Venting Confessions

My daughter is actually not my husbands

I just need to say it! He was so happy when I told him I was pregnant that he completely forgot we had been trying for months without any luck.... I dont know what he thought, but the truth is we got a little help from a friend at work.... maybe he didnt want to ask I dont know... is it just possible in his pride he just didnt want to know??

Big d**** in lockerooms

I don’t know why guys with big penises feel the need to walk around my gym change room naked. And what’s with the judgemental looks I get for having a small c***. We get it you have a big c***, put a towel around you a-hole, who... [more]

I hate furrys

If I ever see one irl, I'm just gonna punt and beat the s*** out of it, like I mean ill curb stomp it till its a little stain. The ill shoot the absolute s*** out of it. Then I will go and allah akbar a furry convention.

Worst thing I have ever done

Was in a relationship for 6 almost 7 years with my high school sweet heart. At first everything was like a fairy tale I never was the type of dude to fall in love. I was portrayed more as the confident individual party guy and flirtatious dude who spent hours in the gym looking good for myself but with a broken home wanting to be a better man than... [more]

[TRIGGER WARNING] i don't want to live anymore

[If you didn't take the warning seriously, then let me emphasize, this is a vent, a really triggering one that mentions suicidal descriptions, depression, dysfunctional family and just, really triggering stuff, that and I'll be expressing my religion, please don't read if you're easily triggered by this because I really don't want to create any... [more]

Donald dump , jr

This is truth teller, well that stupid idiot donald jr has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus 🦠! If you’re reading this b****, this is called Karma! You deserve this and so much worse, you’re a p*** poor excuse for a human being! Any woman that... [more]


Lock her b****-ass up!!!!!

Do NOT Vent on Muttr

There's no accountability. No one knows who the mods are, despite repeated requests for them to be identified. One user got into a fight with someone who was probably a mod (but no one knows) and immediately had all of their posts deleted, plunging their influence points from the 400s down to -642. They were no longer able to post under their IP... [more]

People from "hoods" are delusional

They think that no one in the world has issues except for them and that they have the answers to everything. Their delusions have apparently hit a whole new level of insanity sometime recently. Why do I say this?
I saw a black from a "hood" claim that he has had it harder in life than a twelve year old suicide bomber living in Afghanistan.
I... [more]

I swear im having a Mental break

I live in a care home cause my parents didn't f****** love me and my mum abused me and tried to f****** kill me and my dad left so I wasn't in the best mental state and my social worker said coming here was the best option but since I came here... [more]

I shouldn't have said anything

People are entitled to get angry. We are human after all. People can tell us we are wrong and give us their opinion. I can't get mad at you for telling me what I did wrong. But you can't get mad at me if I feel a certain way. I won't tell you so don't worry. I don't like talking about it. Maybe I would have told you before but tonight just showed... [more]

Media can't get over themselves

The news media knows that Pres. trump has NOT conceded the election, and that he won't concede until the recounts are all complete and the court cases are all decided, but they just keep calling him names and denying the fact that he has legal rights. They are all sick in the brain and using this situation to keep themselves in the limelight. ... [more]

Tiger woods

This is truth teller again, I am all for giving most people a second chance, but you bunch of stupid people embraced a w**** monger. He had a beautiful wife and beautiful kids, and decided to take human growth hormone just to be able to keep up with all of his whores . Now I know beyond a shadow of a... [more]

Marsha blackburn & bill lee

This is truth teller marsha blackburn and bill lee of tennessee have got to be two of the most stupid people I’ve ever seen in my life. trump lost accept it and move on with your p*** poor life ! You two are nothing but two piles of trash and 💩💩. You nor him represent me or most of the people of... [more]

NEVER buy your gf this for her B-day!

One of the gifts my bf got for MY 20 b-day was a lace bra and THONG panty set! WTF! I’m not wearing that s***! He said, “I’d feel sexy!” I threw it at him and told him to f**k off dumped his sick ass and moved back to my parents. Why do guys think we want to wear that f****g [more]

Tired of living

I am so f****** tired, physically and mentally. I don’t have any talents and I im at the point where I don’t think I’ll be able to graduate high school. The only reason I haven’t killed myself is because of my friends and parents. I have insomnia, depression, anxiety and adhd. My mental illnesses... [more]

Fat wife

Women have a much easier time getting noticed. I’m an average looking man and rarely will a good looking woman ever notice me let alone smile or talk to me. My wife is fat and besides having huge b****, she has nothing else going for her. And yet every guy in our condo is polite to her and nice to... [more]

Sleeping bodies do not consent.

TW: Rape
My friend was raped two years ago, around this time. She is q****. He spiked her drink and did it while she was passed out blank. Thrice. He was her boyfriend at the time. She reported it, the law told her to eat s***. He satisfied his... [more]


This is truth teller, I beg of you to NOT use PayPal when it’s linked to your checking account. I made a huge mistake and ordered something using PayPal. They got their money and I do have proof in my checking account statement. They know that they got their money, but they have been on my ass like stink on [more]

Mondays are the Worst Days Ever

Mondays are the worst days in a week. Bad things will keep happen to you suddenly and more will come after it.


I'm a 22 year old lesbian, and I will vote for Trump. Do I like him as a person? F*** no. But from a political standpoint, Trump is exactly what we need.
Biden will raise taxes, cut jobs by the millions, and he supports the public option. He will "listen to professionals" - in other words, he... [more]

Betsy devoss b****

This is truth teller saying BY Felisha! you nasty 🤢 excuse for a human being! THIS is what you are 💩 !

I just don't even get it.

Why won't them n****** just go ahead and say what everybody know: Jeb Biden won that m************ election. Tell that b**** ass Trump to get to packing and then get to stepping. That... [more]

I am wondering

I am wondering with all the confessions in this section no one mentions STI and STD?

Close-minded mother

That my mother is too trapped in her own set of beliefs to trust that I truly believe something different than her. As a person of science and objectivity, the only thing that i value is correctness. If someone is saying something incorrect, it is almost a duty to correct them if I know for a fact that they are wrong. Just now, my mother mentioned... [more]

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