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I settled for a moron

I settled for the nice guy but he's also a moron and just plain useless. I've been with him for 3 years and now we have a baby together. In the first year it was fun but in the back of my mind he was just temporary until I figure out how to break it off. Then his mother came into town and I just love her. I also for some reason fell more in love... [more]

Hello big boy

I had my son when i was 15 he's know 45 and has a teenage son,my grandson has been helping me sort my bedroom out,I only went to get a drink when i came back he had hold of my silk underwear i grabbed them off him and we joked about it and he said bet you look even more sexy which took me by surprise so i asked him does he think im sexy and he... [more]

Luvs panties

I cant help myself love smelling panties recently i managed to get pair of my friends teenage daughters panties she had only just taken them off still damp sticky they smelled sweetest ever tasted delishous i went back for more

TW!!!! My confession as a broken teen

I'm turning 14 in January, I've always been told that I'm too mature for my age though. It's probably because my childhood and innocence was stripped away from me due to trauma and horrible things, but that's a different story. Anyway, I have multiple kinks and... [more]

Rude Girl

There is a teen girl with blond hair mixed with pink hair and she is being extremely rude and prejudice and mocking people for no reason. She has a black shirt saying forever 24. This a****** has no manners.

There's pee in you frozen yogurt!!!

This is a horrifyingly disgusting confession. I’m a women in her late twenties now, and for five years of my life, I was the manager at a busy metropolitan frozen yogurt shop. I graduated college and started my career some time ago, leaving its sticky floors and annoying customers behind. But I recently noticed that it closed down due to... [more]

Son is the only one i can be honest with

I'm very close to my 25yo son we can chat about anything and he will listen,he's noticed ive been feeling down lately and asked me why and told him it's because me and his dad haven't been having s** lately and i miss it,he was trying to be helpful by giving me advice i should dress up or maybe wear... [more]

I’m so sorry

*this is extremely vulgar* so something happened when I was young and I really messed up. I can’t remember most of my childhood but I came across a post ab people using animals to pleasure them selves and I was immediately repelled because that is awful. I suddenly got a memory of my dog licking my genitals, I’m litterally nauseous typing that... [more]

I said I would

I have read so many stories on here about women who had someone do something to them uninvited and I read the comments about how the stories are fake or whatever and I said I would make a post about it.
I just wanted to say that not all of them are fake and this crap actually happens, I don't know if I am just a really good listener or if people... [more]

Stop watching p*** hub

I posted a story about some of the dates I had been on a long time ago and thought I would update with the more recent ones.
So, 42, Single and took a break but started dating again, What a mistake, I have tried this a few times and have come to realize guys are disgusting pigs, I just want a guy who want's regualr things and a regular life and... [more]

Highschool gay ecstasy fun

Mostly straight male here. In high school my male friend and I decided to try ecstasy for the first time. We didn’t know about raves or anything yet so we decided to just spend the night at another mutual friends house and take it there. Our other friend didn’t want to take it but he was okay with us doing it. We crushed the pills in the bathroom... [more]

I am a teenage boy who wears women’s thongs

I wear women’s thongs almost everyday. I just like the revealing nature of them tbh. I wear them everywhere from school to my part time job. Nobody knows I wear them which gets me a little excited. The thought of public humiliation while wearing them sometimes gets me excited. I just love wearing them especially knowing my butt is exposed while... [more]

Too dense to figure it out.

Some years back, during my freshman year of high school, it was after school had gotten out, and I walked to my dentist appointment.
I'm there, and it's close to the end of the day, as most of the staff was gone.
My hygienist was a rather attractive woman, I would say in her early to mid twenties. I remember her quite vividly now. Long brown... [more]


Pheromones, I seem to have lots of them.I'm in my 60's and I'd say I'm a confident man who's always carried himself well in a room full of people. No matter the occasion or event ,day or night, some female (wife daughter) is going to flirt and hit on me.Heck I've had them pull their pants down and bend over in front of... [more]

I can't stand my husband's kid

He's smelly. He is covered in acne. He is addicted to videogames thanks to his worthless, idiotic w**** of a mother.
My husband's son is arrogant, smug, rude and entitled. He's also a sexist pig!
I told my husband his kid has to leave at 18. But my husband is a wimp when it comes to SS. I know... [more]

Held much too tight on her lap

I just love it when a woman holds me from behind with her hands kept pulled way back extremely tight into the soft of my stomach. Comes from getting held on laps that way a lot when I was a kid, blame a couple of older teenage girls in my environment.
When I was a boy, my teenage cousin always held me on her lap with her hands kept pulled back... [more]

I watched me teenager daughter have s**.

It was late Mandy had David a friend over for dinner then they did some homework and watched some T V .
This had happened a few times so far so when Bedtime came I told them curfew was 11:00 since it was a Friday night and my husband Rick and I went up to bed and fell asleep. I woke up and it was around 11:00.
And I could hear the T V even... [more]

Im a 13 year old boy and i like girls stomach's

I know right ew he has a weird fetish now let me tell you how it happened alright so buckle up it was a friday just like any other so my parent's are out on a really long business trip and i did normal teenage stuff had party's and i will admit i drank a little so after everybody goes home my girl told me she was going to go home and bring her... [more]

Warning: Long Story Loosing V-card & Inappropriate Relationship

Warning: This is long but it is a confession and I tried to make it as short as possible. It's also the first time I've posted anything like this too.
I lost my V-card & and had an inappropriate relationship at the same time. I can’t believe I’m posting this confession after all these years. I’ve told no one. My husband doesn’t even know. I’m... [more]

Panty raid

A was constantly harassed and bullied by a group of girls from my classroom. Their favorite pass time was inventing knew ways to shame me and make me feel bad about myself. I was always scared they would beat me up if I reported them and knew the school staff would turn a blind eye and would treat it as normal teen behaviour. One day, at lunch... [more]

My only affair

This happened mid summer last year Jim and I have been married for 24 years now and our s** life has been about normal I guess by ow it is sometimes one or two times a month but again I guess normal for our age until Jim had his first heart attack .
He only needed two stents but he has become paranoid... [more]

Seen half naked in the fitting room

Years ago in the 90s, I was in a department store in a mall shopping for a new swimsuit for an upcoming trip. This was during the day malls were filled with punks running around. I picked out a black and blue two piece I liked and went into the fitting room to try it on. I had just unbuttoned my dress and took it off leaving my in a black bra and... [more]

Kids are f****** annoying

I confess that I f****** despise children from ages 0-13ish. 0-3 is cry, s***, cry, s***, 4-7 is running their mouth about s*** you don't care about, and... [more]

I love getting fatter, especially in my belly

It took me 19 years to figure this out, but I eventually realized I really enjoying eating until I feel full and about to burst, and getting fatter as a result of that because of my love for delicious food.
This began manifesting itself in my elementary years, where my eyes were always drawn towards the chubbier and fatter girls in class. I... [more]

My friend is being abused by her family......

I'll try to be as detailed as possible.
My friend is being mentally and physically abused by her family. She is 15 and her little sister is only 6, both of them are going through a lot of torture.
We became friends 3 years ago. She was always happy, social, and a really friendly person. I never got a tiny hint of what she was going through... [more]

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