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I'm going insane because of him

I literally am going f****** insane to a point that when I thinking of me killing my step dad I don't feel s*** he's a piece of s***, a pedophile, a [more]

I'm going insane because of him

I literally am going f****** insane to a point that when I thinking of me killing my step dad I don't feel s*** he's a piece of s***, a pedophile, a [more]


I was brought up to obey my parents and when older then to obey my husband. I was to be submissive because I was female. I believed this with all my heart. I demonstrated that submission by accepting their decisions and directions. I accepted their right to punish me. I actually used to feel it was something I needed. I had [more]


I'm a 38 year old woman who is very bitter when it comes to men. Two relationships were abusive for me with beatings and unwanted s**. I know I am not very attractive and for that reason think I put up with the abuse because of it. Since August of 2017 I have been taking out my rage and past indignities... [more]

Hiw i discovered eminem

Well I'm a guy who had a ruff child hood my mom was always out partying since before I could walk. My dad slippers out on me pretended I wasn't his and would only call on my birthdays and that stopped on my 12th birth day just because my mom had got her s*** together and got married. Well one day I... [more]

I hate my wife

I've been with my wife for 5 years and it's been steadily getting worse. Right now she is more like a friend to me than my best friend and lover. Over the years she has gotten fatter and all she does is eat and play video games. I've tried to get her healthy and start going for walks with me but I think she's become agoraphobic. This woman sits in... [more]

MIL liked it

Last weekend I had a company function to attend and sometimes they get a bit out of hand so my wife had asked her mom to come say at our place so she could look after the kids and we could sleep in the next day. As predicted it did get out of hand and we stumbled in around 3:30 am, we crawled into bed and my wife almost instantly passed out but I... [more]

Mom caught me using her s** toys

My mom has a vibrator and a couple of d***** that I found one day and have been using so one day she walks in on me while I’m about to c** while using the vibrator and the big one inside me and she says omg . We haven’t talked about it since and it’s... [more]

Shy girl

So..I Don t know how to start this but..I'i'm 14 and I am a pretty shy girl and don't talk to much and I feel weird typing this but here goes...I don't know if it's wrong to feel this way but I always have set dreams about s** with older guys and I wake up feeling weird all over but am to scared too... [more]

I want her so badly

So I have went through my mils laundry and found her used panties but. Its not enough for me I sniffed them and basically ate the crotch out of them. I want to f*** my mother in law so badly its always ony mind and my wife gives m e nothing g

Wife’s boyfriend before me

I love knowing my now wife was sneaking out to f*** her ex boyfriend.When I finally caught on to it she had no excuse and fessed up. We had been spending Friday and Sat together but as soon as she left back for her place she would secretly meet with him for [more]

Came out

So my wife and I were watching some after hours skinimax type stuff. She ups and asks me, "Would you ever have s** with another man?" I said, "Nope. That would be cheating." She said, "What if we had never met?" I said, "Then that depends." She said, "On what?" I said, "Circumstance." She said, "Have you... [more]

I love my p****

It is moist and squishy and feels like warm mayo

I f***** super mario

Ya he was a plumber with a 6inch thick small c*** it was so small and his name was Mario he even had the hat with the m on it as a joke

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