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Trapped and sad

I want to get out of my relationship but I know there is a 99% I won't find anything better. To leave now would be idiotic, our lives are so wrapped up at this point. He loves me so much and would do anything for me. It breaks my heart. But I don't love him. I don't even know if I can love anyone? I feel so passive all the time and I wish I didnt... [more]

I've given up

I've had no success in my love life whatsoever. I met my first crush literally on the bus to my second day of kindergarten, but as I was quickly teased, bullied, and ostracized by everyone (including my crush) which lasted from then until I finally had to be taken out of school and home schooled beginning in 8th grade (this was back when very few... [more]

I Have a Fetish

It's a wedgie fetish. Specifically a Melvin or Front Wedgie fetish. I wish I could get rid of it!

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I flashed his friend and boyfriend dosent know

Hanging out at the pool late drinking beers with my boyfriend and his 2 buddies turned after boyfriend went in and went to bed after getting too drunk.
We were all tipsy at the time and they started with , thats a nice bikini , and that top looks tight and so on . we all laughed , mindless humor . As time progressed one of the guys said you know... [more]

Drinking at 71 should never hapoen

So here I am 71 years young and I confess that my wife deserves better than me. Do I wish that I had an 8 inch d***, yes for sure, but she seemed to enjoy my 5 or so length. The problem is I was her first and she was my 4th or 5th. This means she never had a large [more]

Knowing my wife's secret

I met my wife following my divorce from my first wife. I knew her from school as she was a year older than me. When I was single she messaged me Facebook I guess I was feeling down and posting sad posts.
I knew she was due to get married the following year but she messaged saying she was unhappy. I said we could talk if it helped, this led to us... [more]

One and done.

My best friend and I shared a hotel room with our GF's last weekend in Vegas and it turned out to be the best weeked ever, We all got drunk and went back to the room. Me and my GF were making out in bed and my best friend and his GF were doing the same, Pretty soon you could hear her slurping and I looked over, He didn't even have the covers on... [more]

Ava Ryan is a tender little hottie

And I wish she'd make at least one sketch completely roasting me to the public. She'd have a lot to work with if we ever met-- I'm a fat, hairy dweeb who'd be too socially awkward to command the respect of even a little girl-- and she'd be BOUND to notice how I'd be staring at her the whole time. Haven't seen MUCH of her since she got a LITTLE... [more]

A different kind of physical transformation

I’m working on one right now. Instead of cross-dressing or feederism, I am transforming into a more muscular version of myself. Recently I’ve wanted to start exploring kinks more, and it is so much easier and more fun when you have a sexy muscular body at your command. There’s no desire to get huge and veiny, like those insecure women who wish... [more]

Pandemic Help

Yesterday I (31 female) took my friend (36 Male) to the ER. He had shortness of breath, full-body muscle cramps, a fever and he hadn't peed in a few days. They did a COVID test and so far he is negative. Today I picked him up again after he texted me, angry that the medicine the doctor prescribed him was $90. He has recently lost his job due to... [more]

I'm in love with my best friend

My best friend is also an ex-girlfriend, though we didn't date for very long. We had a brief, passionate fling after a prolonged mutual crush, then decided to be friends. At the time, we both felt it was better that way. Our feelings for one another got very intense very quickly and I think it frightened both of us, and I don't think either of us... [more]

It started a long time ago

It all started when I was about 8 years old I would get some of my moms stockings and a pantie girdle and put them on, that was the first time I every wore womens clothes. As this progressed I would try on her dresses and makeup when my parents were at work I use to love being all girly one day I was in the bathroom dressed up when my parents came... [more]

I'm insecure and want to die :)

This is an extremely long post of me talking about my insecurities and a bit about my suicidal thoughts. But of course, me wanting to die is not just because of my lack of self-confidence.
I think I first became insecure when I was around 4 or 5. I often got teased about my big eyes. Some of my grandmother's friends didn't even call me by my... [more]

I am confused about my gender

Hi, I am a soon to be 15 year old teenager.
Lately I have been really confused about my gender. I was assigned female at birth but I don't know how to feel about it.
Growing up I liked a lot of boyish stuff (I know that doesn't need to mean anything but hear me out). It took me a long time to accept the colour pink as a normal color. I had a... [more]

Having a child

I am incredibly tired of people telling me to have a baby. A family friend gave birth half a year ago and since then I have been pressured to do the same.
Ignoring the fact that my boyfriend and I aren't even married yet and are not in a good enough situation to raise a child, I don't want one in the first place. I have stated this multiple... [more]


That cheating is going to be the best f****** thing that I will do while in this s*** thing that I have been in with this guy Ive been with for a few years. I'm tired of the back and forth abuse verbally, mentally, and sometimes physically. He can... [more]

My best friend's wife

I’ve known my best friend and his wife for a long time. My parents abandoned me when I was 8 and my grandparents raised me. They lived on the same street as my grandparents and we always hung out and remained tight friends. Against the wishes of my teachers and principal, I joined the military because I overheard my grandparents talking about... [more]


Wishing she would lose her entire reputation among her friends for the people she lied about and stepped on to get where she is.
Wishing she would kill herself for trying to kill my friend like a coward.
Wishing she would lose him after how much she used him.
Go to h*** you miserable [more]

Just disappear

Im in love with a married man and I hate his wife partially because I wish it was me instead but also because she's a manipulative pedophile. I wish there was something worth telling him if its my feelings for him or my desire for him to get way from her but all I can do is hope she'll get hit by a bus.

Open your boarders America

I want dumbass Trump to open the American boarders and to seriously limit State ability to control the Covid19 outbreak. I wish to see your country be ravaged by this virus and wipe out a huge number of idiots (unfortunately, nice smart people may be victims too). My biggest hope is for all of those moronic redneck protesters to be the first... [more]

I 've just wanked over my mum again

I have just spied on my.mum undressing again and had a w*** as I watched.
I just had to see.her.t*** and her hairy f****
My k*** gets so hard as look ... [more]

I wish Uta was my mom

Uta's story turned me on!

I hate online dating

There's nothing more self-defeating then never seeing any nice messages or post in the same way I send out to others. What I hate is that there is absolutely no way to know if I'm doing the right thing or not. I see so many smiling faces and people I would love to be able to get to know but the barrier-to-entry just makes me feel like I made... [more]

Surprise at an old peoples home

My grandma is 84 and she lives in a old peoples home near to where I live. They do a lot to keep the old people amused and as I did know from some talks and phonecalls one of the highlights for a lot of residents is the visit from shelter employees. The come to the home 1 or 2 times a months and the bring dogs or sometimes even cats to play with... [more]


This is a story about me and my bestfriend.anyone who read this,please dont do this. i have this one friend,a very good friend.she was really nice to me,wherever we go,we'll go together.we eat together,study together and yea everything we did together.she was really kind,she was like my BEST friend that i had and i really can rely on her if i had... [more]

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