Venting Confessions

I have purpose

I literally have no f****** life goals or motivation, I have no plan for the future, no drive to do anything and the only thing I enjoy cant be pursued as a career realistically because its a 1% chance of success. I have bursts of inspiration and motivation and then they fade into the same... [more]

I blame myself

My bird f*****' died. i feel terrible, ive been getting into terrible habits such as not eating, not talking, being anti-social. I wanna f***** crumple up in a ball and die. Its all my fault. I hate myself for this kind of [more]

Sick of women friendly bullshit by the media.

Everytime I turn around, there's always some bullshit about how women are "badass" by doing things that men can do and more.
They're always complaining about their problems to these talk show hosts, and then they always talk about "opening up" to let the world know it's OK to do so, instead of going to a therapist behind closed doors like they... [more]

Sick of women friendly bullshit by the media.

Everytime I turn around, there's always some bullshit about how women are "badass" by doing things that men can do and more.
They're always complaining about their problems to these talk show hosts, and then they always talk about "opening up" to let the world know it's OK to do so, instead of going to a therapist behind closed doors like they... [more]

Make myself ugly

I hate how people treat me differently just because I'm conventionally attractive. How do I make myself ugly without hurting my body.

Asked to dinner but I'd have to wear a dress!

I’m 16 and this guy in my class asked me to dinner at a country club with his family on Valentine’s Day. He’s a nice guy but said I’d have to wear a dress! Said he’s wearing a coat and tie and something like it’s a formal place and women wear dresses or pants suits and NO flip flops! wtf!
I normally wear a t-shirt with leggings and flip flops... [more]

Why I wear pantyhose

Pantyhose needs to make a spectacular return to everyday life and fashion. Culture is now filled with what I call slob fashion. Class, dignity and pride in appearance are rare anymore. Jeans, sweatshirts, flip flops and yoga pants say "I don't care" very loudly. There was a day when a woman wouldn't be caught dead without her pantyhose. She knew... [more]


Let's get one thing straight. I cope with dark humor. Tell me you're uncomfortable with it, I'll stop. But DO NOT keep pushing me, "Oh so you think murder is ok?" "Well I need to make sure you're not going to end up becoming a psychopath." Yeah ok I get the point. But when I am balling my eyes out and you keep GOING, you will become a trigger for... [more]

I need to starve myself

I’m 12 and i’m almost 300 pounds. i need to starve myself. i’ve been bullied for my weight my whole life . i’m failing school and to top it off i f****** cut myself. i hate me. so much. i’m a disappointment and i feel like my mom doesn’t love me anymore. it’s so hard to focus and it’s so hard to... [more]

Your gay

Admit it your gay and there is nothing wrong with that.


You ever feel like you wish the notifications on your phone weren't from friends texting, but from the person you've got a crush on? And you keep waiting and waiting for them to text you, but you keep seeing that it's your friend and you just grow more and more hopeless as time goes by.

I want to murder my step-father...i think i might be going crazy

I'm 14. my bio dad went to prison when i was four so it's not like a "omg i hate you, you're never going to replace my dad'' type thing. It's just the simple fact that I hate him and it's my moms fault. she's been with him for the past 4 years or was fine when they started dating because to be fair, my mom used to be a hoe. I thought he... [more]

Bicycle Ride

One cool fall evening I decided to take my 10 speed bike and go for a ride. Since it was a bit chilly I wore sweats over my nylon shorts and t shirt. I rode for about an hour and was just turning off the secondary road to ride the path along the parkway when I passed 5 teen girls walking down the road. Not thinking much about them I turned onto... [more]

Mental Health, keep scrolling if it makes you uncomfortable!

Trigger warning: Sui to the cidal thoughts
I’ve been suicidal since I was 8, I feel alone, I need prayer. I’ve been through more than what I can handle, and I’m crumbling down like an uncooked bunt cake. I can’t sleep anymore, I’m always nervous, which makes me feel sick all the time. I can’t do this anymore. I need help, and meds/therapy... [more]

Joker status

I do things to push people away and I feel like I don’t even know when I’m acting sometimes to the max. I don’t know if I watched too much television as a kid and learned it from there or if I’m really just bored

My girlfriend is racist and I'm afraid to confront her about it.

We started dating a year ago, and at the time, nothing seemed to be wrong. We had a very loving friendship that blossomed into a relationship. More and more she revealed her true colors though. She's aggressive, and get's frustrated often. She puts up walls and won't let herself be the blame for any situation. I've often found myself putting up... [more]

Am i the only one?

This isn't really a confession. I just want to know if I'm truly as alone as I always feel. I'm homeschooled. Have been my whole life. Neither of my parents are very educated and my schooling is 110% my responsibility. I'm keeping afloat for the most part, but am crippled in math.
Currently I'm 17 years old and am anxious af about becoming an... [more]


Don't pay attention, I came through just vent.
Many times when we are so frustrated that we don't want to stand any longer, our brains, if nothing else to think about, will be relieved if we are crazy, walking next to our footsteps, we probably won't have to think about it, brain pain almost every night Kill me, I want to wake up and forget... [more]

I fear being cancelled because of past behavior

For the past 10 years or so I have been in fear of being "cancelled" for past behavior some of which I am not proud of and I have questioned the extent of the damage that it may have caused to another person.
Namely, it revolves around my relationship with women.
I consider myself to be a pretty considerate dude- I've always been particularly... [more]


My mother used to verbally and emotionally abuse me when I was like 15/16. I remember swallowing rat poison after she told me to go and kill myself. I was already partially suicidal at 15 but that was the nudge in the right direction that I needed. She used to come home and scream for hours and hours at me and my brother. She would Just break us... [more]

Life is hard

Its been a long time since I have had money. I got a rather large check in the mail, but because I don't have money (not enough account activity) my bank refuses to deposit the money.
So basically I received a piece of paper in the mail that got my hopes up, and now I am considering suicide. Life is bullshit honestly. And its not just the... [more]

I don't understand some things about trans

I confess that I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the trans/woke narrative conflict. I get that people can feel uncomfortable in whatever gender identity was hoisted upon them, but I can't understand how one can claim to be a gender they have little experience being. Eliot Page (formerly Ellen) claims to be a "him". How is that possible? ... [more]

Well, I hope you're all happy

As of today, Joseph R. biden, Jr., is the President of the United States, while one of our most intelligent and most accomplished Presidents has been sent packing under an entirely undeserved and media-created cloud of suspicion and disrespect, so that a brazen liar and cheat and plagiarist could assume control of the Executive Branch . . . . . ... [more]

Got mad at my mom

I was super behind on my school work (esp chem) and my mom gave me the weekend to do it. I didnt get it done and on the way to my friends she yelled at me for it and just took me home. I was really p***** and took 2 handfuls of tylenol, its been about two hours but im nervous about if somethings... [more]

I hate myself.

I'm an awful person. I mean I'm truly terrible, I'm the scum of the earth, I'm the worst person alive. I deserve to die as far as I'm concerned. I hate myself so much I'm so disgusting. My ex sent me a message, 3 huge paragraphs to get things off his chest, we broke up about a year ago... [more]

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