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Susie Ties & Tortures

When my mother started working when I was 10, my sister and I would stay at my Aunt Jenny’s house. We had three cousins. The two oldest were girls. The younger girl was the same age as my sister and would go and play together. The older sister, Susie, was 13. She had a crush on me apparently and would try to get me to play with her. I didn’t want... [more]

Micropenis cuckold sissy

I have a micropenis, I started wearing panties when I was 10 or 11 I think. A pair of soft nylon bikini briefs belonging to my older sister caught my eye, I just had to try them on. I've been wearing panties off an on until 2018. My now ex gf decided my sissy c*** is too small for men's underwear and... [more]

Can’t Get Her Out of My Head

I started dating a girl in October that was just coming out of her shell and getting over her social anxiety.
My sister called her ugly, my classmates (I’m a senior in hs and she’s a college freshman) made fun of her too, but I really liked her. Never told her about the teasing.
One day she said,
“James, I think you’re a good dude, and... [more]

Anything goes .

If God thought incest is wrong , why did He give us relatives ? Oh , my sexy sister .

Pedo thoughts

Some times I get the feeling that I should f*** my little sister she’s 10 I’m 17 not sure what to do tho ? Text me ynrich-oz on snap or something

Sis Got A Car From Dad

My sister is admittingly pretty slutty. Brings home a guy every 2 weeks or so and it's usually pretty late. It's just my dad, sister and myself that live at my place since our mom passed away 2 years ago.
My sister had turned 18 a few months ago and not to my surprise I got home pretty late and I could hear her moaning from her bedroom. I went... [more]

Same old, same old

Why do you people have no imagination? It's always the same old s*** on this website. "I'm a guy who likes to dress in women's clothing. Don't I look dainty? Don't call me a homosexual though even though I tuck my p**** in. Look at me I'm... [more]

Three Themes That Need to Disappear

Why do you people have no imagination? It's always the same old s*** on this website. "I'm a guy who likes to dress in women's clothing. Don't I look dainty? Don't call me a homosexual though even though I tuck my p**** in. Look at me I'm... [more]

I don't wanna be monster

Hello I'm Sam I'm a 17 yr old and I get angry lot of times and I yell at my family member at small arguments my mom my dad my grandma and my sister I have bunch of friends but no one talk serious about I loved a girl but I messed all the things up cause I did lot of s***** things I'm shame of and now... [more]

My aunts

My three aunts and I ended up having s** about 15 years ago when this started. My first was incredible Judy w the booty, then it was onto my mom’s younger sister, and then I was on for the youngest sister. I also started f****** my first cousins (5) and... [more]

Sister naked

Soo today I was kinda h**** and outside my sister's room Nd I can hear wenever she is getting changed ... Soo I could hear her pulling her trousers down to put tights on and I instantly walked in and heard her saying I'm getting changed late even tho she knew I was there and I was like oh quick I... [more]

Asked to dinner but I'd have to wear a dress!

I’m 16 and this guy in my class asked me to dinner at a country club with his family on Valentine’s Day. He’s a nice guy but said I’d have to wear a dress! Said he’s wearing a coat and tie and something like it’s a formal place and women wear dresses or pants suits and NO flip flops! wtf!
I normally wear a t-shirt with leggings and flip flops... [more]

Wakeing up hard

My mom is poor and I need to share a bedroom with my sister. The beds are separated but we can see each other. I am 13 and wake up with an erection every morning which sometimes sticks out of my boxers or otherwise sticks out like a pole. My sister is 12 and sometimes she pulls on it or tries to rub it to make fun of me. I am a heavy sleeper and... [more]

Caught my sister in the act

I can’t believe it.
I had suspected that my older sister was fooling around with my husband. They always seemed close and had a different kind of connection.
But I never suspected this would ever happen. My sister came by to “borrow” my son to help her with some repairs after the storm. He is 16 and quite handy around the house like... [more]


I confess i am a closet crossdresser and prefer to wear women's clothing and lingerie around the house. I love using meth and my sister also users it.late at night we get on the meth and it puts us both in a h**** kinky mood. I dress up in lingerie and a dress and we take a late night drive in the... [more]

It's Lent, so confess your filthiest sins to Sister!

Confess your know that you want to. Confess your filthiest sins, and don't lie to me! Nuns always know, and lying will just make your penance worse. Kneel on the floor with your hands behind your back while I ready the instruments of your mortification.

I let my wife peg me...

My wife wanted to peg me and she begged me to let her. I finally allowed it. Her sister was staying with us at the time and she let her sister watch as she shoved a huge d**** in my ass. It was very big and she was rough and it hurt. When I told her it hurt she said good. Her sister cheered her on so... [more]

I want to murder my step-father...i think i might be going crazy

I'm 14. my bio dad went to prison when i was four so it's not like a "omg i hate you, you're never going to replace my dad'' type thing. It's just the simple fact that I hate him and it's my moms fault. she's been with him for the past 4 years or was fine when they started dating because to be fair, my mom used to be a hoe. I thought he... [more]

Her fantasy

Her Fantasy
When Irene and I were first dating she shared with me that she was molested in a park as an 8 year old girl. She said that she and her twin sister were playing in the park when they were approached by 2 teen aged boys. Each boy took one of the twins off to different secluded areas of the park separating the sister from one another... [more]

Daughter in law, her best friend, and her cousin

Daughter Inlaw, Her Cousin, And Best Friend
I have always been a little bit of an exhibitionist. At 52, i csn still outwork guys half my age in the gym. Few believe im in my 50s. Im 5'10", 185 lbs, 44 inch chest, 30 inch waist, wide shoulders, and 17 in bicepts. I have women half my age flirt with me at the gym, but ive always been faithful to... [more]

No longer want to be married

I have been married now for a year and 2 months. I have come to grips that sometimes some couples don’t work out no matter how hard you try. I was accused of hiding things from her on my phone, but when she hacked into my Instagram and other social media accounts and found nothing. She was so upset that she resulted in cutting herself about it..... [more]

Moment he will never forget

I don't care that i will be hated for what i done tonight i was staying round my sister's house while she went out and things happened with my 15 year old nephew one minute we was just chatting and the next moment i was kissing him and we ended up having s** twice i was just putting my knickers back on... [more]

Family love

I was alone in my house with my wifes sisters daughter aged 12,we were watching a movie on the TV and during a break, I got up to got to the toilet and said to her keep my place on the sofa warm for me until I got back.
On my return I sat down beside her and she snuggled up to me. At first I took it as an innocent move on her part so thought... [more]

My beautiful sister Sophie

My big sister Sophie is the most beautiful and sexy woman I’ve ever known.
I’ve never told anyone or written to anyone about this. We are from a good family, from a nice park of England, well educated and successful in our careers so far. Our secret is that we have, on and off, had a sexual relationship since we were very young (I was 10 and... [more]

My sister

I'm lesbian for my sister she's so sexy but she has a bf I hate him but he's sexy too and to be honest I think my sister fantasises about us all having a threesome ;)

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