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Unloved twice

When I was in college, I was attracted to two women, but neither was attracted to me. Through the grapevine, I learned that they were both dating the same guy without the other's knowledge. Naturally, I had the info leaked to both women. Revenge for being friend zoned.

Should I be worried by girlfriend's d****?

Walked in on my girlfriend ramming a d**** hard into her p**** last night. I know she has d*****, I'm cool with that, but I've never seen her use them and this one was huge! 8 inch dark brown [more]

Wives VS Side GF

Men .. How long have you been with your significant other & how long have you been with your side girlfriend? What does your Gf have or do that your significant other doesn’t? How do you feel about all the negative labels that come with having two women? How do you avoid getting caught? On a scale from 1 to 10 how happy are you with your side gf... [more]

Masturbation public


First time I got f***** by another man

I grew up in the country and not many women was out there. One day when I was 11 my 13 year old friend came over and we started watching p*** he said why don't we suck each other so we did. Then he said can I f*** u I've never had anything in my ass at... [more]

Misbehaving wives

Quite a few of us married men thoughts of are wife's being naughty his a big turn on , Not all of us want are wife's to go to far maybe show a bit of cleavage leg that sort of thing , Or being kissed groped that sort of thing what ever floats your boat , I've watched my wife on new years eve when she has had to much to drink , Loosing all her... [more]

I think i'm trans but...

I think i am trans, m to f most likely, but i don't want to come out as trans because my two other siblings have came out as trans, i feel like if i were to say i was trans i would look like i'm trying to copy them, i've been denying my gender since i first saw nude women, i thought "I would like to be more like that" and would change into female... [more]

Life after Dearh

To be short and brief I have done terrible things in my life...and then suddenly a death took place of my close friend's late rites were performed and on this account, the lectures from Garud Puran are delivered which revile the concept of life after says the sinful soul we'll taken to [more]

I have a fart fetish

I confess that I have a love for erotic comics....especially with bottomless women farting. None of my friends or family know of my fetish. Thank god, I came across a comic called Binary Moon by NomisTT. Just google search Binary Moon comic and you'll see it. Happy fapping!

Possible Cheating or Overthinking

I don't trust my boyfriend. I don't want to admit this but I think he is cheating. At least, emotionally. He goes on social media a lot where his harem of women friends hang onto his every word. I think he likes the attention even though he swears it's for voicing ideas. He has a lot of friends who are women too which admittedly I'm not... [more]

I Compare My Used Husband to Virgin Ex's and Regret Marrying Him

I don't believe in religions, but I decided to wait until marriage because I didn't want random men to take advantage of me. I was still not judgmental about my dates' history. Virginity does not make one saint. I did things with them except for s**. And of course, I wanted it to be special.
I now... [more]

I am devastated that Craigslist has shut down Personals section

US Congress just passed HR 1865, "FOSTA", seeking to subject websites to criminal and civil liability when third parties (users) misuse online personals unlawfully.
Any tool or service can be misused. We can't take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. Hopefully we can... [more]

Craigslist Personals Section Now Gone

What am I gonna do now to get willing women to open their legs for me?
That was my source of women for decades. I could get a woman of any color, marital, or economic status in the CL personals section.
I guess I am so stressed. I will just savor the last married pregnant woman I met and had s**... [more]

I think I used marriage to recreate my own childhood

So, I had a pretty regular childhood. But I had a poor relationship with my father, who was there but NEVER emotionally available. I'm in my 20s and married now, to a man much, much older than me. In my house there is my husband daddy, no children except for me and I'm quite spoiled, ( I always wanted to be an only child, ha) I have all the pets... [more]

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