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Lucky me

I had it lucky having 3 older sisters, I went from diapers to my sisters hand me down panties and slips for t shirts. When I got too big for hand me downs I started sharing with my mother's panties. I did not have a clue as to how good it was. As an adult I have 230 pair of panties and no boxers.

I got the old elbow in the ribs

Last night my wife and I and her sister and the kids were all heading out for supper, Her sister has a great ass, Nice and round and it jiggles perfectly, There is nothing I enjoy more than watching her walk away.
We were in the mud room getting ready and she was wearing a pair of those grey yoga pants or stretchy pants or whatever and when she... [more]

I should shut up when I drink.

New years eve my sister in law and I were talking, I had drank more than I should have but so had she, She made some comment about needing to lose weight which is ridiculous, She is already a slim girl but she thinks she need to work on flattening her stomach, Anyway, She is pretty, slim and has big [more]

S.. With my Sister in Law

So I've been married fourteen years, and things between us have been great, however my wife's step sister, let's say is a little tramp who I actually never even noticed until two years ago, when she started dressing acctractively, and showing of some huge knockers and a sexy shape, which I never seen before, as she has always been dressing with... [more]

F this Christmas

It's 3:00am and my sister has been keeping me up all night puking in a bowl, which she then rinses out in my sink, she opened all the windows with the heat cranked on. She's loud as f*** too. The worse part is, she lives 2 mikes from my house, I wish she would just GO HOME!!!!! Why do you Insist... [more]

Rough childhood

I typed this all really fast so I'm sorry if at some points it doesn't make sense..
I've had a really rough childhood. Both of my parents we're drug addicts & alcoholics. They constantly fought each other and my mom was always leaving, sometimes she would just be gone for days. My dad used to scare the [more]

I have f***** them or been f***** by them:

Father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, soldier, sailor, physician, laborer, actor, scientist, mechanic, priest.

I caught my best friend jerking off to my panties

I'm 17 and my bestfriend is the same age. About a week ago, he came over to my house and I went down the street to get food while he stayed at my house. I came back about 30 minutes later and saw him jerkig off to my panties. He was laying on my bed, when I walked in I asked him what the h*** he was... [more]

I like getting kicked in the b****

Well, ever since I was 10 years old, I really enjoyed getting hit in the b**** by attractive women, although I never had the guts to tell anyone but my sister, and my to female cousins. My sister would gladly do it for me but she is pretty weak. If anyone wants to kick me in the [more]

I thought I wanted to find my father

I found my dad after 13 years. He's in jail for murder. I've talked to him and discovered, I happy that he's safe and somewhere I don't have to worry about him but I do not want to talk to him anymore. He's a racist, sexist a****** and belittles me by treating me like I'm to stupid to understand... [more]

I hate my sister

I hate my little sister. When we were kids I'd protect her and I loved her but now we're adults and I can't stand the sight of her. She and her children currently live with me and she's a horrible mother, she calls them names, feeds them junk food 24/7 and gets mad whenever me or my mother tell her anything. Her husband is no different, they... [more]

Trick or treat

It was Halloween
and my wife and her sister and I began drinking before going to a party - they were in disguise - I was not but they decided I should dress as a woman - they got some of thier sexy cloths for me - my wife is tiny so her sister got her bra and panties for me to try on ( turned me on ! ) got to the party and had a great time and... [more]

I caught a glimpse

My wife, her sister and myself went shopping the other day, The two of them were shopping as I went to wander the mall, I met up with them and went to a store with them, I sat on a bench in the store as they tried on clothes, The change rooms were small with a curtain for a door, I looked at the change room my wifes sister was in and she had left... [more]

Realized too late

I suppose I am writing to this as a last plea for help, as I am torn and cannot share my secret with anyone.
I've been with my fiancé for almost six years. Initially, our relationship developed very quickly with me moving into his house after he suffered an accident that left his temporarily disabled. My fiancé lives with me and his father... [more]

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