Venting Confessions

Brother is a d***

I (34) hate my younger brother (28). He’s the biggest douchebag on the planet and nobody cares at all but me.
He’s been crashing in my spare from for four months because of job issues. He has five different girls who will come over literally anytime he calls. Every night one of them is here. They don’t even care that he has other girls. It’s... [more]

I need help please I'm desperate.

I've been through a lot in my life. I believe two years ago I was deep into my depression and suicidal thoughts I tried killing myself a lot but I ended up being put into a long term mental health facility because dcf decide my mother was being neglectful and I was extremely suicidal I pretend to get better and after a while, I thought I was ok... [more]

My dad mentally abuses me

I don't even know what to do anymore. My dad is always taking his anger out on me and I can't take it anymore. No matter what I do he finds a way to make me feel bad for doing anything. I can't tell him out I feel without him telling me that its life and I need to get over it, or if im just not feeling like myself he tells me to just go talk to my... [more]

My husband doesn't want to have s** with me

I'm 24 and have an attractive body and face. I'm not a supermodel, but I'm not ugly. My husband and I do not connect sexually. I would have s** three times a day if I could. I'm always h**** and want to jump his bones. He has a very physically demanding job... [more]

A deep one for you lot

Hey, i just gotta say first how i am so grateful for everything i have and i understand so many people have it worse than me but i need to get this off my chest since i have no one to talk to. I am struggling. I am really really struggling. I'm in a deep place at the moment and no one notices. I am a happy person. I smile all the time and i give... [more]

I would love it if a meteor decimated the entire Trump family

Seriously, if they all died, I would be very happy. I wouldn't even bother with the fake sympathy s*** like, "Oh, man, that's so tragic. How horrible." I would be like, "Hooray!!!! All those m************ are DEAD! Hit by a [more]

Should of just ....

A few months back, I almost succeeded taking my own life. I was so close, but of course it just didn't happen. Obviously , since I am still here. I was in so much physical and mental pain, I wanted it all to go away. So I took some of my left over tramadols and bunch of ibuprofen ( a simple Google search would of told me, I wouldn't die at all... [more]

I want help

Hey, i rlly give up. I have had the worst week. I can barely get out of bed, i have barely eaten, i'm getting the worst headaches, i've lost motivation for everything and i have an urge to cry even though i never cry. No one has really noticed, my parents work all the time and i don't want them to worry about me. I just hate it here n i wanna just... [more]

Was never racist

I've never had a racist bone in my body but as I've gotten older and particularly since the BLM movement, I've found myself with racist thoughts. Black and Muslim people never stop moaning. They come to England for a better life but try to bring our country down to the level that the their country of origin. Why do that! They're trying to destroy... [more]

F*** stepdads

I f****** hate my stepdad. So much so I usually call him Fucktoad and have dreams about slapping the f*** out of him. He actually called the cops on me three times bc of fights my family members have had. One time he legit drove me to the police... [more]


I read a lot of fanfiction, some which contain nonconsent.
As fiction, I've always been able to tolerate such content.
However, the fandom I'm in has gotten 2 new authors earlier this year. And they exclusively write extremely graphic and horrible, humiliating rape content. Now, i believe that its just fantasy, but the rate that they churn... [more]

I relapsed

I cut for the first time in six months and I feel horrible, my head feels like a warzone and nothing helps. blood looks nice but I hate the stinging.

Smallest summary of events which made me this way✨

2017: A ‘friend’ of mine called me names a ton of times, made me cry once or more. However I thought this stuff was normal way back when I was in Pre-Primary so
2018: idk what happened but ✨trust issues✨
2019: beginning of me questioning my existence, started getting 💧sad💧 oh some major development of ✨more issues✨
2020: ✨issues✨ and... [more]

I'm an angry and envious American. I have every right to be

I'm trying to keep my cool and mentality in check, but I can't take it anymore. I envy the life of those outside the U.S. who gets to live in peace and opportunities. Americans deserve to have those, too, but Trump Fuckity Trump and the previous presidents don't believe Americans should have those qualities. They love to watch us suffer and so... [more]

I'm not sure what to title this

I have been in a really bad place mentally recently, but I know that when life goes back to normal I will feel better. I know I will get better, and I'm holding on for that :)

Girls r mean

I am only 14 but i feel like bad s*** keeps getting thrown at me. I will not go into detail about all i have been through because some is a bit graphic and it says not to talk about that. But some simple stuff such as getting picked on because of my race, my facial features and my weight has always... [more]

Why me?

I really hate men.
Why me?
When i was young my mom was at work my dad use to molest me. In 4rth grade during recess to boys caught me in bathroom and pulled my pants down.
I grew up was out with my bf at time and got really drunk and ended up with some guys house and couldn’t remember anything but knew I had been raped.
I have always been a... [more]

The police kill more whites wrongly than blacks wrongly

The difference is we don't riot loot and burn the property of innocent people both black and white.

It's time!!!

It's time for Trump to go, but Biden is not much better, and may actually be worse in many, many ways. We don't have good choices. Our political system stinks to high heaven. I say we should DRAFT TIM SCOTT!!!

Are we or aren't we?

Are we gonna go to war with China or not? I don't get what we're waiting for!!

F****** hate chavs

Why oh why aren't we allowed to exterminate chavs? Or do like they tried to do in the Victorian era, and poison them slowly. Or put them on their own island in the middle of nowhere.
Why can't we let them choke on their tracksuits or choke on their cigs?
Just wish they'd die of alcohol poisoning since they're all [more]

The psychology of Chinese animal torture

I've read that one of the reasons the Chinese torture domesticated animals to death before cooking them is to make sure the meat is flush with adrenaline. Supposedly this improves the flavor but also is said to improve male Chinese virility. So, to all you psychologists out there, amateur or otherwise, what are the Chinese compensating for? ... [more]

My transition from Male to female

As of a few months ago I came out as transgender and as of 3 weeks ago I started my transition from Male to female hormones to become my true self as a transgender woman. Since then almost every one I knew has either turned thier backs to me and when they see me out in public they make obscene comments about me causing me to cry and causing my... [more]

Majorrrr rant lolz

Im only 14, but i already feel like there's a huge weight on my shoulders. It's my dream to become a famous actress and be known all over the world, but my parents just don't seem to get it. They just tell me to stop being silly or to grow up. I'm also scared. For the future. All that is expected of me is to finish school, go to college, get a... [more]

No one likes black girls. And still dont find them attractive

In high school back then no one even liked black girls...they would never come in conversation. Its like they did not even exist. Black people were always ugly in group of 17 people i hangout with.

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