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Bad Dad

I'm an overwhelmed miserable father of 2. My sons are 3 and 1 respectively and although I'm grateful for them I resent them equally. Oddly if anything were to happen to either of them I'd be devastated yet I do anything to give myself a break from being around them.
I'm 39 and my neighbor once told me, "having children is the hardest thing... [more]

Step Daughter of 12 makes me want to leave and disappear

I need help.
I feel hopeless and so unhappy.
I want to leave my husband.
We have been together for 2 years, he has a 13 year old and 12 year old daughter and 18 year old son, i have a 11 year old girl and a son of 15.
I am currently Pregnant, a high risk pregnancy.
I have had issues with his daughter since the day before our wedding when i... [more]

The Last Straw

To my sons' dad. You were once your child's world! You decided you wanted the drug life and low class white trash girls who would put up with your abuse. Your son needed you today and you didn't show again. You give him no money, time, conversation, a card for goodness sakes. He is falling hard - and you hurt him bad today by not being there... [more]

I hate my husband's son

Just a little warning, I don't appreciate any comments that hissing and dissing me or any other kind of offensive and cruel remarks. The basic is simple, if you have nothing nice to say don't need to say it at all..
I know I'm a tough girl. I have brave everything under the sun and challenges all my life. But I can't, In fact I think after... [more]

What I saw in an Arkansas jail

I was visiting my father who was the sheriff of a town in a small Arkansas town. I liked the people there but a particular incident made me wonder if they were civilized.
It seems a man working on a pig farm had gotten another workers mentally retarded daughter pregnant. The other worker was a lifelong friend of the pig farms owner.
The... [more]

F---ing little perv

My mom, her husband of two years and her husbands son stayed at my place last night, I am married with two kids and my moms "Stepson" is lucky my husband was on night shift and I have had time to calm down or I would tell him and let him beat the little puke to a pulp.
I sleep naked but I sleep with my door closed when we have company, I woke up... [more]

I hate my girlfriend's son

Very plainly...I hate my girlfriend's son. I tried to like him but in every way possible I absolutely can't stand him. She has 2 other kids and we get along fine. I'm just waiting until his 18th birthday so I can throw his ass out our house. Ungrateful incompetent dirty little s***! UGGHHHHH!!!

Who ever said u had to enjoy being a parent

I'm 24. My son is 5. He's intriguing, speaks at most times well beyond his years. He's funny silly and I often see myself in him. I love him . BUT I F****** HATE being a mom. I can't name one joyous , pleasurable thing about it. I didn't have him for awhile, my mom did. While I was in college... [more]

Raising challenged son

I'm a divorced father (48), currently single, and this year I have had primary custody of my son, who is in high school. I feel like I'm in over my head dealing with this kid.
He is failing most of his classes, despite being on a special ed plan, and does not seem to have much of a memory, or to be able to make connections between things that... [more]

I'm doing things with my step dad and I cry myself to sleep all n

Ok, when I was in 8th grade I was a cheerleader. I would wake up eary in the morning to get dressed, I would leave a crack in the door Bc I would assume everyone was sleeping. My mom and my step dad had a very young baby, so I assumed they were all sleeping. That was not the case. He would wake up early and video me getting dressed in my uniform... [more]

Inappropriate Xmas Gift

For the last year, my husband and I have had a mutual friend living with us. She was going through a tough time, so we let her stay with us. We've known her for years, and there have been no issues since we invited her to stay. She pays her rent, helps around the house, and even drives our son to and from school everyday. She has been a model... [more]

Secrete in a rural town

There was an older woman who was caring for her invalid husband and her retarded son. She was receiving Medicaid money for the upkeep of her ailing crippled husband and her equally sick and ailing son.
One day she suddenly passed away and when her home was entered it was discovered that her husband had been dead for many years and that the... [more]

I watched an execution

I posted about a man in a park who raped and murdered a fifty-something-year-old woman in a park under aggravating circumstances.
Because of my job I had to watch him die by lethal injection.
He was led into the room and like the psychopathic murderer that he was, he came in unafraid and calm. The needles were inserted without incident and... [more]


Met my second wife at work. I was just divorcing my wife. We hooked up and then got married. I made mid six figures. Every dime I spent in alimony or on my son I got grief. She would spend that amount on herself.
I. Finished paying off my wife but things never changed. First class only . Trips for her and her family. Expensive cars.
My... [more]

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