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My friends house

When ever i go to my friends house i master bate in his shot milf mom or one of his hot sisters thong or bra thats in the bathroom an i put them back and now my friends sister is pregnant an she said her an her bf never had s** so i think it might be my babie meaning im a 13 year old father

Attracted to my sister in law

That am attracted to my sister in law who lives with us. She is the exact opposite of my wife and a home maker but not yet engaged or married. I look forward to seeing her everyday and just hear her voice. I enjoy undressing her with my eyes.
Of late this attraction has become sexual. I get aroused when I see her or hear her speaking. I fantasize... [more]

Lies, All lies.

I always thought my wifes younger sister had a beautiful body, I have fantasized about her many times and recently had a chance to see her naked.
She had been in town for a friends birthday and stayed at our place and after hearing her sneak in around 2:00 am i laid there trying to fall asleep but couldn't so i got up to get a drink and noticed... [more]

I'm sick of my younger sister

My sister treats me like I was a monster or a bad guy and she tells me I'm the worst thing and I ruined her life.But if you were to know me in real life I'm a very awkward and I like personal space.She says that I don't love her because she is always bothering me and I tell her to please stop. Then later I accidentally I do something wrong and she... [more]

My sister in law said she loves me & I can give her a baby

My sister in-law has been married to my younger brother for over a decade, they have 5 kids, and the youngest is under 2 years old. Suddenly, we have been flirting and seducing each other for the last month or so via text messages/chats.
She has told me she loves me, wants me, and even wants my kid. I have told her the same. The problem is, I... [more]

Dirty cross dressing

When I lived at home with my younger sister I liked wearing her dirty clothes sweaty bras panties shorts and top or blouse her musky armpit smell and body odor was a big turn on for me we looked like twins she liked it as well now when i go to spend time with her she skip the shower for an extra day to smell ripe and we will both go out to eat in... [more]

I like getting kicked in the b****

It's really weird but, since I was 10, I LOVED to get kicked in the b****. My first experience was when I stole a toy off my sister or something, then she kicked me, right in the nuts. I loved it, but haven't had the guts to tell anyone but my female cousin and sister. If any girls are out there... [more]


I was 7 and my 10 year old sister used to squeeze my nuts to get me to listen and it started turning me on. I love how she would knee me in the nuts or kick them and stand over me in her 4 inch wedges or heels. I love seeing it when other girls do this to boys: older or younger.

Sister in Law driving me crazy

My wife and I started dating in High School. My sister in law, I will call her Nancy, is a couple years younger. She started coming on to me almost right away. One time I had a headache so was laying on the couch in the basement. Nancy came down stairs and for some reason I acted like I was still sleeping. She had a night gown on and started... [more]


My gfs bro is almost 30 his dad got him a job where he works in petrochemical plants he started in the field and his dad gave him a good scholarship from the same company used it to go to school and moved up to a office setting. He's always been a arrogant spoiled Mexican brat. He lives with his parents still and drives a corvrtte. He's always... [more]


When nobodys home i go into my sisters wardrobe and take her panties out to sniff then m********* on

Sexy sister in law

Confess I thought my sister in law a plain Jane academic type I never thought of her as sexy.
Until she turned up to a family get together in her red and white halter dress no bra and she then got on all fours to play with the family dog.
I got an impressive view of her very ample and fantastic [more]


My brother got married to Deana about six years ago, a first marriage for both of them. Things were fine for about a year, and then he discovered she had been cheating on him since before the wedding. They got divorced soon after. The whole family hated her, and so did I. Then on Valentines Day night, my wife and I were out at a restaurant and... [more]

I love camping

My wife and I bought a big fifth wheel camper two years ago, First trip out we took her 23 year old sister with us and the kids, the master bath which is the only shower has a door from our room and one from the other side, twice while her sister was showering she didn't lock the door to our room and I went into the camper for something and... [more]

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