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H**** Pet Dog

So im a 15 year old Mexican/American female. 2 months ago my parents got a dog for me and my little sister. Me and my little sister allways wear nothing but a T-Shirt and no panties, when ever were at home. Our parents know about this and think its cute. I do it because when i wear no panties people can smell my [more]

Sharing my sis in law's pics online

I had obsessed over my sis in law and her nice big t*** for years. After helping her with a computer problem one day about 7 years ago, I came across some nude pics of her. I couldn't believe after years I had finally seen those t***. I saved the pics... [more]

So f****** hot

My sister in law is f****** sexy and of corse I can't f*** her but I can't help but feel what it would be like and get hard every time I see her in her tight yoga pants.her ass is so fat and round and iv seen it befor but haven't had a chance to see... [more]

Nasty adult stepdaughter who lives with Dad

I'm divorced and in my 40's, no kids and financially successful. Met the love of my life who was separated for 3+years when we started dating. Two kids live with him, 20&25. Mother is non-participant in their lives, makes zero effort. We waited almost two years before I met them to get through divorce proceedings. They knew nothing about me. Once... [more]

I got naked and went into my girlfriends little sisters room

I got naked one night and went into my girlfriends little sisters room while everyone was away. I grabbed a few panties, high heels from the closet, and pics, and recorded myself jerking off and cummin in her bed. I also came her in tissue box.

Sister in laws b***.

We just returned from a vacation with myself, my wife, her sister and her sisters boyfriend, While on the beach the one afternoon my wifes sister was laying out in a big lounge chair beside me and rolled onto her side, She is a bit "Top heavy" and with her bikini on one of her b**** flopped out, She... [more]

Regret Stealing Sister In Laws Panties

My wife's sister had a BBQ recently and we all drank heavily. My SIL's husband had work that night and left. After drinking all day my wife was very tired and went to bed early with my kid leaving me downstairs with her older sister and their teenage nephew. Being pretty drunk I said I needed to check on my wife and kid.
I peeked in the extra... [more]

I pity nay for her a b**** of a cold hard mother

Des is a refrigerator mother and I never saw nay over drama thing at all. with a male mother like that, a sigh would be drama. des can see and feel what others do she is so cold and hard. she shed no tears for her sister's death so I thought she was a liar and making stories up and she is a cheat. and a [more]


The other weekend I stayed at my sister and brother in laws, after everyone went to bed I brushed my teeth and went to go upstairs to get a glass of water, I got to the top of the stairs and their bedroom door was open, just as I got to the top step my brother in law walked past the bedroom door naked, I stopped and turned around deciding I didn't... [more]

F****** moron of a step son

I have a step son who is 6 years old and has ADHD and ASD (autistic) me and his mother havr had a baby together and i cant deal with him anymore
He goes to school but is dumb as a doorknob, just everything he does s**** me to tears! No manners at all
Only thinks of himself

Being Transparent

I am a survivor of physically, emotionally and psychologically abusive parents. There are very few people who know me that are aware of this fact, and even they don't know everything. So, in order to practice telling the whole truth to them and someone else, here I am on an anonymous confession site putting it all into words.
My parents were... [more]

Wifes step sister

Last summer my wife and I stayed at her moms house for a few days, Her mom was getting married and had planned on leaving on her honeymoon right from the reception so with my wife being an only child and her new husband having only one daughter the two were to be her moms bridesmaids, We spent a couple days at her house before the wedding, My... [more]

Good morning

I woke up this morning to go to work at 6:00 am, I had to run downstairs to grab my boots out of the utility room where my boot dryer is.
The bathroom light was on and the door was closed but I didn't think much of it, I turned on the hallway light and went into the utility room, As I came back out the door to the bathroom opened and my wifes... [more]

Is a final fling a real thing

I am engaged to be married in 6 months, We are doing a double wedding in Jamaica and my friend asked me the other night if we had discussed our "Final flings", I had no idea but she told me her and her husband are doing it.
She says they have already discussed it and have it all planned out, Is this a real thing, Do people actually do this, She... [more]

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