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Bad job

So I'm a girl still in school with a boyfriend and good family but I'm not happy. My boyfriend thinks I work all weekend but actually I go to parties for women where I get paid to model lingerie or occasionally have s** with a lesbian. They don't know how old I'm and I don't tell. Some older women pay me... [more]

I f***en Hate ALL Russians .

I hate'em with a passion. Every time i see a stupid Russian Hoe dressing like p*** star named Natasha or a drunk-t*** named Vladimir or whatever, i just want to throw up...and yes they are all ethnic Russians, not a minority (Kazakh, Bashkir... [more]

Bullshit site

Sometimes it's very difficult reading this site when I know most of the s*** on here is just total bullshit. I'm sure not all of its bullshit, but when someone writes about how they are a s** machine and they have [more]

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I want to have s** with a girl

I am not a lesbian but i saw a p*** video a month ago with women . There were 6 women and the 5 women of them for punishment put d***** and vibrator to 1 woman and sat on her face and pulled her hair and put their shoes in her mouth and pulled her head... [more]

Tummy rumbling fetish

Hi, I'm a 13 year old boy. I love when women come up to me with hungry bellies and they le t me listne tothem its soooo hot. I aslo like when im in class and theyre hungry ahaa. let me listen baby, oooh. I like when thy moan while it hppens, too

I earned another Masters Degree

I have never been lucky with getting a well paying job.So,I keep getting one masters degree after another,in hopes of getting a better job. I am almost at retiring age, and I have never used any of my masters degrees.I earn very little at the very bottom of any jobs I have ever had.
So this week,my thesis was accepted,and I am done. Graduation... [more]

Kaylin Fetish

I'm gay. I am also 9 years old and I think I have a fetish with women with the name Kaylin. Even though I like a*** and oral s** with men, there is something that turns me on with women with the name Kaylin, especially those with big noses and those who... [more]

Next time Pamela Anderson dresses like a s*** and goes out...

I hope she gets raped. According to her judgement of other women, she should know better not to dress like a w**** and be around men, especially ones like Julian Assange that are violent rapists.

Does anyone feel the same ?

We failed as a whole

Julian Assange is a rapist

Dirty Panty Lover

My dad beats me

Can't stand my wife and her adult children

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