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Sister got me her for my birthday

It was my 17 birthday party it was a pool party and i had fue friend over i was many hanging out with my friend carly ho was 18 and i won't her she was sexy i talked her in to senking off with me so we wint to this van we had at Uther end of ower place it was out of site we got in the back if she was about 150 lbs with dd tites and a cute face i... [more]

Touching p**** lips of own sister

One night I during midnight walked up my sister's bed and sat on the floor and slowly removed her blanket just upto her side as she was sleeping sidewise and buttocks at the edge of the bed. I carefully lifted her half skirt in the dark, but the street lights coming through the window showed her bulging bottom. I could see her outline of [more]

Best rack

My wife's baby sister has the best rack, Hands down never have and never will see anything like them, I accidentally walked in on her yesterday while she was changing, She and my wife were going to hop in the hot tub and she was changing in our ensuite closet and I came in after work, My wife was downstairs doing something with one of the kids and... [more]

Slept with sisters girlfriend

My sister finally came out as a lesbian about two years ago, and now has a serious girlfriend. My sister believes that she only likes girls, but I found out she is bi. We both still live at home, and after they came backe from a night out, I got in to a drunken conversation with the girlfriend after my sister fell asleep. Don't know why, but I... [more]

My sister caught me walking around the house in boxer briefs

She kicked me in the b**** for it

2 BCC and 1 chubby friend

I was at the mall the other day by myself looking around a feminine store to buy my sis a Bday present. Ive always been straight, I love women and p****, but Ive also watched a lot of p*** since young especially “[more]

Panty sniff and w***.

Years ago new Years nights i was at one of my female friends sisters house to see in the bells. The night was great i haddent seen them all for ages. Anyway it was a wee bit of a walk back home and my friend asked if i would like to go back to theirs for some more drinking and catching up. Friend and i have kissed and had a bit of a fell down... [more]

My c*** is too thin!

I must say that, I’m blessed with a very thin c***. He’s not short, he’s 17 cm long but looking to my friends when we shower after sports or when we do our circle jerks as all teenage boys do, mine is very slim. Almost only the half of the other boys. My grandma, with who I could talk about anything... [more]

Me, my wife and my sister in love

I'm a guy 38, and my wife and wmy sister Sarah and her boyfriend Bobby went away for a long weekend.
We all got completely drunk, and my wife Jean started given my sister boyfriend Bobby a lap dance. The two of them had been flirting all day. I saw my wife feel his c*** in the pool. But I was... [more]

Beach orgy

I want to watch the family females and males aunt's uncle's sisters ect.. and me all have a hot nasty wet orgy on the Beach! I want to watch my sisters sucking off my uncle's and my mom and aunt f****** their brother.. I want to watch them lay down naked on the hot beach and eat ice cream... [more]


I m 25 and my sis is 35...last night we just falked about cuckold couples and threeaome sin online olatform happeni g now a days...and ....she told me she has a friemd whos ehubby cheats i tokd her she can also cheat him.and then all the talks happend...she said...when she got married...she used to lots of [more]

Widowed secret Lesbian, Daughter issue

To start I'm a 39year old widow. I am also a closeted lesbian. I have only been with two people in my life, my late husband Tom. The other was my sister Gloria who died when I 1.
Gloria was 2 years older than me. I was 12 and she was 14, when we became lovers. We kept our love for each other a secret from everyone and I was devastated upon her... [more]

Shared a changing cubical with sister at pool

This happened over the summer, but only just found this site. I am 17, my sister is 19 and at university. Over summer she was home, and a bit bored. She said she swam at uni and wanted to go to the pool, and invited me as I used to swim a fair bit.
When we got there it was packed, and trying to find available changing cubicles was proving... [more]

Try it.

My sister and I swapped husbands for a night, Yup that's right with my sister and her husband, We were on a trip together for a funeral of an old family friend, It was in our home town which is not very big so we ended up staying in a double room and getting drunk with old friends we haven't seen in forever.
We drank too much and one thing led to... [more]

SIL surprise

I had an oops with my wife's sister last night, It was just me and my wife and her sister who had come to the city for a couple days and was staying with us, We had all gotten hammered and went to bed, I walked past the door to their room and she was sitting on the side of the bed wearing just her pyjamma pants, She was just sitting there and... [more]

Helping bro and siser in law

Well got married this nice english man open my mind so much never relised how littie i know well bro and sister in law was trying have baby was speaking husbond abouot and he said probley due to lack knowleage bro not getting his wife relaxed wet etc and needs do things well was speaking them about and they had no idear just like i did not befor... [more]

Thank god she is my step.

The other night I was laying in bed and could hear whispering and giggling coming from my step sisters room down the hallway, I snuck out of bed and tip toed up to her door, I could hear her and her best friend Andrea whispering and giggling but I could hear heavy breathing also.
I got down on the floor and tried to peek under the door but could... [more]

To my beautiful sister,

I'm so in love with you. I look back at when we used to live in the same household and i wish i'd given you more attention. I should of hugged and kissed you and given you more of my time. The times we did go out together were fun and we should of gone out more frequently. I would of loved to of taken you on holidays to different countries and... [more]

Sister took pity on me

My sister has a habit of not getting dressed until she goes out or has a friend visiting. This means she wears PJ's round the house a lot. She does not wear a bra, and so I can see her nipples through the tops, and the tops are often short so I can see her little tummy, and if she bends over I can see a lot of cleavage, sometimes even her full... [more]

I think somethings happening with my mom and boyfriend

I’m going to start this off with I hate my mother ive never had a relationship with her. She used to be naked in front of me all the time growing up and it’s mentally scarred me it mostly stopped a good few years ago but I still have nightmares of it all the time. I’m 20 and my boyfriend has been living with us for a year. I’m moving out soon... [more]

My sister first time

It was a Saturday morning back win i was 15 i was sleeping in win i noted someone rubbing my d*** i slowly open my i to see ho i seen my little sister rubing her p**** on my d*** she waring nothing but... [more]

Patrick's Feminine Obsession

Hi, My name is Patrick K. and I am a Cross dresser. I have been cross dressing since I was about 11. I started with my sister Theresa's lingerie. It was such a rush when I was that age! I would try her things on and even stash them in my room. Sometimes I would dress at night when family was sleeping and walk around quietly. I would visit... [more]

She knew??

Last night my wife sat down with me and her sister who has been living with us for the last 7 years, My wife's baby sister moved into our place when my wife's mom passed away unexpectedly and my wife was 26, Her sister 17, She finished school and stayed living with us while attending community college then just stayed.
When my wife's sister was... [more]

I'm a pantyhose pervert

Ever since I can remember I've had a fetish for pantyhose. Panties too. In the 60's pantyhose were starting to get popular. Stockings were still popular too. The miniskirt was very popular and when the girls wore garters and stockings one was sure to see sme b*****. The girls always wanted to look... [more]

Oh the memories

My wife's sister was an "Oops baby", My wife was born when her mom was 20 and her sister when her mom was 33 to different fathers and are completely different, I'm 3 years older than my wife, My wife was 31 and pregnant and her sister came to our place from her first legal night at the bar on her 18th birthday.
My wife was at her moms and I had... [more]

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