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They buried a career criminal in my ancestral cemetary

He died in prison and he had done many bad things. Sexually molested children robbed houses and he had beaten his wife to death. You could not say he had a single redeeming quality. A monster but here his family was burying him in a nice coffin with a nice marker. The marker says beloved son on it.
How could anyone love this monster? If... [more]

Please God help

I love my wife more than anything in the world. She's my best friend and my whole world, but, her kids...
Her older son has aspurgers, he's generally a good kid. He's 15 and for the most part keeps to himself. He has a really high iq and is smarter than most kids in his class and for the most part him get along great. (Except for his eating... [more]

Stepchild is slow and violent.

My husband to be has 3 children by / different mums. The first mum is fine and a nice lady, the second one is dumb as brick.
He has 2 children with that woman. A boy and a girl. The girl is 3 and a half and her speech is severely delayed. Like, the worst I have ever seen in a child her age.
They suspect she has autism, I don’t know what... [more]

Hate this b******

I hate my boyfriends b****** son. I wish he was never born && every time i see him I just want to throw him against the wall or something. I truly wish he were dead.

Ex gfs son m********* on game chat

3 yrs ago I was staying at my exs for a one night stand and in the morning her son who was 11 was up early with me playing on the ps4, I was just in my boxers and was sitting on the settee, he was crossed legged on the floor, I noticed he was staring at the floor between my legs but I kept my attention on the TV, when he got up to go in the... [more]

Sleeping nude.

When it does get to hot the clothes or pajamas must come off.My family many years ago one hot and muggy night with no air conditioning.The kids my step daughter and step son and my two boys and grandson were complaining big time.What did we do suffer more no we told the kids take off your pajamas and sleep nude.It sure got quiet in no time.

Family bed.

I hate my step daughters

I Found Jesus of Nazareth!

My Autistic toddler

You're trying to take my Randy away

I hate mexicans


Talking to an ex Jehovah Witness is like talking to a refugee

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