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This Baptist was working with prisoners on death row

He said that he was saving the murderers from H*** and that he was proud to say that the murders who converted to Jesus were more likely to go to Heaven than the person they murdered.
That's bullshit. I was always taught that when you kill a person you took the victims sins onto yourself. I... [more]

Jehovah Witnesses and child abuse

Being born to these losers constitutes being abused as far as I'm concerned. The kid better hope he or she never bleeds out because of course, their religion forbids blood transfusions.
That's not the only danger. Child molesters in the group never or seldom get reported because the JW'S have a ritual whereby they can be forgiven of the sin... [more]


A sad confession

I Found Jesus of Nazareth!

Life after Dearh

What is meant by Predestination?

Catholics fundys and divorce


My sister is driving me fucking insane

Inevitable Sin

Secret videos

Herve.B confession-FInal Rectification of previous shares made by

Herve B-Rectification of previous share done on Thu 9th June 2009

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