Venting Confessions

My lucky day

I was sitting in the pool side with my girl friends when this boy from our school came up to us. He was was standing right in front of us when this jokers came up behind him and pants him. One minute we were talking to him and the next, we were looking at his d*** standing there in front of us... [more]

Cigarettes and malays

For all you stupid disgusting malay rubbish living in the opposite unit, f*** you for all the stinking pollution you’ve caused all these years smoking illegally at the common corridor when you’re not supposed to. What is it with you malays and smoking? The stench you’re blowing out from your bodies... [more]

Stupid ass step daughter

So, two years ago my gfs nearly 25 year old daughter lost her job… but let me clear this up. She worked for her father, who owns his own road construction company. She would do things such as flagging, driving rock trucks and grading etc.etc. Well she decided her self entitled ass was “to good for this work” and “she could do better on her own”... [more]


When my husband lives for work I like to spend mournings sun bathing top less on my terrace. I do it because our apartment is on the top floor and no one can see me laying on the floor. One mourning I spotted someone on the roof leaning over edge. The next mourning I looked through the peep lens of my front door and saw my neighbour's son... [more]

Foot Sniffer Commenter

Go back to Naughtyposts , did you get bored because people were tired of your retarded comments so you came here to troll?
Guess what r*****? You're not welcome here.
It's obvious you have zero life outside of confession sites, you have no job or any intentions of working a real job.
I hope... [more]

God help me

I’m not sure if I can handle my brother anymore. It’s gotten the point where he legitimately scares me. He tried to knock my door down while I was having a breakdown he caused. Besides that, he’s done other things like screaming at me in a car because I have my own interests. And I’m just scared to stand up to him. His main responses are that no... [more]

This Generation

I miss the days where life was simple yk? I could list everything of what wrong with this generation, but im not going to. But i would appreciate it if the comments would.

Why are stupid people so f****** loud?

That loud colleague who can't stop chattering over people, or asking everyone about their weekend. Stupid.
That loud person on the bus/train who doesn't understand basic etiquette or decorum. Stupid.
The loud neighbour who constantly throws parties, slams doors, talks loudly while in their garden or on their front lawn. Stupid.
That... [more]

Am I the a****** here?

[Venting about family matters, incoming]
We live in a very unsafe neighborhood. Gun shots in the middle of the night and heroin needles in the street, type of unsafe. My sister thinks she can walk alone in the city and nothing will happen to her. "If someone wants me dead, it won't matter if I'm with you or if I'm alone", are her exact... [more]

Being Homophobic is not ok

To the inbred f*** who wrote the “Being Gay is not ok” confession. You can go f*** yourself you white trash inbred hick.
This world doesn’t need any inbred f**** like you polluting the air supply.
Do... [more]

I always for my friends wives

It seems I’ve become the Raj (Big Bang theory) of my group of friends. I am always falling for my friends wives/gfs. It never fails, as even if they aren’t attractive, I find something about them that makes them desirable to me. It gets even worse if they show me any affection, as then I believe they want me to.
One of the worst is my friend... [more]

Struggles of having a small d***

I have a beard, flat chest w/ no scars, bit of muscle, ton of tattoos, and my voice is very deep, even for a guy. Ladies flirt and call me sexy, but usually lose interest when they find out I can't penetrate w/o a strapon. Bc I'm an AFAB man, I'm an inadequate s** partner in their eyes (thank God I... [more]

Sexual Abuse PTSD

I’m 20 and can finally grow facial hair. I look good with it, but I hate beards because when I was younger, I was sexually abused, and the person had a beard and would kiss me on the neck.
When I see beards, I think of the persons lips wet with liquor and beard touching the back of my neck as his hands were on my hips and crotch on my ass... [more]



I F****** Hate Loud People

People are always talking about how quiet people can't be trusted or are scary. Honestly, loud people are the ones who can't be trusted.
They're like tiny dogs who bark constantly, looking for attention. Those tiny dogs you never know when they're going to pipe up. Unpredictable annoying little [more]


I can't believe that China is not being held to account over COVID. NSW premier is just as useless and corrupt as the chinese. I despide them all. the NSW premier and the CCP.

CGL fantasy

20 M
I have fantasies about having an adult sized crib that I could lay in with my comfort objects. I want to have a girlfriend that could feed me with a baby bottle, read me stories, make me dinner, sing to me, let me lay on her like a baby, and rock me to sleep.
This is called “care giver little” and is a subcategory of age regression. It... [more]

My slutty me

I used to sun bath naked on my back yard when my husband left for work so my neighbour could see me. I knew he was single because he was always glued to his window. I just laid there pretending I wasn't aware with my legs wide open making sure to give him a view. I remember getting so wet and [more]

Breastfeeding vent

Breastfeeding twins on demand, 14 month and husband follows me into shower for his sexual release, turned on by my milk filled b******! Doctor cannot answer how long to feed on demand. She just tells me I am the mom and need to let them have my [more]

A friend said I dress to ‘turn men on’

I was at the park walking with my friend Hillary and we bumped into one of my husband’s friends out jogging. Mike’s former military and has been working for a private contractor in the middle east for 2 years.
We hugged. He looked me up and down and said, “You look amazing! WOW! You’re so fit.” He was shirtless and ripped! So, I naturally... [more]

Speak English

Ugh so tired of hearing people talk Spanish everywhere i go is this not the USA so why should i speak Spanish to you people learn to speak English if not get the f*** out of the USA and why are you so proud of your mexico that your in the USA this is the country that gave you what your country didn’t... [more]

Cross dressing

I wanna cross dress so bad but sadly my family is super traditionalist and probably wouldn’t approve of it. It makes me sad that I can’t ever express my interests without being made fun of or shunned.


I'm not in the environmentalist "humans vs. Gaia" camp; I don't believe in woo, nor do I care about issues I'll be dead before seeing. That's exactly why I'm sick of people. Sick of this godforsaken website I come to far too often, only because the list of websites I visit has shrunk, along with the Internet, along with society. It's shrunk from... [more]

How I felt with my ex girlfriend said she wanted us to continue

She said she wanted to always be friends but that she was not going to date me anymore. I had no choice but to say ok but we never spoke to each other again and we never saw each other again. Its been years and quite frankly I hope I never see her ever again.

Sister in law.

Me and my sister in law used to have a great relationship, but it all fell apart when she told us she was pregnant a few months after our baby boy passed away.
I have to admit. There is a bit of jealousy. She has 4 kids, doesn't have to work, owns a home outside of the city. Has 3 vehicles, she's doing well. She's the baby of the family so of... [more]

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