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Brilliant Marketing Strategy

I remember when I was younger a brand of roll on deodorant specifically for young women and teens. I can't remember the brand but the Ads were on TV and the Bottle was about 5 Inches Long with a Rounded Cap (and Nice Girth) with raised beading molded onto it (very vein like but stylish)
Clearly they meant it to look very Phallic and over the... [more]

Getting fat for him--and me!

I'm a 23 yof and i have a bf who is a few years older than me. I'm not fat but definitely soft. My bf says he'd love it if i got fatter but doesnt want me to do it on purpose becuz of him wanting it cuz its not good for my health to be fat. well, i always wished i didnt have to watch my weight cuz i like to eat so im using his desire as an excuse... [more]

Majorrrr rant lolz

Im only 14, but i already feel like there's a huge weight on my shoulders. It's my dream to become a famous actress and be known all over the world, but my parents just don't seem to get it. They just tell me to stop being silly or to grow up. I'm also scared. For the future. All that is expected of me is to finish school, go to college, get a... [more]

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Getting caught by mom

I met a guy at the local mall & he told me he was bisexual so I told him that I liked dressing up as a girl. He asked me if I would dress up for him sometime, I told him I would & we made plans to meet at the mall on Sunday. I chose a Sunday because my mom spends the entire day at church & don't get home until around 10:00 p.m.. I met him at the... [more]

So unsure but so sexy

Im a 19 yr old m and i have a 19yr old girlfriend who is hot! And i have a 13 year old brother who always talk about how fit she is and talks about his d*** but i really want to send him photos of her naked and sexy ones 'accidently' to see how he reacts but worried he will tell her i guess im a bit... [more]

Still in pain

My bf and i were having s*x yesterday. he was going very fast from behind and went deep inside my butt. it hurt so bad and i'm still in pain today. the condom broke too which is making me worry i could get sick. it hurts so bad i don't want to go to the bathroom. i think i should see a dr if i still feel pain tomorrow.

Just want to live my life the way I envision

I just want to live a simple life. No need to worry about expenses, or appointments or much of anything. I'd take things at my own pace and have a lovely woman to be with. Kinda wish I had a BBW to come and take care of me, with quarantine and the state of the world at large things are really depressing right now.

So close yet so far.

I posted on here a year or so ago about trying to nail my mother in law after she moved in with me to help with kids due to my wife's sudden and untimely passing. I had been trying to get some sort of indication as to what her interest level would be and just simply being nice to her but also once in a while dropping an awkward comment about how... [more]

Used and tossed aside.

She played me like a f****** fiddle. Told me exactly what she does to others and I somehow convinced myself she wouldn't do it to me. She f***** me about for months, led me on, used me for attention. I even let her in my [more]

A different kind of physical transformation

I’m working on one right now. Instead of cross-dressing or feederism, I am transforming into a more muscular version of myself. Recently I’ve wanted to start exploring kinks more, and it is so much easier and more fun when you have a sexy muscular body at your command. There’s no desire to get huge and veiny, like those insecure women who wish... [more]

Friend watched us f*** in a cubicle

I'm 21 and always been very close to my 25yo brother,90% of the time we're together with mates having a good time and my best mate been saying for years we act like a couple and should just f*** and get it over with,when im alone with him i get the feeling something could happen it was just waiting... [more]


During the self-isolation, I've been drinking and smoking a lot. My urine smells like burnt cardboard. Should I get checked out? I've been on benders before, but this is new. I'm thinking my kidneys and liver are wearing out.


I’m 25yrs old guy fit , good looking, heterosexual I care for my skin and other hygienic traits most men would say that’s gay. I’ve been into fitness for years and have worked out my entire life , did a few npc men competitions and won. I have a masters degree that I recently just finished & after highschool I got a scholarship to A1 university... [more]


Being a father is a tough task but being a father of 3 girls who still leave with you can be more of a job. For a while I had insecurities and was always worried about where they were,what they were doing and with who?..basically all those fatherly thoughts and even the nasty ones  trust me all those thoughts can be close to driving you crazy. My... [more]

I'm insecure and want to die :)

This is an extremely long post of me talking about my insecurities and a bit about my suicidal thoughts. But of course, me wanting to die is not just because of my lack of self-confidence.
I think I first became insecure when I was around 4 or 5. I often got teased about my big eyes. Some of my grandmother's friends didn't even call me by my... [more]

Nudist daughter punishment?

Sorry in advance because this is going to be a long post. My 13 y/o daughter(Victoria) has been doing the nudist thing around the house for a while now.. like she basically begged me to let her do it and now officially refers to herself as a nudist..but my brother has recently moved in along with his wife and kids due to the recent pandemic so she... [more]

Am I paranoid?

I know as I write this, I'm being silly and paranoid.
My husband and my daughter, she is 11 and step daughter to my husband, he said they had to be isolated as they had got a soar throat each, he said because there are two of them and didn't want me to get it, they would spend two weeks in mine and his bedroom completely shut off.
After he... [more]

Don't just sniff panties alone

Being a father is a tough task but being a father of 3 girls who still leave with you can be more of a job. For a while I had insecurities and was always worried about where they were,what they were doing and with who?..basically all those fatherly thoughts and even the nasty ones  trust me all those thoughts can be close to driving you crazy. My... [more]

Worried about Mario

I have psychic powers and I am worried about Gov. Mario Cuomo. My psychic powers tell me that he is under too much stress from this virus situation and he is going to land in the hospital soon with a heart attack. He doesn't look well. It is going to happen soon within 36 days. Today is March 26. All for now.

Peeking Jack was a nice old man

We were 19 years old and lived in a crappy old apartment next to an old man named Jack. He always flirted with my wife but he was a nice guy and helped her many times to carry things up or down to our car.
There’s 30 apartments in the building. Ten per floor, and Michelle was the best looking girl that lived there.
We lived on the end of... [more]

He was a virgin

In the last few weeks ive seen many posts about moms and sons at least im not the only one,. I'm 38 and my son is 21,he stayed in one night a few weeks ago and we ended up having a good chat,I asked him about girls and he tried to avoid the question and got embarrassed,I was interested in knowing why and he eventually told me that... [more]

Coronavirus: not a bad thing

Not sure why the h*** everyone is in a big hurry to find a cure for coronavirus. We need to thin out the world population by at least 50% anyway, and especially in China. I mean, they are dirty people, so it doesn’t surprise me this whole mess started there, but let’s look at the situation as a glass... [more]

My stories 4

So now what, Hmm, How about my cousin urging me and her sister to be with older guys and the time my she snuck us into the bar that I eluded to earlier.
So I am at the farm and my cousin is supposed to be baby sitting us, She sneaks us into the bar and it was a total s*** show. My cousin and I were... [more]

My stories 1

I had a situation arise which brought back a lot of memories and made me think about growing up in the early to mid 90's, I am going to post a bunch now that I am sitting here thinking about it and they will all be under "My stories".
I am now a 41 year old Mom, Wife etc. and recently had a situation with my oldest daughter, My husband and I were... [more]

Mom was a raped hero.

I was 14 when my mom was in the newspaper as a hero. She was a bank teller and when it got robbed, the men wanted to take a younger woman as a hostage with them. My mom told them to take her, not the young unmarried girl and they did. Everyone thought she was dead. People were looking for her body but a few days later she called from another... [more]

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