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Sister in Law

I was just discharged from the Marine Corp and my brother worked in Alturas as a prison guard fire camp at the time and told me that I could get a job in the woods if I wanted and I could stay with him and his Wife Opal.
I figured why not and I could move in a suitcase at the time so I took their spare bedroom and went looking up the logging... [more]

So wrong

On new years eve my SIL was in town for the week staying with us and we had a house full of people and kids, She was sleeping in the spare room downstairs and a buddy of mine was over, They were very obviously flirting and disappeared at the same time a couple times. Him and his wife are separated due to the fact she is...well...Crazy as a [more]

Incest, abortion. AM I doing the right thing?

I'm pregnant with my son's baby - and yet I'm happy. Please, don't ridicule me or say anything harsh. I know I've made mistakes. I did things that I thought were smart but weren't. I can't un-ring the bell. I'm writing here for advice, and maybe to explain myself.
I was foolish and got married at age 18 and had my son, Drew (not his real name)... [more]

In my own world

People would say i am on my own world or that i am stupid . I get used to it so much that i can't feel anything . The only thing i like to do is to sit with closed eyes and doing nothing . I like to see my interior self . I like to live in my mind and thinking i fly up to the sky . I like to hear angelic voices and thinking that i fly to the sky ... [more]

When all respect is lost,...

I found out one of my older cousins who is now 35 and married Slashed my dad's tires because a feud my ouncle (their dad) and my dad had. My dad is not the best person but nobody is perfect. No one will ever be with finger pointing. At the end of the day he's my dad I love him he gave me life and regardless I will always stand up for him. I... [more]

My sister will never grow up.

My sister is in her late 20s and lives at home with my parents. She has a job, but pays no rent or utilities to my parents. Most of her money either goes into her savings account, or gets spent on her buying stuff for herself. She doesn't have to worry much about food, since my mom usually cooks for whoever is in the house. She doesn't have to... [more]

That backfired

First of all my husband and i have been together since grade 10 and are very much in love, We went to his company Christmas party last weekend and then to the club after, We brought a co-worker, Stephanie who i have become friends with over the past 7 years and she is now divorced and has recently started "Shopping around" While at the club we met... [more]

It's not the same ,...

I've been with my gf for 3 years, today is her birthday but I realized I don't love her anymore. We both changed. I feel I'm her co depends in here constantly looking after her yes I understand I'm the man and need to provide but times have changed I'm 21 recently got the opportunity of my life with a job and awesome company I've been trying to... [more]

Funny looking wart type thing

I woke up last week and found this weird wart on my body, its furry and smells like popcorn. It's grown bigger since then, I'm worried that it could be alive. Should I see a doctor? I'm also worried that it will affect my conjoined twin.

I pee the bed

I pee every night. In the bed. My husband thinks its very sey and can't stop f****** me. I used to worry about it, but what the h***. I get the best of both worlds...a hubby who f**** me and me, who... [more]

Steadily declining mental health

Hello, lately I've been confessing some stuff here about self-harm, well I'm still here and I just feel pretty hopeless.
I'm 16, and I've always been quite an emotional person, I don't really take things lightly that much that I think are important. For example, I am in a relationship with a girl, and I love her with my whole heart. She is... [more]

Great vacation

Three years ago my wife's younger sister moved to the UK, It has taken us that long to finally go over there and visit her just due to the fact that for the first year and a half or so she came home one every couple of months or so and since then we have been super busy but she finally guilted my wife into agreeing to make the trip.
We ditched... [more]

My Heart Is Broken

My heart is broken into different pieces... the girl that I crush on told me she doesn't have romantic feelings for me. and my sister is behaving in such a way that I worry she'll get hurt. She is also moving to another country and though she irritates me when we around each other, I was close enough to be around just in case she needed me.
My... [more]

Longing for the 20 years

I want to die. I've wanted to die since I was about 10 (40 now) but never actually went through with it. First I didn't want to disappoint my parents and cause my mom any sadness. But then I moved out and those feelings began to disappear. So, I turned to drugs, therapy, religion, anti-depressants, etc. and none of that worked. I only slunk... [more]

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