Venting Confessions

13 year old me

When I was thirteen, I was had lied about being sexually assaulted. at the time, i was a compulsive liar, and desperate for attention. I had a bad abusive home situation, and an abusive ex. i was extremely mentally unwell, and I wasn’t in a concrete coherent state of mind. that is not an excuse I am trying to give context. I am now nineteen, and... [more]

I Hate My Sister

I seriously need to get this off my chest.
I don't know if I'm just being immature, but I absolutely despise my younger sister. Like, to the pointing of wishing she was dead. She's a constant nuisance to everyone including my family and pets and it makes me sick. She borderline abuses our pets and gets away with it. She rarely cares about anyone... [more]

I want to be punished physically

I'm f****** p***** at myself because my familys in f****** chaos my dad's a abusive manipulative c*** and yesterday I got [more]

My parents are awful

My parents are the biggest hypocrites. Honestly, my dad came into my room and woke me up and I had earphones in my ear, then starts demanding that I take them out. I tell him 'I'm awake now' and then he threatens to take away my earphones if he sees it again, but literally an hour ago I saw him sleeping with his earphones on sooooo. My mother will... [more]

I need to get something off my chest

I just had a mental breakdown and i need it to be out of my system. this has been the worst summer break ive ever had. my dads a total slob that i feel bad for but i always catch him talking badly about me and saying rude stuff abt me to my mother. i just broke down, nobody in my family wants anything to do with me and all of my friends dont ask... [more]

Europe is not god

I have a hard time being pro Ukraine and the war they are fighting against Russia from a societal standpoint. I hate what Russia is doing to Ukraine. I want Ukraine to prevail and the Russian govt to fail. What I cant stand is how people flew to the aid of Ukrainians after turning a blind eye to how Israel treats Palestinians. And how Puerto Rico... [more]

I'm going to die young

I'm probably going to die young I'm not healthy I'm sad all the g****** time idk kill me

These men dressing as women aren't fooling anyone, they are pervs

This will come across as transphobic. It's not, it's against weirdos trying to sneak into girl's bathrooms. It happened at the mall, in a department store bathroom. I take my daughter to the bathroom, let her go in and wait outside. She's seven and I don't leave her alone. This guy dressed as woman shows up. He's a guy, the walk and the... [more]

I'm a f*** up

Today p***** people off yesterday p***** people off I'm f****** done with myself I just want to be tortured to death I want to kys I'm done I'm a [more]

Peeing myself

I am a gay male, I love when a man does me in back side. I love to cross dress. '''''The panties!!! I have been wearing panties for 30 years. But most of all I like p****** myself! OMG!!!! I started wearing female diapers. so when I go out to the stores I can [more]

I’m lonley again.

I’m so lonley, ever since D (my best friend) got with M (his current partner) I’ve been feeling so lonley, I really want a partner :) but i don’t feel romantic feeling towards anyone, I never have, and it’s so draining seeing him so happy in a relationship. I know it’s not either of their faults that I feel this way, it’s my own problem that I... [more]

Massage therapist

I (45 M) started seeing my massage therapist Sabrina (32 F) three years ago. I have PTSD this in turn causes me severe stress pain in my lower back and shoulders. Sabrina and myself each have S/O’s but lately the last three/four appointments she’s been way flirty. I’m not just talking saying flirty things but massaging where I don’t need therapy... [more]

My friend miiight . be attracted to their sister

Ok , so not the full story here , but . i think i saw one of my friends jerking off to a picture of their sister . i have no f****** clue . i genuinely dont . i could ask them about it , but last time i did (aka like 10 MINUTES AGO .) they just walked away and left . i couldnt follow them because... [more]

Lesson learned from the 'real world'

I'm 39. The number scares me. I'm an 'empowerment coach' for women. I made a living until the pandemic shut down offices and groups, my client base has always been corporations. It's only then that I had to deal from a position of powerlessness. You can't project power if the powerful don't let you. No power structure, nothing to project.
I... [more]

Straight man, no sissy tough as nails who loves his panties.

I wear panties, I am married, straight own guns I am a veteran. Work 7 days a week. I am one who is just like everyone else, but I wear panties. Not many accept this so It is a hidden pleasure. Many a boy has tried someone's panties like I did. It is fun and enjoyable, work around the house to bed. 100% nylon panties are great. Many forums are... [more]

I want to kill myself

I'm a piece of s*** every single day sucks my mom is also sad she's the only thing that keeps me alive she can abuse me if she wants idgaf I'm a f*** up if you want to tell me how to kill myself.

Im done with life

I f****** hate life my family's not doing good my dad is a narcissist I'm a terrible person so hurt me God damnit


I love you and you are a c***. You think you're nice but you're a spoiled c*** brat and you only serve yourself. I'd have given you almost anything and put you before myself just for a bit of time with you. You pretend you love me as a friend but I know... [more]

Russians in my country

I live in one of the baltic states and met so many different russians. Every single one of them is exactly the same.
Rude, self centered, ignorant and loud.
We have russian schools, where they teach russian as the first language. Why?
80-90% of crime is commited by russians and most of our low-income neighborhoods are primarily russian.
They... [more]

The man across the street

I am a 32 year old, single by abandonment, mother of two boys 8 and 5. I work all day, my boys are looked after by the woman across the street. It's her husband. He looks at me up and down, looks at my b******, my hips, between my legs, he stares me down. I've complained to his wife, her answer... [more]

Men fine with women until the person is trans

I dont think men are fine with trans men being seen as men however they just tolerate it. No one though is telling men to move over like women are being told. They (men) hate "trans women are women" only because they dont want to be duped on a date feeling they were lied to and couldnt tell the difference between a trans woman and a real woman. It... [more]

Dear incels

We are not putting up with your garbage or treatment any longer. It is not the fault of any woman that YOU can not get s** when you want it or from whom you feel should provide it. Women do not belong to you. We dont give a damn if you feel you are top tier or an alpha male. If you want [more]

Radical Republicans

It's amazing how R's are willing to destroy this country just to keep their jobs. Also I can't figure out why so many idiots believe the crap they say. Look the stuff up you fools. You will see that 90% of the things they say are lies. If you don't ... "There are none so blind as those who will not see"

I f****** hate myself

This is my third post on here anyways I'm a f*** up I was b******* at my counselor today about how slow it was going again I'm just a useless 14 year old I want my mom to spank me until I bleed because I'm just a terrible person

I hate my fraternity that I rushed over zoom, so I transferred.

2020 August, I had just graduated high school and was excited to head to college. The college was going to attend was a greek heavy school. I had partied a decent amount in High School, but nothing too crazy. Rush ended up being online due to covid restrictions, I wanted to party and I figured I'd give fraternity life a shot. I rushed to the top... [more]

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