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I made ourt with my boyfriend's rommate

I am 20 and I am in a serious relationship since 6 years. But since 5-6 months we are fighting and have many conflicts. About a month ago, when my boyfriend went home, my dad called and yelled at me for some things. I was sad and was looking for comfort. So i called my boyfriend's roommate(who is also a good friend of mine) to feel better. We... [more]

Is this super weird...?

I hope I can convey this in a way where no one will take it the wrong way, and it's probably going to be a long read, so buckle up for a waste of your time.
ok so I have this non-sexual "fetish" for stomachs (I'm a straight teen female). And I try to look up similar 'cases' of this kind of s***... [more]

My life as a crossdresser

I have been wearing women's clothing bras stockings lingerie dresses high heels panties all since i was seven years of age and have been doing so ever since then even though at first i was forced to dress as a little school girl for three years after getting cought crossdressing when i was a teenager but i enjoyed wearing women's panties bras... [more]

Best friends Dad

I am an 18 year old mixed girl. Heavy set. Nothing to look at. I recently started hanging out with my old middle school friend again . She means the world to me. She's everything you want in a friend and more. But things turned for the worse when I started to hang around her dad more. I was required to be in the car with him because he takes... [more]

I dropped my Mormon friend after I told him his religion was nons

My ex Mormon friend was dating a girl and she was planning to join the church and then they were going to marry. She was 23 years old and one day she told him she had lost her virginity. He was shocked and he told her the marriage was off.
This p***** me off at him and when I saw him again I... [more]

It's another petty love confession

Ok...sop....i actually did not know who to talk to...rather will anyone ever take it seriously...or would not consider it to be a teenage fantasy.....well i donot know whether it is true love, or for that matter love at all.......but all I can realllllllyyy sucks to be without this's like there is this empty void... [more]

Glory hole experience

I remember when I was a teen I went into a public toilet and went into one of the cubicles I sat down and saw a large hole I looked through and there was a guy there wanking it turned me on and I stroked my c*** I didn't have any experience of c***... [more]

I hate my step-dad

My mom cheated on my dad with this a******. She started telling me, "Don't tell dad that we were with him (the aforementioned a******)". I subsequently lie for them for almost a year because what the [more]

Addicted to catfishing people [I know i'm an a******]

I don't catfish people because i want money or to be in a relationship. I love that feeling of "first love" (genuinely only experiencing it once), and then the drama of breaking up with someone. I'm absolutely addicted to the thrill of getting someone to like you, intriguing them, and then cutting it off out of nowhere.
Guys and women alike... [more]

I feel stupid.

I have typed this out and deleted it at least 6 times but here we go.
There are lots of our friends who attend a large music festival and we even have friends who come from as far away as 6 hours but they all stay in the campgrounds so it was a bit of a downer that we would be staying in town since our camper was broken but there was no way i was... [more]

I regret becoming a parent

I've been a mom over half my life. I'm 40 now. I was 17 when I had my first child & I fell in love with being a mom. I loved his dad so much but we were young & immature. He got into serious trouble & got a life sentence in prison...yay me! I did have a lot of support from my family. At 23, I met a guy I tried to help.
He was a low life alcoholic... [more]

My belly growling fetish

Teenage girl with a stomach growling fetish. I've had this fetish since I was little. I love the sound of a gurgling, hungry, growling, belly. I get so aroused when I hear a belly. If my stomach growls I like to record my noises. I used to have friend (before she moved) who had this fetish and she confessed it to me one day when we were at school... [more]

School relationships suck

I liked this girl as a teenager and I wanted to tell her that so I did, and her friends laughed at me. After that I asked her out but she friend zoned me. Next year I found out that, the girl I liked actually liked someone in my friend group. I was excited and confident that it would be me. So I waited and soon enough she approached me and 2 of my... [more]

New form of ssux offender now.

Pay govt a licence for dating s** marriage and every baby.
i'm seriously becoming asexual.
that happened to me to... i had a teenage girlfriend when i was in grad school that i wasn't even interested in and kept trying to break up with but she would never leave
eventually she was so worried about... [more]

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