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My little sister loved dry humping

Win I was 12 my little sister how was 5 would dry hump me all the time . One day she just gotten out of the shower and mom asked me to take her to her room and help her get dryed off and dressed will mom finish her shower . So I took my sister to her room and she started to dry hump me some I drop my pants and shove my [more]

Stomach S**

Since I was young I’ve always loved people carrying me as they laughed. I would wrap my legs around them and the vibrations and movement of their stomach would satisfy me. I’ve always wanted to just have a guy lay down and laugh as I sit on his stomach. Weird. I know.

Walked in on daddy

Back win I was 13 I was home with my daddy . I had gotten up early and won't to see if daddy was up. So I went in to his room. He was setting at his computer beeting off there was a pick of me in a bikini on haf of his screen and a woman that looked a lot like me getting f*** on the Uther haf . He... [more]

Sister birthday sexx

I got up and need to pee so I went to the bathroom . Win I walked in I seen my order sister Wich was her 19 birth day she was sitting on the toilet naked and she was sucking dad's d*** . So I peed in the sink and start to beat off to what I was seeing . She removed dad's [more]

Still got it

I'm a big chested slim 5'4 55yo gran,when i see my 22yo grandson i always flirt and make the odd sexual comment with him just for fun to make him blush,well he came to help me move things around in my bedroom,I asked has he got a gf and he said no he's got his hands for that and laughed,when he was finished and was about to leave i said if you... [more]

Picked the wrong brother

I'm 23 and married to a p*** head bully,in the last year my husband has changed so much,my brother in law has had to stop him when he's drunk from hitting me,I enjoy it when he comes round he makes me feel wanted,3 months ago when he came around all i wanted was him to give me what ive been missing... [more]

S** with my personal trainer

Hey everyone my name is J Star i'm a Puerto Rican trans living in Florida
when I was first started making my "change" I put on a lot of weight so I joined a Neovibe Fitness and I met my personal trainer Janoy a beautiful Italian ripped bodybuilder with his "legs on the bottom" workouts and Biohacking he took inches off my waist, I really wanted... [more]

A perverted person?

The people who know my fetishes and my postings here or in TUMBLR or else know, that I am deep inside me a perverted person. I only never would live it out, but i have it in my head. as there is:
1. My son is 15 now and when he was young (from birth to 3 years) I su-cked his c*** from time to time... [more]

Wife's hidden life

I discovered my wife had a life that I didn't know about.
I found a box in the basement with some CDs in it. They weren't labeled so I decided to look at them before I threw them out. They were all of my wife and her lovers doing the s** act and in detail. I had never met any of her lovers so this was... [more]

So offer's to step in for his dad

Had my son when i was 14 and he is 19 now,we are very close do most things together,I happened to mention that his dad can't get it up anymore and i missed having s**, He came up behind me and hugged me said it's ok im here if you need me and felt his d***... [more]

I hate my step father

I hate my step father. He is such a d***. His always watching his phone and watching stupid ass s*** no ones cares about. He doesn't even pay attention to my half-sisters (Who are 8 and 5). And still expect them to be good at school. Mostly my middle... [more]

China virus

I f****** hate the chinese f****** racist, slit eyed, m************. People see and sometimes sympathize these garbage, dog eating, bat eating, cat eating mother [more]

F*** China and Chinavirus

F*** China and its chinavirus, CCP released this bioweapon upon its people and the world. It will back fire on them!

For all you incest pro f******

Incest is just a symptom of a deeper problem. This argument that it's all about love is just a cover-up of a deeper issue here. Somewhere down the family line no proper boundaries were given. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the family line had some severe sexual abuse. So, this isn't about love in the family, but disrespect, power and control... [more]


I am looking for advise how can I get my wife to f*** another guy I really want to watch and join in and split roast her. I don’t have a big d*** and I know she wants to try one but she is very conservative and it’s against her morals but I think if she... [more]

Sh**** I know you love him

So my wife and I had been married for 18 years. I filed for divorce because we had started doing things to hurt each other. She has been saying that I was cheating on her for years. Finally one day I did cheat on her with a man in our house. Later on I realized that she has cheated on me through our marriage. She keeps on bringing up that she... [more]

Finally sucked my own c***

I'm 17, home alone, as mom is a doctor and been been trying for days to suck my own c***.
Fiday I did it. At first only the head but by the end of the day most of it was in my mouth. I also started using mom d**** on my ass at the same time on... [more]

Slutty sister

I was watching a video on my son's phone of him filming my younger sister,in the video she walked over to the door and you can hear her say it's ok she's in the garden,she walks back to him and sits on a chair and tells him to keep an eye out for me,she's giggling and then i see his d*** come in to... [more]

Relationship advice, stressed, confused,need help

Feel confused about this person in my life, I don't even know wheather I'm in a relationship with this person or not, know him from my college days ,we would talk daily , and were very close friends,shared an intimate relationship as well, but everytime we make out, he avoids me for few days or a month, if I ask him for an explanation as to why he... [more]

My mother

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom quickly became a black out then pass out cold drunk. I hated Mom drunk like that because she was not the mother that I knew. She would hang on me telling me that I was just like my dad in everyway looks and personality. Late at night she would be in the kitchen drunk with the radio playing loud... [more]

True confession

I've had the opportunity to have s** with many women over the years but the greatest and best s** I ever had was when I had s** with two ladies who didn't want to. One was 84 years old and my bosses mother and the... [more]

Women are liars.

Why are all women such liars about their past ? What do they think they are protecting ? Sooner or later they start telling their poor hapless husbands and boyfriends what they are really like., but before that they are pure as the driven snow. If they claim they are virgins they aren't , there is always some guy they forgot to mention.
I have... [more]

The Witch Doctor Will See You Now?

There's a nutjob spamming about a Dr Obudu and his love spells wtf XD I've never seen something so stupid in my entire life. Oh god, please tell me that is a joke or some kind of elaborate scam! I'm f****** dying of laughter, seriously what the f***... [more]

I'm into DDLG [What's wrong with that?]

For those who don't know, DDLG stands for "daddy dom little girl". The term is used as a fetish, more than a preference. I am what's called a Little in the DDLG world, or a person who is into ageplay. I've only recently gotten into this fetish (within the past 5 months) and discovered that my headspace is about 7 years old.
Unfortunately, most... [more]

My son jerks off

Walked in my son's bedroom as he was having a w***,I stood in his door way and he had his back to me,after about 20 seconds and still not knowing i was there i was interested in what he was wanking over, walked up behind him and called him a naughty boy he was wanking over a picture of me,I made him... [more]

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