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Old friends

My best friend had his 40th birthday last weekend, My wife and i planned on attending and since we live 3 hours apart had booked a hotel room but one of our kids got sick a couple days before and my wife had to stay home to look after him but urged me to go so he had told me to cancel my room and stay at their place.
On the way there i hit a deer... [more]

Nothing yet, but . . . . .

My daughter married a wonderful man 2 years ago. He's 14 years older than she is, but they have a wonderful relationship. My problem is that in the last 3 months, I've started developing some serious feelings for him. Nothing has happened yet, and probably nothing ever will, but it would be wonderful if it did. Those feelings are there, they... [more]


I'm a married man for almost 12 years. I have 5kids 2 boys and 3 girls. They all run around the same age. I'm 27 yr old. My wife had a terrible car accident a few months back that left her physically stable but mentally she's not okay. She just gave birth to my 6month old a few months back before the accident. She has mental breakdowns constantly... [more]

Wife showed it to my friends

A couple of days ago my wife and I were invited to hang out with two friends (Dan and Erica) on their fishing boat. It was pretty small, but big enough for the four of us to have ample room and stretch out. We've been good friends for about a year. We are all in our mid 20s.
My wife doesn't drink alcohol, so she was drinking some red punch... [more]

Would Love To Knock Many Women Up!

I so just want to go to any Any town America and meet some girl/woman,I don't care even if she is married,f*** her good and knock her ass up,and worry about the consequences later.It seems very difficult for me to find a woman wanting to be knocked up these days.
I am jealous of seeing all these... [more]

New form of ssux offender now.

Pay govt a licence for dating s** marriage and every baby.
i'm seriously becoming asexual.
that happened to me to... i had a teenage girlfriend when i was in grad school that i wasn't even interested in and kept trying to break up with but she would never leave
eventually she was so worried about... [more]

I'm agnostic but I don't know how my family will react

I'm agnostic. If you don't know what that means, I'm basically saying that I'm not religious nor am I an atheist. I know my family is supportive but I don't know how they'll react. When I came out as bisexual they basically wrote it off as "hormones clouding my judgment" and I worry that if I tell them I'm agnostic they'll write that off as... [more]

Embracing day with mom. Nudity infront of mom.

Hai iam 18 years old boy. This is my life experience which I had last month. I would like to share it here. One day I'm not comfortable in my room because my Air-conditioner is not working it is very hot. So I slept in nude I locked the door but my room door having tow way locking system. People out of the room can easily enter into room.Next day... [more]

Grown Stepson Hoarder with ZERO motivation

My wife and I have been married 17 years now. We met on the internet via webcam, and enjoyed each others company. I am from Michigan. She is from Northern California. She was a single mom out of an abusive relationship with an 8 year old girl, and 9 year old boy. I had no children. We all associated on webcam.
Long story short I gave up my life... [more]

Lost in an unknown environment with a stranger

Lets go back to last year...Im a jehovahs witness. I slept with another jw whom was my boyfriend and my mom found out. She made me confess to the elders which in turn led to my disfellowshipping(it means no one in the church can even talk to me) then i was given two options from my boyfriends mother..i could either marry him or never see him... [more]

Birthday Humiliation

Why do women find it so funny and amusing when they see a guy stripped naked in public? A few weeks ago I celebrated my 30th birthday by attending a party held at our local football club. There was about 180 people there with a DJ etc, and I went with my girlfriend, who also invited a group of her friends to come along. My girlfriend Kate looked... [more]

Party friend

I took a girl I knew from college to a party.She was flirting with all the guys there so I let just let her to see how far she would go and if she cared for me. Saw a another female friend I hadn't seen in a while, got her number and before you know it I lost track of time and Stephanie. I asked one of the guys at the party that I remember seeing... [more]

Just born to die

Apart from the huge mental, emotional and physical responsibility having a child puts on you, and the financial drain of trying to raise a somewhat functioning human in this torrid world, the worry is the kicker.
Always with the worry. It never stops. What if some f***** hurts him? Police... [more]

I'm in love with an old girlfriend

My girlfriend of 30 years ago came back into my life after I divorced. She's married and not very content at home being he's a loser. She called me and wanted to come by the following night, a little out of the ordinary for her. She came over and all she wanted to do was f***, she was forcing me to... [more]

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