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Hate being a parent

Hate being a f****** parent sometimes. It is emotionally and mentally draining. I have a very hyperactive excessive energetic 3 yr old son who just seems to spend most the day trying to wind the s*** out of me by making a mess. From.the second he wakes up he is literally like a flea jumping about and is extra noisey all the time. Nothing holds... [more]

I'm agnostic but I don't know how my family will react

I'm agnostic. If you don't know what that means, I'm basically saying that I'm not religious nor am I an atheist. I know my family is supportive but I don't know how they'll react. When I came out as bisexual they basically wrote it off as "hormones clouding my judgment" and I worry that if I tell them I'm agnostic they'll write that off as... [more]

I made myself throw up for the first time today

I've been struggling with my weight a little but lately, I'm not super weight or anything I just don't like the way I like. And I feel like it's so selfish because people look at me and tell me how skinny they think I am but I just don't believe it. I tore my ACL so I haven't been working out as much but I'm getting back into the swing of it but... [more]


I'm 21 yrs young, I graduated high school in 2015. I live in Houston tx *southeast area where all the chemical plants reside. I've been with my gf for 3 yrs now. I currently live with my mom but have been deciding what path to take. I applied for financial aid now it's just up to me to decide either I go to school for something small or I work... [more]

We all know not to text while drinking

We have a neighbor girl at our nudist resort for the past 5 years that the wife and I are very close friends with. I have never has "thoughts" about her in all this time. She is single, fun loving and quite attractive. I see her naked all the time and still I have never been tempted.
We have been working on a joint resort project and out of... [more]


Listen I really like black guys alot being Asian its a lil hard and do really like black guys just get nervous at the sight of one as I really want a baby too but no relationship as relationships are overrated asf.

I'm a nympho

I'm a nymphomaniac patient. i'm 23 completing my masters in mental health counselling. I broke up with my boyfriend because i was embarrassed to tell my problem. i feel sexual desires everytime & its sometimes weird when the person is single. i m********* a lot to control my desires. i'm... [more]

I hate chinese

I hate chinese. I'm not hating on every chinese in that country, but just many of those who are acting bitchy and cocky. Actually they are ignorant and stupid, but they just acting like they experienced a lot, they knew a lot, acting like they are higher class people. They steal others knowledge, technique, skills without feeling guilty (well... [more]

I'm Uncomfortable around other women

It all made sense today. I've always found other women difficult to relate to, to be around and to be myself around. I have 3 brothers. I'm a middle child. I'm also a single parent (my son is 16). Being around so much 'maleness' growing up, from what we watched on TV to how we ate to where we used to hang out, and the activities we used to do... [more]

I don't belong here

I don't belong in this world. I have -always- found it difficult with women. While I have had relationships - and I have had one seriously long term (living together for years, prospect of marriage) - I have never quite been able to shake the feeling of not fitting in on this area. All of the (three) relationships I have been in have been... [more]

I use my wife

My wife is just a naturally attractive woman that has always drawn a lot of attention from both men and women. I found that it pumps up my ego quite a lot.
When we go somewhere we draw the attention of a room and I know it's not me. It's her naturally se xy pretty self and model body type.
I strut around proud knowing both guys and girls... [more]

Still here in the closet.

So here I am sitting in my black opaque tights with my black lace panties, and black sports bra. I'm feeling excited and guilty at the same time. I have a panty/hose/stocking fetish. I'm in the closet but I really do want to be. I have kinda hinted and my wearing in front of her but she said she didn't think she could handle it. So for now I keep... [more]

Never know what we've got till we loose it

My wife is dead to me. She has zero libido. She is always off doing stuff with her girlfriends. She puts energy into charity and into the home in terms of cooking and ironing the kids clothes but she is always too busy to have s** or even to go out for coffee. If I want a date night I have to book in... [more]

I Hate My Stepdad

I hate my stepdad so much. He is the worst person I have ever met. My name is Kierstin, I'm 14 years old and about to turn 15. When I was 2, my mom and dad seperated and me and my two sisters lived with my mom for 8 years. When I was 11, my mom started... [more]

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