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My sister is driving me f****** insane

My sister is p****** me off. It is f****** Xmas time and she cannot act like an adult. Every year we go to our mom and her boyfriend's and then go to our grandparents' place on the same day since they live near each other.
We have been... [more]

Inevitable Sin

I'm very religious. I'm 27, female, single, have a good job as a grade school teacher, go to church twice a week, and even teach Sunday school. I've dated guys since I was in high school, but I've never found the right man. Because of my religious beliefs, for years I refrained from having s**, because I... [more]

Secret videos

The residential area I've been living for years now have started giving me negative vibration. Why? All of a sudden? These African American men were staring at me like I did some kind of a sin. All I felt was red flag. Why all of a sudden? Later on, I began to realize my old neighbor who used to live above me was raping his own dog began to give... [more]

Herve.B confession-FInal Rectification of previous shares made by

Hi. Today 29/04/2017. Herve.B. This is anonymous Message and I have right to share only my first name and first initial and share what I want to share in being in some recovery program at some extent and according to the Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, stating that: Everyone has the right to freedom of... [more]

Herve B-Rectification of previous share done on Thu 9th June 2009

Hi. This is Herve. B . Today 25/04/2017. I deleted the last post And thought It was better to share in more concise and simple form. I wanted to take the courage to tell the truth about this post shared on the net on Thursday 4th June 2009 and this confession site that I thought was private and safe at that time 8 years back. In fact, I want to... [more]

My cousin spanked me when we were 13

I let my pretty petite cousin spank me with a switch multiple times when we were teens. She knew all my "sins" and threatened to tell my mother if I didn't let her. My mother was a sadistic,religious psycho and did a lot more damage than my cousin could. It hurt my bare bottom and I cried but not a bad as mom would have done to me. My cousin was... [more]

True God


God Times

I've been hanging out with God lately and we've been having a great time together. He's a mysterious guy but we get along great. I don't understand all of his actions but we both laugh at the lightning bolts that he randomly sends to earth just to frighten the sinners. The life threatening storms he creates and young lives he takes for no reason... [more]

Need a miracle

Pray this beautiful prayer to the Blessed Mother, ask for her intercession and she will not fail you. Say it three times a day for three days, and promise to publish. Believe in miracles! Oh most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O... [more]

A drop

My drop In 32 years on this beautiful machine of a planet. I have had some experiences with emotions, sentiments and physical nature. Most of then were shortly lived, some of them even served as life long lessons. I remember my first heart break, the first time I fell and hurt myself. I even remember the first test I flunked. On the positive... [more]

Dad put that nasty teacher in her place!

I come from a reform Jewish (most liberal) family. Reform Jews don't believe in h*** or an afterlife. The focus is on a person's actions in life now. I attended public school. I was 9 years old, in 4th grade. My teacher got upset because I did some little kid thing, like whisper to the girl... [more]

Church and Religion

I went to a Catholic boarding school, so Mass was a must. After school, i stopped going to Church/Mass because I wanted a change in lifestyle. Don't get me wrong. I was and still am religious. I just don't think Church is needed in religion.
People use faith and God as a crutch, and completely bypass the fact that they're "impure" whether they... [more]

Mary Y I should not have dated you

You were a religious girl and I was an atheist. To me nothing in the bi bull made sense. I don't believe in life after death and why I went out with you is a mystery even to myself.
I wanted a girl who did s**. Pure and simply I wanted some girlfriend I could [more]

Exetenstial crisis concerning my identity

I am in my 50s and at 2am I did an internet search and stumbled upon the truth about the great family secret.
I always knew my Father carried a great burden. I always knew he had been rejected by his own father and that this man who is my biological grandfather shirked his responsibility. I never knew how bad it was.
I found it and my heart... [more]

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