubbing at their place for his birthday party (About 10 of us) and about 11:00 her husband had said he had to run to the store for more ice. Shortly after he left she went inside to "Check on the kids" Who were all asleep downstairs in the family room and a few minutes later i... [more]

No perfect answers.

Everyone goes through changes looking to find the truth.But I please Don't look at me for answers,Don't ask me
Because I don't know
How am I supposed to know
Hidden meanings ,secret riddles.
Life's a stage and we're all in the cast.Neither you come out of your shell nor do i.
When you are not hundred percent sure about my feelings then how... [more]

Niece chokes me out

My neice is 22 110 lbs I'm 44 240 lbs she was dog sitting for me I came home and she was high and drunk. Ok so she was poking me and challenged me to a fight I didn't want to and next thing you know she grabbed me and we started wrestling and she got me into a choke hold I couldn't get out I woke up and she was. Sitting over me laughing rubbing my... [more]

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