Venting Confessions

My brother's girlfriend is a worthless sullen c***

This stupid b****.
I've bent over backwards to try and accommodate her. Since meeting her, she has been nothing but trash. I've known her for several years now, and the three of us have been living together for about two. Letting this stupid [more]


Wishes to be granted by 4 face Buddha.
In my FB name YuYan, I was previously in FB relationship with Chen rp.
1)This Chen rp wants to continue regreting being in boyfriend girlfriend relationship with me.
2)This Chen rp wants to continue to like his best friend who died in car accident quite some time ago.
3)This Chen rp wants to continue... [more]

I feel sorry for Kavanaugh

Highschool. She festers on what happened in high school and waits to bring him down. I do not see why this should be. Even if it did happen so what. I have no sympathy for her.

A warning to all subhumans

I have been observing all of you from the shadows. Your subhuman like behaviour repulses me, but I see some enlightened individuals who are deemed worthy in my eyes. The Enlightened Ones, as I call them, shall do my bidding to rid all of you lesser beings. They are all among you, and may be your friends and family members.Trust no one, and turn... [more]

Im tired

School sucks my life sucks complaining is so sucky and im tired school work on school work its all so annoying hearing people talk about their grades having A’s and B’s while i use to have that but now im a c student why am i even bothering anymore i come home with a attitude from school and having to sit alone its so sucky i just dont wanna try... [more]

Lame ass 17yr old stepdaughter is the worst

My stepdaughter just turned 17. She first lived with us 3yrs ago but she wouldn't go to school and after being informed she was absent 65 days! She was moved into her grandmother's house. Still didn't go to school. She has mental issues and was routinely seeing a doctor about those issues. She moved back in with us last year. Moved her also... [more]

Childhood abuse

I don't think people abused by the church or whoever as kids long ago should get huge financial compensation. I suspect that they will never be happy unless they can forgive. My suspicion is that they will always view the money as not enough. So they remain focussed on how terrible everthing is. They need to focus on forgiveness.

I wish a woman would love me

I just feel so damn worthless as a single 27 year old man with no wife or kids. I mean, yeah I've had girlfriends and crap and I have a job and a car, Im not that ugly so I dont understand why I have such bad luck with women. Im a hopeless romantic but I'm no cuck or beta I'm no fool. I'd just like to meet a nice lady who'd give a crap about me... [more]

I DESPISE my wife's Daughter and Son

How can my wife be so intelligent in general and so godam stupid when it comes to her kids?
What the f*** is it with people that makes them think their less-than-mediocre children are SO F****** AWESOME?!?!
"He's Amazing" ..Ha! Oh my [more]

Sharing the same room

I was 17 when I had s** with boy side by side to my girl friend doing it with her date. It was in a one room studio apartment and on the floor. We turned off the lights so we wouldn't embarrass ourselves naked in front of each other. I remember sucking my dates [more]

Internet Friend

I need help, recently I found out that I had fallen for my internet friend. We practically were friends for three years and were really close to eachother, I have recently discovered that she is going to homecoming with someone. I wouldn't have mind except after she told me the news I felt torn, I tried to stay positive but whenever I mention... [more]

Stupid Rant

So yknow Fear the Walking Dead? Yeah I just found out that its timeline runs concurrently with the Walking Dead. Thatd be like if Marvel released a movie next month that portrays what Black Panther was doing just before Infinity War and then focused on his narrative during the events of said war. Its a [more]

Married but eager for c***

I’m a 39 year old happily married man that has a good sexy life but my wife doesn’t have a c*** :( I’ve been bi curious for the longest time and have Even had a few encounters but not all I want . I want to feel a c*** explode in my ass and throat . I... [more]

It's time.....

.....for Rose McGowan to admit she's a giant liar.

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