Venting Confessions

High Intensity Person

I feel like I'm constantly on 100%. People don't think about me as much as I obsess over them, they don't type responses as long as mine, they don't freak out (good or bad) over things the way I do. I feel like I'm constantly venting/talking about my emotions when I don't completely understand them, and I'm afraid it turns the people around me... [more]

Box of things I need someone to see.

I really need to get all of this off my chest. I think something is wrong with me, I think I'm going crazy. Like, for real. I just, I've been seeing things and hearing things since I was little. I just don't think I'm right in the head.
I've been hearing sounds and things that aren't real. Like I'll hear a faint conversation from time to time... [more]

I know parenting isn’t easy but damn..

I knew parenting wasn’t going to be easy. I helped my mom take care of my youngest sister when she was born. I’ve been in relationships with single mothers so I know parenting isn’t easy but dammmn like I’m up to my neck with my current relationship. I want to make it work and I really do want it but sometimes the kid makes it hard. He’s 4 yrs old... [more]

Transgender isn't a thing

There are only 2 genders m************

Children from h***.

I married into a rather large family, before this it was just me and my mom.
My husband's sister is a spoilt brat. She's got 4 kids from different dad's, married/divorced (her marriage paid for her house and she kept it after her divorce.). Her kids are nightmares. They do whatever they want and at family gatherings it's basically a free for... [more]

Contemplating suicide because of ruined life due to pandemic

Almost everyone in my family are out of work and we are barely scraping by. We are having trouble buying food and paying the bills. I'm seriously considering taking my life and my question is, does anyone else feel this way? This f****** pandemic which is looking more and more like a plandemic or... [more]

My dad is a f****** conspiracy crack pot

My dad has always been some f****** conspiracy crack pot who watches Idiocracy and zeitgeist way too much, and preaches anarchy/atheism. So, it's no surprise that he's also an anti-masker who thinks covid was a government scheme to make sure the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich. He... [more]

Shootings of late

What's going on with us? Why have we let our way of lives be controlled by weapons with only one purpose, to kill.
Some of you will say, kill or be killed... end result, DEATH!
USA is a country obsessed at death and killing. The rights to weapons is in the constitution but seeing so many deaths as a result now and previously is never... [more]

Question to you

Hey, people.
I see more and more cases where some degenerates are attacking Asian people.
I am Korean and generally we despise Chinese since they have been nothing but a bully to my country. I am just sad that people around the world would categorize all the asians as Chinese and hate them...
Could you please ask us where we come from before... [more]

I hate it here

I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THESE STUPID S**** GOING ON AROUND ME LIKE BRO i hate online classes, like it's NOT effective at all, it's f****** up my mental health. i can't survive another year of this stupid online [more]


The sheer frustration I feel when reinstalling Windows 10 and going through that sign in process. I HATE microsoft for this it feels like a super unwarranted intrusion into my life. JUST FUCKOFF!!!!!
Yes I knowe they're spying and tracking me anywayt when I use the system but I minimise it by using TOR, not signing into anything if I can avoid... [more]

If you got out of the service in one piece then

If you went in the military and got out in one piece you have no reason to criticize a person who due to a physical handicap could not serve.
I'm a chronic asthmatic from birth and I also developed spinal schioliosis. I couldn't serve in the military and I don't deserve to be asked this stupid question. I fought for my country what have you... [more]

I feel lost

I am finally where I need to be. I graduated High school, I'm on college. I have a job, and I'm even back in therapy. I'm doing everything I need to do yet I feel lonelier than ever. I want someone to talk to yet I'm scared my friends will leave if I talk to them. I feel guilty for not being happy and proud of my accomplishments, Im sorry.

My step-dad is kind of a d*** sometimes

My Mum's partner, or step-dad just to make things easier, was a perfectly likeable individual until lockdown. He works at a hospital, so thing aren't easy for him. But lately he's just a b**** to everyone.
Whenever Mum and I discuss social issues, we're immediately shut down and told that we're... [more]

My mental battle

I'm male and 20
For a couple of months now, I've been scared at the thought that I might be a pedophile. It's mainly because of past experience that make my brain think it but I would always tell myself for it to be false.
I was lost and destroyed and didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be a pedo. Its a disgusting feeling. I thought... [more]

I want to die.

I want to die. I think about killing myself every day. I hate my husband. I am being very rational and he thinks I’m just the bitchiest person in the world. If he got things done around the house since I’m the bread winner I wouldn’t be b*******. He’s gained 150lbs since we got together almost 6... [more]

I want nothing more than death.

Everything has been going downhill. it has always been going downhill. my grandmother recently got cancer and my grades are all terrible. i cant do this f****** s*** anymore. i cant even tell my friends what im thinking of doing to myself (like... [more]

My friends got harassed and I don't know what to do

So two days ago two of my friends from my student association got sexually harassed by a couple of guys from a different student association. I just found out via mail that this happened and the proper measures are being taken against these guys, and they asked us to not bother the two friends with our questions, which is obviously quite... [more]

Fixation with the Nazis

I really hate how fixated with the Nazis I am. I am German, but my parents and I are living in the US. I feel so strongly and nationalistic for my country when I listen to Hitler or Goebbels and their speeches.
I know it's wrong, but I feel so strongly for the cause. I love them. They look so nice in their uniforms and suits. I wish so badly... [more]

Hamster wheel

I don’t think I’m meant to be happy. I think I’m meant to make others happy but not receive that in return. I feel I can literally feel what others are going through without then saying anything and I notice and I react to fix it but I’ve never met someone who can do that for me.

My mom and her new boyfriend

My mom and her new boyfriend are to lovey around me. My dad, whom I am not allowed o see anymore, was better than him. I feel as if I don't matter anymore.

I have purpose

I literally have no f****** life goals or motivation, I have no plan for the future, no drive to do anything and the only thing I enjoy cant be pursued as a career realistically because its a 1% chance of success. I have bursts of inspiration and motivation and then they fade into the same... [more]

I blame myself

My bird f*****' died. i feel terrible, ive been getting into terrible habits such as not eating, not talking, being anti-social. I wanna f***** crumple up in a ball and die. Its all my fault. I hate myself for this kind of [more]

Sick of women friendly bullshit by the media.

Everytime I turn around, there's always some bullshit about how women are "badass" by doing things that men can do and more.
They're always complaining about their problems to these talk show hosts, and then they always talk about "opening up" to let the world know it's OK to do so, instead of going to a therapist behind closed doors like they... [more]

Sick of women friendly bullshit by the media.

Everytime I turn around, there's always some bullshit about how women are "badass" by doing things that men can do and more.
They're always complaining about their problems to these talk show hosts, and then they always talk about "opening up" to let the world know it's OK to do so, instead of going to a therapist behind closed doors like they... [more]

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