Venting Confessions

Lost Emotions in Fetish

My life was lonely growing up. I allowed several relationships with bbw's to consume me. The chase and intimacy made things better, but I didnt know who I was. The more risque everything got the more I fealt not alone, but when the music stopped I went back to being empty. The people I hurt, the people that hurt me, it was a domino effect. I... [more]

What should I do

I feel like I'm going to hurt people I love if I lose it


My girl friends pretended to be friends with a girl from our school, to hide the fact that they hated her. She had no idea they were going to shame her by stripping clothes off in front of boys that knew what was going to happen. She ended up topless with boys telling them "let's see her p****" and... [more]

I tried to die

At 15 i tried to kill myself but taking 5000mg of paracetamol but when my mom came home i vomited it out on purpose because i wanted to live for her and my family and i was honestly scared and hopeless , it’s only been a few days since i have done it and i feel like i should tell her. idk if it’s bad or not but i always think about killing myself…... [more]

A was SAd when I was younger it still haunts me.

When I was younger got SAd and sexually assaulted by a family member,he was younger to. I am now older and it still haunts me. I hate that it haunts me. I am slowly starting to expect it and that it is apart of my story. It happened a few times by the same person. Because I was younger I didn't know what to do. I usually just went to sleep in my... [more]

I hate this life.

Ever since I was around 10 I stared Self harm. I used to do it on my hand and no one noticed. I am a few years older and I still do it. On my arm. I sent in a while. In about 2 months. Everyday I just want to Self Harm again. School sucks. I only have a few friends. My family is always yelling at me. Idk what to do. But I'm trying to contribute... [more]

I keep getting juged

Alot of things has happened when I was younger and I'm still working through it. I've posted about it before on here but I feel like I need to share this to. Almost everyday whenever I wear something that I think I look cute in I always get judged saying I look like a "hoe" "s***" "[more]

This world needs coal and brimstone.

That's it. I've said it. We need coal. There would be no light if there was only darkness. Nobody understands this for some reason. There will never be a brimstone that would kill the sharty as there will never be a gemerald that would save it. This is some ying yang s***, seriously. Coal becomes... [more]

I’m so tired.

I’m so tired of giving everyone my all. I’ve never been loved back and it’s just so tiring. I’m so used to it. I’m so tired. Please just let me rest.

I'm ok

I don't really feel emotional anymore

Ravished like the girl in the novel

I read this romance novel my aunt loaned me. Steamy s** scenes and all. You know the story, down and out, young, virile, girl the daughter of the town mayor, virgin, inexperienced, not sure if she's 14 or 17. He ravishes her, a nice word for non consensual [more]

I'm a piece of s***

I am a living piece of s***

Only thing that makes me feel good is thinking about kms

I have a very supportive family and wonderful friends, a blessed life, and I have been feeling better than i ever have in my life. But the only thing that makes me feel good is thinking about killing myself.
I have a blessed life. I am pursuing my dream job, with my dream education. I have a loving parent, a best friend, a wonderful dog. The... [more]

I'm a degenerate

All I do is b**** and moan so what is the point

I think about killing/death an uncomfortable amount of times

Please don't judge me, so, I think about killing myself, I think about killing other people and animals, I'd never act on my thoughts, since, 1, it's illegal, 2, I could never act on it, since I know I'd back out before I did it or regret it afterwards.I think it's a kind of coping thing, it gives me a sense of control and power, I don't think of... [more]

Christmas presents

I confess that I wanted a little more gratitude for the presents I bought for some people this year. In each case I made an effort to buy and give gifts that were both useful and not cheap. Of the 5 people only 1 showed any true appreciation, or at least they liked me enough to pretend to care. I'm tired, emotionally

Vent from a 15 year old girl. It's really long, I'm sorry.

I don't think I'm in the right mindset to do this.
Everyone's like, 'oh do your exams and then after you can enjoy the summer' and do what you want. But I have nothing to look forward to because surprise surprise I'm gonna be stuck at home as I have been for my entire life. I can't go out, I can't talk on the phone, I can't even go to school... [more]

Birthday spanking

I saw a boy getting a birthday spanking over his underwear and one of my girl friends reach over and pulled his underwear down and we all had fun watching his d*** get hard. I remember his face turned redder than his butt.


Why am I still alive I should have killed myself a long time ago my life is f***** s*** I hope I die painfully because at least I could feel something F***!!

Black Males Are Pathetic

I've never come a cross a weak ass bunch of males like black males. Always complaining but never doing. Always someone elses fault but never theirs. Always lying, cheating, abusing, never helping, leaving all races of women as single mothers. It's weird to see a bunch of men so weak that they'll dog out their own women just to get that tiny bit of... [more]

I don’t know how much longer I can last

Life is a f****** s*** show, every single day I have to go around pretending everything is great but I feel awful. I’ve been clean for 9 months, that’s great but I just need to feel something. I’m going to get a tattoo in January just to feel... [more]

I'm not happy that's it's Christmas

I'm depressed

How do I die

F*** life F*** life


My husband completely controls me. I’m totally dependent on him. If he leaves me I’ll be on the street. I have no skills and can’t make a living on my own.
He insists I stay in shape because he tells me that’s all I have to offer. He makes me do things I don’t want to do. The worst is when he makes me undress and lets young boys have [more]

What's the point

Life sucks d***

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