Venting Confessions

I like you

I like you. i wish i could tell you. i'm HUNGRY for you and your cute little smile. your accent. your intelligence. you. you're amazing. thats why SHE likes you so much. your girlfriend. the reason why you will never like me that way. she doesn't even live on our side of the country. where is she now, scotland?!
i ruined our relationship with... [more]

Stepdaughters are f****** with me or am I out of my mind

I have four step daughters. Two of them are constantly flashing me and one of them teases me heavily. Both are always asking me to rub their feet, something I’ve done since they were toddlers, but lately they’ve started to put their feet in my lap and the heavy teaser actually pushes her heel into my crotch. I’ve been married to their mother for... [more]

Game of Thrones Finale

I know there are more pressing issues going on in the world and I know it’s just a TV show, but I still get angry every time I think about that final season. F*** YOU HBO! F*** YOU D&D!

[Trigger Warning] I dont think I can bring myself to care anymore

I hate this world. I don't like my family. They're so toxic, dysfunctional. If this is what family is, then I don't want it.
I'm tired. I'm tired of being scared not knowing when my stepmom is gonna hurt me. I'm tired of being insulted every time I do something. I'm tired of my family blaming me when my "parents" are fighting. I'm just so... [more]

I f****** hate people

Don't get me wrong, there are some lovely people I know and would take a bullet for but holy S***
cry me a river about how you want big strong dumb f*** to beat some unarmed guy and then f*** you so hard... [more]

Why do I keep denying the possibility of having depression smh

Life stops mattering a lot, I can find things that make it seem worth while but at the end of the day when those things are gone it's just back to being void of anything. I can't even talk to people about it because no matter the results I regret it and feel like some guy making everyone uncomfortable. My friends can tell me that'd they'd let me... [more]

Ungrateful guest

Let my adult son g/f move in over a year ago because she was homeless. She is according to her traumatized by her abusive parents, I felt bad for her. Fast forward a year, she broke a toilet, doesn’t do dishes or clean up after herself after cooking leaving sticky or greasy counters. Come home from work today after working 4 days in a row... [more]

Im going crazy

Do you ever feel like someones talking for you through your body or like your brain and your body aren't connected. sometimes im thoughtless and my brains fogged over and my mouth jus talkin sometimes i even question if i really believe my thoughts are my actual opinions or if im just thinkin of crazy things
ill say or do somethin and as i am... [more]

I don't know how to support or be supported

I've come to realize why I refuse to receive any kind of emotional support from others. It's because I don't have the social skills or emotional maturity to support others. So whenever someone sees that I'm emotionally unwell and offers support, I always refuse, since I know that if they ever need help in the future I won't be able to return the... [more]

Bigot Kim davis

This is truth teller, that stupid c*** Kim davis is the biggest hypocrite since trump ! She refused to preform gay couples weddings but the stupid b**** has been married two or three times. B**** if you... [more]

Unpopular Opinion

I think that words convey thought and intent. If i have no intent to mock or degrade, I see no reason why me, a white 19 year old, shouldn’t be able to say the “hard r” n word under some circumstances.
Not being able to say “n****” is stupid. If I’m not looking a black person in the eye and using... [more]

I want to sleep with my 47 year old gfs 23 year old aughter

So to begin with, this is as much of a vent as it is I need advice. My gf and I have been together since 2017, but I knew her daughter long before we got together. Her daughter used to come out to my shows (I’m a musician), and we’d hangout and drink together after. There was always a sort of thing between us, but I always assumed because I was... [more]

Schizophrenia and ghosts

My family believes everyone can see ghosts I believes it to. it wasn't till I was 11 my mom helped me move a ghost on to the others side I do it by myself now. I also have Schizophrenia, the Schizophrenia is more solid than the ghosts it's like looking through a thin layer of hot glue when it's dry and the ghosts are like looking through plastic... [more]


This is truth teller, that idiot trump got the Covid-19 and his s**** of a wife ! 😁 now maybe the rest of the bigots will get it to! I hope mitch mconnell will get it to maybe it will take all these people out! 💩

I think I might have been mentally abused

I think I was mentallyabused/emotionallyabused when I was younger from my mom and my stepfather. When I was five my mother tried to suffocate me with a pillow. Then made me promise not to tell. I then became a surrogate mom to my younger sibling. Any time i would start to show any emotion I was told to control it. So when combined with the fact I... [more]

Stop Having Babies You Selfish Idiots!

Why are people still willing to bring life into a world that is falling apart?
No you're child won't fix it. If you couldn't/didn't, what makes you think you can raise a child to do so?
No your offspring won't be the cure. No human in history has been the cure for the devestation caused by mankind. Most likely, your offspring may be the... [more]


It has been four years since my last post about my sugar baby. My husband had no idea then and has no idea now!!! A bit of background about my marriage & my life. Our income bracket is above average we do not pay taxes. We own stocks, & multiple real estate aside from our professions. My husband is a financial advisor, investor, business man. We... [more]

F****** republicans

I just heard that Ruth Ginsberg has passed from cancer! This is egregious to say the least. I mean no disrespect to her and her family, death is coming to all of us! But now that son of b**** trump wants to appoint a ultra conservative judge to the highest court their is ! Do you people not realize... [more]

Step-sis... but only because my grandmother re-married to her gra

This is more of a release for me than it is confessing. I do not feel as if I was in the wrong except that I did not come clean with my feeling when I had the perfect opportunity. So let's go back...
Let's just say our relationship started in a church and I was 7 years older than her. At this point we were not related at all. Had a crush on... [more]

I wanted to be a cop....

I wanted to be a cop. my family comes from a long line of law enforcement and collar. I’m so proud of them and I wanted to be a cop! I was so excited. Went to college for it. Graduated and got ready to join. Then the riots started. What’s the problem you ask? I am a black female. I wanted to be a detective, capture criminals and... [more]


I always tell my friends how i don’t find dating realistic or it just never lasts, but sometimes i just contradict myself and want to feel loved by someone and i guess i can’t shrug that feeling away at times.


I've never completed my requirements to pass, because I realised I was never happy in doing what they thought was the best for me. Each day I was living someone else's life, achieving their dreams and goals, and doing things to make them happy.
Sometimes I forget what makes me happy.
I'd breach this topic with others and they'll say, “Oh... [more]

Brother is a d***

I (34) hate my younger brother (28). He’s the biggest douchebag on the planet and nobody cares at all but me.
He’s been crashing in my spare from for four months because of job issues. He has five different girls who will come over literally anytime he calls. Every night one of them is here. They don’t even care that he has other girls. It’s... [more]

I need help please I'm desperate.

I've been through a lot in my life. I believe two years ago I was deep into my depression and suicidal thoughts I tried killing myself a lot but I ended up being put into a long term mental health facility because dcf decide my mother was being neglectful and I was extremely suicidal I pretend to get better and after a while, I thought I was ok... [more]

My dad mentally abuses me

I don't even know what to do anymore. My dad is always taking his anger out on me and I can't take it anymore. No matter what I do he finds a way to make me feel bad for doing anything. I can't tell him out I feel without him telling me that its life and I need to get over it, or if im just not feeling like myself he tells me to just go talk to my... [more]

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