Venting Confessions

Shut your mouth when you eat

I hate hearing the food swishing around in your mouth. The slurping, the smacking... it is disgusting. I shouldn't be able to hear you before I see you. Shut your mouth FFS.

Misbehaving wives

Quite a few of us married men thoughts of are wife's being naughty his a big turn on , Not all of us want are wife's to go to far maybe show a bit of cleavage leg that sort of thing , Or being kissed groped that sort of thing what ever floats your boat , I've watched my wife on new years eve when she has had to much to drink , Loosing all her... [more]

I get made fun of every day

So I don't know how to tell people my dreams of being a rapper. Everyone is so quick to judge or tell me I won't make it. So there for it is hard to tell people I wanna rap when I grow up. Now for kids who are reading this I don't mean rap like lilpump or jay z or the new fake ass people they call rappers. Anyone can get on a microphone and... [more]

I really don't understand..........

..........Miley Cyrus. She went from being this very nice and talented and pretty and funny little girl to being a walking POS and a cheap w****. How did this happen? I have no idea. But I wish she would go back to what she was before.

Annoying artists

When I was in high school I used to watch videos of a funny guy who had a friend with a cute voice and drew cute blue character who wore an eye patch&mouth mask. I never was too interested in them but I did think it was strange the girl would disappear from time to time since she claimed she didn't like the attention. Eventually this girl... [more]


This is such a minor thing to everyone, but it's bugging me so much. People complain about the dress code: no leggings on their own. That makes total sense! Ya know why? BECAUSE LEGGINGS AREN'T PANTS!!!! THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE USED UNDER SKIRTS, LONG SHIRTS, AND DRESSES! THEY'RE THIN BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE WORN ON THEIR... [more]

I am devastated that Craigslist has shut down Personals section

US Congress just passed HR 1865, "FOSTA", seeking to subject websites to criminal and civil liability when third parties (users) misuse online personals unlawfully.
Any tool or service can be misused. We can't take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. Hopefully we can... [more]

Vent #37841

I work at a small grocery store and today I saw an interaction between a married couple that completely explains the wife's sometimes weird behavior. It just clicked.
He hardly ever comes in with her. Today was the second time I've seen him in five years.
She's very jumpy and too happy at times. I thought maybe she was on drugs (I see a lot of... [more]

Family conflict

Life just f***** sucks. Seriously. So, I have a step-father (lets call him, jerry(not his real name)) and step-brother (lets call him dan(again not his real name)) so, dan ran away to his real mothers house, his parents have 50/50 custody, and she refuses to let jerry see his son. So their going to... [more]

Craigslist Personals Section Now Gone

What am I gonna do now to get willing women to open their legs for me?
That was my source of women for decades. I could get a woman of any color, marital, or economic status in the CL personals section.
I guess I am so stressed. I will just savor the last married pregnant woman I met and had s**... [more]

What have people become?

I just watched some youtuber triggered tro and read the comments. Every f****** video he plays dr phil shows (like that isn't bad enough) and comments like a r***** on what people on the show are saying. What's unbelievable is all the comments do... [more]

My lifes love story

I wish I had married one of my previous girl friends.
My wife is emotionally distant.
I think back to other girls I went out with.
One tasted terrible when we kissed. Just not for me I guess.
One was too clingy and a bit fat. She was really nice but I have never thought I would have liked to marry her. Although we did have good... [more]

People Who Cut For Attention

Dear people who cut for attention,
I just want to let you know that I hate you and everyone who cuts because they're actually depressed also probably hate you. Self harm is NOT a funny thing and it's not something that should be used as a way to gain sympathy, attention, or popularity.
Self harm in any form (burns, cuts, bruises...) will... [more]

Chewing With Your Mouth Open

I HATE when people chew with their mouth open. It doesn't matter if you're chewing food or gum. No one wants to see what you have in your mouth and no one likes to hear the annoying sound it makes.

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