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Do I say anything.

My step son spied on me the other night, I was in bed having a little solo go and I wasn't sure but afterward got an uneasy feeling that someone was watching me, I got out of bed and went to the window, I seen him sneaking away and going in the basement door.
I don't know if I should tell my husband or just leave it be and close the blinds from... [more]

F****** republicans

I just heard that Ruth Ginsberg has passed from cancer! This is egregious to say the least. I mean no disrespect to her and her family, death is coming to all of us! But now that son of b**** trump wants to appoint a ultra conservative judge to the highest court their is ! Do you people not realize... [more]

Woman crush

I am a married woman and a mom of a 5 year old boy. I am fixated on the principal of my son's school. She is around 20 years older than me but very attractive, elegant and British. There is just something about her. She wears very smart business suits and high heels and I find myself looking at her legs a lot. Her voice is rich (wonderful in that... [more]

My friend smoked two packs of cigarettes a day and he died of a h

The title pretty much tells the whole story. He was my best friend and the father of a son and a good provider for his wife and son. I once suggested he quit smoking but he told me he enjoyed it too much.
He was found dead in the bed of his 18 wheeler.
Ironically his widow smoked herself into a case of emphysema and died herself 16... [more]

Younger lads

I'm in my late 30's and can't stop sleeping with young lads if they are virgins that's even better,I slept with my friend son next door around 2 years ago and now s******* her 16yo.

The 17 year old boy

Hey truth teller again. The 17 year old boy that shot and killed 2 people and blew the arm off of another person, I hope the little son of a b**** go’s to the penitentiary and I hope he gets his a****** hogged out ! No 1 ask him to come from another... [more]

Impregnated a widow

I live in a small village with a population of less then 300 people.
Everyone knows each other and all are friends.
My neighbour is a 42 year old widow with two sons ages 19 and 21. Her hubby died when she was almost 9 months pregnant with youngest son. I am 32 and because she was my neighbour I helped with chores around her home and often... [more]

I want nothing to do with my brother. I take care of his unwante

He had a marriage that didn't work out and he had a child by this lady. A girl. He divorced her and remarried. His second wife wants nothing to do with his daughter and wants him to have nothing to do with her. She first lived with our parents then my angel of a wife wanted her to be with us.
This [more]

Did my old Den Mother

I’m 19 and about to head back to college. I thought I’d go see one of my old friends before I leave town. Had not seen him since last summer when I finished my Eagle Project as I went off to college soon after. We had been close friends for over 12 years as we were Tiger Cubs together and his mom was our Den Mother.
Mrs M was my first... [more]

Dad Daughter

I notice there are a lot of posts about mum son adult taboo relationships but not many about dad daughter

10 yrs ago with husband's best friend

Allan’s attractively fit bachelor, sexy eyes, ’major player’ with commitment issues, 6” 6’ and wonderful personality. He was on my husband’s lacrosse team at college. He’s a player, never seen him with the same girl twice but always treated me with respect. After college, my husband and I got married. Allan went to law school, has a successful... [more]

F***** my neighbor’s son

My husband moved our daughter into her dorm this past weekend. I was feeling depressed and when I am depressed I get a little frisky. I mean what woman would not be depressed when their youngest goes of to college.
I’m 52, petite but well endowed with a bit of a bubble butt. I saw our neighbor’s son cutting grass so I decided to go... [more]

Drunken ramblings

Yesterday was my nephews wedding, It was held at a local resort community on a lake, Everyone got a little twisted at the reception and my daughter had already headed to bed since they had begun drinking earlier in the day, My son in law who I love to death had stayed later and him (25) and I (43) were walking together back to our rented cabins... [more]

Where is my p**** cat

I'm in my 30s and I live in a house that has a shared driveway with the neighbors. My partner was out of town and I was enjoying having the house to myself. I had some wine, took a bath, and was settling in for the night. It was dark outside when I stuck my head out of the side door to call my cat in. I got no response. The neighbors house was... [more]

You need to know

Everyone out there needs to know just what kind of state Tennessee is. This is one of the most bigoted and racist states that there is. Especially the county of dekalb , smithville Tennessee! These are the most hateful racist men and women I have ever seen. Sadly I was born here and don’t have the money to move to a more open minded state . That... [more]


The other day I thought I was home alone, 48, 5' 3", 135 lbs, C's and my husband was at work, My kids were at school and I had a shower, I got out and cleaned up around the house, I was just hanging out in my around home clothes, Sweats and a t-shirt, no bra and sat down to watch a show, It was late morning and I was feeling a bit frisky, I was... [more]

In love with my Son

My son Robert is 21 and I am 42 year old widow. 3 years ago my husband died. I wish I could say I loved him but I didn't. I was a virgin when we married, I respected him and he was a good man. I never cheated, but never had and o***** with him. He was not really into [more]

I feel bad

I am married for the second time, I feel bad but cant stop f--k--g my wife's son, I had lots of gay s** in my college years you don't talk about it but it but it never leaves you, when my wife was out on a girls night, I went out with her son we got very drunk, I had a feeling hey gay so I talked about... [more]


Back in highschool me and my best friend used to have sneaky hookups from time to time, Started out in 9th grade as just kissing practice, Then a little exploration and led to touching, 10th grade was a slow progression, I had a boyfriend for a while then we broke up and around that time she started seeing a guy, We discussed a threesome but... [more]

Getting caught by mom

I met a guy at the local mall & he told me he was bisexual so I told him that I liked dressing up as a girl. He asked me if I would dress up for him sometime, I told him I would & we made plans to meet at the mall on Sunday. I chose a Sunday because my mom spends the entire day at church & don't get home until around 10:00 p.m.. I met him at the... [more]

8yo son wanted to try thong underwear.. kids are weird!

I(26f) gave my son $100 to spend on amazon for clothes and about an hour later he brings my laptop into the kitchen and says “can I get these instead of regular underwear?”.. I looked and he really found boys thong underwear on some weird website and wanted me to buy it 😂 I thought he was joking at first but he wasn’t so I told him I KNEW he... [more]


I used to dream of my wife being tucked by other men, finally after months of talking to her about it while we made love she was getting turned on by it, every night until finally she told me she would like to try it, I of course word her down mentally with a little sylvan she was already taking for snxiety, I made sure she took an extra pill, had... [more]

Couldn't Go Camping

We had planned to go camping for the first time i wasn't keen but i had to work over the weekend i wasn't bothered but i was in a way my two sons of 14 and 16 agreed to go with there steep-mum, i worked the weekend and they arrived back late Sunday they said how they had all enjoyed it, but something was different about the boys and my wife i... [more]

Fed up of life

I am trying hard to look sane, wearing good clothes, imagining and projecting everything is all fine. I am saying it is f****** s*** this life.
My wife looks like a dumb pile of s*** lying down on... [more]

Night shifts

When I work nights I work 7 in a row, starting on the Monday night. By the weekend I tend to get up later, about 2pm, last weekend I got up knowing that my wife and son had gone to meet a friend but didn’t know she was coming back to ours. I was half asleep and heading to the shower, I went to open the bathroom door but the door opened before I... [more]

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