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Stepson ungrateful

This 12 year old boy is a total liar and manipulator to his father and I’m sick of it. He moved 100 miles away with his mother (which he kept a secret from his dad until the day before they moved!) which was a god send but now there’s a whole other set of issues to deal with.
He never contacts his dad and he’s on his phone 24/7, not even a call... [more]


I'd forgiven you. I don't know how, but I did. It has been over 10 years and I still don't care about my past anymore. But recently I heard numerous things about your life. You're getting divorce very soon due to your own poor choices. Honestly, it is whatever for me. However, I feel bad for her. She was a very caring and loving woman. She did... [more]

Polyamorous ideation

I have a deep desire to have a polyamorous relationship with my wife and a good friend of hers. Her friend is probably one of the best people I've ever met (next to my wife). Sexy, nice, and super smart. Her only problem is that she married and divorced a couple of real douchebags. She seems to be attracted to men beneath her and that bothers... [more]


I gave up the love of my life for a lifestyle my parents would approve of. My parents are elderly and wants what’s best for me. I come from a wealthy family by both sides mom & dad. I’m 22 Years young with a masters degree and currently still in school. Just married to a friend of the family’s son (Asian) surgeon. He’s not the best of good looking... [more]

Family conflict

Life just f***** sucks. Seriously. So, I have a step-father (lets call him, jerry(not his real name)) and step-brother (lets call him dan(again not his real name)) so, dan ran away to his real mothers house, his parents have 50/50 custody, and she refuses to let jerry see his son. So their going to... [more]

I don’t hate my 17 year old step daughter, but I don’t like her.

SD is 17. I call her “K”. Her bio Mom is out the picture since she was nearly 4 years old. Me and my husband have had K full time since then.
My husband was one of three boys to a co-dependent mother. The oldest brother did not move out of the nest till he was in his 40’s and knocked up a woman who now supports him.
My husband is the... [more]

I feel guilty

A couple months ago I took my 13 yr old son to the doctor for a check up. The doctor told me he is under weight, but I don't consider 112lb to be dangerously thin. He told me I needed to make my son gain weight, it would be the best thing for him health wise, so hearing that I agree. Because any father would want the best for his children. I... [more]

Don’t wish upon

Last year I made a post in regards to me not being able to find a gf/wife. Let me refresh a bit about me my parents died in a fatal accident both wealthy sides and fully invested in properties around the world that I now manage. Technically I don’t need the money but I work like an average person would I went to school for a Associates and have... [more]

Should I be bothered

Let me start of by saying I’m 23 yrs young, male I work as a project manager in the construction field recently graduated from University. I have a little brother who is in middle school (same one I attended) I have fully grown and developed a physique like my dad muscular slim and I go to the gym a lot. A few weeks ago I attended my little... [more]

Mom's always braless when friends are around

Hi, name is Jed.
My mom alone raised me; dad has never been around much. They had me while they were young and uh, I guess only she stood up to the challenge.
She started her restaurant business while I was young, and nowadays she has a bunch of them. She don't really have to work as well, money just keep coming in. So these last years she... [more]

I absolutely hate my girlfriend son

I absolutely hate my girlfriend son I can not stand him what’s so ever he’s so spoiled it’s unreal but my girlfriend don’t think he is as she give him everything she never had witch is wrong if you ask me I just want to hit the little c***

I'm a 71 year old man who has adopted the girl bar tender as my a

I have no children so I kind of adopted her. She has a son by a former boyfriend and I gave this child a .22 rifle. I gave the girl a .38 revolver and a switchblade because she has to work late at night.

I divorced my wife after our baby was stillborn

She wanted to name our son after he boyfriend she had before we were married. We had many arguments about this and I refused to sign a birth certificate that had that mans name on it. She said after she was found to be pregnant that she would have an abortion if the child was a girl.
The child as I said was stillborn and I refused to have... [more]

Boyfriend promblems

I have this boyfriend that i have been with going on 5 years! we have split up a few times and the last time we broke up because i went to jail for assaulting this girl that he was talking to behind my back trying to have s** with her and take her out on dates. during my time in jail i thought in the... [more]

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