Venting Confessions

We know why people are wearing black!

And white people act like blacks don't know why wearing a black shirt and black pants and hat is hidden, yea right, we know your insidious. Its systemic in why people did white-out (white shirts, white pants, white hats etc) because constitutions were written by Caucasian and the energy around constitution was government is also favoring whites as... [more]

I have a secret fetish I can't seem to shake

In the eighth grade we had a family move in next door. They were rentals. They had a daughter my age and we walked to bus together and sort of became friends. She was at my house after school, no one was home with us, and she suggested that we see ourselves in the mirror. She put the standup mirror on the floor and took off her panties and... [more]

Surprised by my Ex

I'm a contractor and i took a job to do some repairs on a rental property that is occupied. I had been working outside for most of the day the headed into the garage to fix the garage door opener.
It was late in the day when i finished in the garage. much to my surprise my ex walked out the door into the garage and headed for her car in the... [more]

You Always Know

I titled this 'You Always Know'. I didn't 'know' when I was in the fourth grade, I 'felt' it. A boy named Carlos who was in the sixth grade showed me his p**** in the bathroom after school and made me touch it. I was in the fourth grade. Touching his [more]


I am a teen and I can't stop watching p*** and it's gone on for almost 6 years yes even as I was a tween. Not for pleasure reasons and even if I hypothetically decide to 'touch myself' it is a scenario I've created in my head while watching so called video. There was a time where I didn't watch or... [more]

Insecurity ruins relationships

Maybe this might help some “mature” women looking to date. I met Carol on a dating site. You can tell the insecure ladies by the pictures they post. If the pictures of their face only they are probably overweight. If they post pictures of themselves when they were much younger, they are telling you “Look! I used to be pretty.” There are more tells... [more]

Im probably not depressed

When i watch movies, videos or when i search up on google why am i feeling like this no reasons apply to me. i searched up like an clueless idiot on google ''WhY Do i hAtE tHe IdEa Of BeInG TrANsGeNDER?'' i couldnt find anything that i feel like i feel. i searched up almost everything about Lbgt but i couldnt feel anything that felt like me. even... [more]

Its my fault

Its my fault you started cutting
its my fault you wanted to kill yourself
its my fault i left you
everything is my fault, isnt it.
i left you cause we werent compatible.
im your theripast,
im the one who has to listen but has to get ignored.
im the one that has to love you even when you imagine someone else as me.
i warned you but you... [more]

The me I Despise

The me i hate was the person that rubbed off them even if I didnt want to. they didnt want to at the time, i thought i had to do it. I didnt want to do it, they did it. i let it happen so its my fault. i asked for it even if i didnt want it to happen. the only thing that really makes me upset is that they thought of a different person instead of... [more]

Writings of somebody unable to find Romance.

Okay, to the point. 20 years old, extremely active and in shape. I understand love "isn't the answer" nor do we need somebody to "complete" us. Self love is important.
The word "incel" is thrown about a lot. I don't consider myself the stereotypical incel loser in the sense of the word. I like to think I'm attractive enough, dress extremely... [more]

Why is it that when you are a girl you can only act like this

I am just going to complain a little. Why oh why do I have these emotional feelings. Why do I cry when my feelings are hurt. Why does my heart race when I hear him come down the hall. Why do I get up to get him a glass of water when we are in a meeting. Why do I bake him cookies. Why do I buy him little gifts. Why is that when he holds my... [more]

I hate Vladymir Putin c*** in your hole

I hate you PUTIN c*** in ear holes and whatever damage can do to you. I want to slice your head open like a cutting open a fruit and leaving you there. *Spit


I sometimes I think Im a failure. Im failing college and have no job. I believe I have ADHD. Im afraid of going outside and being sociable. Im 23 years old and dont know what to do

I have never been able to act on what I want

Not today, not yesterday, it's everyday. I have urges. They are much stronger now than when I was younger. I do have memories of my early childhood like the time my friend and I were listening to music on my new LP recordplayer I had gotten for my birthday and he put both hands on my crotch and grabbed me and then put his face in my crotch and... [more]

I broke up with my s/o and i regret it a bit ..

I kind of regret breaking up with my partner .. i loved them so much but there were so many red flags while i was with them. first, they would threaten to *tw* k1ll me on every occasion they could, would gaslight me if i ever said smth, would make me feel like i was stupid when anything came out of my mouth, and so much more. but idk i was so... [more]

Dealing with a b****

I can't do this anymore. It is so annoying how it thinks it can take advantage of my feelings. They way it brags about everything makes me want to die. I hate it, and if you think it is you b**** it is.

Just once I would like to be raped

I wish I had an exiting life. My life is boring. I have a boring job, boring friends, boring husband, boring life. I've never had an exiting sexual experience. I've never been somewhere exiting. I just wish that one day a dangerous man came along, stole me, ravaged my body and discarded me on the trash heap of life.
which is where I live and... [more]

I hate that I feel this way about my mom

Basically my mom and I have a rocky relationship. For me I always come home and feel like I am being hounded with the negative things about me, what I do, characteristics that I need to change, What I've done wrong, ect and they all come from her. There is almost never a single positive thing that comes out of her mouth about me. Sometimes she... [more]

Mental Breakdown Incoming

There’s no confession here, I didn’t do much wrong…
My mom is two faced. She is a very religious person who has a bright personality that out shines how manipulative she can get. She constantly belittles me, calling me ungrateful any time I try to express something that she’s done that hurts me- so I killed her goldfish.
I poured bleach in... [more]

Is a happy ending cheating?

I moved to a new state and was really lonely so i just satrted going to massage parlors to be touched and soon happy endings happened and i really liked it. I kept going for a year and now it's a bit of a fetish. I have a girlfriend now but i still want the massage and happy ending. H*** ill even... [more]

Addicts deserve to be shot like dogs

None of them are without sin. They are all wastes of life. They would have been an addict no matter their life circumstances. They are inherently terrible people. Plenty of people are abused, have terrible lives, live in poverty or worse than what we in the west call "poverty" without turning to drink or drugs. but they don't care. They don't care... [more]

As time goes on things remain the same just different players

I ran away from my parents back in 1969. I was 14 and rode the Greyhound from Cincinnati to California. Street girls were called hippies and I became a prostitute handled by a hippie guy named Steve. I had a quota, and if I didn't make it used a paddle he had stole from a school. I got away from him when I was 18, got in a car with a man an... [more]

Why Are Indians Indians?!

I f****** hate all indians in this world or anywhere else in the universe. This includes all indo-pak(banglas, pakis- indians genetics). They stink. They love littering the Earth. They love to bear envy. They always stare at others who aren’t indians like extreme pervs. They’re rapists. They... [more]

Ending it

I want it to end. I want to die. The pain is too much. Physical and mental. All I want to do is watch myself suffer

I want to murder my stepfather

So, my stepfather married my mom when I was 2 or 3, (Im 15 now) And had us move from Texas to New York when i was 6 or so, to 'take care of his mother.' He has his 3 own kids, they all live here, 2 moved here from Washington. The others 9 yrs old. Hes always treated me and my cousin different from them, Constantly belittling us, Treating us like... [more]

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