Venting Confessions

I'm planning to kill myself.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that, not really. It's a reasonable decision. I just feel the need to save up some money and finish my mediocre novel first.
Life is a game with the point of hedonism, imo. You're called noble and good if you serve the pleasure of others, like God or other people, and selfish and evil if you serve... [more]

I feel like a monster

Since I was told I had autism, my condition apparently got worse because I became too aware of things, like germs and stuff. A few years ago, I had a relative who stayed with us and she became a disgusting s** deviant, and she left, but I became too concerned as to every time I touch a surface, there’s a disease left by her because she refused to... [more]

I can’t stand my teenage daughter one more second

My 17-year-old daughter is beyond unbelievable. She swears at me belittles me he makes fun of me steals my money says she hates her whole family. Cheats in school, steals things from stores and tells me all she wants to do is get drunk and do drugs. I have taken her to multiple therapists, she had psychiatric testing, Dhe has ADHD & Anxiety- she’s... [more]

Hiding My Arms and Legs Relaxes Me

Ever since I was a small boy I have found comfort and pleasure hiding my arms and legs inside my clothes. To begin with at age 7 I loved wearing my Dad's oversized pyjamas to bed and knotting the arms and legs so that I felt trapped. My family were kind to me and for Christmas and Birthdays they obliged by answering my request for adult size... [more]

Why live life?

I've never understood what's so great about life. I don't plan on committing suicide. I just don't see what the point in living is. You wake up do some stuff go to bed. Then do it again for the rest of your life. There's no point to it.

This site is the worse

Very time I freaking made a post on here, it tells me to wait because their going to review my post . So wait and wait and wait, for a long time. But NOTHING! I'm leaving this stupid site. And I'm telling others too, that this site is bogus. And so is Naughtyposts it does the same crap.

This is stupid

What is there to be proud of it we really do miss each other ? ,is that “strength “ really or self sabotage ? :(

Choose to be happy

What is there to be proud of it we really do miss each other ? ,is that “strength “ really or self sabotage ? :(

I’m still not sure what to do...

Yesterday I got into a pretty heated argument with my wife. This argument was mainly about our s** life, our intimacy, and just our overall relationship as a whole. My wife has made it clear that she still loves me and is attracted to me but since she gave birth to our son 4 years ago, [more]

Stepson is a worthless pig

I despise my stepson with every ounce of my being. He deliberately blows snot all over his bedding and his mirrors and leaves it to dry. He leaves the toilet full of his filth and refuses to flush it. He threw up in a potato chip bag because he was drunk and left it for me to find. The latest - he left me a dirty used condom sitting on his... [more]

Narcissistic little s***! Stepson

I have a stepson that makes living in my own house a living h***. My wife tried to discipline him to stop being disrespectful to me, her, and especially our daughter who is 6 years old. He definitely has narcissistic tendencies. According to his therapist. What I gather from that is that he only... [more]

Not sure what to do

I am a physically emotional person. To me, holding hands, kissing, touching, having s**, etc... is an expression of my “love language.” anyways, my wife and I have been married for about 4 years now and we hardly have s** anymore. I’m 28 years old and im... [more]

I hate baristas!!!

I really hate the term!!!
Everything about it is just so annoying!!
Oh ya dahling, I'm a barista.

Pretentious sounding word used by dejected art history and drama majors that describes... [more]

Life's Purpose

For all of my life I wondered where I would fit in amongst life and what my role would be. For the longest time I thought I was working towards something which would satisfy that appetite. Fast forward to about two years ago or so where things had not really gone to my way of thought as I'm sure most people have that in their life. But then I made... [more]


Im tired of being vietnamese everthing about vietnamese ness is 2nd class comparend to whites or even other races when i hear my own language i cringe it isnt beautifully sharp like chinese cut like korean or aesteticaly sounding like japanese. it's broken it sounds like nail on a chalkboard. And being Vietnamese is an everyday struggle with... [more]

I miss you

Im sorry :(

Two old American WW2 vets and their overt anti semitism

MY Aunt married this man I didn't like much. He was a rural type born and raised in the twenties, thirties, and forties. He was a decorated veteran of the war with Japan.
He told me a story that made me dislike him. He was fighting the Japanese as I said and one or more of his fellow soldiers were Jewish. He told the Jews right to their... [more]

My Mom Wanted a Daughter

Family sucks. That's just how it is as a boy with a mother who wanted a girl instead of a boy. My mom has kicked me in the "boy parts" and watched me fall, squirm, writhe, cry and, if it was a hard knee or kick, throw up since I can remember—like two years old; probably younger before I can remember. She plainly says she didn’t want a boy and has... [more]

I raise my daughter as better than boys

I have no boys, thank god. Boys are truly the worst. I just can’t stand them. I genuinely dislike male children. They’re rude, loud and so much more stupid. Little boys and girls are like different SPECIES. My daughter (five) has for years experienced nothing but problems with the little boys she unfortunately has to be around. They sometimes... [more]

I was molested 14 years ago

My husband was in jail in 2005 and I went to a prominent bail bondsman in Raleigh, NC. While I was in the bondsman office, he made me go to a back room with him and he made me perform oral s** on him. He said that was the only way that he would get my husband out of jail. I’m sure that he has done this... [more]

Anti whites must die

You see, these subhumans shriek and cry the loudest about the so called "white supremacy" in society and call for the killing of white people. This is utter bullshit, for if not for the white man's inventions and technology, these anti whites would never have a platform to spread their ideology or even be in white nations in the first place. As a... [more]

I cyber bullied a girl cuz she didn't wanna be my gf

It's in the title and I am feeling guilty cuz she hurt herself cuz of it so I wanted to make up for it by letting people do the same to me. Roast me fam at

Waste of time.

This Site is stagnant and a waste of time. Nothing new for days and won't post true Confessions. Good Bye.

Love cotton white panties

Love up skirt white cotton panties on a sexy bum. To video up her skirt and also c** in her panties.

Never going back to Facebook, I’m already dead to the world .

I decided I’m never going back to Facebook or any other social media site ever again , too many fake friends on it , I wasted almost 4 years of my life on that damn network , so I got 40 years of my life left , I can’t throw it away on a social network that’s not good on self esteem, so I’m gonna be living on the street real soon as soon as my... [more]

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