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Panama city fl

Any women in this area with a weird fetish?


I'm a homeless girl with no future. My family is abusive or dead. After living on the streets for weeks I decided I couldn't do it anymore and friends got tired of me couch surfing while I looked for jobs that wouldnt take me because I werent qualified. Men only see women as objects so I use it to my advantage. Why not? It serves them right. now... [more]

The job was not worth it

Didn't hand in resume at a retail clothing shop for fat b******. because they seemed trashy women at the counter and bitchy. i know that sounds bad and i want to work but i have to work in a nice place with good people not bitchy trashy fat old women who look like they would hit you with an ugly... [more]

Women stomach

Is there any women who like for a guy to sit on there stomach? If so why do you like it? I am a guy and love sitting on women stomach and don't know why I like it so much

I like girls/ladies to sit on me

I'm a male guy who likes girls/ladies to sit on me and school girl pin me.
I like them to wear a skirt with tights/pantyhose on, as I like the feel on my bare stomach / chest.
I had this fetish for a long time and I just cant get enough.
My mom use to sit on me and my I said just cant get enough :-)
So.....if there are... [more]

The Genesis fairytale

Science has disproved Genesis and other stories in the bible but let's assume the garden of Eden story really happened.
Ok, we got two humans a man and a woman that God himself says does not know right from wrong. Everything is cool except that a tree hanging with fruit is forbidden to them. God says they can't eat this fruit.
OK, God is... [more]

Wearing tights

Have just put a pair of black ladies tights on black skirt white blouse been doing this all my life am I a transvestite

Ladies, listen up

I am an 18 year old girl who loves kicking b****! My little brother lets me kick him in the nuts, and it's just so funny when they crawl up and grab their b**** like they have just been shot, does anyone else like to do that or anyone like getting... [more]

Wearing ladies tights

Have just put on a blue pair of tights been wearing ladies tights for years am 50 now I it nice feeling on my legs got loads of pairs of tights in my bedroom has any other men for tights in there bedroom from Nigel Coates Taylor

Sexist Dad

I remember one time when my mom got a haircut she warned my dad beforehand that it would be shorter than usual and when we got back he was mad. My mom has very pretty orange hair and I thought it looked great short. What I got really mad at was that night when I asked him why he didn't like it he told me that women look better with long hair... [more]

Never let those Women to Sit on You

55 Years Old Woman vs 21 years aged boy.
This is an old Story which goes back to 2005, it was my 2nd job of my life and that place where far away from my house so I have to stay there at night. And only after 2 months I used to come my house, only once in 2 months.
Over there was few people only, a man aged 30, his wife, his son and his... [more]

My transgender story

It started when i was 6 i loved wearing dresses and high heels but when i was 8 my mom made me wear boy clothes. when i was 14 started to wear panties and bra and i enjoyed it but i always wanted to be a girl and when i was 17 i told my mom i wanted to be a girl. she was so understanding and she helped me threw my transformation. after 2 years i... [more]

My panty fetish

I have been wearing panties since I was ten. I like the way they feel and turn me on to the point I j*** off into another pair. My wife understands but I would like to talk to other women about my panty fetish. Email me at

55 Years Old Woman vs 21 years aged boy.

Never let those Women to Sit on You, ... .. . . . . ..!! Coming Soon,

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