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The Truth

I hate my job as an assistant principal in a large urban setting.
I hate hearing the language, dealing with violence, drugs, dead beat parents
I think that this place has given me PTSD
I am hanging in for 2 more years to pay off our house and pay off my car, then I am leaving for a new career
In the most suburban place that i can find... [more]

First time at work

So today is the first day I've had the nerve to wear my tights and panties outside of the house. I'm still in the closet. I am heterosexual and married. She doesn't know. I've been working second shift at work so I have the house to myself in the mornings. I have beef wearing her stuff but I decided to buy a few things for myself. It's a blast... [more]

Unemployed (after yet another degree)

I recently went back to school to get my second master's degree. The program was rigorous, I maintained a 4.0 GPA, and I received good reviews in my field work. I have been applying for jobs, but I am astonished that I haven't landed one. I am pretty sure that I am more qualified than most. Additionally, I have always had a problem with... [more]

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Kissing My Coworker

I'm a 21 year old female RA in college and decided to go out last Saturday night with another male RA on my staff. I did my best texting and calling everyone I knew to find other friends to go out with us, but everyone seems to have big tests coming up or felt sick so we ended up just going out by ourselves. Long story short we each drank our... [more]

Eyes on her

Today my coworker is wearing a blouse that shows off more cleaveage then she is comfortable with. I'm trying not to look up because she sits across from me. She is a beautiful woman and I have a lot of respect for her but she is so freaking hot. I can see the whole outline of her breast minus the Areola. She's always readjusting her shirt but just... [more]

Running into the person that fired you

I've been fired a few times before I got it right and found a job I could handle and I worked there long enough to retire. Getting fired is not fun I can tell you that. I have never run into a former employer but I often wonder what I would do if I did.
Two people I know did run into the person that fired them. My ex-wife was at a shopping... [more]

Mid-morning..And already want to go drink..

I'm so aggravated with work this morning that, not even 9:30am, and want to head out to the bar as soon as they open at 11:00am.. Know I shouldn't and probably won't (or at least, that early..Lunch is still an option), but it's bad that I want a beer this early already..Not even want a beer so much as..Escape.

The day I had s** at work

My manager is a 30 year old and well me... I'm young let's just say that. For months we have been flirting and messing around a little but nothing major, about 2 days ago he finally kissed me, the next day he did it again and I went on with it, well last night after I got off I came to visit him while he was closing up everything and after... [more]

Never actually did my job to the point I nearly forgot how.

I worked for a major health system in my area for a few years. Eventually, I transferred over to a records tech job at one of the hospitals in the system. My entire job consisted of going from unit to unit with a mobilized computer cart (a COW) and enrolling patients in an online registration that allowed them to see a portion of their health... [more]

My boss is an emotionally demanding person?

Let me list her bullshit:
1. She asks the same questions repeatedly. It's like she has goldfish memory.
2. If she's moody she'll be shitfaced until you ask her whats wrong. Always, she's moody because of her personal issues.
3. She complaints a lot about petty things.
4. She doesn't take a hint.
5. She's unbelievably selfish. She would... [more]

Feelings for...

I had a temp job the ended a few weeks ago and left to take another position. In a way, it was good that it ended sooner than expected, because I felt like I was getting too comfortable with my boss, that I would've started flirting with him had I stayed longer. We got along quite well and enjoyed the days where we were on the same assignment. I... [more]

Got sacked of my job

I got sacked because the f****** boss gave me a task that need 4 yrs experience and i m new graduate

I wants to progress wit de state

I retired at age 60 from an insurance company but I felt I needed to continue working till I was 70. Nothing to do at home so I might as well do something useful.
Ok so I take a job with the state eight miles from my home and I start to work picking up sorting and delivering mail and light warehouse work.
They decided I was too old to... [more]

I don't know if I can ever deal with working again.

I'm actually legally disable, so I technically don't have to.
This isn't some SJW safe-space bullshit. This is not being triggered by "Trump 2016" written on the sidewalk in chalk (which is hilarious, BTW).
But my experience in retail and fast food was so f****** soul-crushing that I dread... [more]

Fix an obnoxious colleague

So I work with this woman who is an obnoxious misandrist. She is also ugly, arrogant, insecure, not good at her job, and only has one breast. A while ago she bragged about the fact that she is claiming tax credits and gets so much extra money from the government. But she is also working for cash as a waitress in a local hotel, and she used to... [more]

I kept working after everyone else had been laid off

I was unhappy after I was passed over for a raise and everybody else got one. I asked to be transferred to another department and there was a job available. Every once in awhile I would overhear some a******* talking about me leaving their section because I got passed over for a raise but I... [more]

My supervisor likes me but I'm engaged

One of my supervisors who knows I'm engaged (my fiancé works there too) keeps hitting on me and fiancé thinks it's funny and I would never cheat but I love the attention I get I love thinking someone likes me and I don't want to lead him on because he knows I'm engaged but I like the idea of it, I want to turn him on "unknowingly" and see him... [more]

There's always that one coworker

I work in at a nursing home, and there is this one girl who works Per Diem (As needed), and as soon as I see her name on the schedule I dread the shift. I dislike this girl for three main reasons:
#1: She's very spacey. She's been here almost as long as I have (four years), but she somehow still doesn't have a clue what she's doing, despite... [more]

Hot Coworker

I've liked this girl at my work for like over year and I've always felt she liked me too but she has a boyfriend.She's the prettiest girl I've ever met.We'd make such an attractive couple .

Officers get at me

Is there any correctional officers police officers who have ever fantasized about having an affair with an inmate or parolee male or female please get at me and tell me your fantasies

Worried or Flattered? O_O

My boss told me that i had great legs the other day. Should i be worried or flattered?


It sucks to chase your dream these days.
It sucks when your appearance takes a higher priority than effort according to people.
The worst of it all, is to watch everyone else starting off at the same place, same time as you are, leaving you behind.
While most moved on to better places, some forgot who you are and what you meant to them... [more]


I quit my job today I had a good job the truth is I wasn't happy I felt like I was over working myself in the hot sun doing too much everyone knows I'm a hard worker and I've proven it but it got to me how they wouldn't raise my rate up or move my position up. I was surrounded by a bunch of hate at work from bad vibes tons of people would try to... [more]

Life didn't turn out the way I expected

I wonder if there is a word is for this deep sadness that settles in knowing that you never will have what you really want in life, after all the effort. It's beyond hopelessness, it sears your heart and makes you know your place as insignificant and expendable. How do you move on knowing you're a caged animal that will never have its freedom? ... [more]

Blacj behaviour, Stereotype or the truth?

When I was a young man I did not have to go to school with blacks. I graduated in 1965 with not one single black in my high school. The building was a dump of a place but it had a good academic reputation.
I went to a community junior college and every black student that started there flunked out. I knew this was going to happen during the... [more]

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