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I have this idea... what do you think..
God is all knowing and perfect. God knows himself hence has an idea of himself. His idea of himself is perfect and exactly like himself in everything. So if God can exist on its own so his idea of himself can exist on its own, so even if God will think of other things, his idea of himself will not cease... [more]

God’ idea of Himself

God is all knowing and perfect. God therefore has idea of himself. God’s idea of himself is exact and perfect. It is so exact and perfect that it includes everything what God is.
Therefore if God is self existing and eternal, the same with God’s idea of himself is self existing and eternal.
If God is almighty, the same with God’s idea of... [more]

Gave it to him

Debbie Uses People

I hate my father so so much

I hate my dads wife more than anyone else on the planet

My love of panties

They buried a career criminal in my ancestral cemetary

Please God help

Stepchild is slow and violent.

Hate this bastard

Ex gfs son masturbate on game chat

I hate my step daughters

I Found Jesus of Nazareth!

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