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I had no idea.

Last night i walked in on my friend and her husband, We were all hot tubbing at their place for his birthday party (About 10 of us) and about 11:00 her husband had said he had to run to the store for more ice. Shortly after he left she went inside to "Check on the kids" Who were all asleep downstairs in the family room and a few minutes later i... [more]

The New Sewer Pipe

Right now, and for the past week, the city has been tearing up the street in front of my house to install new sewer pipe. In recent developments, they are now storing bundles of the new sewer pipe on the parking on front of my house.
In the wee hours of the coming morning, say around 3 a.m., it is my intention to go outside, up to one of these... [more]

Oral story

I had oral s** with another guy to try it out


Today while walking into a store I saw a woman coming up behind me. I apparently committed a major crime as I held the door for her only to have her go off on me as it I just killed her kitten. She berated me about how offensive it was that I thought because she was a woman she wasn't able to open a door for herself, that women don't need men to... [more]

My life as a crossdresser

I have been wearing women's clothing bras stockings lingerie dresses high heels panties all since i was seven years of age and have been doing so ever since then even though at first i was forced to dress as a little school girl for three years after getting cought crossdressing when i was a teenager but i enjoyed wearing women's panties bras... [more]

This Cell phone of mine!

I live with a girlfriend but flirt and chat with other women,especially women in a far away country that I visit. I even have an infant son with one of the women there, and plan some more with her and some other women.
In my phone are many pics of the women I chat with. Some of the pics are nude.When I chat with some of these women,they end up... [more]

My first b******

I'll never forget the first time I had a c*** in my mouth,it felt weird at first, i thought to myself , 'what if the whole world sees me with a c*** in my mouth, my heart was beating at a very fast pace as I willingly took the thick six inch [more]


These f*****'s who live downstairs and have a beautiful bengal cat they don't f****** look after , because it kills everything small and f****** eats it out of hunger, not just leaves it on the... [more]


My ex found out just weeks before moving 250 miles away that I had been stealing her dirty panties for a year and at fir s t told me t o stop as she didnt like it. I told her I co u l dnt I was a p e r vert and addicted and the on l y way to stop me was to ban me from her h o use I also m ade it c l ear I d e served punishing and she ha d the... [more]

Married but gay

I have realized after being married for 35 years that I have always been gay. Been in closet and hiding my true self. Have not had s** with my wife in several years. She knows but I think she is waiting for me to acutualy say I'm gay. Wish we could both find boyfriends to date and give us what we both... [more]

Being too scared to tell

A lot of things go on in school especially high school and the weaker students are too scared to tell. Often when a larger boy hits or robs, shoves, spits on the victim knows that nothing will be done and telling only makes it worse.
One night some kids disguised themselves in masks and spray painted obscenities on the sidewalk and walls of... [more]

I did it too.

I'm a 60year old married man.When in Florida this spring I found an adult store with booths that had gloryholes.I was watching a movie when a guy came into the booth next to me, never put any money in.He stuck his very hard c*** through the hole.I couldn't resist and took him in my mouth he came... [more]

It's what I believe

S** is love. And hard s** is true love.

Best friends Dad

I am an 18 year old mixed girl. Heavy set. Nothing to look at. I recently started hanging out with my old middle school friend again . She means the world to me. She's everything you want in a friend and more. But things turned for the worse when I started to hang around her dad more. I was required to be in the car with him because he takes... [more]

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