Venting Confessions

I F****** Hate The Chinese

I hate Chinese people with a passion. They're everywhere with that pathethic dough face and small eyes and small beady eyes and even more horrible accents.
never in my life have I met a more lowly, cunning, cheating, heartless, humanless, greedy m*********** in my life. I have good... [more]

Forced nudity

When I was 15 going on 16 I saw a boy being forcefully stripped by a group of older boys. They had him held by his arms and legs and watched how they stripped off his clothes. I think his helpless screaming and kicking was what sexually aroused me. He ended getting paraded stark naked, waving his [more]

Scared I will Never Get a White Woman Pregnant

I am in my late 40s.I am so scared that I will grow old and die without having a child with a white woman.

I secretly don't trust white people.

You would think that in the city that I live in, that I'd me more fair minded.
I secretly do not trust white people.
Growing up I used to be open minded, but the older I got, I started discovering how evil white people can be behind closed doors. As a non white person, it hurts to hear white people call you "[more]

Exposing myself to my mother in law

When my mother in law comes to our house I like to get naked and put on my bathrobe and sit down in front of my mother in law and let her see my hard p****. she 88 years old. and she just looks at it and when I see her looking at it it makes it harder.
she never tells my wife (probably) because she... [more]

I want my Stepdaughters ass.

I want to have a*** s** with my 25 year old Stepdaughter. Every time I would see her ass in her tight pants my d*** gets hard. Whenever she would leave the house I would find a pair of her dirty panties and... [more]

Craigslist casual encounters is ruined

I've put multiple ads on craigslist in the m4w section of casual encounters. Anytime I put an ad up I always get contacted by a bunch of gay guys and a few bbw women.
I think one of the worst cases was I got a message from a guy who went to my high school. yep, he sent a bunch of dirty pictures too. Then I get pictures of men in womens... [more]

I want to kill my boss

I hate my boss. he's an arrogant p**** that thinks he's top of the world. yes people have told me, i'm a bigger person, but to spend so many hours of my life with a person that is so disrespectful, demeaning and rude i feel is a waste of my time. I honestly wish every morning my boss gets hit by a... [more]

Open letter to Camila Grey of UH HUH HER

Open letter to Camila Grey of UH HUH HER
Please be assured I mean absolutely no disrespect whatsoever and I am actually a huge fan of UHH.
So back in 2008, UH HUH HER toured Common Reaction twice and were always well dressed and in fact, Leisha Hailey said in interviews that she was trying to get Camila Grey to dress up a bit more since they... [more]

12yo wering booty shorts to walmart, ridiculous

I hate all these females that decide to have a baby at the age of 12 to 19. I'm 19 &I dont have kids. Anyway I hate them all even if they did get married with their babys dad. I hate being grouped along with them because sociey now thinks we're ALL hoes &careless babymakers. I'm not. But they wont even take the time to realize. I graduated high... [more]

I ate my bestfriend out

Im a teenage girl and I have a bestfriend. well ex bestfriend, I think she's sooo pretty and we knew eachother for a long time. she has a boyfriend and I have a boyfriend but me and her experienced before. touching, kissing, sucking, steps' but just the other day, she kissed me and kissed me again out of no where and we ended up... [more]

A 15 year old girls story

Hey, my name is Danielle. I'm 15 and this is my "confession". First, a bit about me. I am single, I've been told I'm pretty and hot and all that -but i don't listen to people when they say that-. Born in Missouri. I am a Christian and -confession time- about 2 years ago, I became depressed. I turned from God, I cut myself, and got mad that I did... [more]

I hate the idiots who got the good singers kicked off American Idol

I hate all the idiots who got the good singers, like Pia, Jacob, and James kicked off American Idol and voted for that one trick pony Alfred E. Neuman. Kiss my ass, b******! Love, Ralph


Im am not ok.

The family that I can never forget.

When I turned 14 my family dropped me off at my uncles. I was far to disobedient and unruly for my wealthy parents to take care of. I was a disgrace. My uncle who I had only heard stories of had three children two boys one girl. The eldest boy was named 'elm' but we was mentally retarted due to his mother drinking. He wad adopted along with his... [more]

I hate being a stepdad!!!

I hate bein a f****** stepfather! It's the worst!!! I thought I knew what I was getting myself into but I had no f****** idea! A lot of s*** came to light when I got married that my wife never... [more]

Feminist B******...

I'm all for rights. Gays, hey, I don't like the idea of gay s**, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve respect, and the right to marry each other. And women, yeah, they deserve all the rights and privileges that men deserve. BUT THE FEMINIST B******!... [more]

Stepdaughters are f****** with me or am I out of my mind

I have four step daughters. Two of them are constantly flashing me and one of them teases me heavily. Both are always asking me to rub their feet, something I’ve done since they were toddlers, but lately they’ve started to put their feet in my lap and the heavy teaser actually pushes her heel into my crotch. I’ve been married to their mother for... [more]

My teenage daughter is ruining my life...

I'm so sick of her and I really wish that I could afford to send her to boarding school. I would not reccommend having children to anyone because it becomes a joyless pile of s*** peppered with the odd moment of happiness as they get older. My daughter does her best to ruin my happiness and is... [more]

My Wife's Past S** Life is Killing Me

My wife and I have been happily married for years and have two wonderful children. About three months ago she made a confession which absolutely shocked me... she had participated in an orgy when she was in her early 20s. I knew that my wife had a fairly long-term relationship with another man before she knew me. We weren’t exactly virgins when we... [more]

I enjoy spanking my son

I am a 28 year old mother who has a problem i have a 10yr old step son from my last marriage you see my husband was abusive & he looks so much like my husband that i had to send him away for his safety but my son kept insisting & wanted to come home he couldn't stand leaving my side in fact he started to think i didn't love him & cut his wrists so... [more]

I hate my business partners

I had this business partner who I made some investments with and in the crash of 2008 he lost a lot of the money. That's not the hating part. Its how he acted after. Now hes broke, and I understand he has to survive but now I find out he travels all over the place and is living pretty well and when I ask him for help on the investment that I took... [more]

On the drive home, i seriously considered driving into a tree

I thought about driving off the road. I questioned the pros and cons of coming home and cutting my wrists. I thought about what else I could do, based on what I have in my house. Eventually, I decided against it, but this isn't the first time I've thought about it by a long shot, and it's been happening more and more frequently lately-- and the... [more]

Please help me?

I'm 15 years old, just turned 15 in September. In June, my boyfriend of a month and I had a*** intercourse. It was my first time. And I said no.
When I had said no, he tried anyway. When I hit him, he hit back, and it all happened from there.
A day later, I was told that my best friend, who I... [more]

My cousin is a b****

It happened almost a decade ago, I was set up by my cousin, and I will never forgive her.
So this cousin of mine does not get along with my wife, and whenever she comes there is always some drama. This cousin of mine, is also a big d*** tease. Has huge [more]

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