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Are all lads like it

I pinched my son's butt when we was having a picture taken and he returned with rubbing his hand on mine,now he tells me i should wear short skirts or dresses with stockings to show myself off,he sometimes he goes to his room for a few minutes,what's he up to?

A perverted person?

The people who know my fetishes and my postings here or in TUMBLR or else know, that I am deep inside me a perverted person. I only never would live it out, but i have it in my head. as there is:
1. My son is 15 now and when he was young (from birth to 3 years) I su-cked his c*** from time to time... [more]

So offer's to step in for his dad

Had my son when i was 14 and he is 19 now,we are very close do most things together,I happened to mention that his dad can't get it up anymore and i missed having s**, He came up behind me and hugged me said it's ok im here if you need me and felt his d***... [more]

Slutty sister

I was watching a video on my son's phone of him filming my younger sister,in the video she walked over to the door and you can hear her say it's ok she's in the garden,she walks back to him and sits on a chair and tells him to keep an eye out for me,she's giggling and then i see his d*** come in to... [more]

Watching my own son

I caught my 21 year old son wanking now i can't stop myself, it was by accident first time and was well impressed how big he was,I've even started to walk round the house half naked to try and get something to happen,I just want to walk up to him in the middle of jerking off but not sure how he will react.

My mother

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom quickly became a black out then pass out cold drunk. I hated Mom drunk like that because she was not the mother that I knew. She would hang on me telling me that I was just like my dad in everyway looks and personality. Late at night she would be in the kitchen drunk with the radio playing loud... [more]

My son jerks off

Walked in my son's bedroom as he was having a w***,I stood in his door way and he had his back to me,after about 20 seconds and still not knowing i was there i was interested in what he was wanking over, walked up behind him and called him a naughty boy he was wanking over a picture of me,I made him... [more]

Mom son's c** in my panties

I caught my son Anthony doing that at 15. He jerked off in to a pair of lacy white panties and was putting them back. But my reaction was amazing. It was the summer, and I was going to work and had a dress on but no pantyhoses. I took the pair he came in sniffed them then slipped off the pair I was wearing and slip on the ones with his [more]

I need help

Three years back our family went on a trip to a hill station with my dad's friend who has a really cute son (lets call him X) . We've been friends and playing together since childhood. Anyways at the trip I get extremely sick and my mom gives me a medicine that probably had a sedating effect. I'm sleeping in bedroom upstairs and feel someone... [more]

I ruined the most healthy and positive relationship I ever had

I f***** up by proclaiming my love for my oldest and closest friend. And it gets worse.
Sharon has always been an amazing friend to me. We have known each other for over 20 years had we mesh really well. We never judge each other or the relationships the other had. Until recently. Sharon had been... [more]

Had to do it

I'm a 33 year old single mom and been sleeping with my son for a year,I would think about him when pleasuring myself,so one afternoon i desided that was the day it was going to happen,I had it all setup had p*** in the dvd player and when he came and sat down in the living room i pressed play,he... [more]

My wife made me and our two sons fat. And I was in on it

It all started about 3 years ago. At the time I regurarly visited a gym. I was nowhere near as jacked as some guys you see, but I was in really good shape. And our teen boys were also into sports. One played soccer and the other water polo, and they were just generally very active.
Now one night me and the wife were having this deep... [more]

Happy son

My teenage son was looking after my sisters house when we was out shopping,we came back and he wasn't down stairs and we both went up to see where he was,that's when we seen him laying on her bed with a pair of her knickers wrapped around his d*** wanking off,we couldn't help but laugh as we rushed... [more]

Been wanting it

I've been having fantasy's about f****** my son,I'm 35 and have 2 kids son 16 and daughter 14,for a year ive wanted to take him to bed and drain his b****,I even wear slutty clothing to get him turned on and leave my door open hoping he would look... [more]

He was a virgin

In the last few weeks ive seen many posts about moms and sons at least im not the only one,. I'm 38 and my son is 21,he stayed in one night a few weeks ago and we ended up having a good chat,I asked him about girls and he tried to avoid the question and got embarrassed,I was interested in knowing why and he eventually told me that... [more]


Some years ago, I lived in a state that bordered Mexico. Over the time I lived there I became aware of corruption within local law enforcement and attempted to expose it. During that period an individual who was in the US illegally contacted me. He told me his wife, son and daughter had been murdered by members of a drug cartel that operated... [more]

With stepson

This may not really be a stepson situation, but I'm writing anyways. I'm a 37yo woman married to a 6yo man. We been married for over 4 years. For the past 7 months I been "dating" (on the very DL) my husband's 23yo son from his third marriage. I swore to myself that I would leave him alone (too close!!!), but then . . . . . I got a good look... [more]

Sister and son

I'm 43 and got a sister who's 40 but doesn't look it,in the summer we was chatting in the garden and she asked how's in been with my son moving back in, said it's ok just hope i don't have another embarrassing situation and told her i walked in on him wanking when he was 16,it was the only thing she wanted to talk about,she likes the attention... [more]

Fun out shopping with my son

I got my 16yo son to come shopping with me last tuesday as he had a day of school,when i was trying clothes on the curtain was open a little and seen him watching me, left the shop but went back 30 minutes later same thing again this time i called him over to came in and zip me up,when i turned around you could see his [more]

H**** son

I came home from work early and seen p*** on my son's laptop,he was upstairs and his laptop was in the living room,he's 17 teen it's normal for lads to watch it but he was watching aunt and nephew p***,I told my 30 year old sister about it and that he... [more]

I'm terrified of my 14 year old son and his friends

High school was the worst 4 years of my life. I was ridiculed and bullied so severely that I began to see myself as worthless. Wherever I was, my locker, the changing room before and after gym, the parking lot after class let out, the other boys never missed a chance to let me know that I existed beneath them. As a result I've developed a deep... [more]

Falling I love

I'm a 34 mwf with a daughter and 2 younger sons. I been heavy bi since 14. My daughter's best friend at school saw me kissing one of their lesbian teachers and then a few weeks later said she'd been fantasizing about me wrapping my legs around her head. So I did that in her bed when her parents were away and grinded my [more]

Feel like I’m a failure

I feel like I’ve only ruined other people’s lives. I don’t know of one life that I have improved as of now. Just live in fear and I’m afraid of ruining things more. Pray my son is able to grow up healthy and happy inside and out. I’ve done my best to protect him from my side of the family but sometimes I feel like it’s not enough because of... [more]

African American Incest

Incest between African American brothers and sisters happens alot. Many women like me turn to our brothers because many of our men end up in prison. They turn to their sister as many of our women are into drugs.
My brothers are the best men I know, intelligent, strong, loyal and loving. Since we were early teens, we turned towards each other to... [more]

Swallowing my twin sons c**

I'm 42 and obsessed with giving my son oral s** and swallowing . There 21 now started when they were 13.
It amazing how fast they recover and are ready for more head. I blow them both at least 3 times a day. At that rate I've swallowed over 18,000 loads of [more]

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