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Noah and his ark

Noah's family consisted of his wife Naamah, who was also kindred to Noah, and his son's Shem, Ham, and Japeth. Ham had always been a frustrated child. It was thought it was because his father had named him after part of a pig. Shem and Japeth had both seen Ham f****** their family goat back home... [more]

My 1st cousin wanted a baby with me, but she died childless

Long ago In my younger years, My 1st cousin Denise Oscar wanted to have a baby with me, but she died childless. I had 2 chances to get her pregnant. The 1st chance would have guaranteed that she would have been truly in love with me, me and her were always like brother and sister.
But I always used to force kiss her in the lips ( our big Noses... [more]

Wishes granted

Wishes to be granted by 4 face Buddha Zixuan doesn't want to take the initiative to rekindle his friendship with me and he doesn't want to talk the initiative to chat with me on WeChat.

Crush on my Friends Dad

I've had a crush on my friend's dad ever since I started to have a sexuality. He is just the best. The problem is that he's a married 43 year old with 3 kids and a wife, and I'm 14 going on 15. My family has known ours since I was a baby.
He is tall, muscular, funny, warm, playful, compassionate, smart, everyhting I want in a man. He came to... [more]

I hate my stepson

I hate my seven year old step son and wish he didn’t exist. If he disappeared I wouldn’t feel any loss. If I never had to see him again I would only rejoice. I can’t stand his very presence in my house. I hate his f****** voice, I hate his face, I hate his whiny crybaby meltdowns, I hate his... [more]

I confess I should have gone to prison, I wish I had

I confess I should have gone to prison, I wish I had, then I’ll be a real man today, and after I gotten out of prison, I could have gone off to a half way house to work my way back into Society. I would have been away for years from my neglectful destructive abusive family and I would have done well in prison as a young person, I would have had... [more]

S** trafficking is a sin against god!

S** tafficking is real. I was human trafficked for s** to make money for these indian dutch scotish and arab factions. These gangs work in conjunction with police in qld and get women housewives to mascrade as therapists from home and have [more]

Being a good cuckold hubby

I want to be a cuckold husband. I currently in a relationship and I want my girlfriend to cuck me. I would love to see her dominate me and chose boyfriends of her choice and f*** them. I would love to serve her. I deeply wish she cucks me one day and see this confession as well. I would love to clean... [more]

I hate myself

I dont have friends, throughout my whole life I had to excessively follow people around to even attempt social stuff. If i stopped, nobody gives a s***. Maybe I'm too quiet, maybe I'm too weird for everyone, maybe i lost what it meant to be a social human being. I don't even understand people most of... [more]

A Girl forever.

Grew up wearing my sisters hand me down dresses. I enjoy-ed wearing all her clothes when I could. Sis gave me her older petticoats and formal dresses after she wore them, b/c she always purchased new one each year to wear to social events. I got so used to wearing her clothes that I ask her one day if she could help me look more like a girl... [more]

My friend is loyal to a fault

I have this friend whose company I truly enjoy. He's helped me through a lot, and I appreciate his thoughts, company, and companionship. The problem: his roommate/ex-boyfriend hates my guts and he sabotages our ability to hang out all the time. I understand they used to be in a relationship and that they've known each other longer than I have... [more]

I still love you

I still am in love with you. I've tried to move on and set my soul free but no matter what i do, you're always a constant memory in the back of my head reminding me of our once strong bond. I would've crossed the ocean, flew to the moon, fought wars and walked through h*** for you to have... [more]

I confess that Native Americans are mentally Ill Sociopaths

I confess that most Native American people are real nice people, but it’s the small percentage of them that give most native people a bad name, just as the KKK gave most White People a bad name. I know what the Natives went through, they went through H*** and lots of it in their Residential School... [more]

Genz really sucks

Since corona started everyone started smoking weed a lot more with all the extra time i did to, its nice once in a while in the right place but its kinda frustrating that when you hang with people all they ever wanna do is smoke. ifeel like for people not smoking weed when you have company is like driving with someone in silence without the radio... [more]

I need help

The pursuit of happiness and to meet our potential is a God given gift that makes us human beings, but how much free will do you really have?. Some people might tell you that there are times that you can't do something, which is fairly true, but when the right of opportunities exist then it is our freedom to protect how we wish to devote... [more]

Shootings of late

What's going on with us? Why have we let our way of lives be controlled by weapons with only one purpose, to kill.
Some of you will say, kill or be killed... end result, DEATH!
USA is a country obsessed at death and killing. The rights to weapons is in the constitution but seeing so many deaths as a result now and previously is never... [more]

I get called names

I got called names after i had s** with to boys,the older lads started wanting it and if i say no i would get crap all day,so to get it to stop i would give them what they wanted and the rest of the day wouldn't be so bad,it changed me i stopped caring i would tell myself im using them, I've even gone... [more]

I’ve never had any friends

I’m in my late twenties and never had any friends. I’ve never had a best friend. I’ve had one certain girl pretend to be my friend so she can tell her real friends all my secrets and make fun of me. In middle school I tried really, embarrassingly, hard to make friends but I was always rejected. Maybe there’s a sign above my head that says... [more]

Regret being a mother..

I just had my newborn son. I always wanted to be a mom and get married and have a real family. My partner left me while being 9 months pregnant after cheating on me. I almost died giving birth in the hospital. being a single mother had made me feel differently. I wish I never had a baby. The father is selfish and still insist on telling me he... [more]

I wish I had significant other

That's it. I've been feeling very lonely and the older I get, the harder I realize it'll be for me to even get in a relationship (I'm 20, I know, I'm still young, but it really sucks when most people I know have already been in relationships)... Covid isn't helping either lol
I don't want to use dating apps either because I'm not looking for a... [more]

Fixation with the Nazis

I really hate how fixated with the Nazis I am. I am German, but my parents and I are living in the US. I feel so strongly and nationalistic for my country when I listen to Hitler or Goebbels and their speeches.
I know it's wrong, but I feel so strongly for the cause. I love them. They look so nice in their uniforms and suits. I wish so badly... [more]

Finding my Father

I'm 14, and right before the pandemic my parents had a messy divorce. My mother was 100% in the wrong. She would come home drunk, screaming at us, hitting Dad in front of us. I will never forget when I walked by my parents room, seeing my dad sobbing, looking at an old photo album from when we were little.
Eventually, Dad left. He packed two... [more]

Advice needed

I've been with my husband for 3 years and we have a baby daughter, and I've always known I'm bi but recently I've been a lot less attracted to my husband and wishing I could be with a woman. I love my husband, but I don't feel attracted to him and we aren't having s** much anymore because of my feelings... [more]

I blame myself

My bird f*****' died. i feel terrible, ive been getting into terrible habits such as not eating, not talking, being anti-social. I wanna f***** crumple up in a ball and die. Its all my fault. I hate myself for this kind of [more]

I did something incredibly stupid

I am humiliated and taking a big risk telling you this but I feel I need to.
I have worked very hard in my company to get to my level of Vice President. I don't have time to date so I spend most of my time working. I am relatively young for this position at 39 years old. I am told that I'm attractive and I work hard to maintain my fit swimmers... [more]

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