Venting Confessions

I F****** Hate The Chinese

I hate Chinese people with a passion. They're everywhere with that pathethic dough face and small eyes and small beady eyes and even more horrible accents.
never in my life have I met a more lowly, cunning, cheating, heartless, humanless, greedy m*********** in my life. I have good... [more]

Scared I will Never Get a White Woman Pregnant

I am in my late 40s.I am so scared that I will grow old and die without having a child with a white woman.

I am Conk

I have conked hard, the admin dude blocked the word conk so i now have to resorted to pseudo forms like c0nk, c.o.n.k etc. sometimes i even Tonk the site. -Conk The Hagaber

Too much...

So, I really just need to vent and no-one listens so... Today my mom got mad at me for not doing HER job the right way (her job is babysitting) because the children made a mess, i tried to talk to her and say "Im only 14 I shouldnt have to take care of 2 toddlers and a 7 month old" and the only thing I got out before she told me to leave her alone... [more]

I secretly don't trust white people.

You would think that in the city that I live in, that I'd me more fair minded.
I secretly do not trust white people.
Growing up I used to be open minded, but the older I got, I started discovering how evil white people can be behind closed doors. As a non white person, it hurts to hear white people call you "[more]

Tucker carlson problem solver

Mabye retarded a******* who no f****** d*** about science should keep their mouth shut. kill yourself you c*** this world doesn't need any more big... [more]

In my own world

People would say i am on my own world or that i am stupid . I get used to it so much that i can't feel anything . The only thing i like to do is to sit with closed eyes and doing nothing . I like to see my interior self . I like to live in my mind and thinking i fly up to the sky . I like to hear angelic voices and thinking that i fly to the sky ... [more]

Blacks are annoying and ungly

I can't stand black people. Everything about them is ugly. I hate looking at their black skin their fat lips, ugly ass f****** hair and annoying nig nog yapping. Please God bring me inner peace for blacks are the worst to live around and everytime I see one of them it ruins my day.

Forced nudity

When I was 15 going on 16 I saw a boy being forcefully stripped by a group of older boys. They had him held by his arms and legs and watched how they stripped off his clothes. I think his helpless screaming and kicking was what sexually aroused me. He ended getting paraded stark naked, waving his [more]

I married a Child

I hate being married and having kids. I'm a stay at home mother because the cost of day care literally is my paycheck. My husband is basically a kid. He never picks up any messes he makes. He cleaned out our cars Saturday. It's now Tuesday. He left a giant pile of stuff he got out of the cars IN FRONT OF THE FRONT DOOR! Who the [more]

I got this problem

I have this problem and it need to be solved. Why yo Mexicans come to this country and do nothing. The women are ugly and hideous. You broads look like men. And the men are weak links. Learn to speak english. I'm tired of you idiots coming into my business trying to play the dumb act, I can't speak english. Cut it out. You know you can speak... [more]

My teenage daughter is ruining my life...

I'm so sick of her and I really wish that I could afford to send her to boarding school. I would not reccommend having children to anyone because it becomes a joyless pile of s*** peppered with the odd moment of happiness as they get older. My daughter does her best to ruin my happiness and is... [more]

Realized that all white people Are Racist

Ive come to the realization that all people classified and accepted as white are racist white supremecist. This realization is terrifies me.
Donald Trump president elect.
Facts dont even matter anymore .

Racism is to have the power to exploit ,kill , rape , subjugate, plunder without consequence. The only pratical form of racism is... [more]

I hate Julian Assange

He's the reason for all the alt right racism and sexism.

I just open up

I am 23 years old . Since i was a child i felt like i am inferior than others . I remember that others kids often did not like me . My mother was strict and smacked me . I started to jealous from a young age the appearance of other girls . In primary school i was jealous my best friend . In secondary school and high school i was jealous my second... [more]

No such thing as white privilege

I'm so f****** tired of hearing about white privilege. Everyone says "it's such a simple concept, why can't you understand it". Well, because privilege is not simple; it's very complex. Simple concepts are for simpletons. Forgive my white education for making me think things through rather... [more]

Can't stand baby boomers

Baby boomers: wrecked the housing market. Trillions of dollars of debt. No jobs. Quadrupled the price of tuition. Melted the ice caps. Burned a hole in the ozone. Cut down the forests. Nuked the earth. Sold out as hippies. Obesity. Health care crisis. To me, history will show that baby boomers are the most entitled generation, the most selfish... [more]

My message to Gen X'ers and millenials

The political climate today is absolutely frightening. I go online and all I see is dumbed down young people calling for a socialist revolution, or ivory tower feminists telling me that I need to check my white male privilege like I really owe them something, or George Soros backed social justice warriors telling me that black lives matter but... [more]

I hate being a stepdad!!!

I hate bein a f****** stepfather! It's the worst!!! I thought I knew what I was getting myself into but I had no f****** idea! A lot of s*** came to light when I got married that my wife never... [more]

I wanted to be a cop....

I wanted to be a cop. my family comes from a long line of law enforcement and collar. I’m so proud of them and I wanted to be a cop! I was so excited. Went to college for it. Graduated and got ready to join. Then the riots started. What’s the problem you ask? I am a black female. I wanted to be a detective, capture criminals and... [more]

Secret Donald Trump supporter

I work in the entertainment business. It's filled with pretentious left wing people who shed crocodile tears for every minority and rail against Repubicans just to seek attention and look good in fashionable circles.
I usually avoid politics in discussions. At work when it does come up I lie and pretend to be a passive liberal.
I voted for... [more]


When will Donald J. Trump run out of lies?

BLM sucks

I'm sick of people pretending that blacks are not responsible for their own actions. They shoot up children then want to claim it's the white man's fault. Bullshit! I never had anything to do with slavery. Neither did my ancestors. Quit trying to blame me for your problems.

Hate my racist mother

I'm sick of my racist mother. She hates me and refuses to see any of her grand children because there daddies are black. It's my choice who I sleep with and who I find attractive.
She's a filthy racist, the b**** called my children half breeds? What sort of human even does that? Especially to... [more]

African American

Ship them all back to Africa seen as how they all think they're from Africa. You know, want a be called "African American" instead of American. You don't see white people walking around saying call them "Irish American" or "German American". You know how f****** stupid that sounds? I am... [more]

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