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Hate working for and with women

As a woman, it pains me to admit this but women are THE worst people to work for and with.
The cattiness, the passive-aggressive bullshit, the bitchiness, the two-facedness, the guessing games, the bullying, back-stabbing, the cliqueness, the lies, always trying to one-up each other.
All this is topped off with and underneath fake... [more]

I'm a straight male who has gay fantasties

I am a conservative, shy and straight male...or at least I thought I was. I have never in my life shown any interest in men nor do I want to have flat out s** with a male, I am always more attracted to females and always was. It is just in recent history that I accidentally clicked on a gay [more]

In love with someone I never met

I am a married 40 year old man, but lately I've been noticing all the attractive women in the world and would like to have s** with all of them. I have been looking at Facebook at the profiles of women and found one that I can't stop looking at. She is so beautiful and I want her so bad even though we... [more]


I feel sorry for Morgan Freeman and actually many of the people being accused of s** abuse. It comes from an era when this stuff went on. And importantly at the time it was just ignored and covered up and put up with.
I think the only thing that saves me is that I'm not a famous actor. I'm a nobody... [more]


My mum caught me tied to my wearing red ladies tights red long sleeved shinny leotard and gagged tights over me head

Why I'm Gay And Hate (Most) Females

So, back to my lovely teen years, I was trying to get with girls. I realized i was gay after breaking up with my last girlfriend, about 8 years ago. I've had 5 girlfriends before her. They were different in personality, likes, dislikes, all that. Yet they shared qualities that made me gay, and basically hate women. Let's begin?
In my... [more]


There is anybody that are in polygamy relationships man or women ? tell me your story

Black white

Black women are sexy. White women are nasty. That's why black men marry black women and have affairs with white women. The white women are filthy and never say no to black men. I know because I'm a black man married to a black woman and I s*** it out with all the white women I can.

A child with out a mother

Im a teenage girl. My mother left when i was young did horrible stuff to me and left because of her i had to go into foster care for a little while and even more bad stuff happen..I always wanted her back but why...?
I loved her but hated her...know i love her no more..I no longer call her my mom i say bio mom or sometimes by her real name.She... [more]


I admit I like to watch pretty women step on bugs. I spend a lot of time watching crush videos on you tube, I get such a turn on from it. I try to imagine what it would be like for the bug. Sometimes I wish I was the bug she is stepping on. I also think about what it would be like to have her do that to my nuts. I can picture laying my nuts on... [more]

I fantasize about being kicked and stomped by women

I have some brutal fantasies. I fantasize about women kicking , stomping, and trampling me. The thought of being kicked in the b**** or in the face turns me on.
My ultimate fantasy is to have the crap kicked, stomped and trampled by a ballerina, and to have her do it so bad that I cant... [more]

Came out

So my wife and I were watching some after hours skinimax type stuff. She ups and asks me, "Would you ever have s** with another man?" I said, "Nope. That would be cheating." She said, "What if we had never met?" I said, "Then that depends." She said, "On what?" I said, "Circumstance." She said, "Have you... [more]

Unloved twice

When I was in college, I was attracted to two women, but neither was attracted to me. Through the grapevine, I learned that they were both dating the same guy without the other's knowledge. Naturally, I had the info leaked to both women. Revenge for being friend zoned.

Should I be worried by girlfriend's d****?

Walked in on my girlfriend ramming a d**** hard into her p**** last night. I know she has d*****, I'm cool with that, but I've never seen her use them and this one was huge! 8 inch dark brown [more]

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