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F*** the Chinese faggots

As the title suggests this is a rant about the f****** Chinese people.
But let's settle something first; I don't hate every single Chinese person out there, I even have a few Chinese friends, which I even respect. And I know this rant does give an impression that i'm hating on every one of them... [more]

It's not the same ,...

I've been with my gf for 3 years, today is her birthday but I realized I don't love her anymore. We both changed. I feel I'm her co depends in here constantly looking after her yes I understand I'm the man and need to provide but times have changed I'm 21 recently got the opportunity of my life with a job and awesome company I've been trying to... [more]

I love the taste of s***.

I'm a bisexual male likes to get f***** in his ass by black men I want to see Asian the black man in question had a huge c*** when he pulled out he pulled out a bit of s*** on his [more]

Not guilty about hedonism

I love my husband enough, I guess. But I also married him because he is wealthy (and 17 years older than me). I just love to do things for myself and don't really care if he likes it. After we got married, I decided to start smoking again cuz now I can afford my 2 pack a day habit. He wasn't thrilled. I don't care. Went out and bought a new BMW... [more]

My ex is cheating on my friend

I'm 15 and female. The other girl in this is K and boy is C... I'm A... So I was dating C for 8 months then we broke up... During the time I got him to come to my church and he met everyone there... My friend K and him talked and I thought nothing of it cause I knew they were friends but about a month after C and I broke up K asked me for approval... [more]

My boyfriend f****** his sister

im24 my boyfriend is 21 we been together for almost 8 month on 18 it make 8 months i never seen him in real life i met him on be naughty i know right kinda weird i ask him out first time we talk on phone we had phone s** i ask him well u go out so he said yes i know kinda fast but since then we had long... [more]


For the last bit of time all I can ever think about is sucking another male its like I have to find out for myself even though I have not had s** with another male since my early teens even then it just happened its like I just crave the taste of c**.

I hate my life

Really embarrassing!!! my 'stepdad' thinks that he is the best. h*** he is only 22. im too laazy to capitalize letters sorry. he said me to read a book. how? there are no books for my age in this freakin house all books are bout s** and family makin. i... [more]

My Wife's 38DD t*** and p****

I love to share my wife's nude pictures with anyone and everyone. Email me

I wear women's underwear

I have worn panties since I was a boy; I'm not fifty one. The first time I wore them was when a schoolmate put a pair of his sister's panties in my gym back as a joke. But I went home and tried them on and liked the feel. I hid them and never said anything about them before I finally carefully threw them away.
While my sister lived at... [more]

Idiots are surprised by Hollywood sexual indiscretions

I am sick and tired of hearing people complain about the predatory nature of Hollywood and all the "s** scandals". Are we being f****** serious here? This is the film industry you morons. The industry regularly "employs" slaves. Sure, they call them... [more]

I pee the bed

I pee every night. In the bed. My husband thinks its very sey and can't stop f****** me. I used to worry about it, but what the h***. I get the best of both worlds...a hubby who f**** me and me, who... [more]

Beat up by a girl

Girls are always getting physical with me and it's humiliating. I can't get them to stop. I just got beat up for the 5th time by a different girl. And not only do I get beat up but they get too physical and not in a good way, and I just want to know of its something I'm doing to get beat up? The first time it happened it was by this girl named... [more]

The truth....

You people posting here are f****** pathetic. At best, you're selfish, at worst you're degenerate losers that the world would be better off without. Mean? Not at all, it's just raw truth. Wake the F*** up, you are nothing in the grand scheme of... [more]

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