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Incest, abortion. AM I doing the right thing?

I'm pregnant with my son's baby - and yet I'm happy. Please, don't ridicule me or say anything harsh. I know I've made mistakes. I did things that I thought were smart but weren't. I can't un-ring the bell. I'm writing here for advice, and maybe to explain myself.
I was foolish and got married at age 18 and had my son, Drew (not his real name)... [more]

I just open up

I am 23 years old . Since i was a child i felt like i am inferior than others . I remember that others kids often did not like me . My mother was strict and smacked me . I started to jealous from a young age the appearance of other girls . In primary school i was jealous my best friend . In secondary school and high school i was jealous my second... [more]

Stepdaughter’s panties

I snuck into my 18yo stepdaughters room and found a pair of her Victoria’s Secret panties. They had some cream on them and I inhaled her lovely teenage p**** smell. I used some water to mix her juices back up and then rubbed them all over my c*** and... [more]

Attn Pantie freaks. I hope this happens to everyone of you !

WASHINGTON, Mo. (AP) — Police say an eastern Missouri man told officers he has an "underwear fetish" and admitted to sneaking into a home to try to steal a pair.
The St. Louis Post- Dispatch reports that 34-year-old Cody Hassler, of Washington, Missouri, was charged Wednesday with first-degree burglary, first-degree stalking and stealing. No... [more]

Weird Belly Fetish

I’m a teen male and I’ve had this fetish for a long time. The interest for stomach growls, stomach tricks, and stomach play. I love to listen to a hungry stomach growl. I love to know a girl who can roll their stomach and do other kinds of tricks. I love to play with a girls stomach by rubbing or fingering their stomach. I’d love to talk to any... [more]

My dad beats me

I have been dealing with abuse since I was younger and saw my dad physically and verbally abuse my mother . As I got into my teen years he started to do the same to me but now I’m 21 years old and my dad still finds the need to physically abuse me to the max . In which I have scares and bruises . Last night was the night he pulled me out of bed... [more]

A slutty ride in a train

I'm a 22 years girl living in Delhi, India. It was about a day when I was in a metro train travelling to my home. The coach was quite a bit occupied and I was a part of it. I was wearing a bodycon dress that day when a bunch(4) of teenage school boys saw me. They were probably 16 years old. They kept staring at me for next 15 minutes. I heard... [more]

I'm a depressed, self-harming teen who fantasizes about death

I am depressed for no reason. Only reasons I can think of are that I have a hard time socializing and am always miserable and cry when I am at school. Other than that I am well-liked by many, and grade point average of at least 4.00 and have a family that loves me a little too much. I have many fandoms that distract me for which I am greatful, but... [more]

Getting Too Exited Part 1

“Getting Too Exited”
***warning monor sexual material, nothing overly exiting but explicit and something to take note of. All names in this confession are changed to hide their identity***
I wasn’t a perticularly attractive teenage schoolboy, and while I didn’t have the best self esteem, I wouldn’t let anything really get to... [more]

I love wearing womens panties and clothes

I have been wearing womens panties and clothes since childhood. It started when my dads baby sister dressed me up as a little school girl at age eight even though i was just a kid and was playing house my parents disapproved and forced me to wear girls clothes till i was a teenager. I guess they thought they were punishing me but i really enjoyed... [more]

Boy in a Woman's Bikini

Recently my parents revealed to my brother and I that we are going on a tropical vacation for a week during the cold Winter months. My Mom gave my brother and I money and told us to go by some new swim trunks for ourselves.
I am a boy, skinny, about 5'7" tall, 14 years old. Anyway, I think I am attracted to women. I'm pretty sure I am! Anyway... [more]


I know the situation we are in is complicated... but if things were different. If we had met each other first... would we be able to admit our feelings towards each other? I know you feel it too. At the very least, I know you can feel what I'm letting off. Whenever we are in the same room there is tension. Nerves. It's hard to breathe and my heart... [more]

I wish I could redo my life

I’m just so sick of being a teenager and I want to redo my life all over again. I used to be such a happy child with no worries in the world and now I just feel myself getting down over the littlest of things. My friends and I aren’t friends with the boys in our town because we have to be in a certain group with this [more]

I allow my teenage son to touch, smell, even lick my feet and...

Well, i confess that due to my wonderful therapists help, ive been enabling my son's sexualized view of and behaviors towards me, and other potential women later in his life. For that I am greatful, but now i have the looming guilt of letting him "go too far" as one of my dear friends advised me one day, about two months ago now. At first i would... [more]

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