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I'm not coping

I've reached rock bottom in my life and I don't want to be here anymore. No one loves me or cares about me. I'm tired of trying and hoping that it gets better. I wish someone actually cared.

Hate this b******

I hate my boyfriends b****** son. I wish he was never born && every time i see him I just want to throw him against the wall or something. I truly wish he were dead.

Ex gfs son m********* on game chat

3 yrs ago I was staying at my exs for a one night stand and in the morning her son who was 11 was up early with me playing on the ps4, I was just in my boxers and was sitting on the settee, he was crossed legged on the floor, I noticed he was staring at the floor between my legs but I kept my attention on the TV, when he got up to go in the... [more]

My cousin

I wanted to make a confession about my now 5 year long history with my cousin Lizzy. My uncle's family came to my home country 5 years ago and at the time I was almost 16 and Lizzy was a few months short of 15, it was around August and our first meeting went pretty great I recognize she was really beautiful what really struck me was how much I... [more]

I hate my life

I'm 20 now and I've been dealing with s*** all of my life
I've been bullied until I graduated from school, I've been emotionally and physically abused by my parents until I was 18 and left to go to school, And now I'm back in my parents house because there are no jobs available in my field now I'm... [more]


The truth is I feel pain and suffering every day and I always think maybe it will change even though I have been doing this a long time but I realized it won't change. The truth is I want to kill my stepdad but I know that if I do it I will become something just like him. What hurts the most is how manipulative he is playing with emotions... [more]

Life fix itself

I want to poison my step dad make him leave get him out of my life want my family back to normal and i wish all the stuff in my life will stop all the negativity please someone talk to me

Friends you will never see again

I was in Atlanta Ga in a pub which is over thirty miles from my home. I was only there because I had had previous business in town.
A young black woman sat next to me, I'm white.
I was kind of lonesome so I decided to talk to her. I explained I was not a perve but I would like to have a conversation with her. I was decades older than... [more]

I hate being Asian

I am 100% Asian. I know it. But I hate to say I am Asian and hate being one. I always want to be white. I am always jealous of white and wish I could be white or at least half white. I know I cannot get away with the saying that I am fully white, so I started to lie around I am somewhat white, at least with white DNA. Since I am 5’9 and I am a... [more]


I was brought up to obey my parents and when older then to obey my husband. I was to be submissive because I was female. I believed this with all my heart. I demonstrated that submission by accepting their decisions and directions. I accepted their right to punish me. I actually used to feel it was something I needed. I had [more]


I admit I like to watch pretty women step on bugs. I spend a lot of time watching crush videos on you tube, I get such a turn on from it. I try to imagine what it would be like for the bug. Sometimes I wish I was the bug she is stepping on. I also think about what it would be like to have her do that to my nuts. I can picture laying my nuts on... [more]

I fantasize about being kicked and stomped by women

I have some brutal fantasies. I fantasize about women kicking , stomping, and trampling me. The thought of being kicked in the b**** or in the face turns me on.
My ultimate fantasy is to have the crap kicked, stomped and trampled by a ballerina, and to have her do it so bad that I cant... [more]

I have a crush on a dead person

I have a crush on Caligula, the 3rd roman emperor. He died 2,000 years ago. I usually fall for anime characters. This is my first time liking someone real who died... I don't fall for real alive people often. I have faked having crushes on people who are alive and not an anime character to look normal to other people... I don't want to be made fun... [more]

I wish my father would die

I don't want my father to die, but I think that would be the easiest way out for everyone. If my mum kicked him out or he just left he'd hardly be able to manage on his own and she would feel so guilty she'd be even more depressed. My father is a black cloud over our lives, emotionally abusive, mentally ill. He contributes nothing to our home but... [more]

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