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Big Booty Hispanic Lady at Guitar Store

Yesterday,I stopped at a music instrument store to buy my little sons some things. Its a big place,I was dropping my kids off at their mom's place after, and head back to work so was in a rush.
As I was leaving,a beautiful Hispanic woman,late 20s-early 30s,walked in. She had her music in her ear,t-shirt on and short blue jean shorts. This woman... [more]

Hate being a parent

Hate being a f****** parent sometimes. It is emotionally and mentally draining. I have a very hyperactive excessive energetic 3 yr old son who just seems to spend most the day trying to wind the s*** out of me by making a mess. From.the second he wakes up he is literally like a flea jumping about and is extra noisey all the time. Nothing holds... [more]

I'm Uncomfortable around other women

It all made sense today. I've always found other women difficult to relate to, to be around and to be myself around. I have 3 brothers. I'm a middle child. I'm also a single parent (my son is 16). Being around so much 'maleness' growing up, from what we watched on TV to how we ate to where we used to hang out, and the activities we used to do... [more]

Neighbour youngster f***** my wife

One afternoon I unexpectedly come home. As I enter I quickly stop from the sounds from our bedroom. My wife was asking to be f***** harder and beg the guy not to come. He did as he was asked and gave his all calling her a w**** and hungry [more]

No I was NOT Racist, Just Fed The F*** Up With Your Brat!!

The mother of my wife is black woman and has never approved of my fiancee's decision to date and marry a white man in the entire 10 years we've been together.....yet her youngest child has a white father. My wife had her son at 16, met me at 17, and moved to be with the minute she graduate high school. This left her single mama without a... [more]

Grown Stepson Hoarder with ZERO motivation

My wife and I have been married 17 years now. We met on the internet via webcam, and enjoyed each others company. I am from Michigan. She is from Northern California. She was a single mom out of an abusive relationship with an 8 year old girl, and 9 year old boy. I had no children. We all associated on webcam.
Long story short I gave up my life... [more]

I HATE my stepdad!!!!!!!!!

I truly hate my stepdad and I am now 29 years old and haven't lived with my parents for 11 years. All through growing up my stepfather had depression, anger issues and a tendency to hit the bottle. Even though he was never physically abusive, he tried to hit you emotionally or mentally. I grew use to my childhood-teenage years with him in it... [more]

I love pee!

I often drink my own pee. Not the first morning pee because it is bitter but after some coffee with splenda and a couple of glasses of water it is not bad. My son lost his job so he and his family moved in with me. I am very careful to keep the toilet seat clean and have noticed that after my sexy little daughter-in-law goes to the bathroom there... [more]

Go away.

Over a month ago while on a vacation with my family and another family we are close with i made a mistake, A huge, stupid mistake.
The other family we spend a lot of time with has a son three months younger than me and and our parents are best friends so we obviously spend a lot of time together and have since birth pretty much, We had always... [more]

He got to live out a fantasy

Let me start by saying I DON'T CHEAT, this is the first time and it was a one time thing that will never happen again but two years ago my husbands brother got remarried to a woman with a 15 year old son. May long weekend i let him f*** me.
For the last two years i have watched him as he tried to... [more]

My Boyfriend in love with his sisters

Honestly , I have this sick feeling in my gut my boyfriend is secretly having s** with his sisters . I first started noticing things around last year. I've been living with my boyfriend & his mother for about a year and some change now and I've basically heard & seen some [more]

Being a Mom Sucks....I AM LOOSING MYSELF

I HATE what my life is now. I waited until I was 30 to have my first child because I thought I was going to be old enough...mature enough to handle the sacrifice of being a mother, of being a wife, of giving up my job (my own money, which was my ticket to "life my way"). I wasn't ready to give up MY WAY OF LIFE.
For everything that I had to... [more]

Dear dad

I question every day if it was the right decision to tell the doctors not to leave you on the machines. I wish you had been in a coma, the decision would have been so much easier. I think I'm happy that you got to meet my son before you died. I'm mad at you for not picking up a f****** phone... [more]

I love my mothers feet.

I'm 22 years old at the time of me typing this.
I've always been attracted to my mother for as long as i could remember (mostly in a romantic way) but she's always treated me like another one of her sons (obviously) but it was around the age of 13 i noticed i began to develop a sexual love, not directly to my mother but to my mothers feet. I... [more]

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