Venting Confessions

Angry at god

I am very angry with the man, female or however you would define god of the universe. He stepped out on us all leaving us to basically figure it out for ourselves and we have completely missed the mark.
It took us way too long to get where we are now and we ain't out of the "woods yet". I would say we were up [more]

I was sexually assaulted in front of my husband

My husband and I bumped into my former fiancé while shopping. I was wearing compression leggings.
Being polite, I was open to giving him a hug. During the hug he took it upon himself to give my ass a firm squeeze and pop.
I didn't want to make a scene so I playfully told him to stop. He gave my husband a fist pump and said, "You're a lucky... [more]

Sick Mom vs Trip

My mom got ill the month of Thanksgiving and was sick, unable to go outside until Dec 14th because she is immune compromised. I had to do all the shopping, cleaning, taking/picking up my nephew from school, cooking meals, etc. She began to feel better before Christmas and we both tested negative for CoVid. For Christmas she had never been to D.C... [more]

Why i gotta f*** it up

Every time i make friends i pull the same s*** and it always ends with everyone leaving me and me being upset. i don't think there's anything i can do other than get rid of myself.

Stop yelling

Please stop yelling at me when things don’t go your way. Most of the time it’s because of your own doing. Don’t take it out on me. Your girlfriend needs to shut the f*** up also. Would it kill you to clean up after yourselves, or try to better your situations without blaming everyone else? Yes... [more]

My cousin molested me

I don’t remember how old I was I just know I was pretty young. I also don’t remember his age but he was my cousin and he molested me when I was young. Once he was on his computer and me and my cousins were gathered around him and after he played his game everyone left and I was about to leave but he grabbed me and I panicked and kicked him and he... [more]

I hate my father

I hate my “father” so much, sometimes I wish he had died when he had septic shock a few years ago. All he does is bully my mom and I. I just can’t do it anymore. Every time he’s brought up I feel nothing other than anger it’s either that or I just feel nothing. All I can do when I’m in the car and he calls my mom is stare blankly in front of me... [more]

Pathetic People Using "Internet Speak" Should Be Dealt With

If you use words and terms like snowflake, woke, right-wing, liberals, virtual signalling etc, you've lost the debate, you are pathetic and need a 1-2 to the back of the head.
You've most likely read some of the 'typical' literature and it has become your identity rather than education and information. You're unable to form a coherent argument... [more]

A boy

So i am in love with this boy and i take acting and i am a GREAT ac tress so when he moans in my ear and moans yes daddy my friends are like EW but i am VERY turned on

Woman suck

As a gay guy, I just don't see the appeal of women. Their voices are shrill, conversation is shallow and just over all dumb. What in gods name could a straight guy find so interesting in them.

The good old days

I remember a group of boys constantly bullying a boy in my classroom. One day one of my girl friends told me they were planning to follow him home after school and shame him by pulling his pants down. He made the mistake of running into a public park bathroom when he saw them chasing him. I remember watching them stripping him down to nothing... [more]

Chinese Women

I seriously don’t understand till this day what the f*** is going on within the minds of virtually all Chinese women in particular, less so for the men though. They are afraid of the sun(to avoid “becoming black”), they are afraid of the rain(which may in turn ruin their “precious make-up-ed” faces)... [more]

[Vent] Terrible Waitress Wanted a $15 Tip

First of all, this waitress looked annoyed that we were there to begin with. Did not take our drink orders right away. Left us with the menu and returned 20 minutes later, with no apology. My husband starts to order a drink, she cuts him off mid-sentence and says "we don't have any alcohol right now", in which he replies that he was going to ask... [more]

Stop height supremacy now!

I am deeply offended and I require redress of such offense. There are people out there taller than I am and getting better jobs and opportunities than I do and that's not fair. This is systemic bias against the short. Institutional heightism run by Fascist Nazis. I will not allow them to erase my short existence merely because I am not tall... [more]

Evolution of how teacher's dress

I began teaching in 1989 and plan on retiring next year.
When I first began teaching, our school system didn’t have a written dress code. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but the public college I attended stressed for all graduates to ‘dress professional’ out in the world because WE are now professionals.
No one had to tell... [more]

England Is Ill

Born and raised in England, never lived anywhere else, left 2 years ago to live in the country my parents are from (I have dual nationality), came back to visit friends. Have been here 2 weeks now, and I've already been racially abused, accosted on the street by someone with mental health issues, witnessed a bust up on the bus (I promised myself... [more]


I once had s** with a boy in a back room of party. Told him I didn't want to go all the way with him, so he sucked me off and came in my mouth. !God! it was so embarrassing to walk to the bathroom down the hall with face covered with sperm.

Normalizing breastfeeding

I've breastfed all my kids as long as they wanted it. I also believe in breastfeeding on demand. That means if my kid wants num-num they walk up and pull my shirt up or down and get their drink. Its no different than if they want a drink out of the fridge. Why should I deprive them or make them wait. If I'm doing something where they can't get at... [more]

My girlfriend

This crazy b**** right here. Always depressed,moody is constantly wakes up to b**** about nothing. Her on going and growing fued with her 15 year old daughter who has acted like any other teen with the average trying pot ect.. [more]

Is there a life besides jail?

Is there really a s** life out there for a pedophile or MAPS that doesnt involve jail time and consequences? Do people live this lifestyle without being caught? Is it possible to be punished before you do anything but just because you have feelings? And other words do they look for a reason?

I can't stand trans people any more

You weren't born in the wrong body, you just have a fetish or dysphoria or both. Those are mental illnesses that can be treated, and are not a reason for the rest of the world to cater to you. Grow up.

I want him so bad

I really really want him, why wont he notice me. im trying to become all he likes but its so hard .. i just want him all to myself i feel so guilty but i would do anything for him


I genuinely hate my life, I have a mom that doesnt give a f*** about me and whatever is going on in my life. So overwhelmed at the fact that instead of encouraging me to study hard and change our family situation, she goes away for vacation with her sister and throws all the responsibilities of the house and children unto me, im barely surviving... [more]

I hate you!

You are such a liar! You told me you loved me and wanted to be with me instead of your wife. I’m stupid and fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I was so dumb. I have never disliked someone so much than you. You destroyed my heart and thought nothing of it.

Letting it all go

I stopped exercising months ago and stopped watching what I ate long before that. I've gained 30 pounds since the pandemic started and counting. I'm high as often as possible, because I see no point in doing anything else. I don't necessarily want to die, but I also don't care if I do.

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