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Slutty mum

Growing up i couldn't bring friends home because my mum would try and sleep with them and would hear her with different guys even now she's still the same and would flirt with family members and found out she had s** with at least 2,she's been coming round my house dressed up to slutty for her age she's... [more]

My girlfriends kid gets on my nerves

I’ve been seeing my current girlfriend (26f, 33m) for 8 months and everything between us is great. She is sweet, patient, and understanding. She treats me really well. We’re currently doing long distance (1hr 30 distance) and I try to visit at least once a week.
After a few months of dating she decided to introduce me to her son. His dad is an... [more]

Midnight f***

It's not the first time ive had to wake my son up when he's been watching half naked women,last night i was only wearing knickers when i popped my head around the door and seen he clearly been wanking off and fallen asleep his c*** was still in his hand,I was amazed how big it looked and had to... [more]

Son is the only one i can be honest with

I'm very close to my 25yo son we can chat about anything and he will listen,he's noticed ive been feeling down lately and asked me why and told him it's because me and his dad haven't been having s** lately and i miss it,he was trying to be helpful by giving me advice i should dress up or maybe wear... [more]

Casting couch son

I showed my sister what i found on my 22 year old sons laptop it's full of incest p*** and her 16 year old daughter seen it to and my 35 year old sister came up with a plan to get her camera out and get him to do a casting couch as us 3 watch when he came in he seen his laptop and i told him what i... [more]

Magic touch

I've known for around a year now that my 15 year old son has been talking my underwear to j*** off with and with him looking at me when he thinks i can't see him and decided to have a chat with him,I sat next to him as he was sleeping and put my hand on his leg and slowly moved it up and noticed he... [more]


I accidentally recorded a fart and texted it to my son. It was 630 AM, I wasn't wearing my glasses, and had no idea it happened until I checked later to see if he had responded to a previous (pre-fart) text.

I got cheated by my girlfriend

Today I caught my girlfriend cheating on me I'm f****** mad i don't know what to do anymore, i f****** loved her more than everything , i gave her everything , but she f****** cheated on me , I... [more]

Sit 'n Sleep

It was to good old days in the mattress business. When Larry Miller would host parties. There was so many drugs; coke, pot, pills. The tables would have lines lined up for anyone that wanted some. Larry was so generous because he was making so much money. And the hookers, he would get five to ten women to come to the parties. If Larry's wife saw... [more]

I just caught my son sniffing and wrapping his p**** in my pantie

Hi My name is Hasbeena and I come from an indian household and currently living elsewhere. I googled and figured out people talk about this here because I'm not sure what to do. Me and my family went out to a shopping mall my sons and my husband. One is 15 (one who I caught) and other is 18 after a long day of shopping we have a rule to put our... [more]

Amanda Jenkins is a Pedophile

Amanda Jenkins is a pedophile. She gargles her own son's c*** every night and he's only 12. She's the one who created the adrenachrome child s** ring and she's directly responsible for Madeline McCann's abduction and murder. That's why she accused... [more]

Stop watching p*** hub

I posted a story about some of the dates I had been on a long time ago and thought I would update with the more recent ones.
So, 42, Single and took a break but started dating again, What a mistake, I have tried this a few times and have come to realize guys are disgusting pigs, I just want a guy who want's regualr things and a regular life and... [more]

Assisted showers

I'm 24 and have been renting a room from Jeff and Sandra for almost 2 years. They are very nice people and I always did and still do get along with them. They are both about mid 50's and always respected my privacy. Anyhow to the embarrassing part. I got hurt in work this past June at a time when I was only working 2 or 3 days a week because of... [more]

Ptsd from my time as a nurse

I'm a former nurse with PTSD from something that I did.
When I first became a nurse, I assisted the clinitions that circumcised new born boys. I cry thinking about what I did. We tourture baby boys. Sometimes we didn't even use anestetic. I would hand the boy back to their parents and said that it's normal for them to cry for a few hours. We... [more]

Shiny tight luster

Ever since I was a young man I lusted after women in one piece bikinis bathing suit tight spandex workout outfits Lycra outfits leggings I'll sort of anything is bright and shiny I love satin silk spandex Lycra I love the feel of it I wear it from time to time I love to wear panties I have a girlfriend and and three daughters with her but what a... [more]

Gf son is f****** up a good thing

I’ve been with the girl for almost a year. She’s got a great career and is an absolute angel the only problem is her p**** ass son. He is so annoying I can’t stand his ass. Instead of playing with the other kids outside he literally wants to dance around and sing and [more]

I confessed to my mum tonight

I confessed to my fifty five year old mum tonight that I have spied on her undressing since I was Fourteen to see her naked. I'm now twenty five years old. . I explained I'd also watched her aged about twelve through the keyhole in her bedroom get naked for her boyfriend to f*** her.
Mum... [more]

I don't like my husband anymore

He's treating me like s*** even though I'm loyal, faithful and do so much for our children, home and even him.
I'm tired of him working from home. I'm tired of his mantrums. I'm tired of his contempt, scorn and disrespect.
If I had somewhere to go I would leave and take our children with me... [more]

I can't stand my husband's kid

He's smelly. He is covered in acne. He is addicted to videogames thanks to his worthless, idiotic w**** of a mother.
My husband's son is arrogant, smug, rude and entitled. He's also a sexist pig!
I told my husband his kid has to leave at 18. But my husband is a wimp when it comes to SS. I know... [more]

Attracted to step son

Im 31. Ive been in a long term relationship with an woman. She had 2 kids before we met. An 8 year old boy we can call Adam and a 14 year old girl we'll call Meg.
I been an unofficial step dad to them for almost 10 years. I say unofficial because i haven't adopted them. Recently, the wife and i havent had much success being intimate. Im... [more]

Son caught in pantyhose and using psnties

I caught my son masturbating in my tan glossy work tights he was using the lace panties I wore to work also , when I walked in and seen him , I froze he seen me and and was shocked and the panties fell to the floor some of his juice went onto my nylon covered leg , I unfroze and just left , wat do I do know , talk to him or leave it ,

Husband mad cos I owed myself on car journey

I was travelling with my husband and 2 children (DD6 and DS8). My husband is loving and kind, but he does have a really volatile temper, and can explode at the tiniest thing. He also makes a lot of jokes at my expense, and if I get upset then he says I have a “stick up my a***” and need to learn to... [more]

My daughter in law is a feeder and I hate it

I love my daughter in law, to clarify, but she is making my son fat and it needs to stop. I looked into this online and apparently it's more common than ppl think, I am 100% sure she is making him fat on purpose. And he either doesn't care or doesn't notice (probably the former).
At first he'd just put on a little weight around the holidays... [more]

Ungrateful guest

Let my adult son g/f move in over a year ago because she was homeless. She is according to her traumatized by her abusive parents, I felt bad for her. Fast forward a year, she broke a toilet, doesn’t do dishes or clean up after herself after cooking leaving sticky or greasy counters. Come home from work today after working 4 days in a row... [more]

Mother in Law

I met my wife while in College, she is gorgeous, fell in love first sight. Before I met her, I never was serious with girls, I never had any issues attracting girls. Women were easy for me, old young didn’t seem to matter, when I wanted needed one, one was there. This all changed when I met my wife. I am 6-3, 220, my wife is 5-10 maybe 145, d... [more]

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