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I have an obsession

Ever since I was little I became obsessed with teachers (as I wanted to be one) I would pretend they were my mother or farther. It would never be anything sexual. I am now currently 16 years old. Last year I meet an amazing elementary school teacher. (My school starts at the age of 5 - 18) we started to become close. At first it was just a little... [more]

I hate jews so much

I wish these mothefuckers were all obliterated by Hitler. All exept maybe the scientists, cz anyway they are mostly atheists so no worries there. The Bastards want to control the entire world, h*** no. Not on my watch. They control the entire world, starting from america, and yes, with lowercase 'a... [more]

I'm 11, and feeling depressed. I won't say I am depressed yet.

Hi, I'm... let's say Bob, I can't think of a decent online name. Although I'm a girl. So, I just started a new school, a secondary school. It's the best school in the city, and you have to study loads to get in. I've been studying from year 2. (grade 2 to you Americans). And recently, the work at school is so hard and I can never seem to... [more]


I confessed to my only female friend last night. I told her that I thought she was so pretty and I would never risk our friendship by trying to get with her. She said I was sweet and she trusted me and that I could always trust her. I gave in and asked if I could tell her my deepest secret. She said it would never leave her mouth. I then told her... [more]

What a crappy world we live in

I wasn't born ugly but I'm somewhat overweight which most find ugly. I really don't mind the way I look at all, I quite like it really. Sometimes I look at thin women and don't really like the way they look but that's just my preference. It's like the world keeps trying to tell me I need to like the way I look, while shaming me at the same time, ... [more]

I wish I was Latina

Latinos in general are the epitome of attractive. From the way they look, to the way the speak, to the way they carry themselves. I also really love their culture. The food, the music, the festivals. It's all so lively. I also love how family-oriented they are.

I wish I could redo my life

I’m just so sick of being a teenager and I want to redo my life all over again. I used to be such a happy child with no worries in the world and now I just feel myself getting down over the littlest of things. My friends and I aren’t friends with the boys in our town because we have to be in a certain group with this [more]

Dont have kids unless you want to hate your life.

Being a father and husband sucks ass. I have no life. All I do is work and sleep and wish I was somebody else. Im having more and more mood swings and my son is only 15 months. My wife irritates me. Shes a good woman but too self righteous. She grew up in a nice place and im from the bad side of town. Im bored as [more]

My Parents Don't Know

A few years ago I found my parents secret photo album. It's nothing crazy, just some nudes of them and stuff. Anyway I have a similar body to my mum, like if you didn't see our heads we'd look the same, so I figured it'd be fun to slip in some photos of myself to see if they'd notice. Just of my lower body so they wouldn't know it's me.
I... [more]

The day I got put down and embarrassed

I was 67 at the time. This young attractive girl was at my pub and she was red in her face crying. In an effort to make her feel better I offered to buy her a few drinks. She said "I'll let you" with a smile on her face.
She sat down and started sobbing again and I went over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. I sad that whatever was... [more]

I wish it weren't true, but . . .

Bella Thorne is giant trash bag.

When its over it over

I dated this girl for three years and when she started saying we should date other people I was not that shocked or dismayed. I asked her out the next week and she refused to go out with me. I quit calling her and every day that followed I felt better. She never got in touch with me except to send me an unsigned Christmas card. I recognized... [more]

I need to get over with this guy but i cant

Yeah so i am a girl, and i've had a bestfriend for about two years. I had a mild crush on him for a very little time before, but now its all different. I get jealous when he talks about other girls, and gets close to any other girl. The problem is he just thinks of me as a friend. I sometimes think about us being together in a relationship, and... [more]

Mother Inlaw and I (3)

As messed up as it all sounds, I didn't plan on being attracted to my MiL.
The way it all happened is actually pretty Effed up. LONG STORY SHORT! Her husband died, she remarried. New husband was a "Perv" I know right who am I to judge. Anyway, We stayed at her house for a good year to save up for a house. The guy always checked out my Wife and... [more]

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